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General Issues / Questions / Re: Is cosmetic surgery haram
« on: November 29, 2019, 11:28:13 PM »
The keyword is اذان which has nothing to do with the topic i.e plastic surgery or slitting ears.
اذان is where ears and throat meet. A narrow path/or opening joined with a hollow opening. Thus means to cut off cattle throats/windpipes.

Secondly, if you want to stick with traditional translations then rest assured that Allah shapes you when you are in mothers bellies. After time it gets changed always till you die or do you remain like new born babies?


General Issues / Questions / Re: How do you pray
« on: October 07, 2019, 08:24:46 PM »
How many time do you pray a day?

I pray whenever I need or want a solution to a difficult situation.

 Do you think Allah made it compulsory to pray everyday?

No. But it is a trait/habit of believers/mumineen.

Why is there never a mention of punishment for not praying

When you firget AlRehman, Shaytan are appointed upon you. They keep you away from the remebrance and ultimately you become eligible for Azab/punishment.

Do you think prayers should be done individually except for jummah prayer or always individually


How do we now that jummah day is weekly, why not monthly, yearly etc why weekly

Any day when a group of people/nation gather/get together for some common aim/purpose

Do you think salat is supposed to be a specific rite or just the remembrance of Allah and asking for things in anyway you see fit

Salat is Al-Fajr/before sunrise or whenever you wake up and Al-Isha before sunset or before going to sleep at night. These are, i think, meal times for a family. You give thanks to your nourisher after every meal if you acknowledge Him.

Do you believe that salat is the most important thing in Islam

Yes. .

When do you perform your salat

Before sunrise or whenever I wake up from night sleep and before sunset or whenever going to bed for night sleep.

Do you go to the mosque to pray

No. He listens to my prayers whenever/wherever I call upon Him

Do you think memorizing the Quran is not important and children should not be made to do it over formal education or do you think the opposite

Just memorizing Arabuc words is not enough. One should understand what he/she saying


I agree that Ibrahim was to leave his sons. There is no sacrifice of animal or human. ذبح عظیم means great separation/splitting.
May be it is talking about the death of Ibrahim AS. Not sure.

Salam jkhan!

Glad to see you again! When I read 16:2 and 16:102-3 it seems that the whole surah is pinpointing to this Rul al-Quds who will be witness over the witnesses/messengers of their respective nations. It also seems logical as Jibreel is the Ruh alAmeen who brings Allah's message to every messenger.


رجما بالغیب is interesting.


I do not trust Hadith books, however, note that:

From "A wife says..." till end, is from Abu Huraira, himself.


As-salat, Ramadan/fasting and Hajj/zikr have a fast relation. There are total 10 days. One has to fast for these 10 days, however, if he wishes to perform hajj then it is of 3 days maximum. 2:196 tells that a person who does not find ھدی he/she can fast 3 days during Hajj. And after that 7 days' fast. This is for those whose family is not in the vicinity. If he/she is in hurry then perform hajj for 2 days {2:203} and 7 days of fasting. If he/she is travelling then fast during other days but complete the count of 10.
Month or moons الاھلتہ/شھر of Ramadan and Hajj are the same. میقات للناس و الحج، while As-salat is also موقوتا.
I have shared my understanding. Apologies for any mistakes. Would request you all think on these lines and hope you will see the connection.

Salam! The root خ ل ف basically means to be opposite. Day/night, front/back etc. خلیفہ means ever-opposite or opposition. Human beings were opposite the malaika. Though Allah created humans on best shape احسن التقویم but told that it was basically ظلوما جھولا wicked and non sense creature. Only the مخلصین and متقین would follow Allah's guidance because they are kind-hearted and thoughtful. Adam was 'chosen' as an example who made a hasty decision but realized his mistake soon and repented.

General Issues / Questions / Re: who is Kaafir?
« on: July 17, 2019, 11:20:14 AM »
There is an ayah {48:29}, in which the word kuffar کفار is translated as tillers, farmers, husbandman by various translators. Muhammad Asad in his commentry says that this is the only place where the original meaning of this word is used.
Please check and comment.

I think ایاما معدودۃ are  (upto) 10 since almost every human being can count fingers of his/her hands with a very little effort.
If AQ is a universal messahe then its rulings should be applicable worldwide. Yet I am not 100% sure about this number. Need solid proof.

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