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Women's Issues / Re: Feminism, women and Sam Gerrans
« on: May 23, 2021, 11:32:00 AM »
Feminism and feminists is just like islam and muslims.

Everbody has his own idea of what it is or of what they think everybody should think it is.
Both, islam and feminism are really nice. There you are, with a license to blame them for every wrong in the world without ever any need to prove anything. Just spew out the standard overstale clichés and you are ok and a great freespeecher. 

There must be something really good and glorious about feminism and islam when manage to get  they get such bad such bad ratings fro every side.


General Issues / Questions / Re: Uh-huh the timeline is not matching
« on: January 01, 2021, 01:20:44 AM »
Just one Harun in the Qur'an. In the Qur'an, which is what we are talking about and supposedly the book we believe in, nobody is called by such names for ceremony as the one attributed to this calling "sister of Harun". If there is another one, please, point it out. What the Jews supposedly did or did not does not oblige the Qur'an. So any proof for what is meant in the Qur'an should be picked from Qur'an, otherwise it is hadith, not Qur'an.


General Issues / Questions / Re: Lesson from Yousuf's story Ch 12
« on: December 27, 2020, 01:35:17 AM »
I'd rather only have people become orphans or get raped only if they deserve it. Would your prefer otherwise? Would you prefer that people who don't deserve to be raped to be raped? Would you prefer an imperfect existence to a perfect existence? Would you surrender to that which is not perfect? It's up to you what you want to settle for. It's better for you to settle for God/Perfection (a perfect existence...the true god). You cannot will anything except if it is also Willed by God. If you think God Willed for innocent people to get raped, you are saying what is irrational and not true of Existence/God. This is blasphemy. It's bad. It's sin. It's evil.

So, is it me who is being pretentious and preposterous, or you who have this view of existence being imperfect? If you are truthful, genuine, sincere to God, authentic in this matter, how do you reconcile what I have just said? How does God Handle all affairs, Will all things, be wholly innocent of evil, yet still be the case that underserved suffering occurs? Don't forget that I addressed your points, both by way of pure reason, and by way of scripture, despite your excess in allowing yourself to consider my view as perverse. Now you've allowed yourself to imply that I'm being pretentious and preposterous. Again, if you are the one sincere to God in this instance and blessed with knowledge, tell me exactly where it is in what I have described to you regarding God/Existence, that I am wrong. If you cannot do this, and you will not be able to this, then you are at fault, and in my opinion, owe me an apology. Consider this post, a taste of your own medicine. A mirroring of your own attitude.

It is not what you or I prefer, it is what is observable and provable. People have weful things hapenning to them even when they do not deserve it, and as Hawk has cited, the Qura'n says as much.

And I did not call you anything, wht i did call things was certain things you keep saying that if somebody suffers something even if he r she has done nothing to earn it, that according to you that would prove existence is imperfect.

Still you have again not considered that you are looking at existnce in segmented pieces and not in the whole. I will say it again and leave it there. Existence is everything that has existed, exists or will exist and it is perfect becuse God will reward thos who learn and suffer with patience whatever undeserved or deserved comes to them. The whole of existence is perfect, not any segment of it. It is as if you read a novel and choose to consider the novel only art of it, the most horrible part and say that it is a horrible novel.


General Issues / Questions / Re: Lesson from Yousuf's story Ch 12
« on: December 26, 2020, 01:10:58 PM »
Salam Huruf. What you have said and continue to say, logically implies that existence is imperfect:

You say "many sufferings are undeserved". If they are undeserved, then that means injustice has occurred in Existence. Does it not? If x suffers but x did not deserve to suffer, then x got what he didn't deserve, did he not? Any instance wherein which someone gets what they don't deserve (whether it's good or bad for them) is an instance of injustice. Any existence wherein which injustice occurs, is imperfect. It would take an imperfect god, for existence to be imperfect.If the one who was raped, and the one who became an orphan did not deserve to have it happen to them, then existence is no longer perfect is it? god is no longer perfect is he? How can god be perfect when he has willed undeserved suffering? A relevant verse here:

You cannot will anything except if God also Wills, the Lord of the worlds (81:29)

The Quran also highlights that we cannot harm or benefit anyone (even ourselves). Sure, we can wrong ourselves by rejecting God's Perfection or pure reason (which is unfair and evil of us to do) but God Rightfully/Righteously harms us, because that's what we deserve. God's Omnipotence is absolute. God's Perfection is absolute. God and Existence are one and the same. Existence Is absolutely Perfect. We are not Existence. We are not Perfect/God. 

Do you still think the one who was raped, or the one who became an orphan, did not deserve what happened to them? Do you still think our Lord/Existence is such that It brings about undeserved suffering? Can you yes without contradicting both pure reason and the Quran?

Our Lord does not wrong Itself, nor anyone else. If we suffer at all, it is because we wronged ourselves in some way, shape, or form. This includes the orphan and the rape victim.

We shaded you with clouds, and sent down to you manna and quails, "Eat from the goodness of the provisions We have provided you." They did not wrong Us, but they wronged themselves. (2:57)

We are provided with good things so that we may be appreciative. So that we may exist in Existence and be in absolute awe of Existence/God. This is a true privilege. A Mercy from God. This is clearly good for us. We had paradise. Yet, we wrong ourselves when we choose to be unappreciative. It starts with allowing the devil to whisper lies about God (it starts by letting something hint or whisper to you that Existence is not Perfect), once this enters the heart and is truly believed, it then escalates to despairing or growing exultant. Both of which are damning, and rightfully so.

What would God want with your punishment if you only appreciated and acknowledged? God is Appreciative, Knowledgeable. (4:147)

Why would God Will someone to be raped or become an orphan? That which we can say with certainty is because it's perfection for this to happen. It's perfectly deserved. Perfection Is Omnipresent. As for how it's perfection, that's a different matter. If you knew all there was to know about the orphan or the rape victim, I guarantee that you would conclude that it was perfection for them to have been raped or for them to have become an orphan.

Would you guide whom God misguides? Would you do things differently to God? Would you describe Existence as being such that It brings about or has brought about undeserved suffering?

Yes. That's exactly what I think. Can you disagree with this given what I have written above? Women appear to be able to choose not to get pregnant (with Mary appearing to be the only exception as far as we know). Also, if you check what the Bible says, God says the woman will suffer via child birth as a result of eating from the tree. Do not forget, we were in paradise...we sinned. Thus, we suffer in this worldly life. This is Perfection. Or would you prefer that God gives us paradise, we turn unappreciative and become of the zalemin (we become unfair/evil towards That which is wholly innocent of evil and wholly Generous), and then God wrongs Itself and continues to give us paradise? I do not want to serve or be in an imperfect existence.

No, your idea of perfection is segmentary. If you divide existence and cut out what you dislike then you are nto talking about existence but about a part of existence which thenyou judge without taking the whole of it on the evaluation. Existence is everyhting that exist or will exist, has existed or will exist. in human competence, because abviously God is not subject to time nor is ,easured in time, since he is the creator of time as he es the creator of each single thing and phenomenon. You are not seeing the whole ime, the whole existence, and really to jusge that on that premise, excuse me but it is really pretentious and preposterous. From your stand, you need to have orphans which are guilty for whatever, I do not know whether you want them to be guilty of their orphanhood, or jus of anything else that they should make up with their orphanhood. They should know if their are guilty, but orphans usually hae not made themselves gulty of such a thing. You would want people to be guilty without even having the least hint of it. Intent does not count?

As we say, stop here, I am getting down...

Oher than that, if it makes you happier, I rather have an imperfect existence rather than one in which orphans are guilty of their orphanhood and women are guilty of being raped. That is the top of the cake.


General Issues / Questions / Re: Lesson from Yousuf's story Ch 12
« on: December 25, 2020, 12:36:13 PM »
No, I never said existence is imperfect, even is rape is undeserved, orphanhood is undeserved, many sufferings are undeserved.
Of ocurse our life is imperfect in the sense tht we deem perfection something we pursue, if everything was erfect we wouldnot pursue anything we would not strive to be BETTER. Only God is perfect.

The fact you miss is that neither life nor existence ends when rape happens or orphanhood happens. Life and existence continue and God continues and God is Justice, Justice is one of His names. THEREFORE, if something unjust happens to anybody, GOD will make something much better for her or him than that which was unjust. Therefore God is just and perfect because he can always make anything worth and because een suffering has meaning. What have done all mothers of the world? All of them are gulty that they should give birth with suffering? No they are not guilty they are the expression of God's rahma, therefore they will and indeed they are many times rewarded in this life, but most certainly in the garden.

Existence from a certain point of view is perfect and Justice prevails, but nowhere it is set that you get the good first and the bad later, it may be the othe way, and life is indeed a learning and experiencing, that is how we evolve nd mke our way back to God.


General Issues / Questions / Re: Lesson from Yousuf's story Ch 12
« on: December 24, 2020, 04:54:24 AM »
This that only harms happens to us if we are guilty is perverse. The child who becomes an orphan is guilty? No, you do not need to be guilty to suffer in whatever way. We do see it in fact that it is not so. Some eveils are earned, some are not. God gives that destiny. Destiny is not punishment but opportunity. Is is our trial to prove ourselves.

Bad choice of examplo on the other hand, a woman that is raped because she deserves it. ¿Where does God purport such a thing? Really perverse.


General Issues / Questions / Re: Does God want us to be competitive
« on: December 24, 2020, 01:18:29 AM »
This is like everything else, some comparison with others is good and useful, pushing it to excess es death.

God tells us vie with one another seeking as in opposition with vie with one another for vanity, for pride. We measure our value and the value of our deeds always by comaring it with somethign else, there is nother way, we learn that we we improve that way, but it is not a competition to be over anything or anybody but to constrast our achievements, whethe we can do better in something or not or whether we are doing it the right way or not.
It is like laughing , we should laught at somebody, it is cruel and and delusional, but we can laugh with somebody over his or our weaknesses compassionately.

It is not competiton for competition's sake that is being pointed out to us, but for improvement, achievement of the good deeds and good goals, ours as well as those of others, it is the way to measure anc alibrate our life. Not to copy others but the appreciate the differences and see what those differences can do for us and others.

I Spanish there is a different word for those two things, competition for its sake and competition for good purpose, I guess in English too but I supose it is that "vie" that some traslators give.


General Issues / Questions / Re: I am going to apostate
« on: December 14, 2020, 04:15:10 AM »
peace huruf, yes evident in one of the shortest chapters.

103:0 بسم bismi/in name الله l-lahi/the god الرحمن l-rahmani/the almighty الرحيم l-rahimi/the merciful
103:1 والعصر wal-asri/and/by the epoch
103:2 ان inna/indeed الانسن l-insana/the humankind لفي lafi/surely in خسر khusrin/loss
103:3 الا illa/except الذين alladhina/the ones امنوا amanu/believes they of وعملوا waamilu/and work they of الصلحت l-salihati/the righteous وتوصوا watawasaw/and exhort they of بالحق bil-haqi/in the truth وتوصوا watawasaw/and exhort they of بالصبر bil-sabri/in the patience

Thank you for bringing up this sura. It is indeed uplinfting and comforting.


The explanation I heard and which made sense to me was that indeed God told him so, because the hypocrites and heartdiseased offended the believers while pretending that they did not know that they were such believers and that had they known they would no have offended them, so dress in such a way that after that they cannot pretend that they do not know.

General Issues / Questions / Re: I am going to apostate
« on: December 13, 2020, 06:34:21 AM »
Salaam, Sania,

Be honest with yourself and trust yourself in the first place. Sel analyse yourself why you feel this or that way so that you do not make mistakes as your basic stand and then bear well in mind and have always present these two ayas:

..who listen [closely] to all that is said, and follow the best of it: [for] it is they whom God has graced with His guidance, and it is they who are [truly] endowed with insight!
And ere that suffering comes upon you of a sudden, without your being aware [of its approach], follow the most goodly [teaching] that has been revealed unto you by your Sustainer,

You do not have to find anything in the Qur'an ans straightforward know what it means and feel it is a failure if you do not get anything out of it. We all have a life whichusually lasts more than one second, or more than a year or more than a decade or more than many decades. If we started knowing evrything and have nothing to find out, we would not be the creaure God intended us to be. Patience is, to me, the most islamic virtue. Patience, no resignation, pursue even when one feels discouraged. It always brings great compensation. Dos nto matter if you find very little "best" to start with. Trust your own criteria. You may be wrong, but one is always coherent with oneself. At some point you will make sense. Be patient in the first place with yourself. You hav all the time in the world to work out. God knows that, God likes that, God wants it that way. And even if you are wrong in something, or in a lot, you have to start somewhere, and that womewhere is excatly where you are the time.


The fact that you are in such a quandary is a good omen. Do not exchange that need for meaning for easy world "certified" certainty. Nobody can give you that, because it is something you have to find in yourself, but you will not getting without trust and patience .


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