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General Issues / Questions / Know that:
« on: August 18, 2013, 04:34:39 PM »
Know that:

Islam is a very easy religion to follow. Just believe in GOD, the Almighty, believe in the Last Day, and be a righteous person, then don?t worry, just be happy. See 2:62 and 2:177 among many other verses.

The Qur?aan is the ONLY and the BEST hadeeth book for religious guidance. See 7:185 and 39:23.

Every soul is responsible for his/her actions and that no one will carry the burden of another at the Judgment Day. See 6:164.

The only infallible person is ALLAAH, swt, and everyone else including the messenger prophet Muhammad, pbuh is a sinner and must beg ALLAAH, swt, for forgiveness. See 47:19 and 48:2.

Intercession is a man-made sectarian lie. See 2:254. Noah, pbuh could not intercede on behalf of his unrighteous son, neither Abraham, pbuh on behalf of his polytheist father.

All sectarian 100% MALE dominated blood lineage stories claiming that their genealogy goes directly back to the prophet Muhammad, pbuh are all manifest lies. The Qur?aan in 33:40 informs us that Muhammad, pbuh had no MALE offspring; he had no SON to begin with.


General Issues / Questions / FYI
« on: April 10, 2012, 09:28:33 AM »

General Issues / Questions / Charity, Water!
« on: October 03, 2011, 02:53:22 PM »
The Qur'aan, 3:92
لَن تَنَالُوا الْبِرَّ حَتَّىٰ تُنفِقُوا مِمَّا تُحِبُّونَ ۚ وَمَا تُنفِقُوا مِن شَيْءٍ فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ بِهِ عَلِيمٌ
You cannot attain righteousness until you give to charity from the possessions you love. Whatever you give to charity, GOD is fully aware thereof.


Pilgrimage (Hajj) / FYI
« on: August 15, 2011, 11:15:38 AM »

General Issues / Questions / A Reflecton on GOD'S SYSTEM/SUNNATALLAAH
« on: August 07, 2011, 09:00:03 PM »

To start out, I need to stand upon a firm base. As a practicing Muslim, my bedrock is The Qur?an, and you?ll find almost all of my reasoning and references regarding my ideological beliefs, coming directly, straight out The Qur?an, as the only reliable source, foundation, and guiding light of our faith. I?ll be very brief and to the point. .   

Sightseeing is my pastime and whenever there is a chance I seek refuge in the nature, and the spots that give me the widest possible angles of view are my favorite ones. The bigger the picture, the more beautiful it is to the eye.

I purposely want to start out being more philosophical than scientific. Although realistic philosophical views and opinions must not contradict science, on the other hand, we cannot rely on science to deliver us the reality of the BIG picture in its totality either.

Science deals with micros and is not able to explain the macros. Science?s angle of view is very narrow and deals with the minute details and mind-boggling data collection, recording and exact measurements. Mathematicians, physicists, chemists, naturalists, biologists, geologists, archeologists, sociologists, economists, and so forth, dissect and break the BIG picture down into segments and are only able to explain one segment at a time. Science mainly deals with the past and present and in general cannot foresee and analyze the future events on a long-term basis. It can only explain some of the individual signs, which are indispensable in bringing about the logical explanation of some parts of the whole. On the other hand all philosophical explanations must be in conformity and in total harmony with scientific facts. Other than that, philosophy is going to be nothing but pure conjectures and empty words of mouth serving but the parasitic and reactionary forces of the society. So, for now, I leave the details to the nitpickers, the scientists.

ما خلقکم و لا بعثکم إلا کنفس واحده??31-28
Your creation and your resurrection are just like one single soul?.

That is the BIG picture in its totality. Without the presence of that totality in mind, at all times, most projects will render barren at the end.

و هوالذی خلق السموات و الارض فی ستة ایام و کان عرشه علی الماء..........7-11
And He it is who that created the heavens and the Earth in six periods and His thrown were over the water???.

This is the beginning of the BIG picture, and notice that we are right there in it from the beginning. It was started as one watery mass. They say the Universe; before the ?big bang? was made of one concentrated mass of liquid Hydrogen and still 99.99% of its mass is but Hydrogen gas.

اولم یرالذین کفروا ان السموات و الارض کانتا رتقا ففتقنهما..........30-21
Don?t those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the Earth were but one piece/mass and we separated them from each other?

Notice we are right in there, as part of it.

From here the evolution of the Universe begins. Hydrogen, the building block of the Universe, is set to evolve into other heavier elements and the BIG picture is changing and shaping up in a progressive unidirectional continuous course. Billions of years are passing by and at the same time countless galaxies and within them countless stars and planets forming and us being part of it too.

.....خلق الارض فی یومین.....و جعل فیها رواسی من فوقها وبارک فیها وقدر فیها اقواتها.......ثم استوی إلی      السماء و هی دخان.......فقضهن سبع سما وات......و زیناالسماءالدنیا بمصابیح و حفظا....

The Earth is now being prepared for the advent of organic and life bearing matter.

.....و جعلنا من الماء کل شیء حی.....30-21
?. And we created all living things out of the water?.

Through ages, at the bottom of Earth?s body of water, organic matter began evolving out of the muddy sediments.
هو الذی خلقکم من طین ثم قضی اجلا و اجل مسمی عنده ثم انتم تمترون   2-6 
He it is Who that created you from clay then set a term appointed and a fixed term with him, then again you are doubtful.

و لقد خلقناالانسان من صلصا ل من حما مسنون   26-15
And indeed We created the human from altered clay of black mud.

Also see, 23-12, 32-7, 37-11, 55-14.

Later, life began spreading out all over the Earth, in the form of countless self-propagating single living cells.

وهوالذی انشاکم من نفس واحده...   98-6
And He it is Who that brought you all out of a single soul?

یاایهاالناس اتقوا ربکم الذی خلقکم من نفس واحده و خلق منها زوجها و بث منهما رجالا کثیرا و نساء...  1-4
O mankind, fear your Lord, the One Who created you all from a single soul and He created its mate/likeness from itself and from those two, He scattered about numerous men and women...

Also see, 39-6

Then gradually and after some evolutionary periods sexuality began to spearhead the evolution of future generations of evolving species.

یاایهاالناس انا خلقناکم من ذکر و انثی و جعلناکم شعوبا و قبائل لتعارفوا ان اکرمکم عندالله أتقاکم.......  13-49
O mankind verily We created you all from male and female and made you into branches/nations and tribes in order for you all to know one another, verily the most honorable of you before God/Allah is the most pious among you (being most honorable not based on gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, etc, but based on righteousness and piety only).

Again, after millions of years of evolution gradually the final product comes out.

و لقد خلقناکم ثم صورناکم ثم قلنا للملائکة اسجدوا لادم..... 11-7
And indeed We created you all, then thru time We gave you form/shape then again thru time, We said to the angels; do prostrate, all of you before Adam?

Man has arrived carrying the enormous burden of the whole evolutionary heritage. He is the end result, cream of the crop. He is to carry the whole load from then on.

انا عرضنا الامانه علی السماوات والارض والجبال فابین ان یحملنها وأشفقن منها و حملها الانسان انه کان ظلوما جهولا....72-33

Verily We offered the burden of the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains. They readily refused to carry it and were afraid of it, and man undertook it. Verily he is unjust and ignorant.

 Although man has assumed responsibility of spearheading the evolution, but still comparing to the BIG picture, we are but a next to nothing part of the whole creation and in reality we have no saying in its direction, destiny or purpose. From here we cannot rely on science to help us much. From here there is no other way but to count on philosophy, common sense and logical arguments in finding our way through the future. Of course the scientific facts which lit our way from the far past to the present can be helpful in keeping us on a realistic track/course through our reasoning. From here we need to find out what is next, where we are heading, what is the whole purpose regarding the BIG picture? I don?t think that science will be able to answer that question. Here and there science discovers a fact here and observes some changes in the cosmoses there. There are schools of thoughts, which do not believe in, or see any direction or purpose for the Universe. They believe in but vanity. We come and go. That is it. There is no purpose.

و قالوا ما هی الا حیاتنا الدنیا نموت ونحیا وما یهلکنا الا الدهر وما لهم بذالک من علم ان هم الا یظنون 24-45
And they say, what is there but our life of this world? We shall die and we live and nothing but time can destroy us. And of that they have no knowledge, they merely conjecture.

Then again, on the other hand, there is a very old school of thought, as old as man himself, that believes otherwise.

افحسبتم انما خلقناکم عبثا وانکم الینا لا ترجعون...115-23
Do you think that We have created you in vain and that you are not returning to us?
وما خلقنا السماء والارض و ما بینهما لاعبین   16-21
And We did not create the heaven and the Earth and every thing in between them for a play.
وخلق الله السماوات والارض بالحق ولتجزی کل نفس بما کسبت وهم لا یظلمون 22-45
And Allah created the heavens and the Earth for just ends and for each soul to find the recompense of what it has earned and none of them be wronged.
We may spend lifetimes arguing with materialists about the purpose of the whole creation/the Universe, and most probably not getting anywhere. A materialistic approach will not answer the question, in that, we have to first, scientifically see and feel and measure a creator, then afterward, to be able to assume a purpose for its creation. Based on all scientific knowledge that man has earned and collected so far, let us ask a simple question. Do we find any disorderly trend in the evolution of the Universe? Have we observed any chaos so far?
الذی خلق سبع سماوات طباقا ما تری فی الخلق الرحمن من تفاوت فارجع البصر هل تری من فطور   3-67
The One Who created seven heavens one above another; you wont find in the creation of the Compassionate any differentiation. Return the vision once again. Do you see any flaw?

Up until now the study of the BIG picture in its totality has shown us an undeniable perfect fit. It started as a very simple basic element, namely Hydrogen in liquid form, and over a steady and continuous dynamic unidirectional motion, technically called evolution, has turned into what we see today, a highly complex and still evolving entity, what we call the Universe.

We know there has been a starting point for this auto dynamic steady motion, from absolute simplicity, toward complexity. This simply means that there is a direction which points toward a destination/purpose, utmost complex and sophisticated.

This philosophy is based on reasoning, common sense and logic with a touch of scientific background. No one can scientifically prove that there is a definite end/purpose to the existence of the Universe. This conclusion leads us to ideology/religion as the only logical answer to all our scientifically unanswered questions. Otherwise, we have no choice but to join with materialists and sing along the song that, religion is nothing but the tales of the old.

واذا قیل لهم ما ذا انزل ربکم قالوا اساطیر الاولین   24-16
And when they are asked: What is it that your Lord has revealed? They say: Fictitious stories of the ancients.
Now, after all this and regarding the future and the End/Hereafter, let us see what The Qur?an has to offer.

اذا وقعت الواقعه     لیس لوقعتها کاذبه     حافضة رافعه    اذا رجت الارض رجا    وبست الجبال بسا    فکانت هباء منبثا     وکنتم ازواجا ثلاثه.....  1,2,3,4,5,6,7-56
When the event befalls. And there can be no denial of its befalling. Bringing low, exalting. When the Earth will be shaken with a terrible shake. And the mountains will be powdered to dust. Then they will be floating dust particles. And you all will be in three groups.
وجمع الشمس والقمر  9-75
And the sun and the moon will be joined together.

Science states that the moon has been constantly getting away from the earth since the beginning of its formation.

یوم نطوی السماء کطی السجل للکتب کما بدانا اول خلق نعیده وعدا علینا انا کنا فاعلین   104-21
On that day We shall roll up the heaven like written scrolls are rolled up, just like the way We began the first creation, We shall repeat it, a promise upon us. Verily We are going to do it.
اذاالسماءانشقت   واذنت لربهاوحقت   واذاالارض مدت   والقت ما فیها وتخلت   واذنت لربهاوحقت 1,2,3,4-84
When the heaven is split asunder. And listens to and obeys its Lord and it must do so. And when the Earth is stretched forth. And has cast out all that was in it and became empty. And listens to and obeys its Lord and it must do so
فاذاالنجوم طمست   واذاالسماء فرجت   واذاالجبال نسفت   8,9,10-77
Then when the stars lose their lights. And when the heaven is cleft asunder. And when the mountains are blown away.
Through what I?ve already set forth above, I am building a launching pad for my departure, a platform to lead me in the right direction within the Islamic methodology of IJTIHAAD.

Based on the said platform, an ideological, serious, and practicing Muslim must,
1st: believe in The One and only One, God/Allah (The Immaterial, Invisible, Indivisible, Uncompounded, Absolute Purity, The Creator, Sustainer, Evolver, ?.), The One Single Soul Who Fills the whole Universe/Creation.

......لیس کمثله شیء......11-42
?..There is nothing like onto Him?..

The One and only One, Who deserves to be worshiped
الله لا اله الا هو......255-2
Allah, no one deserves to be worshiped but He?..

2nd: believe that through His creation and His direction, He is evolving and guiding the Universe toward a complex and sophisticated End that He Himself calls it The Last Day, The Hereafter and The Resurrection.
ان الساعة لاتیة لا ریب فیها و لکن اکثرالناس لا یؤمنون   59-40
Truly, the Hour/Resurrection/Hereafter is surely coming; there is no doubt about it, yet most of the people believe not.

3rd: Believe in all His angels, messengers and revealed books.

....والمؤمنون کل ءامن بالله وملائکته وکتبه ورسله.....  285-2
?And the believers, each one believes in Allah, His Angels, His Books, and His Messengers?.

These are the major philosophical principles of Islam as the only acceptable religion before God/Allah.
ان الدین عندالله الاسلام .......   19-3
Truly, the religion with Allah is only Islam?

ومن یبتغ غیرالسلام دینا فلن یقبل منه و هو فی الاخرة من الخاسرین   85-3
And whoever seeks any religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.

At this point I?d like to stop. All I said, as the preacher says on the radio, was: ?not a sermon, but a thought.?

And let me finish with a prayer or two.

اللهم ربناالکبیرالمتعال، سبحانک یاالله، لک الحمدولک الشکر. انی أسألک اهدنا لنورک و زدنا علما و هدی، وارحمنا واحفظنا من القوم الظالمین ومن القول الجاهلیین. آمین.
O Allah our Lord, Most Great, Most High. Be you Glorified O Allah. All praises and thanks are for you. Verily, I beg you to guide us in your light and increase our knowledge and guidance. And have mercy on us and guard us against the evil of the unjust and the ignorant people.





General Issues / Questions / FYI
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General Issues / Questions / Gods System/Sunnatallah
« on: April 25, 2010, 05:58:17 PM »
Salaam Everyone,

God?s system/SUNNATALLAH

The starting points of all BIG and COMPLEX phenomena are tiny and simple. The process of creation began at subatomic, inorganic levels, changing to cellular (4:1), organic, and then embryonic and finally sex specific stages, so on and so forth. This requires long, intensive, and tiresome trials and errors, processes of elimination, tests, substitutions of many generations?some one right after another?struggles for existence, through countless recurrences involving tiny and gradual changes, resulting in the survival of the fittest, all of which is an unceasing process that carries on to the next stages of creation and evolution.

This is an integral part of God?s way of creating things. In other words, Evolution, or better stated, the Process of Creation, is governed by a set of pre-ordained laws, having a basis, a direction and, consequently, an inevitable and purposeful end.

We can observe this absolute ruling of an unchangeable system all over, from subatomic world to inter galactic universes. It is a single uniform, continuous, none-interruptive and harmonious system (31:28), which has never changed in the past and will not change in the future (35:43). That is God?s lawful SYSTEM, or, in other words, SUNNATALLAH.

Considering any exceptions, like explaining the creation of mankind in a different way through philosophy, idealism and age old religious superstition, will lead us to believe that God?s system (SUNNATALLAH) is a broken, chopped up, none-uniform and discriminatory system that, it?s governing laws change from one form of creation to another. This is the basic belief in paganism?the belief in multiple systems, which inevitably leads to belief in multiple gods.

According to the Qur?an, the creation of the Universe, the Heavens, and the Earth, did similarly, start out tiny and simple?SIX ?days? (7:54, 10:3, 11:7, 25:59, 32:4, 50:38, 57:4) before the BIG bang (21:30). During these six ?days?, this ?cell/embryo?, ?theHeavensandtheEarth?, was within an ?enclosure? as a collective sum, just like a baby growing in the womb before birth. During the BIG bang/the NEW BIRTH (21:30), the next stages/the next EIGHT ?days? (41:9-12), of creation and evolution of the UNIVERSE began.

We are now in the latter parts of the FOURTEENTH ?day?, of the creation of the Universe. The Qur?an informs us about the coming of the Fifteenth/the LAST ?day?.

Believing in the Last day is the 2nd article of belief in ISLAM.

The 1st article of belief in our faith, Islam, is believing-in and worshiping the ONE and ONLY God ALLAH. 2nd to that, in The Qur'an, most emphasis has been made on believing-in the coming of the LAST ?day?. It is named the LAST ?day? because there is no END to it. It is going to be the everlasting ?day? (22:55), thee GOAL, the END RESULT, the PURPOSE of the CREATION as ONE SINGLE LIVING ENTITY, from start to end (31:28).

Human societies as tiny parts of God?s Creation are of no exception and are subject to the same SYSTEM/LAW, following the same path. The ones that follow God?s LAWS more closely, will flourish and last longer to enjoy their existence more and better than others.
Even those who were superior, when corrupted, were annihilated and replaced by better-fitting generations and societies.

Let us contemplate 29:20, which states, ??Roam the Earth and observe how God started the creation??
God wants us to simply observe His creation within the Earth, no need to go anywhere else, just search through the Earth and find out how He started the creation, even our own creation.

Now, if it is not possible for us to roam the Earth and find out for ourselves, we can at least study the works of those who have spent lifetimes doing so. We certainly cannot, and must not, ignore and/or deny the immense works of Charles Darwin, and colleagues of his time, as well as those who came before, and after him. Those are the people who in reality, and as The Qur?an says in 29:20, did roam the Earth, and studied it closely and learned and carefully recorded in detail, how God started His creation. Their explanation of the process of creation is indeed nearest to the truth.

For ages, the orthodox religions have ?explained? the Universe purely through speculation and unjustifiable interpretations. Afterwards, when confronted with the solid truth of evolutionary creation, started denying it, mocking it, and, in the end, for the sake of their worldly interests, tried to ?prevent? its dispersion (9:32, 61:8). Their efforts are indeed the reason why the young and educated are generally resentful towards the idea of religion.

We need to rid our minds of the traditional, orthodox, and generally superstitious ways of explaining the verses of the Qur?an. We need to explain things as they really are in the nature, otherwise we will never understand the truth behind our lives and the very world in which we are living. If this is not done we will continue to be among the lost/losers, or KHASIROON. Some of these traditional ideas are as follows:

? The belief which states that we humans were created in Heaven/Paradise, and used to live there, and then were exiled onto the Earth as a result of committing a horrendous sin, has no Qur?anic basis unless we begin assuming the clear and straightforward message of the Qur?an. The Qur?an tells us that God started the creation of human, not Adam, from clay (32:7), a material part of the Earth itself. Throughout the Qur?an, God explains the different stages of human creation, as well as his EVOLUTION, in a very easy to understand and clear language.

The idea of being a sinner without having a slightest clue in mind or memory of committing such a sin far, far away in the past, does not hold water with God?s system of justice. The Qur?an tells us that even in the Hereafter, we will be carrying a clear record of our deeds of this present life and we ourselves will be enough towards our own reckoning (17:14).

? There is yet another belief which states that the righteous will not die and go straight to Heaven/Paradise! The Qur?an, in three different verses, 3:185, 21:35 and 29:57, tells us that every living creature/soul will taste the death. In 39:30, the prophet Muhammad is told very clearly that he will certainly be among the dead, just as everyone else will. According to The Qur?an, Hereafter or The Last Day (and consequently, Paradise and Hell) are events of the future (29:20), the next stage of the evolution of the Universe, and do not yet exist.

? The belief that states the first FORTY years of our life is just a grace period and those who die before age of forty go straight to Heaven/Paradise, forgiven of all their sins, has no Qur?anic basis. And considering that, in two verses, 4:48 and 4:116, God tells us very plainly that He does NOT forgive the sin of SHIRK, i.e., associating partners with Him. I am sure there have been multitudes of people in the past that have died before the age of forty, maintaining ideologically polytheistic beliefs until their death, and consequently would NOT end up in Heaven/Paradise.

With Salaam,

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