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The guy is using hadiths to debunk hadither Hamza. It might work there since hadiths typically are used to change Arabic words into what they call Islamic words. For instance, ibadah means service but hadithers will tell you it means worship. So yep, Hamza should be sticking to meanings from hadiths.

I believe that Quran is not a book of science but of guidance for mankind.

The guidance does rely heavily on science but not the myth driven mainstream one. Some things are supposed to stay unsaid even if the evil keeps prevailing  :'(

General Issues / Questions / Re: Is anyone fasting
« on: May 24, 2022, 11:57:47 AM »
Peace Reel

I don't understand where you got this technique from? It seems like something spiritual or new ageish?

I just took the verses about fasting and experimented with them by subtracting all that we were told in sects. Whatever God tells us to do in Quran always gives visible results. Quranic fasting seems to open the door to another reality of ours. Ironically, you will not go very far if you abstain from eating and drinking.

New age might have similar stuffs but their explanations are not without distortion and disagreements. Their blocks come from subtraction of God. In Quran these issues are corrected. I guess thats why we have verses like this:

Say, "If mankind and the jinn gathered in order to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like of it, even if they were to each other assistants." 11:13


Discuss Latest World News / Re: Ukraine 🇺🇦
« on: May 03, 2022, 10:32:38 PM »
Notice how quiet Israel is on this issue.

Might be because Naftali Bennett is Putin's man? He asked Zelensky to surrender. I do know Bennett angered biden admin, American military and media with his strange support for Putin. But all of Israel might be not with him.They seem to be helping Ukraine behind the scene like some others who at first sided with Putin and now dont want anything to do with him.

I haven't seen anything in the media on this but I am 95% sure there will be a mass exodus of Ukrainian AshkeNazis to Palestine. Israel tricked North African Jews in the past. They use evil tactics. They would use false flag attacks to scare Jewish communities. They would tell these communities that Palestine was a land without a people Deception is #1 Mossad tactic.   I have relatives in Ukraine who have been there since it was part of Russia. May Allah have mercy upon the innocent people of this conflict.

I did come across the report that they indeed took in Ukranian refugees.

Your relatives are in my prayer.

It is just hard to digest what Putin is doing to Ukraine  :'(

Wish our troops would be on the ground.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Is anyone fasting
« on: May 03, 2022, 08:52:55 PM »

I'm so confused about how we should do Ramadan.
Can everyone explain how to do this when following the Qur'an alone?


Glorify God for 3 days in isolation.  If you start to see fan with thread like blades rotating and becoming bright in your mind's eye, congrats you are on the right track. Otherwise, you might suddenly end up with flow of information that leaves you mentally lit up. If those dont seem interesting you can use those 3 days to get your wish fulfilled. Its a must that you take a break in between to eat and drink.


Discuss Latest World News / Re: Pray for The Lonely Ukraine
« on: April 14, 2022, 11:11:13 PM »
Why does no one hold Zelensky accountable for the terrible decision he made in reference to not being able to come to a settlement with a world superpower that cost so many lives of his citizens? 
Zelensky didn’t make any terrible decision. Putin came up with gazillion reasons to invade Ukraine and make it part of Russian federation. Being under him is same as living in hell. Despite being a developing nation, Ukraine has been doing far better than Russia. Look at the differences here:
Take precaution when it comes to what Russian agents/trolls like Hedges present and spread. They have a habit of promoting both lies and illegal stuffs within articles and opinions. It actually is a war crime to blackmail a nation’s leader by killing his citizens.
@ Almarh0..
i have never heard of these information.. good to learn..
Oh that’s the stalled special lie operation from Kremlin. Lies have been now regrouped. Always and always best to go to main sources. Presenting to you the scariest article of the century:
It made me conclude Putin is eligible for removing himself from power. No one is more involved than him in the nazi business. Check:

He is also behind the sudden rise of far right groups in Europe:

Apparently, root of the deadliest Islamophobia was his Russia:

Please everyone pray for the freedom of Ukraine. Pray that the Russian soldiers unite to act on their intention to not fight.

If Putin succeeds world order will change. Countries once invaded by the US and many others will be at risk of being invaded for expansion purpose by those similar to him. Many from diff parts of the world are already having sleepless nights wondering whether they are next.

Early treatment can dramatically reduce risk, unfortunately the West has almost completely neglected this aspect, and has almost certainly led to hundreds of thousands of excess deaths. Alternative treatments have been suppressed by the influence/lobbying/ops by vested interest groups, e.g. big pharma. see

Have you heard about some concoction from an Indian village that cured even those who were on the verge of death? I'm wondering whats in it. The maker was no doctor. But too many flocked to him since oxygen wasnt available. It didnt take much time for them to feel better. Later in the name of crowd control, cops put a stop to it and the news just disappeared. The villagers stayed immune to delta after taking that concoction while elsewhere many Indians were dying. Wish we knew what went in that drink.

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Alexander Dugin, Putin's Steve Bannon?
« on: March 28, 2022, 05:11:21 AM »
Divide et impera, latin, the phrase, popularized by Roman Empire and used by the empire to expand it's control over vast regions and social identities.

Yet it seems separating people through social identities and then makes them fight each others is much more ancient than that.

There must be a common playbook being used for ages. Cant deny that despite being slow the formula seems to be more effective and affordable than conventional warfare.

But just like everything else, it does have it's opposite, unity in diversity, makes people live in harmony with each others although each has it's unique differentiation.

Thats why they first go after those who support it.

Interesting observation, you mean Putin has become a grumpy old grandpa?

I would say he is programmed to be Xerox copy made with ink from magic pen. People like him need some kind of anchors to hold onto for consistency’s sake. But yeah he sure sounds very gumpy now. 

There's also historical event called 'Holodomor' in Soviet era, that permeate as national trauma for the Ukrainians.

I remember this one. I noticed Putin started harassing Ukraine ever since he came to office.

LOL this one cracked me up, well I guess everybody need to play their role...

Believe me they will do it. But hey looks like the daily show has found the main sources that cons use for taking putin’s side:

Flipping those clips will literally make it look like putin was misguided by the US. I can already see the headline: Proof that western propaganda made St. Putin wrongly invade Ukraine.

Might save RT from Putin’s anger if he already knows they were partially responsible for the destruction of his cargo ship in Ukraine.

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Alexander Dugin, Putin's Steve Bannon?
« on: March 19, 2022, 03:33:23 AM »
Yeah, Dugin is the guy Putin worships. But things didnt begin there. I talked to some Europeans on the issue. They said Russia always had a habit of using divide and conquer agenda to grab lands in Europe. Thats why they fear them. Thats why so many rush to join NATO.

Putin's decision for total Ukraine invasion bewildered many analyst.
It's a 'strategically illogical decision' given the amount of potential damage far exceed the benefits.
The damage which need to be 'paid' as consequences by Putin's regime in years to come. 

For me this action is "out of character" for Putin.
So who is actually advice him for such harsh illogical action?

I saw something. He has a personality trait which kinda makes him project what the people around him tell him or lets just say he is easy to program. Thats bad once people like him start to become very old.

He has many suggestions that chillingly has came true such as:
1. Dismemberment of Georgia
2. Russia alliance with Iran and swaying Turkey from the west
3. Cutting UK from Europe Union
4. Creating instability within the US by supporting all kind of ethnics, racial and social conflicts.
And last but not least
5. Dissolution of Ukraine and mass murders of Ukrainians who opposed Russian governments.

The book is available for anyone to read but here's the short synopsis about the book.
Caspian Report: Last War of the World-Island by Alexander Dugin

I always check out Dugin to understand Putin's decisions. I'm just amazed by how much power these men have on the planet. Most government officials know whats in those books. I might have skipped the info on mass murder of Ukranians. Dang, this was mentioned few days ago by someone from NATO. Its unethical that they knew about this agenda and yet didnt interven.

Having said that, has anyone here detected a tendency on how the 'conservatives' in the US seems to be 'supporting Putin's action'? and parroting all the propaganda coming out from Moscow as 'fact'?

Its their tradition now to just disagree with dems' views. Its like they will proudly drink poison if dems say nobody should do it.


Discuss Latest World News / Re: Pray for The Lonely Ukraine
« on: March 11, 2022, 02:18:16 AM »
Exactly, then the sanction is actually reversing the alienation.
The sanction bring the 'suffering' towards common Russian people.
Which in turn bring Putin closer to it's support base!

Not sure if this time he will be able to maintain his support base.

Then let's start by not labeling this as Russian's invasion but Putin's invasion.
Having said that there are 'parties' who tried to blame this to Russian as a whole.
Such parties does exist.
Haters always try to spread hatred.

But so far it is easy to see that it is Putin's invasion. Not Russia's. Majority of their professional soldiers are strangely missing from the fight. I wonder why  :hmm

That said, certain countries in Europe cant stop hating Russia at this time. I have nothing against that. They are scared of being Putin's next target.

No sane Russian people ever even imagined that they will be bombing Kiev.
The sentiment is similar to no Arabs ever imagined that they will be bombing Mecca, or Chinese bombing Nanjing, or American bombing London.
Kiev is the birth place where social identity now labeled as "Russian", "Ukrainian", "Belarusian", "Finnish" initially started.

Russian troops going AWOL are rampant on the battlefield.
Leaving behind multi million dollars of equipment.

That's why this is specifically Putin's insanity and not Russian.

Definitely. But man, there should be some kind of check and balance system for wars. At least the leader's mental state should be checked before taking his risky order.

I did see they lost and left a whole lot of vehicles and tanks. And Putin says he is demilitarizing Ukraine  :rotfl:

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Pray for The Lonely Ukraine
« on: March 09, 2022, 10:55:40 PM »
The so called 'economic sanction' was imposed with justification to incite a rebellion / revolution to topple the government.
So far such sanction has 0% of success rate.
Based on the case study of Germany (Hitler), Libya (Ghadafi), Syria, Iraq (Saddam regime), Iran, Palestine (Hamas) and North Korea (Kim's family)

On contrary, the 'economic sanction' actually resulted in boost of popular support towards the regime / dictator.

Why is that?

To answer that, we need to understand how politician works.

Politician work by creating a figure of 'an enemy' and rallying support from the population against the enemy.
The 'enemy' can be labeled with many names, "Kuffar", "Unbeliever", "The West", "America", "Zionist", "Jews", "Arabs", "Muslims", "China", "Communist", "Atheist", "Immigrant", "Globalist" and in this case oddly it's "Nazis".

The "economic sanction" is a great event which enable the politician to rally support from the people by saying:
"Your suffering is due to the enemy!"
(and not because of me or my incompetency)

As thus the "economic sanction" will fuel more hatred towards "The Enemy" and in turn bringing in more support towards the politician/regime/dictator.

Clearly not an effective move..

Biden admin did confirm that. The sanctions just reverse the time in Russia by eliminating the modern day convenience. Most of those, of course, are being voluntarily activated by diff companies. 

What should be done is to 'alienate' the politician/regime/dictator from his own support base.

He is doing a wonderful job of alienating himself actually.

A simple example is by referring to the event as "Putin's invasion to Ukraine" and not "Russian invasion to Ukraine".

Putin's action caused many sufferings both to the Russians and also Ukrainians.

I think it is taken care of to not blame Russia. But are his troops fully aware that they are at war or is it like they are still being told this is a special operation?

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