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Discuss Latest World News / Freedom of Speech/Expression ??
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:07:25 PM »
We've heard a lot about this "Freedom of speech" and "Freedom of expression" thing that has caused so much trouble. People are coming in multitudes to "protect" this freedom.

What if I wear a shirt with the Swastika (Nazi) symbol? Just because I like the design. I don't like the Nazis, but I like the design.

Will I get jailed for that? Or will I be trampled/stoned/shot/(your choice of method) to death?

But, hey, it's MY FREEDOM to display a design I like! I don't like the people behind it. I just like the design.

Your inputs, please ...

Off-Topic / ??? A male given a female name ???
« on: June 24, 2014, 04:50:58 PM »

I'm a newly wed and have been given an Arabic name of "ILHAM" at the wedding. I have just checked with the site and it appears that the name is a female name.

Dang! I'm a male.

So, should I need to change my name, at all, IF it's really a female name?

Thanks to all.


I'm wondering why is it that there's very few mentioning of Jesus and his teachings in the Quran. I see tons of the old testament being mentioned, but very little of Jesus' teachings/samples. Why's that?

We see a lot of follow-the-prophets-of-the-past ideas, and most of the prophets mentioned are from the old testament. Not much were there about Jesus' life, which is an example of mercy, compassion and love, the virtues that we praise Allah with.

I just made me wonder that the Quran might have been manipulated too, like the Christian bible, "for political purposes" of the time.

A lot of what's written in Quran have been used against us Muslims in that the Quran mentions TONS of incidents war and fights and killings that it made Allah to seem like a bad god. We know it's not that way. But I still wonder why is it that "Jesus' life-style" seemed to lack mentioning in the Quran.

Please, don't get me wrong that I'm insulting the Quran in any way. I'm still learning. And your learn more when you doubt and ask questions, right?

So, please teach me. Thanks.

General Issues / Questions / If I understand correctly ....
« on: July 26, 2011, 08:18:07 AM »
Hi all,

I was trying to understand the core teaching/concept of Islam
and I think the core is "To believe in The One God and be righteous."

Now, this is similar to what Jesus said:
"Love your God with all your heart and love your neighbors as yourself."

What I noticed in these two similar cores is that there isn't emphasis on "rites."
So, do you think is there any necessity to observe whatever could be considered "rituals", at all?
The rites of the prayers, pilgrimage and all that, and even the Ramadhan?

I mean, what's the point in observing all the rituals like saying your prayers 5 times a day,
observing all the rules, not eating pork, fasting to death, going on the pilgrimage,
but not being righteous and loving to God's creations?

"Rules are made for men; men aren't made for rules." That's what Jesus said.
(Sorry I don't remember the exact words.)

So, do you think that, as Muslims, could we just care less about the "rituals"?

Just pray whenever and however we want to pray. Consume whatever is not harmful.
Throw away all the rules and live with just the "core",
"Praising and serving God by being righteous to our neighbors and God's creations".

This may be sort of an extreme concept, but it's just what I feel.
Why care about all the rules and prohibitions?
Just go out, enjoy your fun in moderation.
Eat pork if you feel like it. Have a sip of whiskey once in a while.
Hurt nothing and hurt nobody.
But bring love and joy to everyone and everything around you.

In my opinion, I think that's actually God would like to see us do,
I think God actually wants us to enjoy life, the gift that He has bestowed upon us,
more than us trying to be observant of the "rules" but not doing anything good for anybody,
and living like a piece of machinery.

For, it is in loving our neighbors, we are loving and praising God.

And not by observing all the "rules" of the past.

Thus, with such thinking, would I still be considered a "Muslim"?

Or have I just fashioned my own "Faith"?

Introduce Yourself / I'm a new, self-professed "Believer"
« on: January 30, 2010, 06:59:34 AM »
Hello everyone!

I'm in my mid 40's and I'm new here. This is my first post, and would like to share my story.

I was (and may be still partly am) a Christian. I wish to confess to everyone here that used to loath Islam. I had been brain-washed that the religion is bad and cruel and all the media-made stuff. You know what I mean.

But, I don't know why I had this sudden urge of interest in Islam for the past few months and started looking for more info on the net. Alright, God in Islam is called Allah, and, hey, He's the same God as the Christians and the Jews, so who really cares. He's GOD. Very same GOD. And, if you would allow, I would call Him as GOD as I can understand better.

A little about me: I was a very devout Catholic. I used to attend mass everyday. And, when I was about 19, in spite of having attended mass everyday, I started having minor doubts about God. Does he really exist? Well, if he does exist, then we should be able to talk to him. Alright, I experimented. I took the words of Jesus as the key: "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can tell this mountain to cast itself into the sea." (I've never cared to remember the verse number and all that. So please don't ask for references.)

So, with Jesus' "key of faith", I sat quietly on my bed one night, looking at the picture of the Holy Family at the end of the bed, believing fully that God exists, I said "Hello, God". And I heard in my mind immediately, "Hello there." I was kinda perplexed, about to loose that "faith", about to doubt that I was talking to myself, I hung on believing fully that God was really talking to me and I continued the conversation. Believe it or not, I was REALLY talking to God. I've continued doing this for years and years.

If anyone would doubt if was it really God I was talking to, let me tell you this experience. When I was in college I used to often sit by the college reservoir at night, like 1 or 2 AM, that it would be all quiet so I could talk to God in peace. One night, sitting on the grass with my knees up, after I finished my chatting with God and was about to open my eyes to get up, the Voice said "Keep your eyes closed. Don't open till I tell you." I asked why and the Voice said "Just wait". OK, if God says so then I'll wait. Not very long after that, a matter of less than a minute the Voice then told me to open my eyes.

Between my legs was the end of a cobra's tail. He came in from my left and went under my leg to my right side. I sat still and waited till he went further away. I smiled and thanked God immediately. If God did not stopped me from opening my eyes, I would have opened my eyes and moved by body while the cobra was like a foot away from me! Imagine what would have had happened!

Yes, THERE IS GOD. And anyone can talk to him, like a friend, like a father. Trust me.

Alright, that was my experience with God. Let's get on with my experience with Islam.

OK, I started having questions about Islam. We all know that ALL religions are meant to teach people to be good. With this logic, then, how can Islam teach people to go kill others? This can't be true.

I started searching into the "teachings" of Islam. At the time I had no idea of the differences between the Koran and the Hadiths and so forth. I just took them all as teachings. Then I found contradicting stuff. I was confused. But logic tells me that many teachings are more logical than others. I still didn't know the differences. Slowly I began to understand that there are collectively two kinds of "Books" -- the Koran and the Hadiths. I still couldn't understand much anyway.

I've always wanted to have a circumcision, not because of becoming a Muslim or anything, but all about cleanliness, and I had it done the first week of this year, and it was done by a Muslim "doctor". (I know there's a term for him but I don't really know what that is). I don't know why, after the circ, I suddenly had this urge of wanting to become a Muslim. I thought that it might have been a fantasy because I had the circ done by a Muslim man and that was it. But somehow the urge got stronger.

The "call" was so strong that one night, one week after the circ, I took the courage and said the Shahadah all by myself. I've professed my faith. And, man, I kinda feel like new! I didn't care if anyone was there as witness or not. God heard me, that's more than enough.

Still, my doubts in conflicting Islamic teachings were still with me. I was thinking there's no way that God can order something so cruel, but I couldn't find anything to support my thoughts. It had been a week after saying the Shahadah and I was still in doubt.

So, I knelt down and talked to God that if He wants me to be a Muslim, please let me find information about Islam that support my thoughts that God is kind and merciful, and end all that conflicting teachings.

Trust me, God wants me to be a Muslim. The FIRST CLICK on Google took me to THIS SITE. And now I understand more of the problems. No more conflicting ideas.

But I probably won't be a serious practicing Muslim anyway. I will do whatever is possible, avoid whatever is possible. But I will pray. I will praise God. And I will do it MY way. God is everywhere. I don't think it's right that I have to turn to some direction to talk to God. I will pray to Him in the language I understand (certainly not Arabic) because God is certainly not language-challenged. I will pray in whatever gesture I want. Nothing rituals. And I will still live by any good teachings of any other religion, any person (like the Prayer of St. Francis or even that of Buddha). I probably won't go on the pilgrimage. God is HERE, why go elsewhere?

In the end, I may not turn out to be a Muslim, but rather a believer of goodness.

A believer who believes in GOD ALONE.

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