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I was involving my mind in some philosophical thinking and I have often pondered in recent years what is the best English substitute for saying 'salaam' as a greeting. It suddenly occured to me while thinking what I would say in Swedish and it is 'Var h?lsad' and "Med (v?nlig) h?lsning" which means "be healthy" and "healthiness (on you)" in English and in its turn is exactly what 'salaam' means, so I felt relieved I can continue to speak (one of) my language(s) without much reflection. No need for Arabic/Semitic loan words, even if distantly the English and Swedish word may be related to salam. In a search for etymology I found that "h?lsa/health" is related to 'whole' and which is actually the meaning of the root Siin-Lam-Miim used in salam as salam means pristine/sound/whole (salam does not mean submission but it is a falsehood). E'SLAM means Being Sound and MU - SLEM means "One of Soundness" (probably firstly in reference to mental sanity).

Okay. That was for the Swedish formal greeting together with background information, but in fact hi and hello also have an etymological background in 'whole'. Hello means 'Be whole' from German root of languages 'hel' which means whole in English and holy also stems from whole which means as a greeting that you wish people holiness/wholeness, i.e. to be perfectly sound/pristine. Hi is probably a colloquial form of the same. Hol-y is probably when something is definitely whole. Health comes from the word 'hel' which in return comes from whole in English.

During the Roman contact with the Middle-East the greeting 'salaam' was likely encountered and a Latin/Greek form invented and in its turn spread to other cultures through languages.

The word salam is hence not translated accurately from the ground as 'peace' but 'sound/health' although 'be at peace' is a possible effect of being healthy, especially mentally sane. Because of the unworldly alignment of the human spirit separated from the body, mental sanity is more important than anything for a human. One thing is for what you cannot do with your body, but what you cannot do with your mind is disastrous because it expresses itself in what the body can do.

A conclusion is that saying 'hello' or 'hi' in English, or 'hej' in Swedish, is not so bad and is in fact "islamic" and no need to think any further and complicate things. It could be worth using the more formal/polite greetings to be even more "islamic". Hail is an outdated greeting, but it is equivalent to salaam.

But as a final thought. Any greeting is fine as long as it is a polite (sound/salam) one. No need to complicate things with an Arabic word in the middle of your mother tongue.

The next question is on how to refer to your faith. How do you say "I believe in/adhere to Islam"? However of course, due to the meaning of salam it is: "I believe in being sound". Do you see how pathetic and deluded the sectarians look in this light? "I am a Muslim = I am a sound person".

You see there is no longer any label or title for a religion but by saying Muslim you say you are... what? SOUND (sane or proper)

So who is not Muslim?

Daesh/IS, for can they be tagged as sound through their incompatibility with GOD's (Be As It's) main attributes: "AL-RAHMAN AL-HEEM" which means "Benevolent(ly) Merciful".



A Swedish news article. Please use Google translate or something if you like to read.

1 av 19

Chloe, 25, f?ll fr?n 13:e v?ningen - och ?verlevde mirakul?st
Chloe Cole blev f?rlamad och k?mpar nu f?r att f? rehabilitering
Chloe Cole, 25, ramlade ned fr?n ett hustak p? 13:e v?ningen i USA.
Hon ?verlevde mirakul?st, men blev f?rlamad.
V?rden i Sverige blev dock inte vad hon hade hoppats p?. Djupa liggs?r, ingen rehabilitering och kr?nkande behandling.
? De s?g mig som ett hoppl?st fall, s?ger Chloe.
I h?rnet st?r en grenklyka smyckad med armband, halsband och ringar. Vid s?nggaveln pyser en pump som reglerar lufttrycket i den tryckavlastande madrassen.
H?r bor Chloe Cole, 25, sedan januari, p? ett korttidsboende i Helsingborg. Hennes grannar ?r gamla m?nniskor. Hon har bes?k av sin mamma Christina samt av v?nnen Matthew fr?n USA.
Utanf?r lyser v?rsolen.
F?ll fr?n hustak
Det var den 19 maj f?rra ?ret som den dramatiska olyckan h?nde, i Los Angeles i Kalifornien i USA. D?r bodde Chloe sedan 2012. Hon studerade till sk?despelerska och extrakn?ckte som fotomodell. Hon hade l?genhet, bil, katt.
Hon ?lskade det l?ttsamma livet i LA: V?rmen, solen, v?nnerna.
Det var tidig kv?ll. Chloe befann sig p? ett hustak 13 v?ningar upp. Hon var ensam och v?ntade p? en v?n. Det fanns inga skyddsr?cken. Det var inte meningen att n?gon skulle vara d?r. Men ungdomar brukade tr?ffas d?r ?nd?.
? Jag gick runt, jag hade druckit lite, jag ?r inte r?dd f?r h?jder, s?ger Chloe.
Sedan n?sta minne:
? Att jag faller. Om man nu kan minnas det.
Blev f?rlamad
Tre dygn senare vaknade hon upp p? sjukhus.
 ? Jag mindes ingenting. Jag visste inte att jag var f?rlamad, ingenting.
Hon hade 38 frakturer och flera inre skador p? lever, mj?lte, njurar. Hon hade s? ont att hon skrek. Hon var f?rlamad fr?n ryggkota T6 och kunde inte r?ra sig nedanf?r br?sten.
Bland det f?rsta hon fr?gade personalen var:
? Hallo, how long? One week, two weeks?
I USA fick Chloe inga trycks?r. L?karna var m?na om att snabbt f? upp henne och satte henne p? s?ngkanten redan p? intensiven.
? De ber?ttade hur viktigt det var, s?ger Christina.
Snart kunde Chloe med stor m?da sj?lv ta sig ?ver fr?n s?ngen till rullstolen.
 ? Jag t?nkte, jag ska g? igen, jag ska g? igen, ber?ttar hon.
Fick ingen rehab
Det ?r mirakul?st: Att Chloe ?verlevde ett fall i asfalten fr?n 13:e v?ningen. Och utan skallskador. Teorin ?r att hon landade med v?nster arm under huvudet, vilket skyddade det. Armen blev sv?rt skadad och var l?nge obrukbar.
P? sju veckor hade l?karna i USA lappat ihop henne, bland annat med 13 skruvar och spikar, n?gra decimeterl?nga. Den 7 juli skickades Chloe hem till Sverige.
? De sa att jag skulle f? b?ttre rehab i Sverige. Jag trodde jag skulle f? komma till rehab direkt.
Men f?r Chloe blir v?rden i Sverige ett sammanbrott.
? Jag har inte f?tt n?gon rehab, s?ger hon.
? De menade att det inte var n?dv?ndigt, hon skulle aldrig kunna g?, s?ger Christina.
? De s?g mig som ett hoppl?st fall.
?Allting gjorde ont?
I Sverige b?rjade problemen direkt, n?r hon kom till infektionen p? Helsingborgs lasarett.
? Jag fick fel madrass.
Det var en vanlig sjukhusmadrass.
 ? Jag fick liggs?r redan f?rsta dagen. De tog inte hand om det. De satte bara p? f?rband och l?t mig ligga p? ryggen.
S?ret satt i nedersta delen av ryggraden och kom att pl?ga henne i m?nader.
Christina s?ger att personalen f?rst inte v?gade v?nda Chloe, eftersom hon var spinalskadad. Chloe minns en sm?rtsam hantering av hennes sv?rt skadade kropp.
? Allting gjorde ont. De tog i mig p? fel s?tt.
Livslusten f?rsvann
Chloe flyttades till ortopeden. Christina v?djade tidigt om rehabilitering.
? Jag fick bara ligga d?r och ruttna. De sa att de inte hade haft en patient som mig p? hur l?nge som helst med spinalskada, s?ger Chloe.
Enligt journalen skulle hon tr?na balans och f?rflyttning fr?n s?ngen till rullstolen.
I n?stan tv? m?nader v?rdades Chloe p? sjukhuset i Helsingborg. D?r slocknade hennes livslust.
? De tog bort allt mitt hopp. De sa ?Du kommer aldrig mer att g? Chloe. Du kommer aldrig att kunna anv
This article is for those interested in the 19 phenomenon. It has mentions of 7, 19 and 38 and in very remarkable ways, and the woman survived a fall from the 13th floor. I would not have posted it unless it was interesting.

Archeology & History / Pharisees - Persians - A Research Study
« on: November 14, 2013, 04:15:31 PM »

I do not often create new threads, but now I felt like I had to do it. I felt that the research I have conducted for several months must be reflected upon officially and I also have had one person, brother noshirk, actually agreeing that the Nazarene people of Qur'an is the Persians as well as partially supporting my theory. Certainly it is a work in progress and I have no conclusive evidence at all, but I decided that I have enough meat on my legs to make my philosophical thinking public.

Well, as the title of the thread suggests, I suspect that the Pharisees of the Bible are the Persians and that history as we know it is filled with falsehood. Many of the events of the Bible took place much further east than believed and certainly not in the state of Israel as we think today. I have no specific location to center events at and my studies seem to point at the region around the Persian Gulf (Khaliye Fars), and perhaps today's Iraq and Iran. It is important to know that the ancient city of Nineveh is located in today's Iraq near Mosul and which is frequently mention in the Bible. Apart from that, lots of locations from the Bible are beginning to be pinpointed from Iraq towards Iran, formerly Persia. Ecbatana, Iran, near today's Hamedan, I have found traces of importance from the past and that one place is also relatively close to the border to Iraq.

Obviously the Roman Empire spat out propaganda and also Christianity ate up the Roman Empire, so it is no wonder why history was hijacked and falsehood became widespread and the Greek sources might not be entirely truthful either. There is an interesting map allegedly drawn by a Greek historian named Herodotus, c. 484?425 BC, and Israel, the modern state of today, is not even on any of these maps I can link to while other obvious locations are and I doubt Jerusalem would be missing from a map like this if there was a big temple there and it carried a big importance and also considered Dariush and other Persian kings sponsored the rebuilding of the temple. Take a look at these two maps which the source suggests are written by Herodotus:

Obviously a person like this would know and mark locations such as Jerusalem and Israel even if he primarily reported on the Greco-Persian wars, link: See how little they knew about the surrounding world at this time even if they were historians. Note that Nineveh is marked on one of the maps. I have not missed that the region "Phaenicia" is marked on the map, but I doubt that will be of much value to the criticizers once I have got rolling. You need to observe that Persepolis is clearly marked on the map while it is officially said that Alexander the Great barely knew where Persepolis was located.

Certainly this is not all that I got and you will get more whenever I find more inspiration to write.

The king Herod the Great I think was Orodes I (c. 90 to 80 BC), Orodes II (57 to 38 BC) or Orodes III (2 BC ? AD 4) of Parthia (also called Hyrodes) and much of the information is likely biased by historical sources and not what it seems to be, but this part of the research has no stable foundation yet. Persian history decayed greatly during the years 1xxx to 2000 due to poor management of the state and I am sure if much of Iran's archeological discoveries were not just sold off cheaply and more research from this time was conducted in Iran then they would easily discover the flaws in the Roman or Greek history sources which our knowledge is much based upon.

Noteworty about Orodes III:

He was killed after a short reign "on account of his extreme cruelty"

But I am determined to investigate further on what knowledge I can get my hands upon and then unwind the truth, God willing, hopefully with the help from others. What I know for sure is that I do not trust the official story about what happened in this time at all and I take all I read with a grain of salt. We must know that there is always written "propaganda history" and ignorance has also often led to faulty observations. What I wrote above is only theories and whenever I have reached as far as I know for sure, then I will try to test my hypotheses, but until then also take what I have written as a work-in-progress.

Unfortunately I lack more time to write and it is late in the night, but I will try to keep this thread updated as I discover more important data.

God bless you

Nearness and Guidance -> Knowledge and Wisdom = Peace and Prosperity

Post 1 - Introduction

Peace be unto you,

This thread will be discussing the chain of belief. Faith is a life-long process, although to some people it may come quicker than others. God can, if He does no longer wish to support you, remove it all in the blink of an eye.

The chain goes as the title of this thread says, from Nearness and Guidance to Knowledge and Wisdom which will result in Peace and Prosperity, all features which are written as proper nouns in my correspondence, due to them being more than just random words when associated with God. For example, when God gives you Wisdom it is an attribute in the form of a blessing existing there by the Holy Spirit given through inspiration to you. This Wisdom is not self-acquired but the result of reverence and thus not wisdom through, for example, age and experience.

None of the terms used with capital letters in this thread are due to ourselves but of the one who sent us. The Peace is the God-given peace which you will receive at the end of the chain, when you will be living in ?Islam?. Actions that are due to us will be written without capitalization.

We need to learn that God is much greater than us; we need to learn to put our trust in Him and seek to that He will inspire us to take each step in life, both big and small ones. We should do everything in life by the hand of God and have Faith that He will lead us straight. Every tiny little action should be performed by God through us and we shall never take credit for it thinking that something was due to our own cleverness, especially when we have reached much further on the Path and God is seriously supporting us interactively through the whole day, but also from the very beginning when we have decided to follow the way of God. However, as someone said: ?A man higher up the ladder the bigger the fall?. In this case it means that a man of Faith has a bigger responsibility.

I have not yet even started to convey the true meaning of this thread, as so far it has yet only been an introduction to you. The information above was necessary for you to understand the underlying Message of what I will be talking about. To leave yourself entirely to God and put your trust in Him is the very first step preceding the chain of events in the title of the thread. Brother Fazlur Rahman has valuable tips on how to accomplish the first part in his own dedicated threads. I am particularly impressed by his achievement at completely leaving himself in God?s hands in the terms of physical healing.

Many individuals who have discovered about God never truly follow the before-mentioned rules of thumb and this is where many people go wrong. In fact, many people fail even at the step before my chain of events, which is handing themselves over entirely to God?s Grace and Mercy.

In the next post I will start to elaborate the first step after putting your trust in God alone: ?Nearness and Guidance?, which also means to seek protection from the evil one and his followers.

May God bless you

General Issues / Questions / The Star Wars allegory
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The Star Wars allegory

Weird as it may sound, Star Wars is an excellent example which can be used to describe Islam. There are many things that are pretty similar between the Truth and the fictional story of Star Wars.

Below is a list of things which make astounding similarities between the Truth and Star Wars, I will further explain each parameter later:

The struggle is between the Light side of the Force and the Dark side of the Force in Star Wars, which may represent the Holy Spirit of God and the Evil Spirit of Satan in reality. People can decide which path they will take, although sometimes they are manipulated to join the evil side.

The Force itself can be translated to the Spirit, which is used by the two factions, although in reality the Holy Spirit is more hidden than in the fiction, but both forces are extremely potent and powerful.
The use and training of the Light side of the Force leads to a high moral character, good soul and apparently eternal life. The same is true for being in the Light of God, as God?s Holy Spirit will give the same benefits as the use of the Light side of the Force in Star Wars.

The Dark side of the Force has the same effect on people as Satan?s whispers and soul possessions in reality. Those afflicted encounter a moral breakdown, which will lead into a full possession by the lure of the Dark side and they will become utterly evil. Those affected as driven by their lusts, arrogance, selfishness, pride, and all other negative features.

Clarification of difference between fiction and reality

Of course, Star Wars is not the reality and this allegory is merely to present a theory that this motion picture may be a viable source of inspiration. The ?hocus pocus? does not occur, although God can occasionally show a Force-like power on Earth such as lightning strike a group of people, Moses lifts his staff and the sea opens up, or something like this.

What was the aim of this allegory is primarily the philosophical aspect of this series of movies, such as in the mental development.
The Dark side of the Force is apparently stronger than the evil spirit of Satan, which means in reality that Satan does not possess as much power as in Star Wars. Satan does not possess the ?magic? of the Force as in Star Wars, as compared to God?s side of the Truth, and hence he can only use the manipulative aspect of the Dark side, which however is strong enough to destroy most of mankind, as we can observe in our own real world.

The philosophical aspect

I have always been fascinated by the philosophical aspect of the Light side of the Force and the goal to reach an inner peace within oneself, which is exactly the same one as in Islam.

The spiritual aim by righteousness and self-control through meditation seems to lead to more peace within the soul than the evil means of the Dark side, which seem to cause the users to be somehow depressed and broken down, unhappy, and they seem not to be able to control their own destiny.

I have been thinking about the possession of souls and that Satan can do this. When someone has ?been turned to the Dark side? in Star Wars, it is difficult to convert them back to the Light side again, thus the Dark evil spirit has possessed the victims.

I will write about the specific faction in an own part of this article.

The Light side of the Force (God?s side)

To choose the Light side means living in harmony and peace from deep within the soul, once you are able to reap the benefits, i.e. begun to feel the Holy Spirit/the Force flow within you. The Force seems to help you on your path towards this destiny as long as you continue to perform righteous acts.

One should believe that enough Faith can move a mountain, just like is being taught by Jedi Masters in Star Wars. If you can get enough certainty with the Faith, I am sure there could be a possibility to accomplish that, since sanctioned by God one can do anything as long as God allows it.

Now, it may not be God?s will that you are to move a mountain, but you should have the mind to it. My personal motto: ?Everything is possible, nothing is impossible? has taken me far on my own path. The main point in this phrase is to believe that anything can happen, even if considered impossible by human science. I believed like this for perhaps 15 years, before I came to the point I am today, 2013, and it seems to have paid off, I only faintly believed in God, although I was certain that the world must have a Creator.

Traditional Christianity, which was the only religion widely available where I lived, turned me off from becoming more active in on my religious career, although I gradually turned to the Light over the years.

Back to the topic, the faith in the Force basically means the same. You need to believe that something is possible for it to happen.
In the beginning of a religious path, the feeling of the Holy Spirit is very faint and probably not even noticeable, but someone who is further blessed by the Lord (meaning part of the Holy Spirit is inside of him) will begin to sense things not been felt before. The Truth will become clearer and one will feel lighter and that he is walking along the beach with the Lord (my parable), meaning God will offer his support in times of hardship or even with the everyday agenda. Opportunities can seem clearly sanctioned by God and one is now feeling like living with the Holy Spirit flowing through the veins.
This is why a person must be patient and steadfast, because one may not feel the benefits of the Holy Spirit/God until after quite a while. And God will put each person to various trials along the way, to see which persons are truly worth infusing with part of His Holy Spirit. Of course, God can remove His spirit from anyone as He pleases if this person misuses his position.

The above paragraphs are pretty much the same in the saga of Star Wars, so no need to write additional text for that. Just replace the Holy Spirit with the Force instead and you have Star Wars. It seems as if some people are capable of being infused by the Holy Spirit to a greater extent than others too, i.e. their souls seem to sustain more. The Holy Spirit seems to be causing some fatigue on the soul and body of the receiver, until fully adapted/trained.

Once blessed by God, one gains a better understanding to distinguish between right and wrong, and can, sanctioned by the Holy Spirit, pretty much always make the righteous choice. Once absolutely certain it is difficult to divert from the Path of Light.
The last portion of this section of the article will tell some more or less important tips regarding to search for the Truth. In order to fully open up for God is to live in a state of prayer through the whole days, meaning you should remain slightly in a meditative state even while not meditating and praying. This is, somehow, like allowing one to feel the Force within oneself before attempting anything, and thus remain conscious of God all times.

Constant meditation/praying to God will allow to more easily remain in a state of prayer, even outside of this practice.
Praying a lot or spending a lot of time meditating will not affect ordinary life as God will repay you more than you spent. Blessings and divinely sanctioned opportunities will arise. If you like Star Wars, you will also feel somewhat like a Jedi Knight (he he he).
But forget about the Star Wars titles and that kind of stuff, this is real life and not fiction!

Never feel it is silly to meditate for hours per day, but make use of the intensified state and reflect upon what you have learned, not only sit around with a zeroed mind. Involve the Lord in your meditation and allow Him to inspire you. Think about religious issues or life issues, and what the most righteous thing to do next is, plus other similar things.

Remember, meditative state can be reached in many unconventional ways, not always the traditional. Most important is to reach your true self and think clearly, and be open for inspirational communication with the Lord.

The Dark side of the Force (Satan?s side)

This side is not as fancy as in fiction, but despite this, most people seem to choose this path.

The path of the Dark side leads to the destruction of one?s soul, losing all of God?s spirit and completely obeying the dark lord, Satan, or Sith as in Star Wars. Satan promises the subconscious soul lots of things, but will only fulfill one and that is the destiny of total demise. Afflicted souls will feel powerful, driven by their egos and are not prevented by such petty things as being good to others. They can easily use cynical ways to reach personal goals and even hurt others both mentally and physically.

Most of these people are greedy and wealthy and are not willing to share, and they have often acquired their wealth through foul play.
The only protection against Satan/Sith is to call to God and begin perform righteous deeds before one has wandered too far. Another being can, helped by the Holy Spirit, sometimes turn someone from the Dark side. However, the evil grip of Satan is clouding the mind of the victim and it takes quite a lot to free this person from Satan?s possession.

I have thought that, members of religious sects that are not sanctioned by God and are actually worshiping Satan and he is clouding their minds so badly they cannot see anything but their own ?truth?. You can compare that with Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars, although in one of the space flight simulators where he says: ?Peace and order will be restored throughout the galaxy?, of course a lie, but he believes in it so strongly that he think he is righteous.
The Sith actually believe that this strict discipline and inhuman living is the truth and the correct way to prosperity. Draw that parallel with sects of the real world and they think their version of the religion will lead to peace and prosperity, sometimes by such extreme measures as killing disbelievers and other obvious actions influenced by the Dark side.

This is the same dangerous thinking as the Sith in the Star Wars saga. So these ?believers? are not worshiping God, because He will not accept the worship from people with such unrighteous thinking, and they are rather lead astray by the evil one and his followers.

They implement strict rules making God?s religion look like a military camp with inhuman routines. They are more afraid of doing ?haraam? or ?makruh? than worshiping God, to the extent of completely forgetting what God stands for and obsessively follow the alleged sunnah of the prophet (which is Satan instead), while God has never forbidden anything except things that are explicitly made clear in the Quran.

God is not forbidding anyone from having their own personality and integrity, hence one does not have to imitate a prophet who lived over a thousand years ago. His worshipers does not all have to look like Muhammad-clones with authentic beard and hairstyle.
The above is just like the Sith faction and their camps you can find if you play one of the Star Wars ? Knights of the Old Republic games.

Similar to Star Wars, a person on the Dark side of the power does not seem to have eternal life, such as those on the Light side.

When Obi-Wan is killed by Darth Vader on the Death Star, Vader looks utterly surprised that his body just disappeared, i.e. the spirit instantly left the body and reached another world, although in the real life dead people have no connection with this world once gone.

This allegory in conjunction with the Game Allegory

Playing Star Wars ? Knights of the Old Republic gives a feeling more in detail how you can perceive that light side points vs. dark side points are rewarded. Even answering something rude in a conversation gives Dark Side points, and the same goes for the reality. God gives you a negative score if you answer something bad in a conversation, God does not leave anything out from your ?report card?. The lesson with this allegory as well as my previous Game Allegory is that nothing is left uncounted; hence we must always be aware of how we come about with other human beings.
The Truth is as exact as this computer game, since God will save every act, every utterance, in a log saved until the Last Day.

I recommend playing ?SWKOR? for further insight into what I meant in the allegory presented in this article. But if you do not like games then the allegory I wrote is sufficient for you. And of course real life should be sufficient for you, in case the above article was too dull for you.


This allegory can be expanded and is far from completed. I wrote it during several hours a Sunday afternoon, but since I have family and other important matter to attend to I could not continue any further. However this article is saved as a document on my computer for further work.

It shows that Star Wars can teach us a lesson in how to live our lives and how similar it is to Islam. The article can also show a little on how Satan works when he manipulates entire civilizations into living unrighteous and petty lives and into being evil-minded. He can partially and fully possess a human being, probably what happened to Mr. Adolf Hitler in the beginning of the 20th century, when he wreaked havoc on whole Europe during this period. This Nazi-Germany portrayed a perfect image of how the Empire in Star Wars works and what kind of discipline it wants. The Nazis present another parable actually which can be connected to Star Wars.

The life God wants us to live represents quite perfectly the life of a Jedi on the Light side of the Force. You can find lots of inspiration by watching and analyzing Star Wars, and probably many other similar motion pictures, but I found none like Star Wars so far.

In fact, Terminator 2 also teaches something, when the Terminator is talking to John Connor about mankind and that it is self-destroying. Of course, Terminator does not teach us that much except from some few things.

Remember, even Buddhism can teach anything with all their meditation and focus on soul development. That is what Islam should be focused on too, meditation and soul development, rather than trying to please God by inventing very strict rules and concentrating so intensively on them that they take up more time than reflecting on God and his marvels.

?Hmm... what is ?Haram? for me now and what is ?Halal?? What does the scholars say? Would it maybe be Makruh if I do this? Does my beard look exactly like Muhammad?s now? Did I pray exactly 3 rakah last time??

Thoughts like this overwhelm a traditional Muslim to the extent not healthy instead of just living in the way of God, performing righteous deeds along the way. You must live with the flow of the Force, not let your thoughts distract your actions.

General Issues / Questions / 'The Game Allegory'
« on: January 14, 2013, 06:37:21 AM »

I have been doing some heavy philosophical thinking for quite some time about something I call 'the game allegory'. It is an attempt at explaining the life we live here on Earth from a different perspective. Observe that we shall all take this story lightly, as an alternative way of comprehending the meaning of life.

I have for quite some time already started to perceive the world we live in as a sort of game, although a very real game, where you have only one life and you cannot mess around for your score at the end will determine whether you qualify for Heaven or not. The verse in the Quran telling this world is just a temporary illusion boosted my feeling of a game.

Anyway, I will start my allegory from the beginning.

1. The game creation

God made a new race called human. And He created a physical game world for it with amazing features and the size of it is enormous. The reason for making all this was to make a trial for his new race, the human, to see if it could live up to His standards, after a prototype human male named Adam and his wife failed a first test, which was eating the forbidden fruit in God's garden after Satan duped him.

Everything we know in our life is part of a huge game world. God created it all.

He executed the game world construction through something known as 'Big Bang' where everything exploded into existence, shaping the universe with its astronomical amount of planets, stars and other things, which is continuously expanding until He destroys it all in pre-programmed scenario known as 'the Hour', after which God will shut down His server and extract all character (soul) data and classify each played character in three categories through a judgment process.

2. Terraforming Earth

After creating the universe, God began to terraform the Earth, adding whatever game elements needed for the test. He had created certain rules, how things should work and thus the so-called "laws of physics" were added as main parameters, as well as all other limits as we know them. He created a self-sufficient planet with renewable resources, a very amazingly well-developed platform, yet it was very easy for God to do it.

To make things more intriguing He created evolution, the biological process, which God is in ultimate control of. Evolution is part of the game features.

3. Insertion of the character (soul)

Now that God's game was compiled, and up and running, he began by spawning Adam and Eve's souls into physical bodies on Eart. They were told why they were put on Earth and they began to reproduce.

Now we are all descendants of Adam, our souls spawned into the newly created babies and the soul gradually becomes aware of its existence after a while.

4. Character control

Our souls are completely empty of knowledge as we begin gameplay, as they were made from scratch and we need to acquire all necessary information. Human characters have an autonomous function which is called imitate and new characters who are not fully mature will most of all learn by imitating adults and peers.

As the human becomes older he/she will be less dependant on imitating others, although many will continue having idols they keep imitating.

Now the character can choose to be a good person or a bad person and is free to choose his/her behavior. God created many vanities to see who would indulge themselves in these or who would reflect upon creation and use intelligence and wisdom to obtain guidance.

God has given the character full control to make choices, which will affect the game story and the ending.

5. Choosing the path

The Light side

The further on the light side a character struggles to get, the more guidance and wisdom it will get and it will sooner or later gain certainty.

Good deeds will give light side points, multiplied by 10, a high points score will give many righteous buffs (benefits) in form of blessings, such as divine intervention, certainty, wisdom, tranquility etc. A high score will also affect the game ending.

The Dark side

Evil and selfish characters will generate dark side points, which although may give wealth and fame in this world, but will lead to a the worst ending of the game.

God will curse evil characters with various debuffs (negative modifiers) like blindness and deafness to awareness of spiritual guidance, impatience, aggression, intolerance etc.

The dark path has its bonuses too, although temporary, since the character does not care about lying or frauds, and may therefore hoard money to his benefit and gain fame among his people through indulging himself in vain desires.

The evil character will be susceptible to something called the whispers of Satan, further leading him on the evil path, by being inspired by ideas generated by this master of evil. This is a strong buff which may generate wealth, but at the great cost of others.

6. The score system

There are two kind of points accumulated, light side points and dark side points. Below I will explain examples of what generates points from each category.

Light side points

Charity, kindness, devotion to God, righteousness, modesty, chastity, being humble and many more.

Dark side points

Being stingy, arrogant, selfish, violent, bad mouthed, disrespectful, wasteful, idol worshiper, fraudulent, a thief/robber,a criminal, a murderer and much more.

7. Game end

God will shut down the game world at an unspecified time after a violent breakdown of his created world. All character data will be extracted and God will give his final judgment based on the scores.

This will divide all people in three categories, Elite, Righteous or Hellbound.

Elites were those who really worshiped God alone and in a distinct way performed righteous deeds and were aware of the traps of God's trial, such as selfishness, arrogance and the hoarding of money.

The Righteous were those who worshiped God alone and performed righteous deeds and tried to stay away from God's traps, but did less good than those in the Elite category.

The losers of this game was those in the Hellbound category. They failed to worship God alone without having idols like Muhammad or their money and lives. They could not resist the whispers of Satan and did not do enough righteous deeds and they were over-indulged in vain desires and sins.

9. Destiny (the recompense)

Elites will dwell close to God in high Heaven in eternal bliss in a place with maximum rewards and pleasure. They will live happily forever after.

Righteous will live in lower Heaven, a place with fine rewards and pleasure. They will not be as close to God as the Elites, but they will live in happiness.

Hellbound people will live in a new place God calls Hell. They will live in a place with very poor standard, no rewards and all kinds of misfortune will befall them.

10. Conclusion

Seeing that this life is just a temporary illusion, a dead-serious game, we need to be aware of what God requires from us and stop living only by our own ego. We must refrain from trying to prove ourselves in arrogant ways to other people or all such sins. We must spare our coin, not just little but the excess of our belongings, i.e. Stop hoarding and buying unnecessary vain things. Wake up today and read the true guide, the Quran and live in the way of God.

Remember God has said most people do not believe without committing idol worship, He means not only idolizing persons, but also the ego, property and so on.

Final note: This article may be expanded at some point, meanwhile I hope you enjoy my philosophical work.

Disclaimer: I reserve myself from factual errors or typoes, I did not edit the text much. The main principle is what is important here.

May God bless us

Off-Topic / Muslimvilla?!
« on: January 11, 2013, 01:04:31 PM »

Has anyone been to this forum? I got the feeling of great hostility and aggression by merely reading the introduction and a handful of posts.

And it was attacking this forum verbally, saying all sorts of things.

It says to be Quran/God alone, but it advocates saying the traditional shahada with Muhammad. And 'our beloved prophet Muhammad'.

May God give them their recompense

Asia/Middle East/Africa / Any Iranian here? I need help
« on: January 04, 2013, 06:06:21 AM »

I am not from Iran but from Sweden, though I live here near Tehran in Parand (close to Robat Karim).

Now I am in serious trouble with my Iranian wife and she uses her position against me, such as financial situation and my disadvantage that I have limited ability of speaking Farsi. She repeatedly threatens to throw me out.

I want to leave the country, but I need an exit visa for that, and apart from my language problems at the passport police, I also need the wife's consent and she refuses to help me. I think I heard that if you have received an exit visa once you do not need wife's consent second time, but I am not sure.

Does anyone of you live somewhere near Tehran and willing to help a fellow brother in distress?

I used to have decent economy, but I am now practically bankrupt, except for money spared in Sweden for flight ticket and some pocketmoney here in Iran.

I am really honest in my cry for help, o brothers or sisters if someone could help me.

I pray the Lord that He will help me.

Why believe if God cannot be proved scientifically?

This discussion is a followup of the thread "Why can't we prove God scientifically?".

Most people who do not believe in God consider it illogical to believe in something which cannot be verified through conventional science. Science is a human invention to grasp the various phenomena around us and many times we can prove its existence but we cannot explain what it is more thoroughly, its origin and why it exists. Here follows some naturally occurring phenomena:

Light in various wavelengths

We know they can be defined as energy or force, but we cannot explain why they exist. Why the source produces it is unknown and I am sure we will never be able to either.

Like I told about gravity in the previous discussion, we only know it exists because we can observe the phenomenon with our own eyes or instruments. This does not explain what gravity is in its origin. It simply is produced in relativity to its size/substance/speed matter.

Same goes for every energies in existence, we just know they exist and how they work. We can superficially describe them, as well as verify them with our mathematics.

Now this thread is not about any attempt to scientifically prove God's existence but to discuss why we believe in God even if we cannot prove God's existence. Like I mentioned above, it may occur illogical to believe in anything we cannot touch, feel, or measure by any means known.

The signs of God are everywhere, if you have the mind to it, but it is still relative to how one perceives the world. To me it is illogical to fathom that there is no creator that is very powerful to make the universe as we know it. I find it illogical to conclude that the universe exploded into existence with stars, planets and other entities perfectly measured, so that life could emerge on at least one of the planets.

I do not need to prove God for me to believe in a deity. The signs of all life is enough for me.   On a personal level I have the evidence I need, but it is so abstract I cannot possible use it to prove to anyone of God's existence.

I can honestly barely explain what God is. Only give you my own word that He exists, which is as you probably will say, not meaning anything to you.

If you study the theory of 19 and its connection with nature, you can find signs that it is not nonsense. But it is still relative to how one perceives the subject. You can say it is mere coincidence. It is all up to each individual.

The signs are overwhelming, but a sealed mind can yet not comprehend it.

A common atheist question is: "If God exists, why does He not show Himself physically?"

As mentioned in the previous discussion, if God would show up everyone would believe and since this life is a trial in a temporary illusion, this would nullify the test and make the life irrelevant.

If God wanted He could make everyone certain of His existence without anyone having the slightest hesitation. But then He could have made Paradise instantly and skipped this trial and just let everyone pass to the next life. However, the true reason is to expose the evil souls among us and let the righteous be left alone.

So let us now go back to the real question of this discussion. Why do we believe in something that cannot be proved scientifically?

In my opinion, firstly it is because we have personally drawn the logical conclusion that there must be a God.

Secondly, we consider that the truthfulness of the Quran is sufficient and some phenomena like those previously mentioned could not appear without a creating hand.

The composition of the Quran is mysterious and some of us have drawn the conclusion there exists a mathematical phenomenon in it further boosting our belief. Interestingly  this can also be used to draw parallels with nature.

Who wrote the Quran is irrelevant, it does not matter if it was Muhammad or someone else, we have taken the book as the truth.

Regarding some religious practices like contact prayers, it is a myth that we have to recite the Quran in Arabic. One can use any preferred language as long as it means the same thing as the original language of revelation.

The reason it was prescribed the same rituals for everyone is to unite people.

But the basic rule to attain salvation is to be a monotheist, believe in eternal life (since it continues forever in the Hereafter) and lead a righteous life. Christians who do not uphold the trinity will for example also go to Heaven, so Muslim is just a definition of those who have submitted to God alone. Christians or Jews can also be considered muslims (submitters).

So what seems illogical to some people, may be quite logical to others, so do not mock them for their belief even if it seems very primitive to you.

No matter what humans believe in there is some kind of logic behind it, like existence of space aliens or magic etc.

We happen to believe some unknown energy in the universe created us, which encompasses all things. We will never claim that we know what God is, because we only perceive the signs this superpower presents to us and nothing more. In the end we may prove who was right and who was wrong, but why take a chance? Being religious is nothing difficult, it does not require much, and I find it as logical as believing in aliens from outer space.

May the force (of God) be with you.

Introduce Yourself / Peace be upon you all
« on: December 27, 2012, 01:56:39 PM »

I've been observing this forum for a while now and I decided that I may as well join.

I'm a monotheist, which means I submit to God alone. I prefer to simply call myself muslim if I have to.

I consider the Quran to be a blessing from God, a guide with religious directions. But I do however believe that one should be able to be a monotheist believer even without it. Like I said, the Quran was sent down out of mercy from the Lord, as a blessing to those who believe.

The most important thing, in my opinion, is to hold God in your memory at all times and reverence Him, as it is He who is the Creator. He  controls everything, every atom in our huge universe and even things we do not have any knowledge of.

I do not disregard the Torah or the Gospel, but I am fully aware that falsehood entered them. It does not take much intelligence to discover contradictions in them due to man-made insertions. They are far from worthless however, you can still extract valuable information from them. Worth noticing though is that I only consider the Quran to be free from error. I think the pure Torah and Gospel were destroyed in the past to hide the truth, especially after Jesus.

I do not uphold any Hadith other than the Quran, but I sometimes use the common Hadith to study corruption.

I try to refrain from excessive commemoration of prophets and messengers of old. I consider them to be ordinary men who were handpicked by God for religious work. I believe messengers may emerge still in this age, however a true messenger will only deliver a message of truth. It is hard to truly define it now, but I may create some thread about it later.

My personal details may also come later, I feel they are of less importance. If anyone would be curious feel free to ask me.

By the way, I believe in God's signature being 19. I have many personal experiences strengthening this belief. God can occasionally show Himself discreetly by this number 19. Disbelievers in this "Code 19", as people often call it, have no use of trying to convince me that it is conjecture, I have experienced too strong emotions to ever change my mind. Praise to God!

I named myself "Man of Faith" because I prayed to God promising to be one.

Oh, and I am here because I want to find people who think like me, and people who can give me new ideas.

I cut the long post here, it is too long already.

May the Light shine upon your Paths

/a Man of Faith

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