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Questions/Comments on the Quran / Best Recitations of the Quran
« on: June 27, 2011, 11:49:37 AM »
Some of my favorite recitations of various Surahs. They're mostly all pretty uplifting, while some are just powerful (Naba, Naziat). During the past few months I've gone and memorized quite a lot of surahs on my drive to work because it's about an hour long. These are some of the ones which really stuck out for me. I've been going through a huge bout of depression for the past year. Listening/reciting to these and the rest of the Quran has rid me of my depression that I never thought anything could.

Surah Duha (The Morning Light) - Saad Al Ghamdi

Surah Rahman (The Beneficient) - Kamal Uddin

Surah Maryam (Mary mother of Jesus) - Saad Nomani

Surah Lail (The Night) - Saad Al Ghamdi

Surah Shams (The Sun) - Saad Al Ghamdi

Surah Naas (Mankind) - Saad Al Ghamdi

Luqman (verses 1-11) - Anas Al Ghamdi

Surah Abasa (He Frowned verses 17-42) - Moeed Mazeen

Surah Insan (Man/Human) - Mishary Al Afasy

Surah Naba (The Great News) - Abdul Baset Abdul Samad, Translation is read By Naeem Sultan.

Surah Naba (The Great News) - Saad Al Ghamdi

Surah Naziat (Those that tear out) - Abu Bakr Ash-Shatri

Forum Suggestions / Can't I browse articles by their date?
« on: January 01, 2009, 03:26:21 PM »
The old layout of FM used to have a link called "Whats New" or something of the sort.  This was really useful because I could easily check if any new articles had been posted.  The new layout doesn't have anything like that, or if it is there I don't see it.  I think it would be very helpful if this was put back in.

General Issues / Questions / Future of Islam, Muslims, and Quran movement
« on: February 05, 2006, 04:20:16 AM »
When I look at the current state of Islam, I am left wondering what is actually going to happen to this religion and its people.  Islam as defined in the Quran hasn't existed for over 1400 years.  I wonder when and how long it did actually exist.  The critical analysis of Islamic tradition and history is fairly young and has already revealed how wrong, inaccurate, and unreliable the Islamic story/history is.  It is only a matter of time before the whole Mecca/Bakkah mistake starts to get notice from non-muslim and perhaps even some Muslim scholars.  Infact there are already critics who realize that Abraham couldn't have possibly visited Mecca.  Anyone armed with an open heart and a Quran could figure that out though.  So I wonder, why for 1400 years has there been no voice from within Islam speaking out about this obvious problem.  But then when I look around and think about all the Muslims I have known in my life, it is obvious.  Human beings in general are just not rebellious enough.  Muslims will blindly follow thier scriptures, scholars, and parents just like everyone else.  

But hey Muslims do have access to the Quran right?  Perhaps they might find the truth in it there right?  Well for 15 centuries they haven't.  Sadly so much of the Muslim world is illiterate that even the Quran can't do much.  And those who are literate choose to read the Scripture in a language they don't understand!  Has it always been like this? Will it continue like this?  

What of the war on terror?   The terrorists aren't as crazy as the Sunnis would like to make them seem.  Their understanding of Islam is perfectly correct according to their many texts and traditions.  Ever heard a speech from Robert Spencer? They guy may seem like a real jerk and someone out to "destroy" Islam, but most of what he says regarding the violent nature of Islamic teachings are true.  When he says "Muhammad said kill anyone who gives up Islam", its kind of hard to argue against him if you are a Sunni because according to you, he actually said that!  Its no wonder that Islamic nations are so lenient with these "extremist" teachings.  What are they gonna do, say that the hadith are wrong?  Ha! What a day that would be.  How could the world tolerate another 9/11 scale attack?  Even I, a Muslim, can't forgive these secterians for what do.  How long can these hypocrites continue claiming "this is not our religion"?  Either admit your wrong about the whole thing, or accept that "your religion" really does condone this violence.

Perhaps I am a pessimist, but I never see Quranic Islam ever being practiced on a wide scale.  All I see the destruction of Islam as a whole where people start abandoning the whole thing in masses.  Not in places like the mid-east, but more the west.   Am I the only one who sees Muslims being deported on a large scale if another attack happens?  This isn't only a problem for the secterians, this is a problem for anyone who calls him/herself Muslim which includes us.  This if more of a worse case scenerio, but even now when asked "what religion are you", I feel angry and hesitant saying I am Muslim because of the hypocrites who stole this title.  Therefor my response is "Non-denominational Muslim."  

Ok it seems like im ranting, my point is that from what I see, the end of Islam has been reached. With the lack of education and general extremism in the Muslim world, I see no change or reform coming.  All I can see is the Muslim world not admiting its wrong and therefor not properly fighting these extremists which will lead to more violence and war until the world will finally be fed up of all Muslims.

Marriage & Divorce / 'Ma Malakat Aymanukum' on Free Minds
« on: July 08, 2005, 04:30:41 PM »
I have a question regarding the  Ma Malakat Aymanukum article on

It concludes:
"Our understanding is that 'Ma Malakat Aymanukum' are widowed women who may be living under the roof and financial support of a man (her family, or the brother or relative of the deceased) and thus are described by the term 'what your OATHS posses' (i.e. due to the responsibility).

Marriage to such women is allowed in the Quran under slightly different terms & conditions than other women.

Perhaps I am not understanding this right, but doesn't that imply that marriage is allowed to a family member:?:  :!:
If so, then I think this understanding is severely flawed.

Hey guys,

I came upon this a while ago and found it really interesting.  It is called the "Letter of the Eyewitness."  Basically it is a letter written by an Essene about 7 years after the crucifixion to another "highly esteemed" member  of the brotherhood in Alexandria in which he explains what happened to Jesus during and after the crucifixion.  Here is an exerpt from the translator:

"A member of the Abyssinian Mercantile Company discovered in Alexandria an ancient house, formerly occupied by Grecian friars, in whose library to oblivion abandoned, was found an old parchment. A French literate, accidentally present, at once commenced deciphering it; but a missionary, in the ardor of fanatical orthodoxy, tried all means to destroy the antique document. But the efforts of the Jesuit missionary do not seem to have been successful as a copy of the Latin original was written, which copy, through the Free-Masons, found its way into Germany.

It has been proved from the archeological discoveries made on the spot, that the house where the parchment was found was owned and occupied by the Order of the "Essenes". "

The letter is a very detailed account of Jesus which conforms in almost all ways with the Quranic account of Jesus.  It describes the the events leading up to the crucifixion, the crucifixion, Jesus passing out on the cross and how he was saved by his friends.  Whats really interesting is that this letter not only fits well with the Quranic account but it also confirms, conforms, and clearifies the Biblical account of Jesus.

If any of you is interested in the subject, I strongly encourage you to read it.

If you guys want a summary of it, since it is rather long, I could write one.

General Issues / Questions / The problem with Islam
« on: July 02, 2005, 05:19:21 AM »
Ok this is kind of long, so if you want to skip my little intro and just get to the main issue, scroll down to the part where it says 'Main Problem'

I have been Sunni most of my life, but later leaned more towards being just a Muslim by following the Quran only.  I thought by following the Quran only I would be able to be much happier and have a much closer relationship with God.  Unfortunatly as I have experienced during the past 3 years or so, this isn't the case at all.  I felt much closer to God while being a Sunni, probably because there was no confusion in the religion.  I used to pray 3,4, maybe 5 times a day before. I stopped doing that when I found little basis of this practice from the Quran.  I still fast during Ramadan like the Sunni way while fully knowing that the way the Quran describes fasting is different and a bit vague to be blunt.  There is no longer a need to do the 'Hajj' because the way the current Hajj is performed has absolutly no basis in the Quran.  

Although 'salat' is emphasised so often in the Quran, I have stopped praying simply cause I'm confused as to what God wants.  I've read people debating the issue of salat endlessly on this forum yet there is no conclusion.  So how did this fully detailed book left out such a big detail?  It doesnt help me knowing that birds form an assembly or Zachariah was on his knees in an alter.  Am I supposed to form a line and kneel down in some temple?  Well there certainly arent enough, or any Quran only believers to pray next to me. And even if there were any Quran only believers around here, each would have his/her own way of praying.  There would be no point of a temple or lining up next to each other.  

You say that the Quran is complete and detailed yet you guys are all confused as to what it really says about topics such as prayer, hajj, and fasting.  Or where it is allegorical and where it is literal.  Ofcourse no one is to blame for that really because Arabic, more specifically a 1400 year old dialect or Arabic is not our native tongue.  All we can do is rely on others translations.  There are so many different translations though and with the coming of this Quran only movement, there are certain verses which have been translated completly different. For example 22:40:
"And if it were not for mankind being pitted against one another, then many monasteries, synagogues, assemblies, and temples where the name of God is frequently mentioned would have been destroyed."

In this translation the word for mosque is translated as assemblies, which in my opinion makes no sense.  God is mentioning places of worship such as monasteries and synagogues and then mentions mosques.  Now because some Quran only people tend to believe that mosques are not necessary or were a later inventions, this has been changed to assemblies.  After finding this strange change in translation, I decided to look at another transation available through The Message.  In this translation it seems the translater noted the obvious problem of simply changing the word for mosque so he/she decided to change all of the words.  
"gathering, and markets, and support centers, and temples where the name of God is frequently mentioned..."     So now we bascially went from the classical translation of  " monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques," to "monastries, synagogues, assemblies" to "gathering, and markets, and support centers"
Now theres an obvious agenda behind all of this which is to fool the reader into thinking that theres no such things as mosques.  Rather we got this vague idea of a 'support center.'   Is that what mosques were really meant to be? I dont know, I'm  can't speak Arabic and I didn't live in Medina 1400 years ago.  All I can do simply rely on one of these translations which in turn leads to a lot of confusion.  This brings me to the bigger issue here.

Main problem:

It is outragous for anyone here to call any other form of Islam 'fake.'  Why is Sunnism or Shi'ism or Ahmedism any more fake or absurd then this movement?  For now lets just look at Sunnism.  People here claim that Sunnis are idol worshippers because they bow to a man made structure, that Sunnis have invented rituals, that Sunnis don't follow the Quran.  Ok, I agree that Sunnis bow down to a man made structure, but Muslims have done that since the very start of Islam.  You people have great conspiracy theories about how pagan beliefs were added into Islam at a later date.  You try to back up your statements by showing similarities between certain symbols and practices in Islam to pagan beliefs.  Those are interesting and all but still not convincing, and either way you are forgetting about the biggest thing, these practices and symbols have been around in Islam since the very start.  Rituals and practices such as kissing the black stone at the Kabbah have been recorded by outside sources as early as 720 and again around 765.  Accounts of Arabs performing pilgrimages and associating the Kabah have been around since as early as 660, thats less than 30 years after Muhammad.   Simple fact is, the Kabbah, the pilgrimage, the black stone were not later add ons, they were always there unless all the Muslims went back to their pagan beliefs immediatly after Muhammads death.  This is hard to believe considering that during this time the Khalif was still a disciple of Muhammad.  

So where is your evidence that Sunni beliefs are all invented by later generations?  From the looks of it, Islam always had these 'pagan' beliefs in it. Here comes another great problem.  

If the Quran really is the uncorrupted word of God, then we can fully rely on it.  According to the Quran, Abraham built the first shrine in Bekka.  Now, although the tradition holds that Bekka is none other than Mecca, there is simply no evidence of this claim.  Mecca was never called Bekka or anything equivalent. If you are able to find proof that Mecca was Bekka, please point it out to me.  Where is Bekka? Who knows.  In my opinion Bekka is Beqaa valley in Lebanon.  Did Abraham pass through Beqaa in Lebanon? Maybe.  In the Bible he passes through places very close to Beqaa, but never really in Beqaa.  Nevertheless, Becca/bekka/beka of the Quran being Beqaa in Lebanon would be much less of a stretch than it being Mecca if the Bible is to be taken for anything.

So how is this Becca/Mecca problem a big issue?  Well, the Kabah has apparently always been a part of Islam.  So one can assume these stories of Muhammad, and later the early Khalifs, making pilgrimage to Kabbah as being somewhat credible.  Anyone see the problem here?  According to the Quran, the Kabah isn't the shrine built by Abraham.  It was probably a pagan shrine.  So why didn't Muhammad destroy this along with the other statues when he conquered Mecca?  Obviously it meant something to him.  According to Muhammad, this Shrine was a shrine to which the pilgrimage was made.  What about the stone? Why wasn't that removed?  Did Muhammad really kiss this stone even though that seems to be idol worship?  Both tradition and historical evidence would say yes. He did apparently consider both of these as important parts of the religion.  

Now, one could argue that Muhammad was only human and could have wrongly interpreted the revelations he was recieving.  Problem here.  Kissing a stone, bowing down to a stone structure,  and continuing to perform pagan rituals is quite a big deal. If he really did misinterpret the Quran accidently, then logically God would have stepped in and corrected him.  This doesn't happen in the Quran.  And besides, weren't the Muslims to take anything Muhammad gave them?  I always interpreted this as only the Quran, but if God wanted to say Quran, he would have done so.

So what about prayer?  For the most part, the Quran is mute on the subject. Its as if it assumes people know what prayer is and how to perform it.  Would that include bowing down to the Kabah? Sure if thats how the people had been performing prayer.  Would you like to argue that these were later inventions?   I would really love to believe you because bowing down to a man made structure seems very blasphemous to me, however is there any evidence that this practice was added post-Muhammad? No. None.  Muhammad probably prayed the same way.  

What about fasting?  Well we all know the traditional way, but some of you might also know that this method is not very Quranic. The Quran says the fasting should only be for a few days and should continue until night.  So is tradition wrong or did Muhammad and the early Muslims simply perform fasting in a different way than that prescribed in the Quran?  Hard to imagine the a prophet of God would have done that, yet that is exactly what everything points to.  

So whats going on?  Was Islam corrupted right after the death of Muhammad or did Muhammad just practice Islam differently than the Quran and continued performing pagan rituals of his forfathers?   Being a Muslims I find the latter hard to believe yet those are the choices I am faced with.

If Islam was corrupted so soon after Muhammad, one would expect great turmoil within the Islamic community during this time.  Do we see this? Yes, kind of:  the civil wars.  Now according to tradition and history, these wars were caused by different people wanting to become Caliphs, but could there really have been more behind this? Perhaps, but there is no record of that.  According to all records, these battles were mostly political and had little effect on religion.

To sum up the issue here, the Islam of Muhammad was probably very similar to the tradition Sunni Islam. This includes prayers, fasting, and pilgrimage.  Does the Quran support all of these practices? No, infact the Quran makes the traditional Hajj look like a pagan festival.  But is that what Muhammad practiced? Yes, I think so.  What does this say about Muhammad?  Did he invent the whole thing? Because his practices certainly don't seem to be coming entirly from the Quran.  Or maybe he just followed his interpretation of it which in turn we should also practice, or Islam was corrupted after his death, for which there is no evidence.

What do you guys think?  I know I generalized a few thing, but I was trying to compress this as much as I could.  Don't think I am attacking any of your in particular, this is simply my view of things as of now.  Feel free to point out my mistakes, I am always open for new ideas.

Ok, I don't know how many of you have read this, but I find this very interesting.  For those who don't know, Umar was the second Caliph.  He became caliph in 634, which was only 2 years after Muhammads death.
Notice what he stresses the people to study and also where he derives his law.   :wink:


After receiving the surrender of Jerusalem and completing the tour of Syria when Caliph Umar was returning to Madina he led the prayer at Jabiah. On this occasion he delivered an address which is preserved in history. The major part of his address was:

    "O ye people I counsel you to read the Qur?an. Try to understand it and ponder over it. Imbibe the teachings of the Qur?an. Then practise what the Quran teaches. The Qur?an is not theoretical; it is a practical code of life. The Qur?an does not bring you the message of the Hereafter only; it is primarily intended to guide you in this life. Mold your life in accordance with the teachings of Islam for that is the way of your well being. By following any other way you will be inviting destruction.

    "Fear Allah (The One True God), and whatever you want seek from Him. All men are equal. Do not flatter those in authority. Do not seek favors from others. By such acts you demean yourself. And remember that you will get only that is ordained for you, and no one can give you anything against the will of God. Then why seek things from others over which they have no control? Only supplicate God for He alone is the sovereign.

    "And speak the truth. Do not hesitate to say what you consider to be the truth. Say what you feel. Let your conscience be your guide. Let your intentions be good, for verily God is aware of your intentions. In your deeds your intentions count. Fear God, and fear no one else. Why fear others when you know that whatever sustenance ordained for you by God you will get under all circumstances? And again why fear when you know that death is ordained by God alone and will come only when He wills?

    "Allah has for the time being made me your ruler. But I am one of you. No special privileges belong to ruler. I have some responsibilities to discharge, and in this I seek your cooperation. Government is a sacred trust, and it is my endeavor not to betray the trust in any way. For the fulfillment of the trust I have to be a watch-man. I have to be strict. I have to enforce discipline. I have to run the administration not on the basis of personal idiosyncracies; I have to run it in public interest and for promoting the public good. For this we have the guidance in the Book of God. Whatever orders I issue in the course of day to day administration have to conform to the Qur?an. God has favored us with Islam. He sent to us His Messenger (Muhammad, pbuh). He has chosen us for a mission. Let us fulfil that mission. That mission is the promotion of Islam. In Islam lies our safety; if we err we are doomed."

Now, it was after Umar that tension really starts building up in  the Islamic community at which point we start seeing law being derived from "the Quran and the way of the Prophet" instead of just the Quran.

As verified by the Quran and recorded by tradition, Muhammad had multiple wives.  If tradition is correct, then he certainly had more than 4 wives.  Now, as we all know, Quran only allows one wife at a time, or 4 for sunnis.  Muhammad was to uphold the Quran, so why then did he have multiple wives?  Were did he ever get permission to do this?  I searched the Quran and found no verse which gave him the permission to have more than one wife at a time.  He was given special privileges for who he could marry, but certainly not that he could marry more than one at a time.  So, doesn't this show that Muhammad did infact, as the Sunnis claim, have more freedom and authority than that recorded in the Quran?

As you all probably know, God hold those who contribute towards betterment and believe in high esteem.  So how do you guys do this?  Do you give charity regularly?  Or perform volunteer service? Try not littering?  

Right now I'm in college and so I don't really get out much and I feel like I am not able to do enough to help the community around me or contribute goodness.  So I was looking for ideas.  Please feel free to share anything even if its small.


Please take a sec to sign CAIR's petition condemning
violence against civilians in Iraq, and particularly
the beheadings of hostages.

It's something small that we can all do to make clear
to non-Muslim America that Islam and Muslims condemn
these acts.

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