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Brothers and Sisters,

Some terrible news has reached me over a person who calls himself (or herself) QuranvsHadith who poses as a Quranist to rob people of there hard earn money claiming to be a poor person who has lots of children to feed and can't seem to get a job.

Here is his facebook page :

Here is this youtube channel:

I will like to ask everyone to be cautious of this person and do not give him a cent of your money if he asks you for any!!!

A good friend of mine has been placed into a situation where they gave a lot of money to this devil and eventually found out too late that he was a fake quranist and a con artist!!!  This friend of mine was new to the Quranist movement and didn't know much about it. He manipulated my friend into giving him money

The news what I bring to you brothers and sisters is the truth as I have heard it from my friend. I ask you to please investigate my claims first (since this will be more righteous) and then spread the message. We need to warn all of our brethren on sister websites to keep away from this devil.

I humbly ask for your support as a fellow Monotheist who follows the teachings of the Quran. We need to warn as many people as possible



For couple of weeks now I wasn't 100% convinced in  timing of the Night of Decree. Even though I said on a previous post a few weeks ago that the Night of Decree most likely had to be during the longest nights of the year(December 21st or 22nd   of each year)There wasn't really any hard evidence besides the simple calculation of Jesus? Conception in the Quran as proof . This calculation still did not answer one or two questions. For example people could still rightly argue that  the appearance of Angel Gabriel to Mary around the month of December doesn't prove unanimously that December 21st (or 22nd )is the said Night the Decree( the proper time of fasting) . However now the believers ( and those who astute in the Scripture ) have another piece of evidence?..

Last night while I was sitting down watching television  a strange idea occurred to me. If  I believe that December 21st (or 22nd ) was the time in which the Messengers received Messages from the Spirit( whom I believe to be Gabriel) and the Angels then perhaps Dr.Rashad Khalifa received his messengership around that specific time.  Note that for the several weeks that I had believed in this interpretation (that the Night of Decree had to be during the longest night) it had never occurred to me to look and check to see exactly when the previous messenger received messengership.

To my utter surprise it turns out that Dr.Rashad Khalifa did indeed receive messengership on December 21st 1971?..The longest night during the year(in the northern hemisphere)

Could this be a coincidence?

A question only for the code 19 believers: Am I the first to recognize this or did anyone else notice this strange coincidence???

Well after this knowledge was made know to me I was at rest. I'm now 100% certain  that the timing of the fast (and the Night of Decree) has be without a doubt  during longest nights of the year (December 21st or 22nd of each year)



Archeology & History / Who is Zul-Qarnain? (Sura 18:83 -99)
« on: June 25, 2011, 09:03:02 AM »
From Sura 18:83 ? 99 is a short story of Zul-Quranain and Gog and Magog. Does anyone have any theories or ideas about who is Zul-Qarnain and who or what are Gog and Magog?


Kevin D.Cooper

Three days ago I found an article on-line written by a researcher named Dr. Rafat Amari.

He provides historical evidence that shows that the city of Mecca could not have existed before 400 AD due to the absence of the city in archaeological records , and  surveys found in the other ancient cities and kingdoms of Arabia

Please note that the writer is a Christian. So yes he does use a few writings from the bible. However, please try not to let the fact that he is a Christian deter you from seeing the facts. For those of you who are aware of the Quran?s miracles know full well that the book cannot be authored by men but from God due to the numerous amount of signs the book contains


Kevin D.Cooper

I?ve been doing a lot of reading over the pass few days to try and see if I can come to a conclusion when exactly is the month of fasting. So far I believe that the number of days of fasting should be ten days. However in regards to when exactly the month of Ramadan is I?m still uncertain.  

I?ve heard two theories that relate to this topic

-   It is during the Winter Solstice
-   It is after the Summer Solstice

In regards to the Islamic calendar, I don?t trust it since I believe a year consists of 365 days not 354 or 355 days. Please note that  ?a day? occurs 365 times in the Quran.

Does anyone have any sort of information there will like to share relating to this topic.

General Issues / Questions / Is Jerusalem the Qibla?
« on: June 08, 2011, 08:46:02 PM »
Two nights ago  I started reading the book " The Natural Republic ".  I read in one the chapters that the Qibla is not Mecca but Jerusalem. At first I was a bit skeptical however after reading a few additional articles I'm starting to think that indeed Jerusalem has to be the Qibla. I was a Christian. And i read the Bible. So far to my knowledge none of the prophets, Jews or Christians could have gone to Mecca for pilgrimage. The Bible places ALOT of emphasis on Jerusalem as the place of pilgrimage. Also the Quran did say  in Sura 3:96 The first house established for the public is the one in Bakka, blessed, and guidance for the worlds.
I always thought that the word Bakka was an old word for the city of Mecca however to my astonishment there is a place called Bakka in Jerusalem! Another issue that bothered me was why was Prophet Mohammad  so preoccupied with fighting the Byzantium army unless it was of great importance??? And if the Kaaba in Mecca was the original Qibla why is it according to Islamic History that Muhammad prayed in the direction of Jerusalem during the period the Quran was being revealed.  The writers of this book make very strong arguments to support the theory that Jerusalem (where the dome of the rock is situated ) is the focal point. I'm beginning to think so to. Does anyone have any comments on this particular topic?

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