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here just wanting to share something to follow:

okay, so they're not the only ones who's working on it--but why this one is special? because they're grassroots. and because they're the youth. and because they're of the new energy.

one more:

« on: April 08, 2011, 12:52:17 AM »

Do you have pet(s)? (that is, of the animal kingdom, let's save the rest e.g. human/jinn pets for another thread, thank you)

If you do, please share your stories/routines/love/hate/odds/pics/anything related here!


Off-Topic / Relieved
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i am relieved (no, not relived, just relieved)

(btw notice that little "i" there? i always do that to express my non-arrogance, and therefore to urge you who conform to standard English to introspect your "I"-ness -- omg what was that... so unclair  ) 

If you were my pets, i'd give you each a big hug and feed you all night long and then i'd wash you thoroughly in the morning, what with losing me and all that mess..'s just text, but i've come to realize that to express is the only creative response to having emotions. i've never suffered, i was just having emotions, that's all (so strong a mix you should've asked me 'what are you smokin', san?' ... )

Damn insanity

Looks like this one went largely unnoticed

Ethnic Cleansing Of A Bedouin Village In The Negev Desert By Israel
Posted by: ewingsc ⋅ July 29, 2010 ⋅

This is what ethnic cleansing looks like in 2010.

These peaceful people have been living in the Negev Desert since the Ottoman Empire.

Israel destroys a whole Negev Village ? 200 Children left Homeless.

The villagers, mostly children and old people, were left stunned near the destroyed village, shelterless and waterless under the blazing sun.

The destruction of the village was carried out despite dispute over ownership of the land still pending in the courts.

Residents of al-Arakib are neither squatters nor invaders: their village has existed many years before the creation of Israel in 1948.

Villagers said they?ve lived in the region for years back to the Ottoman days before Israel was founded,

and have original deeds to the land.

?The state of Israel is treating us like cockroaches,? said Sulaiman Abu Mdian, 29, a father of four who works as a chicken farmer.

?More than 1,500 police arrived at the village at around sunrise ? they came in dozens of vehicles and began destroying the structures there,? said Chaya Noach, head of Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, a group which fights to protect the rights of the 160,000 Bedouin living in the Negev.

?It?s like they want to erase the Bedouin from the landscape,? she said.

?Usually they destroy seven or 10 houses at once, but this time they bulldozed the roads and anything that would indicate people had lived here,? said Waqili.
The operation set ?a dangerous precedent,? he warned, saying it posed a threat to the 45 unrecognised villages in the Negev that are home to some 100,000 Arabs.

Bedouins are predominantly desert-dwelling Arabs who have been living in the Negev desert for hundreds of years.

Many live in extreme poverty.

The Bedouin say they have lived in the area since before the foundation of the state of Israel.

?Today we shall evacuate them and should they return we?ll do it again,? he said.



IDF demolishes entire Bedouin village in Negev

Israeli authorities raze Bedouin village in Negev Desert for fourth time Aug 18, 2010

Peace all,

For those who are still holding the view that the true meaning of "Shahr" has anything to do with "MOON" (lunar month/cycle, calendar month, new-moon, full-moon etc) -- please consider these questions below and share your understanding with us.

The intention of this thread is to find out whether there is a clear evidence/proof/explanation behind the interpretation of Sh-h-r [شهر] in The Reading/Al-Qur'aan as something related to (lunar) moon.

   From Lane's lexicon, shaharahu:
      he made it apparent, conspicuous, manifest, notorious, notable, commonly known, public
      he made it apparent, as bad, evil, abominable, foul, or unseemly
      he exposed it as such; or rendered it notorious in a bad sense, or infamous.

  • Alternatively, you can still easily trace similar meaning in its current use in the Arabic language, even where it has been adapted in another language (for example, in Malay/Bahasa, someone who is famous, reputable or whose name is well-known, is said as "ter-masyhur", obviously adapted from the Arabic word ma$huwr).

This is verse [9:36] with [Al-$uhuwri] translated as "The Months/Full Moons" and [$ahran] translated as "Month/Full Moon" (the numberings are only for reference in this discussion):

1 Indeed [إن] count/number of [عدة] "The Months/Full Moons" [الشهور] near [عند] Allah [الله] o
2 Twelve [اثنا عشر] "Month(s)/Full Moon(s)" [شهرا] in [في] book of [كتاب] Allah [الله] o
3 Day [يوم] He created [خلق] The Skies [السماوات] and [و] The Earth [الأرض] o
4 From them [منها] four [أربعة] sacred/restricted [حرم] o
5 Such is [ذلك] The Deen/System [الدين] The Upright [القيم] o
6 Then/so [ف] do not [لا] wrong [تظلموا] therein [فيهن] yourselves [أنفسكم] o
   And fight The Mu$rikiyn altogether as they fight you altogether.
   And know that Allah is with The Muttaqiyn.


Related to #1. What is the significance of "a count/number of The Months/Full Moons" that makes it deserving a position *near* Allah [3inda Allah]? What are the true purpose of these "Months/Full Moons"?

Related to #2. Can we find the names/nature/characters/explanation of these "Months/Full Moons" in the "book of Allah"?
  • For "kitaabi Allah" check other occurrences: [3:23] [5:44] [8:75] [30:56] [33:6]
Related to #4 and #5. If the importance of these four "Sacred Months/Full Moons" (along with the other eight 'un-Sacred' ones) is such that they make for The Upright System/Deen, they must have been clearly explained somewhere in the Book of Allah.
  • In what verses have they been explained?

Related to #6 and also verse [2:217]. Suppose we are not allowed to "war/fight/kill" in any the four "Sacred Months/Full Moons", except for the purpose of defense. Question:
  • Are we allowed to "war/fight/kill" for other than defense purpose (i.e., aggress) in the other eight 'un-Sacred' "Months/Full Moons"?
Suppose the "Sacred Month/Full Moon" of "Ramadan" (as a name/proper noun or as common noun) is for "fasting" (i.e. abstaining from eating, drinking and sex). What role does "fasting for a month or a number of days" play in the establishment of a peaceful society? And just how effective is fasting in fulfilling that role?
      (if you think it is rhetorical, just pass it)

Related to verse [2:185]

$ahru [شهر][/color] ramaDaAna [رمضان] that which [الذي] was revealed [أنزل] therein [فيه], The Reading [القرآن], a guidance [هدى] for The Mankind/People [للناس] and [و] clear-evidences [بينات] from [من] The Guidance [الهدى], and [و] The Criterion [الفرقان]. Then [ف] whoever [من] witnessed [شهد] from [من] you [كم], Al-$ahr [الشهر], then let he restrain/abstain it [فليصمه]. And [و] whoever [من] is [كان] ill [مريضا] or [أو] on [على] a journey [سفر], then [ف] a count [عدة] from [من] events/days [أيام] deferred/latter [أخر]. Desiring is [يريد] Allah [الله] by you [بكم], The Ease [اليسر], and [و] not [لا] desiring [يريد] by you [بكم] The Hardship [العسر]. And [و] may you complete [لتكملو] The Count [العدة], and [و] may you magnify [لتكبروا] Allah [الله] upon [على] what [ما] He guided [هدا] you [كم], and [و] may you become [لعلكم] generous/thankful [تشكرون].


There is no preposition "in" (fi) before "it" in "falyaSumhu"
(compare this to "fighting in it" in verse [2:217]). What is "it" that he is being let to "Sawm"? In simple English, what is "it" that he is to "abstain/restrain"?
Does Sawm (or Siyaam) intrinsically or automatically mean "abstaining oneself from eating, drinking and sexual intercourse"?
  • (If that's the case, then we can consider Sawm/Siyaam as an intransitive verb, such as "to sleep")
          but why then the expression is "falyaSumhu"? Why not "falyaSum fi hi"?
  • Or, does Sawm/Siyaam automatically mean "abstaining oneself from eating, drinking and sexual intercourse for a specific interval each day for a given period" (so that the "given period" becomes the object noun -- as in spending a month)?

      (If so, then we can accept "falyaSumhu" as meaning "let him fast it"-- but is that the truth?)

Again, a rhetorical question. Suppose you have chosen a way of life whose purpose is to lead a peaceful life. Which act serves better in the establishment of such peaceful life:
  • "Fasting for a month/number of days from (lawful) eating, (lawful) drinking and (lawful) sexual intercourse" in the so-called "Sacred Month of Ramadan" (or, after the witnessing of the "scorching-hot full-moon"), once every twelve months,

  • "Abstaining/Restraining/Stopping" something "apparent/infamous/notorious/commonly-known" which is "intensely/scorching hot" and "Un-lawful (Sacred/Restricted)", anytime, anywhere one witnessed it happening ?

Please present any argument clearly and honestly without resorting to foul-mouthing (incl. but not limited to name-calling, abusing, cursing/accusing of kufr/nifaq/shirk etc), 'malicious' acts (such as slandering or trying to deceive/distract/conceal etc), or quarreling.

If you have other question/curiosity/suspicion regarding this matter, please also share with us.

Thanks for your honest feedbacks.


Science / AIDS (and cancer) cure, Essiac?
« on: August 05, 2010, 06:14:34 AM »

>> If someone you care has been diagnosed with AIDS, what will you do to help him/her?

I know there has been several threads regarding AIDS as man-made (and state-invested), the conspiracy of pharmaceutical companies etc etc, but let us instead be curious about the cure for AIDS itself.

This is from Dr. Gary Glum's book, Full Disclosure (1994), Chapter 19:

Is there hope? For you? For me? For all of us? The answer is yes. It lies in "natural medicine." Herbs.
God-given plants that have curative powers. The pharmaceutical giants will go on reaping billions in
profits selling drugs. But they won't market one that saves the lives of those afflicted with AIDS.

There will almost certainly never be a vaccine that will wipe out AIDS?as there was for polio. The virus
is too complex. It has the ability to mutate into thousands of genetic forms. The search for a vaccine will
merely squander precious resources enriching yet more scientists and corporations for no human benefit.
Many mainline scientists would agree that the chances for an AIDS vaccine in the foreseeable future are
slim?and none.

Yet the corporations persist?and pocket the money.23 Genentech, which is partly owned by Hoffman La
Roche, is, according to intelligence sources, willing to risk even more lives for their products. They are
cooperating with the World Health Organization to commence massive clinical trials of new vaccines
with uninfected volunteers. One of the new vaccines to be used in this clinical trial is manufactured from
HIV particles stripped of their envelopes. The trials are scheduled to begin in 1994.

The World Health Organization will search for volunteers among gays?and other "high risk"?subjects.
Each individual will have to make his or her own decision about participating in such a trial. Based on
what I've learned, here's the decision I'd make for myself: "No!"

Arab historians centuries ago concluded that medieval healers found a cure for the Black Plague?and
those who were rich enough to acquire it were reasonably safe from the death that surrounded them.
Historians of the era recorded that the herbal cure had a very high success rate.

Intelligence reports on microbiological experiments at the Institute of Immunology in Moscow speak of a
common weed found in Egypt being used to help AIDS patients. The weed is said to be mixed with 8-
methoxpsoralen, plus white cells from the AIDS patient and then exposed to ultraviolet light, after which
it is injected into the patient's body.

Another intelligence report mentions in passing that the National Cancer Institute requested plant
collectors from all over the world to send samples of plants to the Institute. Apparently this request was
activated by reports that British scientists were working on a compound taken from chestnut trees, black
mulberry trees and from tropical legumes, which was showing great potential in treating AIDS patients.

Other reports mention in passing a protein from pokeweed leaves that is far more effective than AZT in
inhibiting virus production. A natural compound containing pokeweed proteins enters cells, killing HIV
viruses without damaging the cells themselves. (Pokeweed is a weed, with poisonous berries and roots,
found in the U.S.)

The only success to come out of AIDS treatment in Africa so far has come from ancient herbal medicine.
Now that modern medical science has been seen by Africans as helpless against the onrush of the
epidemic, many are turning to traditional herbalists such as Grace Chihuri in Zimbabwe, who says she has
the cure for AIDS?and whose successes have led medical people and journalists from around the world
to visit her.

Grace works from her crowded Harare apartment, and stores her herbal medicine in old liquor bottles. In
her carefully kept redbook of the people she has snatched back from the jaws of death are more than a
hundred and twenty names. One of her patients was Sophie Chikondo, a registered nurse who contracted
AIDS while delivering the babies of HIV-positive mothers. Two of her friends, both nurses, who
contracted the AIDS virus after she did, have died. But the herbal medicine administered by Grace
Chihuri caused her diarrhea to disappear and the swelling in her groin and armpit to subside. That was
two years ago, and today Sophie is alive and seemingly well.

In the African country of Ghana, Nanan Kofi Drobo was an herbalist who attracted AIDS sufferers from
all over the world, particularly Europe. They came to him because of his amazing record of success in
healing AIDS cases, using only herbal compounds. Drobo was a man who knew what the Western
pharmaceutical companies did not know?or pretended they didn't know. He knew how to stop AIDS in
its tracks with herbal compounds.

His success in treating AIDS patients sent fear coursing through the medical and pharmaceutical
establishments. Drobo's work was not sanctioned by the Ghanian government, which was under pressure
from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and powerless to disobey the IMF's orders to destroy
Drobo's work. In the end, Drobo grew so renowned that he had to be killed. This heinous crime has been
officially classified as "suicide by means of self-inflicted gunshot wound."

The weird part is that all of Drobo's herbal compounds?and his formula and notes?were missing from
his home when he was found. What happened to them? So far, the Ghanian authorities are not saying.
None of this should be surprising. Western pharmaceutical companies, after all, make much of their profit
by chemically synthesizing the healing powers that are naturally present in plants. Whether it's aspirin or
digitalis, the beneficial effects come from plant life.

The same is true for AIDS. The cure exists in plant life. AIDS research is not necessary. All AIDS
research now is about money: Billions in profits. And the pharmaceutical giants know it. At least one of
them is well aware that an herbal formula that cures AIDS has been found and is being deliberately
withheld from the world. It will be made available only to the Olympians and their families and friends,
just as the Venetian oligarchists found and kept to themselves the secret Egyptian herb formula that kept
them and their families and friends safe during the Black Plague of the Middle Ages.

Those who have this herbal formula have every intention of keeping it a secret, and they have the power
to enforce that secrecy. Nor is anyone likely?as things stand now?to duplicate their discovery. Much of
the expensive scientific research into deliberately steered away from potentially fruitful approaches. Even
the best-financed scientific insitutions have been skillfully led down blind alleys.

There's nothing any of us can do to force these people to reveal their herbal treatment. But I can do this
much: I can present the information I've acquired about what they've learned, so that virologists and
genetic engineers who want to help mankind can finally go down the right path. The logic of what I'm
presenting here can be confirmed by any virologist in the world.

The right path is this: What they've discovered is a deoxyribonucleoside. AZT, DDI, DDC and all of the
other "promising" drugs use a neucleoside analog. That is to say, they all use a riboside.

Riboside allows the HIV-RNA messengers to invade the cellular membrane to the nuclei of the cell where
they replicate in geometrical progression: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64. In an amazingly short time, the numbers
become astronomical. That is what makes these drugs that "slow down" the infection worse than useless.

The companies that make them deliberately use the neucleoside analog instead of a deoxyribonucleoside,
which has the property that prevents the RNA viral messenger from infecting the nuclei of the cell.
Their secret product:
(1) Increases blood platelet integrity.
(2) Increases transmutation inhibition.
(3) Contains sufficient amounts of interferon.
(4) Increases the stem cells.
(5) Contains a co-enzyme which prevents RNA viral messengers from infecting the cell.

For virologists and genetic engineers, the key is in Appendix B, where the Cold Spring Harbor virologists
explain what the virus does. The solution is in a product that can stop the HIV from penetrating the cell.
(AZT, for instance, does not stop the penetration.) There are plant substances capable of doing this.

That's as much as I can say and hope to stay alive. I've now done all I can do. The rest is up to the
scientists who can see that this is the right direction?and are willing to follow it. And to all those who
aren't scientists and are willing to pursue the truth on their own. We have been told, and come to believe,
lies that are monstrous. Time is now short. Even the intelligence reports indicate that much. Only the truth
will save us. If we are to live with hope for our future?and the futures of our children and grandchildren;
indeed, civilization as we know it?we must quickly demand that our government and our leaders provide
us with absolutely nothing less than full disclosure.

full book here

Now i have little clue of what Doctor is talking about, but i have just found out about this Essiac tea herbs that you can find on the website above (and other online sources). I read that it was banned in some countries but don't know if that's still the case today. What pisses me off is that the local customs in my country is also quite fussy about importing drugs/herbs (yes, "protection", but sometimes you wonder whom it's for). I don't how popular is this herb as a natural/alternative AIDS/cancer treatment. Besides, the general notion seems to be that it is still "unproven by modern science", despite numerous positive testimonials and absence of any negative effect. Wonder why.

A couple of questions, since you guys are spread all around the earth:

* Have you ever heard about this before?
* Have you ever heard (personally) success story(ies) of a person/people with AIDS treated with Essiac?
* How hard/easy it is to get Essiac from where you live?

P.S. i was going to ask about the science behind the cure (e.g., how does Essiac fit the five points above), but i haven't much clue on what to ask/respond :( so here goes... 

P.S.2 oh, if you're a conspiracy fanatic, you owe yourself to read the whole book

Forum Suggestions / ENTREPRENEURSHIP (subforum)
« on: November 19, 2009, 08:11:24 PM »
Peace all,

I know there is already a "Job Seekers/Business" subforum, but what i'm going to propose is something different : a forum dedicated to studying and sharing knowledge of Entrepreneurship based on the Quran. The purpose is to help and support (and encourage) people who wanted to start a business/venture.

What d'you think?

How many people here are interested in starting or running a business?

Just curious as I'm happy to give links to good websites/books/podcasts on business and entrepreneurship for those enthusiastic about business/entrepreneurship.

Kind Regards


I have a question regarding `amilu AlSaaliHaat (`amiluS-SaaliHaat) which is mentioned frequently in the Quran. It is usually directly related to "those who believe" and "those who repent":

What are these "righteous/good deeds" actually?

Maybe i'm missing something very obvious, but so far, i think these verses are what is directly linked with `amilus-SaaliHaat:

70:19 Indeed, mankind was created anxious
70:20 When evil touches him, impatient,
70:21 And when good touches him, withholding,
70:22 Except
70:23 Those who, they on their Salat, are continuing/lasting,
70:24 And those who, in their possessions, a right/share known,
70:25 For the asker/beggar and the deprived.
70:26 And those who confirm with the day of Judgment.
70:27 And those who, they, from retribution of their Lord, are afraid/cautious.

70:28 Indeed, retribution of their Lord, not safe.

70:29 And those who, they, to their private parts, protecting/guarding.
70:30 Except on their spouse or those committed to them, then indeed they are not blamed.
70:31 Then whoever wished beyond that, then those, they are the transgressors.
70:32 And those who, they, to their deposits/responsibilities and their promises/contracts, are observing.
70:33 And those who, they, with their testimonies, are taking care.
70:34 And those who, they on their Salat are protecting/guarding.

note: i tried to present the translations as literal as possible while preserving the order of the words. Please verify for yourself nevertheless.

My (vague) reason is that the AlSaliHaat and AlmuSalliyn have similar root (two letters S-l).

Other than the verses above, do you know where in the Quran is a clear explanation for `amilus-SaaliHaat? And what made you think it is part of `amilus-SaaliHaat?

Help would be very appreciated, since this is an important everyday matter.


transliteration notes:
A alif
`  ain
S as in Sad
H as in iHsan

P.S. Please note that in my view 70:29-30 has NOTHING to do with sex.intercourse--it is related with 24:30-31 (yes, clothing). So please refrain from such discussion.

And please don't say "well, that means everything good inside the Book, do your search!" Thank you, but it'll be helpful if you share what's in your mind at this moment (based on the Quran, of course). In that case, may God bless you...

Questions/Comments on the Quran / "Majority of People" in the view of Quran
« on: November 07, 2009, 10:56:46 AM »
Peace everyone,

From my discussion with a lovely mate (don't ask--let's keep it secret) on another thread, a certain accident has happened.

I was suggesting


which is then replied

Quote from:  link=topic=9599421.msg230851#msg230851 date=1257589740
Sure, the Quran, to re type what you said, does say that, THE FATE OF THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE will be Hellfire, but then the majority of people aren't Muslims.

I think the word 'fate' is not of the best use here, as it might be (or has proven to be) misleading to those who already have a set of prejudices against the Quran and its Author.

(No, the fate of the 'majority of people' is not 'fire', their ends are kept secret to us?don't judge, you have no idea)

That's why i removed the word 'fate' from the title of this topic, in the hope that it will minimize unnecessary prejudices.

So, in all fairness, let's see what is the 'Quran's view' of the 'majority of people':

(i.e., most/majority of mankind, Aktaru Alnaas)

2:243 Have you not considered those who went forth from their homes, for fear of death, and they were thousands, then Allah said to them, Die; again He gave them life; most surely Allah is Gracious to people, but most people are not grateful.

7:187 They ask you about the hour, when will be its taking place? Say: The knowledge of it is only with my Lord; none but He shall manifest it at its time; it will be momentous in the heavens and the earth; it will not come on you but of a sudden. They ask you as if you were solicitous about it. Say: Its knowledge is only with Allah, but most people do not know.

12:21 And the Egyptian who bought him said to his wife: Give him an honorable abode, maybe he will be useful to us, or we may adopt him as a son. And thus did We establish Yusuf in the land and that We might teach him the interpretation of sayings; and Allah is the master of His affair, but most people do not know.

12:38 And I follow the religion of my fathers, Ibrahim and Ishaq and Yaqoub; it beseems us not that we should associate aught with Allah; this is by Allah's grace upon us and on mankind, but most people do not give thanks

12:40 You do not serve besides Him but names which you have named, you and your fathers; Allah has not sent down any authority for them; judgment is only Allah's; He has commanded that you shall not serve aught but Him; this is the right religion but most people do not know:

12:68 And when they had entered as their father had bidden them, it did not avail them aught against Allah, but a desire in the soul of Yaqoub which he satisfied; and surely he was possessed of knowledge because We had given him knowledge, but most people do not know.

13:1 Alif Lam Mim Ra. These are the verses of the Book; and that which is revealed to you from your Lord is the truth, but most people do not believe.

16:38 And they swear by Allah with the most energetic of their oaths: Allah will not raise up him who dies. Yea! it is a promise binding on Him, quite true, but most people do not know;

30:6 Allah's promise! Allah will not fail His promise, but most people do not know.

30:30 Then set your face upright for religion in the right state-- the nature made by Allah in which He has made men; there is no altering of Allah's creation; that is the right religion, but most people do not know--

40:57 Certainly the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of the men, but most people do not know

40:59 Most surely the hour is coming, there is no doubt therein, but most people do not believe.

45:26 Say: Allah gives you life, then He makes you die, then will He gather you to the day of resurrection wherein is no doubt, but most people do not know.

I hope the matter is now clarified. Please don't judge by what you don't know. The Best Judgment belong to God.



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