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Salat & Zakat (The Contact & Purification) / Salat & the Kaaba
« on: January 03, 2013, 07:32:11 PM »
Sorry in advance if this has been asked. My question isn't that general though so that's the main reason I made the topic (search didn't help enough).

This isn't really about hajj, but about salat. I can't shake off the feeling aiming a ritual prayer towards (and prostrating towards) the famous Kaaba in Mecca is just made-up. Even supposing this is the actual Kaaba in the Quran, I don't think there's any command to physically pray towards it, let alone prostrate in its direction.

Can someone show me the verse closest to implying we should pray and prostrate towards the Kaaba (the one in Mecca)?

Thanks in advance.

Sunni/Shia Religion / Lol, Look at What This YouTuber Sent Me
« on: October 24, 2012, 09:07:04 PM »
Here's the message, in quotes:

"peace bee on you Meteora759
May be peace with you
I would like to share some very important information with you. If you were to believe in it and accept it, it would make your life better, it would make you happy & it would benefit you.
Information that if you were to believe in it and accept it, it would make the life of people around you better, it would make them happy and would bring benefit to them & this will have a ripple effect on the society around you and them hence, making it better for everyone to live and enjoy their life.
I would like to speak with you about the 'Purpose of this life'.
Look around yourself. Look at the pen, at the paper, at the chair, at the table, at the bed and everything else around it. Look at everything and think about them. You will find each & everything has a purpose. The pen is there to write, the paper is there to be written upon, the chair is there to sit upon and the table is there to eat upon, the bed is there to sleep upon & everything else has a purpose. I guarantee you that we will not find anything that does not have a purpose & these are the items that we as human beings have produced & developed because we need them and would like them to serve a purpose to make our life easy & better.
Now let us look at ourselves. Look at our eyes, ears, hands, feet, tongue, nose and everything else in the body. The eyes are there to see, ears are there to hear, hands are there to pick & hold items, feet are there for us to walk & the nose is there to smell. Look & think about each & everything in the body and we will see its purpose. Let us look at the perfect body and think about it.
Like we created & produced items for a purpose, our body, our presence in this world has a purpose and there is a Creator who has created us for a reason & the purpose of our life is to use our body to worship the Creator.
Creator of the heavens & earth, Master & Sustainer of everyone
Say: He is Allah, the One
Allah is the Self-Sufficient Master
He begets not nor was He begotten
And there is none comparable unto Him
The Creator sees everything, hears everything & knows everything. He wants us to live our life in this world in the best possible way to benefit ourselves, people around us & the whole community.
I invite you to accept in the Creator -- Allah (GOD) as your lord and worship him. Accept & worship the Lord of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Muhammad (may peace be upon them). Turn to Allah (God) alone in your prayers & supplication & ask him for everything you need. Let us submit to the Creator.
Amazingly enough, all of us are already in a state of submission. Look at the new born baby. The baby comes out of the mother's womb without its consent. Who gave this baby its basic humanly instincts? The baby breathes not that it chooses to but it must breathe in order to live. No one forces the baby to breath. The baby submits itself to the air. We drink water as it is a need of the body and we need it to live. No one forces us to drink water. We eat to live as the body needs it. No one forces us to eat.
We submit ourselves to the needs. Now let us change the word 'NEED' to 'ISLAM'.
If we were to believe in the Creator as he wants us to believe, it will mean that ;
We submit ourselves to the Creator & belive in Islam. The word Islam comes from the word S-A-L-A-M-A, which means peace. We submit ourselves to the will of the Creator to bring about peace in this world & once we die we will have happy after life.
I invite you to accept in the Creator -- Allah (GOD) as your lord and worship him. Accept & worship the Lord of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus & Muhammad (may peace be upon them). Turn to Allah (God) alone in your prayers & supplication & ask him for everything you need. Let us submit to the Creator.
I am humbly calling you to shift yourself from the dreadful consequences of polytheism to the beauty of monotheism. Enter Paradise after this life and save yourself from the hellfire by worshipping God alone & believing in the final messenger of Allah.
If you believe in the Creator of the heavens & the earth, that He is the Master & the Sustainer, that He is the only one worthy of worship & not any of His Creation, including any of the prophets, from Adam to Moses to Jesus to Muhammad. If you believe, then say it now with your tongue.
'I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah and i bear witness that Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah'
Then say the translation in Arabic ' Ash hadu Alla Illaha Illa Allah wa Ash Hadu Anna Muhammadan Rasool ul Allah.
This is the testimony that enters a person into the fold of Islam. You will immediately feel relief. After that, take your time to slowly learn the beauty of this religion.
You are welcome to visit our friendly sites where you can
*Read more about Islam*
*Chat free 1/1 with knowledgeable Muslims* OR
*Ask questions about Islam
*Women in Islam Website -
*This is the right time to know about Muhammed (PBUH) -
Why not give yourself a chance and read the Quran
OR Download
OR Listen"

Of course I don't waste my time to read the thing. Either he's talking about mainstream Islam or something else. A quick use of my browser's find feature and he typed the typical Islamic shahada. Ok, so far it's mainstream Islam.

I check a random link from his list of links. First thing I see is Yusuf Estes' Sunni face. Ok, it's mainstream Islam.

So my response:

"Ok, after skimming your message a bit more, I find that you're part of mainstream (Sunni) Islam and are inviting to this Islam.

The problem with this religion is that it teaches, in its authentic hadith books that prophet Muhammad:

1. Clearly desired an underage girl, otherwise he would've thought of marrying her when she has physically matured.

2. Had sex with 11 of his wives during single nights.

3. Stoned people to death just for having sex outside marriage.

4. Burned down people's homes, simply for not attending the mosque to pray.

5. Genitally mutilated baby boys with a sword, and recommended genital mutilation of girls.

6. Tortured people via gouging their eyes out for stealing camels.

7. All of the above and much, much more that you can find in just Sahih Bukhari and Muslim. These are 2 out of 6 collections of the 'authentic Sunni hadith'. I'm quoting of course since they're only hearsay and contradict the Quran to no end.

I've done years of refuting mainstream (Sunni) Islamic claims and beliefs, exposing them to be the nonsensical, only-from-Shaitan practices that Allah only ever made it clear NOT to do.

Go to to learn about the real Islam, the one that's based on the Quran and not sheikhs, imams, scholars, and other religious leaders controlling the masses now and in the past.

Finally, it's 'be'. 'bee' is an insect discussed in the Quran. Have you actually read it, and tried understanding it without footnotes and additional comments from religious leaders (which, according to the Quran, is shirk)? So far I'm thinking not."


Now I go back to Soul Calibur V.


Off-Topic / Any Uncircumcised Here?
« on: September 13, 2012, 05:20:51 AM »
Just wondering who here is male and intact.

As far as females go, I'd guess pretty much all here haven't had their genitals tampered with, but still wondering if one or a few here have been victim to mutilation in the name of Islam.

I'm circumcised myself, and deplore it more than anything. Many who don't read up on it consider it not a big deal that circumcised men shouldn't worry about. In the past I wasn't making a big deal of it, until I fully understood exactly what's been missing, and what I've been deprived of.

Centuries-old Jewish sources reveal/admit just the male is to be mutilated, and this deprives the man and his female partner during coitus. I'm convinced since Jews have so much power in this world, and in America, male infants don't get protection from this barbarity as do females. In fact the U.S. passed a gender-neutral law decades ago outlawing genital mutilation, and Jews lobbied against it to not include males, to defend their religion by keeping their barbaric practice going.

I'm simply amazed that the freedom to practice whatever religion you want in America includes the genital severing of minors, unconsenting ones. I'm very convinced that, despite this power they may have, this eventually will be outlawed in the U.S. A president in the future will just have to support his common sense that this is oh-so-wrong to do to minors, who may even grow up and not even accept the damn religion that got them mutilated. Alright, so the parents believe in their nonsensical barbaric religion. What about the damn baby, doesn't it have its own rights, the rights to a complete body and genitals, the right to practice its religion later on...or is it as worthless as some item of possession in the hands of parents?

Wish I was left the way I was made. I began non-surgically restoring though half a week ago :yay:. From research it gives back about half of what is lost, everything considered (function + feeling + appearance + etc.).

Questions/Comments on the Quran / The One Who's Not God
« on: August 26, 2012, 06:15:44 PM »
Just wondering what % of the Free Minds population agree with this notion of "Allah":

It makes more sense to me than what I believed "Allah" was my whole life (which was that it was synonymous with "God").

I already know Kaiokenred is a supporter. ;)

General Issues / Questions / Inspiring Articles
« on: April 18, 2012, 08:49:47 PM »
I've been wanting to find some articles here that are inspiring and talking about how we should conduct our lives in general, but was unable to find that in the articles section (which is on Free Minds but not in the forums obviously).

So I'm looking for articles on inspiration/guidance or anything that would make someone feel better.


Sunni/Shia Religion / Mainstream Women's View of Islam
« on: February 02, 2012, 05:53:53 PM »
Does it frustrate Sunni women to think that men decide their rulings (when it comes to things like dress code, what they should do in circumstances in their lives, how humble they should be/act, etc.) and regard them as their complete inferiors, and even have no problem with the hadiths that mention them in the same sentence as dogs and pigs (literally the lowest and dirtiest kind of creatures in the Arab-Muslim culture)?

They must be some really bad (read: naughty) girls deep down inside to be accepting of the above.

Anyway I opened to a random page of this one Arabic-to-English translation of a book containing rulings ?pertaining to Muslim women? the other day at my house (I bet I know who bought it). Literally laughed by butt off.


Pilgrimage (Hajj) / Free Minds' Consensus on Hajj
« on: December 14, 2011, 12:05:21 AM »
Just wondering what Free Minds (or the Monotheist Group) agree for the most part what "hajj" really is. I see that they define it as "Pilgrimage" as this forum's name is, but pilgrimage to where? How similar/different is their view of Hajj compared to the mainstream Sunni version?



Forum Suggestions / Taken to the Forum Page After Post
« on: July 06, 2011, 07:57:18 PM »
When I submit a post, I'm taken to that forum's page. Is there a way to let it take you to the post you've submitted?

Tell me something Free Minders, especially the Sunnis or Shiites here if any. Would you believe what's in the title?

How about racist Southern white folk compiling books on Martin Luther King. Seems pretty legit, don't you think? ::)

These are indistinguishable examples to mainstream Muslims believing in the "authentic six" hadith collections, or even just Bukhari and "Muslim" (yeah right, once again), because it is belief in compilations attributed to an Arab prophet by a group of Persians. Bukhari, Muslim, Abu-Dawood and the other three I or even Sunnis (apparently) don't care about are historically known and confirmed to be of Persian decent.

As for who compiled the Shiite collections, I'm not sure and the sect seems so insignficant in number I don't feel the need or urge to do any research regarding them (just the way I've always felt). However, I don't see how all six of the Sunni compilers are Persian, but this wouldn't somewhat apply to the Shiite ones, but I did some research now anyway and....


Wow! Nevermind, the compilers of the "Four Books" were also Persian.

Why is it senseless, you ask? It's all about the Arab/Muslim conquest of Persia in the mid 600's. Actually the war started almost exactly when the prophet died in 632 (the first invasion begain in 633). Imagine for a second. A country's going to war with another, that embraces a religion whose last revelation's completed with the end of the prophet's life. In addition, the other country's religion is different (Zoroastrianism). Common sense is they would despise the country, the culture and even the religion of the opposing county. Apparently Iranians (present-day Persians) don't like Arabs or Islam (mainstream version) too much either.

But the fact that there are elements of Zoroastranism in the "authentic" collections that are absent in the Quran is just more proof that something is fishy about the narrations.

Keeping this in mind, why would any sound person believe in books compiled 200 years after the above dates, by Persian men? Are Sunnis and Shiites just ignorant about this or what?

Not to sound offensive, but does anyone besides me here find it completely absurd to accept these collections as authentic? God-supported?

Aren't these the CLOSEST candidates for being the "human/jinn devils" who are deemed the prophet's enemies in 6:112-113? If not, who would be a better candidate? I would rather believe in compilations by Jews, Christians, Buddhists, or Hindus about Muhammad than by 7th Century Persians.

Please ponder and reply.


Forum Suggestions / Changing Username or Display Name
« on: May 13, 2011, 05:26:50 PM »
How do you do it? I think the display name at least can me changed, otherwise it'd be kind of pointless.

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