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Introduce Yourself / Asalamalaikum from Canada
« on: April 27, 2010, 10:54:45 AM »
Hello friends

My name is Salman and i am a relatively newer "God Alone" revert. I immigrated to Canada in 2001 from Pakistan. I am from a typical "sheep mentality" sunni family where i blindly believed everything i was told about Islam. About two years ago, i picked up the Quran myself and first time in my short 33 year lifespan, i started to read it myself. It was not long before i finally realized that how wrong were the so many concepts, stories and beliefs that i held to myself about Islam. As i moved along reading the Quran, so many questions that i had kept on getting answered one by one.

I have also read the Bible and i sometimes do dawah to christians too and i find them much more willing and open to listen to criticism. I have given a few lectures on islam at a few churches locally here as well. It is my daily schedule to read and research the Quran and tell the truth to all others who are willing to listen. I think it is more important for us muslims to do dawah to our fellow muslims since so many of us are blindly following every other book but the Quran.

I thank Allah for guiding me to the right direction i.e. "God Alone" since on the day of judgement, it will be just me and him. No Bukhari, Muslim, Muhammad, Jesus or any other prophet or imam.

I would like to connect with other like minded individuals on this awesome forum who are from Canada (Toronto).

Also, i am looking for Edip Yuskel's translation locally in Toronto but cant seem to find a copy in local book stores. I will appreciate if someone can help me find it.

Thanks and Wasalam

Salman Zuberi

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