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Salam/Peace, just posting this:


Very interesting. Appreciate this Sardar

Haven't spoken to any of you in a while, hope all is well

Questions/Comments on the Quran / Re: 113:2
« on: July 01, 2018, 10:48:11 PM »
Ye have become the scholars you mock and despise.
11 pages 100 replies about nothing.

Off-Topic / Re: The 6 pillars of Islamism or Fanatic Islam
« on: July 01, 2018, 10:45:12 PM »
Been living in the GULF for a while now. Last month, police raided our building and arrested our housemate, Salman. Salman was my friend, he was only 19 years, but he was a fanatic Muslim or Islamist. For several months, I listened to him, learning his his supremacist and militant view on Islam. All this while I pretended to share his views; Muslic is haram, blasphemers must die and Muslim governments may embark on military jihad to collect spoils as revenue.

Salman was arrested for habitually criticizing the liberal Islamic opinion of the Imam of one of one of the largest mosque in the region, on the Imam's twitter page!

Much as I disagree with Salman, I feel sorry for him. He was just a kid who collected views from his religious community, a community that continue to propagate such views.

Islamism or Fanatic Islam is the application of any interpretation of Islam, notwithstanding its harmful impact on individuals or society at large. There are 6 categories of persons guilty of promoting Islamism.

1. Imam, preachers or Scholars: There is need to be objective while listening to them or reading their writings. In their words and voices, they sometime spread messages with fanatic overtones. A scholar or Imam that justifies amputating thieves is teaching that penalty need not fit the crime. A preacher that justifies the ban of non-Muslims from Makkah or Medina is fostering separatism. These are just some of the elements of fanaticism that many preachers, Imam or scholars make a living off propagating.

2. Middle East Governments: They enforce the the fanatic teachings from the Imams, preachers and scholars. They crackdown and crush those who attempt to oppose the toxic teaching that breed fanaticism. Sometimes the government even provide the financial support for propagating fanaticism overseas via building mosques, hosting seminars or publishing books.

3. Muslim organizations: Some Muslim organizations breed fanaticism by hosting periodic lectures and distribution of publications that bear toxic teachings, some of them are affiliates of Middle East regimes. In non-Muslim countries, these Muslim organizations exploit the legal system to pursue the implementation of toxic teachings as sharia.

4. Western government: Many of them have established alliance with Muslim monarchies, mediating foreign policies that tighten the grip of the monarchies on power. Then the monarchies financially reward, protect and support the very scholars, Imams and Muslim organizations guilty of spreading Islamism. Additionally, the western governments must be aware of the rise of Islamism in their own backyard, they know that it is a threat to human rights and freedom but they continue to turn a blind eye to it.

5. Western Leftists: So blinded by multiculturalism and political correctness, a segment of left seen to have allied with fanatic Muslim organizations. Any critic or opponent of Islamism is immediately branded a racist, hater or Islamophobe by these leftists. Deliberately or not, the leftists assist the fanatic Muslim organizations. With the aid of the Islamo-leftists, the fanatic Muslim organizations are able to enter and win many legal battles to enable the implementation of fanatic teachings in the name of tolerance and freedom of expression.

6. Moderate Muslims: This shouldn?t have made the list because moderate Muslims generally are peaceful or harmless. But after a deeper thought, I realized I should not be quick to undermine their role in growth of Islamism. This is because, even though they do not accept terror and violence perpetuated in the name of Islam, their continuous silence, denial and damage control to the toxic teachings from the clerics, scholars and imams only favor the growth of fanaticism.
So basically you are a spy/asset/agent?

General Issues / Questions / Re: ...But I want to wear hijab anyways?
« on: July 01, 2018, 10:40:46 PM »

Listen not to those who take their names from pagans.

Rather hear this, if you asked Allah for a Sign then surely He responds to the supplication.
If you have received the Sign you prayed about, then act accordingly or if you are uncertain, then give charities, remain patient and ask for a distinct undeniable Sign. Then, when you receive it again do not entertain doubt and falter, but remain firm and glorify His Praises.

General Issues / Questions / Re: ...But I want to wear hijab anyways?
« on: June 29, 2018, 10:49:14 PM »
Why would you wear hijab in front of your family?


Has anyone sighted the crescent moon in the West Coast of North America?
I live in Southern California and I did not get the opportunity to be outside when the conditions were right.

Any information regarding this would be much obliged.        :)

What is wrong about the fact that she has the one she loves?

"But if those topics come up I get so emotionally attached and it is hard not to judge them because of their opinions about this. I know this is the wrong behavior, so I want to understand how they can belive in such stuff. "

You are not doing anything wrong by judging what caused destruction and many deaths throughout the centuries. 

They can say so because:
Mainstream Islam = Fear Factor

They think God makes humans do weird stuff. Those who reject it are thrown in hell.

Reel I am becoming disappointed with you
Enjoin the GOOD(utmost) and forbid the WRONG
You should encourage virtue and righteousness not play devil's advocate for "f***ery"
Living according to the limits set by Allah not according to one's own desire is our way.
The dynamics of a relationship such as boyfriend and girlfriend in the way implemented by the West is not reconcilable with our principles whatsoever.
Stand up for what is right and forsake the same demented confirmation bias trend that is plaguing this forum, better yet this world.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Advice needed - medication and prayer
« on: April 26, 2018, 04:27:04 PM »
All good advices but missing something FUNDAMENTAL.
Indeed, that something came to me from The Knowledge of the Creator via a conversation with a good-hearted brother regarding this and regarding the confusion many of the members here have between "prayer" and salat.

Prayer in the sense the OP is calling attention to is not salat. What she is actually referring to is Duah or supplication and anyone can supplicate unto their Lord at any time. There is no restriction in regards to supplication so call on Him sincerely.

Salat however is not like the duah, salat is time restricted and it is a time of recitation of Quran and listening to the Quran. Salat is therefore, almost an educational experience, amongst much else it is comprised by.

So have no fear make duah and call unto your Lord and it is the BEST if you can volunteer some sadaqqat or charity to those near you in need before supplicating unto your Lord.

Always remember Allah's Help is indubitably Ever-Near

He responds to the call of the supplicant


So we are just going to overlook the fact that she has a boyfriend......
ok then carry on

First of all, wikipedia? Really?
Dodgy really dodgy, how do you start a war and put your life on the line for a specific cause (an "Islamic state") and then all of a sudden flip the script(Syrian-nationalism).
Either the information from wikipedia is very dubious or this group itself is very dubious. Perhaps their identity has been confused or perhaps the leaders have been paid off, either way not a trustworthy lot if you asked me.

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