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Forum Suggestions / Karma?
« on: August 20, 2020, 09:18:40 AM »

ADMINS and FORUM members can someone plz tell me what is this newly thing called karma under the avatar of our ID and what does + and - means?

Thanks to all.

Science / TIME travel and cosmos
« on: July 20, 2020, 12:54:30 PM »
If anybeing is at the distance of 65 million light years from earth what they will see now?

ANS dinosaurs in scientific terms.

Is that amaze you when we look at the 13 billion light years away galaxy we are are looking in the beginning of time/space?

In actuality what we see in cosmos is not there? Or a big illusion? Or theres a hint to travel in past is possible?

65 millions light years away someone and that someone invent a spaceship speeding 1 million light year p/s and that ship will reach in earth in 65 seconds means he will b in the world of dinosaurs or he will recieved by airport security and will read this of my post with reply lol?

Things sometimes cause confusion in my thoughts dnt know am the only one who think like that  :hmm lol

General Issues / Questions / BELIEVE vs FAITH = knowing or thought ?
« on: October 06, 2019, 12:21:25 AM »
When we KNOW something for sure we claimed things in such a way, we and other are so sure about what we are believing ... 


i believe i am in city (XYZ) = i know i am in city (xyz) .. equation looking fine here..

as soon we put this equation into religious (faith/belief), things start getting confuse and cause lot of trouble, division and fights  ..


i believe jesus is God = do  i know jesus is God ?
i believe krishana is God = do i know krishna is God ?
i believe Allah is God = do i know allah is God ?
and so on..

correct equation should look like this

we blindly believe (xyz) is God = because we dont know who is God.

problem with blind believe is one person believe is different than another person believe..


THOUGHT created the image of God and then THOUGHT worships the image what THOUGHT has created, different THOUGHTS created different GOD/s

HOW to replace the correct word for belief in the current situation ?

 :group: :confused:

Science / RUN away stars
« on: July 22, 2019, 12:45:13 AM »
runaway STARS

upon examining the translations of modern translators and from free mind article far in horizon i think i had better candidate called RUNAWAY star.. for the selected verses (81/ 15-16).

translators used planets, stars, blackholes, galaxies etc.. and they interpret it poorly becoz in 81:15 it did not mention any star,planet,balckhole etc... not even in 81:16.. translators assumed its celestial object and upon discovering planets and then blackholes translators switched their understanding with modernity..

i was watching a documentary about strange objects in universe in which one type of stars make me feel amazing. it was run away star. a type of star that even run away from gravitational pull of blackholes or the ability to save from supernova destruction...  they are moving at surprising speed too..

NOTE its not even any word of ARABIC is there what is referring to sky object in those verses. its just the IDEAS of translators, that verses are talking about some celestial object..although it could be anything may b ships that flow in sea and disappeared on horizon due to shape of earth..

فلا اقسم بالخنس
الجوار الكنس

i swear by retreating/withdrawing . (here in brackets you can put anything star,ship,even devil named as hannas of ch 114)
that run/flows and hide/move

Discuss Latest World News / sad incident indeed..
« on: July 21, 2019, 11:30:51 PM »

sad incident happened in india linked with so called HONOR.

someone send me a video and was linking this incident with muslim-hindu political dramas going on there now a days..  when i researched that video it was not any religious or political connection although the way they were doing that thing make me scared for a while and angry too.. i wish i could save that poor women from those monsters..

suddenly verses from holy book quran comes in my mind ... in which 100 lashes to  ZANI.. male and female.

i strongly reject and condemn that punishment upon seeing how cruel this RULE of punishment is..

doing cheating mean someones is not happy with partner and if someone elopes with someone its mean she is not happy with force what someone using on him/her.. how its logical to do 100 lashes ?

that law of jews is also copied by muslims .. does it make sense ?
if this does not make sense its mean the original God cant send a horror like this upon his creation ?

finally my mind openly challenging the ideas what make me ask those questions what i covered under the factor of fear what if i reject those verses i ll punished by fire?

it was a journey of 35 years i finally taking side of my conscience i never ask those questions within myself regarding things what does not make sense.

the first time when i was reading holy book i had lot of questions in my mind, i accept those rules in my mind without a critical thinking as i grew up believing in some thing totally perfect without any flaw or error... so the internal defense system activated upon asking those questions...which does not make sense..

i have feeling my internal defense system is broken or damaged by my sensitive nature (may original creator of heavens and earth help me guiding to right path)  :pr

God bless humanity..
God does not order immorality

7:28 And if they commit immorality, they say: "We found our fathers doing such, and God ordered us to it." Say: "God does not order immorality! Do you say about God what you do not know?"

Arabic / SIN = ?
« on: May 28, 2019, 09:42:17 PM »
There are different words used for the TERM "SIN" in Quran more than what we can imagine so far i find some of these terms people can add more if they can find..

instead of words i am going to share the ROOTS of those words commonly we known as SIN/wrongdoing/illegal act  etc...

1 Siin-Waw-Alif = to treat badly, do evil to disgrace, be evil/wicked/vicious, ill, anything that makes a person sad and sorrowful, bad action, mischief and corruption, sin, evil doer, wretched or grievous, vex, annoy. su'atun (pl. suat) - corpse, external portion of both sexes, shame.

2 Alif-Tha-Miim = to commit a crime/sin or lie. ithm - sin, crime, guilt, iniquity, lie, anything that hinders from good deeds, harmful, anything which renders a person deserving of punishment, anything that pricks the mind as something evil, unlawful. athaam - punishment of wickedness, the requital. aathim - evil doer, one who sins. athiim - wicked person. taa'thiim - accusation of crime.

3 Shiin-Ra-Ra = to do evil, be ill natured, wicked. yashirru/yasharru - to find fault, defame. sharrun (pl. ashrar) - evil, bad, wicked, vicious ones. It is noteable that shurrun is an exceptional form of elative adjective while the measure for elative in Arabic is afa'la. shararun (pl. ashraar) - sparks of fire.

4 Jiim-Ra-Miim = To cut or cut off a thing, gain/acquire/earn a thing, to drive or incite one to do crime, to commit a crime/sin/offence/fault, commit an act of disobedience, to be clear, to complete a thing, to end a thing or bring a thing to it's end [upon completion].

5 Ha-Nun-Thaa = To violate or break or fail to perform an oath, untrue to one's oath, commit a sin or crime in one's oath, retract or revoke an oath, sin, commit an offence, say what is not true, incline from what was false to what was true or from what was true to what was false, pronounce someone a violater or non-performer of an oath, put away or cast away a sin or crime from oneself, do a work whereby to escape from sin or crime, apply oneself to acts or exercises of devotion, seek to bring oneself near unto God or to advance in God's favour by works, relinquish the worship of idols.

6 Thal-Nun-Ba = to track, make a tale, add apendix, follow closely, become spotted.
Commit offence, fault, sin, wrong, act of disobedience, transgression.

7 Ayn-Dal-Waw = to pass by, overlook, transgress, turn aside.
adwun - wickedly, unjustly, spitefully, wrongfully.
adi'yat - companies of warriors, chargers, horses of the warriors, wayfarers who run fast on their journey, swift horses.
aduwatun - enmity. udwan - hostility, injustice. aduwwan (pl. aduwun) - enemy.

8 Jiim-Nun-Ha = to lean/incline, to bend/stoop, side.
ribs of the breast, upper/anterior ribs next to the breast/heart (so-called because they incline over the heart), something one uses to lean on/to one side (upper-arm, shoulder, elbow, hand),
wing/power, "lower your wing" is an idiomatic metaphor for love/tenderness/humility, evocative of a bird that lovingly spreads its wings over its offspring in the nest, shadow/shelter/protection, armpit,
going quickly/swiftly (said of an animal due to them leaning forward as they run),
a sin or crime, act of disobedience/blame.

9 Kh-Tay-Alif = To do wrong, commit a mistake or error, commit a sin or crime or act of disobedience for which one deserves punishment, commit a fault or offense (intentionally or unintentionally), pursue a wrong way (intentionally or otherwise), cause to miss or pass over, miss a thing (or fail of hitting it), miss or deviate from, far or out of reach, cause one to make a mistake, feign a wrong action/mistake/error.

10 Ba-Alif-Siin = mighty/strong, distress/misfortune/calamity, state of poverty, evil/bad, very evil, feigned lowliness/submissiveness, punishment, state of trial/affliction, courage/valour/prowess.

11 Tay-Ghayn-Ya = exceed a limit, to transgress, wander from its orbit, exceed the bound, wayward, to rise high, to overflow, to rage, go astray, deviate, be incurious, mischievous, impious, tyrannical, inordinate, rebellious, exorbitant, exceedingly wicked, insolence, injustice, infidelity, rebellion, storm of thunder & lightning of extreme severity, outburst, powers of evil, lead to evil, be overbold, contumacy, extravagantly disobedient, immoderate, corrupt, top or upper part of a mountain, idol/demon, source of wickedness.

12 Ra-Jiim-Siin = to disgrace and defile, thunder, commit foul deeds, bellow loudly, become hated, something in which there is no good, state of commotion, confuse greatly, make a noise/sound, hinder/prevent, unclean/dirty/filthy, evil, something which is unlawful/forbidden, unbelief/infidelity/doubt.

13 Gh-Waw-Ya = to err, deviate or go astray, unmindful, neglectful, inattentive, inadvertent, inconsiderate, heedless, forgetful; be misled/seduced, disappointed, journey in the darkness, went far away therein; darkness, intensely black, the deepest black; the first part or state of youth; the belly

14 Za-Lam-Miim = To do wrong or evil, treat unjustly, ill-treat, oppress, harm, suppress, tyrannize, misuse, act wrongfully, deprive anyone of a right, misplace, injure, be oppressive, be guilty of injustice, act wickedly, be wanting in or fail.

15 Ha-Waw-Ba (Ha-Alif-Ba) = To transgress, commit a sin, do what is unlawful, be in an evil condition or state, to slay, pursue a course which leads to sin or crime, to cry or cry out in sorrow and grief, to lament or complain.

some of the words in which project root list is not showing anything related with sin but Quranic crosscheck shows it as sin.

1 Tay-Ya-Ra = flew, hasten to it, outstripped, become foremost, fled, love, become attached, famous, conceive, scatter/disperse, fortune.

EVIL/BAD omen is missing in project root list.

2 Fa-Jiim-Ra = cut/divide lengthwise, break open, vent, incline/decline/deviate, dawn/sunrise/daybreak, source, abundantly and suddenly, ample bounty/generosity, a place from which water flows.

WICKED is missing in project root list called as "fajir"

3 Nun-Kaf-Ra = to dislike, be unacquainted with, disown, disapprove with tongue or punishment, be hard, difficult, feel a repugnance towards, make charge.

WRONG/EVIL/REJECTORs of good is missing in project root list..

i m just curious to find out why so many words at different places in Quran used for SIN/wrongdoings ?

i dnt even know how many roots i missed ? although i tried my best to find all the roots for sin..

i have an idea all translations are just guess-works when i look deep into dictionaries i felt  all things drived from quran itself what other scholars used in their work/lane lexicon  etc.. the so called meanings of different terms/words  can be tested on the words or roots quran used only once and the early scholars were struggling finding the those terms used just once..

most  of the times the meanings are taken by the usage of that word in sentence..

do we have any work/book/poem in arabic before QURAN ?

There's something fishy going on i have feelings the meanings of lot of terms/words are changed/hijacked by early scholars.

Submitters / Code 19 / FACT or FICTION..
« on: May 16, 2019, 06:43:13 PM »
while reading these verses suddenly something comes in my mind.

7:174 It is such that We explain the revelations, perhaps they will return.

7:175 And tell them what happened to him whom Our messages were conveyed but he cast them off. Thus Satan (his selfish desires) overpowered him until he became of those who lost their way.

7:176 And if We had wished, We could have raised him with it, but he stuck to the earth and he followed his desire. His example is like the dog, if you scold him he pants, and if you leave him he pants; such is the example of the people who deny Our revelations. So tell the stories, perhaps they will think.

7:177 Evil is the example of people who are bent on giving the lie to Our messages: for it is against their own selves that they are sinning.

who was/is he ?

lets do some calculations...  ;)

total number of words = 57 (multiple of 19)
7174175176177  = (multiple of 19)
7+1+7+4 = 19 (first verse numbering matching with chapter 74 )

lets go to chapter 74 original and see whats the surrounding verses of verse 19..

74:18 انه فكر وقدر

74:18 He thought and he determined.

74:19 فقتل كيف قدر

74:19 and thus he destroys/killed himself, the way he dertermined.

74:20 ثم قتل كيف قدر

74:20 Again he destroys/killed himself, the way he dertermined.

sum of these verses 18+19+20 = 57 (again multiple of 19). becoz  قدر word used three times consistently what we also know as HATRICK. and also u multiply and subtract to make another HATRICK...

18 x 19 x 20 = 6840 ( also a multiple of 19 ) 360  :wow

-18 -19 -20 = - 57 multiple of 19  :muscle:

now climax of this numbering will be amazing and surprising ...

(Number 19 mention in verse = 30)
                                                             (Total words of MAIN verse 7:176 = 30 again )

what an amazing climax...


What is the nature of God? / God is LOVE
« on: April 26, 2019, 07:58:38 AM »
I am starting this thread due to some questions usually comes in the mind of developing child when we tell him about GOD/creator.

is God a love ?
do God love creation ?
how can God can have HUMAN feelings?
do God FEEL or do God have emotions ?
how our emotions about GOD react on GOD ?


2:165 And from among the people are some who take other than God as equals to Him, they love them as they love God; but those who believe love God more strongly.


And Allah loves the steadfast (3 /146)  sabreen
and Allah loves the doers of good (3/134) mohseneen
Indeed, Allah loves the righteous (9 / 4) mutaqeen
and Allah loves those who purify themselves. ( 9/ 108) mutahireen
Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly (60 /8)  muqsiteen

but sometimes people said emotions are the attributes of human and God is "BEING" beyond human perception.

Forum Suggestions / assistance required.
« on: March 15, 2019, 08:00:24 AM »

Admins and members i cant see the unread posts and unread replies section usually we have on top of the page.

may b its due to a change in forum style/pattern so can anybody help me how to locate that feature?

God bless you all.

Discuss Latest World News / HOW cruel
« on: March 15, 2019, 07:46:48 AM »
yesterday an event happened in NEWZELAND killing approax 50 people by (white race male).

and thats not the first event after UK and USA and france.

billions of dollars from public tax money wasted for no reason after 9/ we can see terrorism is increasing instead of decreasing.

few years ago i heard a VOICE all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.

now i hope this statement need some changes.
1 Muslim with capital M is not always a terrorists ( past/present).
2 other labels are also terrorists.(.........) big brackets and big reasons.
3 some accepted Governments are also playing part in it like INDIA terrorising their own citizens from last 70 yrs.

4 its about PAK army 4 yrs ago an event happened in ARMY public school killing hundreds of innocent army kids by terrorists. after that i saw a sudden change in policies of PAK army and in four years Pak army nailed it in their country having a success control of terrorism in their own country. shockingly INDIA gov on one hand was saying its a SAD event and on the same time pakistani army captured an indian agent (kalbushion) who take the responsibilty of planning ARMY public school event wao india :bravo:.

but still Muslims with capital M are terrorists rest are clean.
i m feeling thats the death of the labels having capital M coz before 1951 (black people) have status of hate for all other labels. now the gravity of hate is towards Muslims.

its due to a reason who claimed themselves as chosen one.

but after all i just want to say is it OK to show such cruelty ?

A person while shooting those innocents Muslims captured a video and also make it live on FB and social media to see how these insects are getting killed by a MUJAHID/hero. and instead of saying him TERRORIST they said he was SHOOTER.  :police:

WAKE up all stupids from capital M and all other fools who are getting thenselves trick by buying the business of hate.

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