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General Issues / Questions / Earliest written Record??
« on: August 19, 2020, 02:35:08 PM »
salaam alaikum,
what was the earliest written record/book on islam other than Quran??which is still available like the copy of Quran from the caliph Usman's time.


salaam all,
In my opinion the best argument against Hadith authenticity is that the MOST MOST MOST mutwattir(famous) hadith,the last khutba of Prophet Muhammad(s) has 3 different version.No other Hadith can be as famous as this was yet it has 3 different story.
so bro n sis, according to u what r other best logical arguments for rejecting hadiths.


General Issues / Questions / What went WRONG ???
« on: August 10, 2020, 01:36:51 PM »
salaam to all.

There was a time(9th to13th century) when Muslim world was the epitome of scientific advancement.After that WHAT WENT WRONG that till date we r the most backward in the field of science and technology??

My thought is that  man made version of Islam,was the primary reason for the downfall.

Any good book suggestion on this issue will be also very helpful.


Salaam alaikum.
I have been a visiting ourbecon forum since 2008. Many of times moderators their delete posts without notifying why they r doing that.
Recently I Posted their the same question which I posted here at FM i.e Muhammad(s) location. One of the moderator their,Khalil khan,a very arrogant person instead of replying or not to the question he asked me what is the proof that I am an Indian Muslim.To that I replied,u r talking like NarendraModi,Pm of India,who is also asking the same question to Indian Muslim. Khalil khan deleted the entire thread. Such a arrogant person.
Ourbeacon is loosing its touch.

Salaam alaikum to all.
What is the proof from Quran,that Muhammad(s) was fr0m Mecca?
Bcz i have been seeing many theories that He(s) was from palestine(tom holland argues this),from petra(some Quran alone scholars argue this).
Thanx n wasalaam.

Salaam to all.

Verse 3:26(...You grant dignity to whomever You choose, and commit to humiliation whomever You choose...) What conclusion should we draw from this verse??
Becuase it seems that dignity and humiliation is not earned rather it can be given by Allah at random to anyone according to his not it unjustice??

Dr.shabbir has translated as....You have established laws for attaining honor and facing humiliation... This sounds logical and reasonable but on what basis he translated like this and rest all the authors translated just the opposite??

Any thoughts??


Salaama all.
Plz someone point me to the discussion thread of "splitting of the moon",ehere it is discussed very well,bcz i am not able to find through the search function.

Wasalaam and thanx

General Issues / Questions / Regarding Share Markets??
« on: May 09, 2020, 12:35:07 PM »
Salaam to all.
Is buying and selling of shares on sharemarket haraam??.
Traditionalists say that Interaday and investment in Non-Islamic industries(eg :banks ) is Haraam
Some Quran oriented people say buying and selling shares doesnot involve labour(physical/intellectual) and it is mostly a guessing game so it is haraam.

I am totally confused, i believe that it is okay to share tradings.

Plz give ur inputs

Thanx n wasalaam.

General Issues / Questions / Where is the original copy of Quran?
« on: May 05, 2020, 11:22:14 AM »
Salaam alaikum to all.
As we believe that Quran is the word of God. And also it is proven within from Quran that Muhammad(s) wrote down the Quran. Then my Question is where is THAT Quran which our nabi hand over to the sahabas before departure?
And if we believe the hadith story that later sahaba colected and compiled and is now somewhere in turkey museum then is not a unfair treatment from God and Muhammad(s) side??

Thanx and wasalaam

General Issues / Questions / Any Youtube channel suggestions??
« on: May 05, 2020, 09:56:45 AM »
Salaam all,
Plz recommend me any good,logical,rational and Quran oriented youtube channel.
I watch regularly Javed Ahmed Ghamidi's channel..its good channel but he does believe in Hadith,but he is the rarest traditional scholar who is very near to Quran.
N wasalaam

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