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Health & Fitness / Blood Type Diet - Has anyone tried?
« on: April 09, 2011, 06:03:37 AM »
Salaam all,

Recently I encountered an article on a diet based on our blood type. Has anyone tried? I just want to know if it's another fad, or worth trying. I looked at food list for my blood type, and it personally makes sense (say, I notice a difference when I eat some types of food). Though the idea of shunning a certain type of food does not sit well with me (no coffee and being a vegetarian? Tough one). So any advice?

Off-Topic / Haiku Poem kind of game
« on: November 07, 2010, 08:04:22 AM »
So, everything was inspired in an MSN chat when Savage_Carrot (forgive me for finger pointing) brought forth a Haiku challenge. And I was hooked. The basic rules is to write a short "poem" containing 3 lines. First line has 5 syllables, while the second has 7, and the third has 5. Each poem has its own challenge, such as having a certain word and rhymes. Doesn't sound that bad, aye? You can play the game here:

I personally find it addictive (curse you SC!) and have been on my wanna-be poet mode since. Anyway, feel free to share your haiku poems here (YES, I am looking at you San/SC/CD).


Here is what one hour or something worth of boredom inspired me (yes, feel free to laugh).

I wish to see you,
And say, ?Stop, those foolish things!?
You, my younger self.

Farewell, my lover,
Long I?ve been with you, but One,
I cannot give up.

Yesterday?s not fine,
And today hard I?m struggling.
Morrow?s good, I know!

You speak words of peace,
But I wonder why your heart,
Is filled with contempt?

Recall, when I said?
?Be safe, and live peacefully.?
I meant it. Truly.

At least now I know,
And waiting will be no more,
Your heart?s never mine.

Hi, my dearest friend,
I wonder if your sky there,
Is as bright as mine?

Look inside your heart,
And you?ll find we?re not a dream.
We are reality.

Can I aim for you?
The one, far out of my reach...
Should I wish, or not?

Know, you're a good friend,
What they say, I do not care.
Please, remember this.

Dear Mum, how are you?
Your daughter?s here, missing you.
I hope you?re smiling.

Hey, my lovely coat,
Wrap me in this cold morning,
For I am lonely?

The news travels far,
'bout a queen of a strange land,
Alone, and crying.....

Climb high! That, you say,
But it is to my dismay,
Low here, I shall stay.

I love paw paw fruit,
Sweet, tasty and delicious,
Reminds me of home...

I want you to give,
Chance for me to truly live,
I beg you, forgive...

I remember your smile,
As if that was our last,
But we'll meet again!

Softly you whisper,
Trying to kill me inside,
But I WILL survive!

You shall be my lamp,
To lead me when in darkness,
You are, my Guidance.

They say you're a hunk,
But you're no more than a punk!
To me, anyway.

Don't say the word YES,
When your heart screams out loud NO!
Be true to yourself.

Sorry I must go,
For it's my duty to fight,
And leave you behind.

He?s the royal prince,
Heir to the glorious throne,
Worlds apart, from me...

I am a woman,
And I cannot read a map!
Hopeless, yes I know!

Happily ever...
I wish I can say that, but...
Life is a struggle.

A nickel I have,
I wonder what I can buy?
I'm starving, dying...

Come, open the door,
And you'll see the world unknown,
Strange, yet beautiful.

Peace on you Sister,
Do not despair, and stay strong.
I'll be here, for you.

O Lawyers, tell me!
Why do I see injustice?
Who do you fight for?

I can reminisce,
The times we've spent together,
Here, in my graveyard.

Just like black coffee,
Bitter, and hard to swallow,
Such is my defeat.

Springtime is coming,
Colour blossoms everywhere,
But my heart's still gray...

When you wish me love,
It feels like salt on a wound,
'Cause you're who I love.

You smile when you mourn,
Know not you, it's not healthy?
So let it out. Cry.

When the world turns dark,
Paint of a picture, of us.
Smiling. And then, live.

Out in the cold streets,
The night butterflies roam free,
While their hearts, enslaved.

You say the game blows,
But nay! Have you ever thought,
You just don?t cut it?

Sunni/Shia Religion / Some questions
« on: October 16, 2009, 06:22:18 AM »
Hey guys,

I will really appreciate if any of you can provide me with Quranic views or mentions regarding these: awrah, najjis (unclean) and taqdeer (fate) - included verses (if any) will be nice.  I'm just curious since at school, I was taught there are so many types of najjis... are these supported in the Quran? or is it just Sunnism.

Thank you  :-X

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