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TRASH / The armour of God.
« on: February 19, 2012, 08:07:50 AM »
If there is any sane people left.. Or is forum founder out drunk on a bender, while his hasish friends is in his couch. Maybe sucking eachothers dicks I dont know.

However :) I posted this many places, and can post it here aswell. If only one sensible person should happen to come across it, that would be worth it I guess.

In a time of refined language and high technology, the armour of God, must be refined aswell. And that means accepting the transcendent atttributes of God. Paradox being the paradox of unboundedness where the bound is unboundedness. And Void, which is the nonphysical dimensionless nature of the paradox. Therefore believe that "Paradox Void is the infinitely superior". Walk in the armour of God, and be free of satan. Peace.

Jinn & the Paranormal / Use of shaytanic jinn in childrens show.
« on: February 18, 2012, 12:25:13 PM »
About teletubbies and nightgarden.

Andrew Davenport is a satan, who tries to infuse children with satanic (sexual) spirits. That is why the child at the beginning is in a sun.  They have weird "antennas" each symbolizing gay, straight, transgendered and lesbian.  It seems that the sun hints at sexual conduct. In "nightgarden" they are mad, because they were rejected, but still want sex.


TRASH / Always work for SHARIA, Deathpenalty for faggots and atheists.
« on: February 16, 2012, 03:11:47 PM »
Satan the faggot never stops until he percieves his own death. Always push for SHARIA, deathpenalty for gays and atheists. And all hypocrites and other faggotrash.

General Issues / Questions / Monotheism vs spirits.
« on: February 15, 2012, 10:57:15 AM »
In the celebration of God.

Monotheism is recognition of reality, and polytheism is the belief in unreality, and is ghosted in spirits, and schisms of the mind.

Monotheism leads to peace, peace of mind, and peace globally. Polytheism leads to unpeace, turmoil, and war.

Ultimately all spirits are the result of image-worship or belief in false concepts. And therefore always a shaytan. Aka the spirit of satan.

Satan however can be conquered, and that is what correct monotheistic teachings do.

Acceptance of all the attributes of God, and that everything else is designed, all dimensions is created is what all religions originally teach.

Some of these attributes are very effective in meditation. And belief in such a meditation will be an entrance to what is now known as "esoteric" or "mystical" yet clearly is an element of common teachings in the Quran.

God is transcendent. He is the paradox of unboundedness, where the bound is unboundedness.
He is immaterial, creator and designer of all dimensions, and therefore a nothingness, a void.

I invite you to meditate and accept the following attributes of God, and be a strong element in the rejection of Satan, and the worship of God.

"Paradox Void is the decider of everyones destination".

Which will lead to godconsciousness, and then I recommend the study of The Quran.


General Issues / Questions / Logical proof of God.
« on: January 10, 2012, 08:34:26 AM »
Logic was founded by Aristotle. And it was an argument about God that was central. It is called primum movens.
Today many atheists think this argument is illogical, and has lost comprehension of what logic originally was.

The argument is quite logical though, and I can rephrase it, as a modern variant.

An eternal sequence of events does not exist, because it has no beginning. Without a beginning you have no sequence of events.
Therefore where we can observe a sequence of events, the only logical piece of puzzle, is the allmighty, the limitless, the eternal, the paradox, the non-sequence of events. And allmightyness can only belong to one.
This is the only logical piece left, because another sequence of events, could not be eternal. And eternity, allmightyness, and limitlessness, and singleness is the same.

Therefore God must be real.

This is Logic, and the ONLY logic, and the foundations of the logical school.

We can extend this logic further.
Since allmight belongs to God, ofcourse all events have no might of their own, and are purely controlled and created by God.
And as the esoteric verses of all religion state, the soul is God. And this we can reach by the fact that a sequence of events, does not constitute consciousness. One cannot program life. And that leaves only one option, and that is that life is God. Ruh/Breath of Life, in the Quran, and known in all religions.

Furthermore we can extend this logic to that God controls everything, and that there are positive consequences and negative consequences of lifestyle. Therefore God punishes and rewards according to morality.
And monotheism has good beneficial values for humans, while polytheism is tyranny, pretensiousness, deviance and going against oneself.

And in this we can also see valid concepts of heaven and hell.

Ultimately monotheistic logic, is peace under one good force behind all leading to the honorable and holy God.
And ultimately satanic logic, leads to provocation, deviance, suffering, self-neglect and self-destruction, "superior to humans because I am of fire".

Invalidate this logic, and invalidate all of science.

Even meaning can be extracted from this logic. Since God/allknowingness is absolute, he is also the meaning. And the esoteric can observe this, in that we can have a dialogue, and comprenhend eachother, because there is an absolute reference.

With God being perfectly good, creation also becomes perfect. We are here only to celebrate his praises! (51:56)
By the religion of Islam (making peace), contained in his book, The quran, and being muslim (surrender to his will).

And Quran Alone = God Alone = Monotheism.

Peace Be With You.

Christianity/Judaism/Others / How to deal with arrogant atheists.
« on: January 10, 2012, 12:16:07 AM »
How to deal with arrogant atheists? Simply tell them what they believe in.

Atheism: The claim that physical whitenoise came out of nowhere, without need for explanation, created the world. The claim that atheism is belief in nothing, however nothing does not exist according to physicalism.
The belief that mindless random whitenoise, in the form of a random number sequence, IS the universe.
The belief that mindless random whitenoise, not intelligent design, created the species and evolved them, and claiming that we are biological machines. While if we fill a computer with white noise, a universe or humans does ofcourse not appear.
The polytheism that whitenoise created the world, while still praising other forces such as science, medicine etc. The polytheism that one is two-brainhalves rather than one soul.
The inconsistency that there is meaning with whitenoise, and claiming a purpose for life, when it is incoherent randomness.

Atheist, So you are meaningless purely physical whitenoise. So now go praise your science, because ofcourse they are superior to their creator.

I guess this is posion enough to make you more mentally ill, depressed and if not kill yourself, live your life in misery.

And justice is done.

General Issues / Questions / GOD is the first being, and all souls.
« on: January 06, 2012, 11:19:05 PM »
GOD is the first being and all souls.

Away with fundamental association such as atheisms "random" physical measurable creator, and those deviant and ill, that directly or indirectly attribute meaning to randomness. Away with darwinism, and "random" mutation, that would have left a pile of carcasses from mismutation large than any number of "successful" fossils. Away with physicalism that is polytheistic and satanic in that one is two-brainhalves, rather than one non-physical divine soul.

We all know Adam was expelled from heaven after tasting the fruits of the tree of eternity.
But what does that verse really refer to?
Apparently, before Adam, which to many represent the first human being, there actully was other humans. However they represented a different lifestyle. In the earliest history of religion, we find Animism, which is about the soul in all life. Which is also carried forward in Abrahamic religion as atman/ruach/ruh.
However shamanism is also practised. Shamanism is about the use of psychedelic mushrooms.
"The fruits of the tree of eternity" are probably psychedelic mushrooms who grow around pine trees, and some other trees.
In these times of christmas, one should know that "santa claus" is actually a siberian shaman.
He used to pick psychedelic mushrooms and deliver them to people, around the change of the year.
The myth on "coming down the chimney" may be about that some places were so snown down, that he had to deliver them through the roof.
They would then be hung by the fireplace, to dry.
The presents under the tree, represent mushrooms growing under the tree.
Both shaman and reindeers are known to eat these mushrooms, and that might be the origin of the flying santa and reindeers, because they were intoxicated.

Now this practise was banned in Abrahamic religion, with the start of Adam, and history was covered over.
Because it represents something people generally don`t want to know about.

The Quran states, those who worship God correctly are protected from spirits.
Shamans "talk to the spirits". Obviously this must be in conflict with "correct worship of God", and instead bringing the spirits forth.

People who seemed to do a lot of drugs in my youth, seem later in life, to usually be associated with mental illness.
The stoner with antipsychotics on the table, going on like never before, thinking it`s only more drugs, is a sad sight.

To me there definately seems to be a connection between mental illness, and the use of daily cannabis, and these users often also use other things, like mushrooms, LSD etc.

Terence McKenna states in his DMT-reports, that he meets alien entites on DMT.
However if you think of him, in a schizophrenia like state, that he enters to "talk to the spirits", it becomes a bit clearer that he is really only talking to himself, but percieving this as "alien entites".
A good example of that is when Terence states that they tell him to "pay attention". But he is just doing that. The whole drug for him, is about paying attention. So ofcourse it is himself telling himself to pay attention.
This resembles ofcourse madness. And when I see a lot of users of these things, they don`t seem to have any clear idea of religion. They may state to have a lot of knowledge, and often use terms like "gnosis" and "spirituality".
But gnosis is a lifechanging experience, that gives clear insights, and a want to live like a muslim. Not pseudospirituality with drugs, and so forth.

So the whole thing was covered up. The practise was banned. And Adam represents a break with shamanic traditions, and a more healthy life, in conformance to monotheism.

LSD in the sixties was simply a rediscovery of a similar "fruit". And that faded aswell. Note that it often was seen as a way of understanding and emulating schizoprenic mindstates. Definately not something to do for a monotheist. (whose goal is to perfect his monotheism and suppress spirits).


General Issues / Questions / 4:34 my understanding.
« on: December 16, 2011, 01:57:22 AM »
I don`t know if most people here are really muslim. I don`t ofte see praising of God, and rejection of Satan. Maybe these people I curse are your shaytan-freinds. And you are more interested in twisting the Quran to suit your own desires.

You did however discuss 4:34. And I have some knowledge on that. Are you interested? And please, in the future STOP BANNING MUSLIMS.

4:34 must be understood in the context of the Quran. Marriage to idolaters(polytheists) are forbidden. And idolaters behave badly.

Since the wife in 4:34 is behaving badly, she must be of poor faith, loosing faith, or temporary disbelief.
The logic then becomes, warn her, stop having sex with her, and leave her (divorce).
This makes sense. Why someone has translated this with beat, is incomprehensible. It doesn`t fit any quranical logic. Beating a disbeliever and having her around the house, just getting madder and madder. No. That does NOT makes sense.
Divorce yes.
However ofcourse the verse also states that if she obeys again, seek no more way against her.
Divorce, not beat. Clean and simple rational logic. No abusive shaytan.

Now that the text is done, I can do some graphic design there in the future, inshaAllah.

Added a section on my theology page. "Esoteric conclusion and the ultimate state of mind". (downmost)

Have a read if you are into esotericism!


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