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Forum Suggestions /
« on: March 17, 2012, 03:39:34 AM »
Salam  :sun:

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I thought, though I might be wrong, that the openburhan site was something to do with this site, again sorry if it's not.

Some time ago the search stopped working in Firefox, I would get a blank page so I started to use Opera for that site, now since last night I'm getting some weird error message and that wont work either, tried it in Google Chrome and that wont even try and search!

Any ideas? or any suggestions of a suitable search Quran on par with that one with all the translations??

Thank you!  :peace:

General Issues / Questions / Tonights Eclipse
« on: June 15, 2011, 12:22:30 AM »
Salam all

Been ages since I've been in here but when I read this today I had to come and see if I could find where I read this before, can't find it though, HELP!

"The beginning of the eclipse is barely perceptible, but minute by minute, more and more of the moon's disk darkens until the onset of totality. When the moon is completely within the shadow, it often has a rusty/red/orange/brown glow to it. That's the glow of a world's worth of sunsets ? or if you want to put it less poetically, the reddish wavelengths of sunlight that are refracted around Earth's disk by the atmosphere. This archived story explains the "red moon" effect in depth."

It was one of the long threads I think around the Ramadan theme that I read this, and can't remember the writer but he knew his stuff (sorry age and memory thing) It will come to me if I search longer but inshaAllah the poster himself might be able to find it sooner than me.

Anyway, hope you're all good and not fighting too much  ;D

Sorry mods, didn't know where to put this so move it if you need to.  :peace:

worth a read if only for the shaking the head in disbelief  ;D

General Issues / Questions / Where and how to start
« on: July 12, 2010, 04:51:52 AM »
Salam all
Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I need advice.

I have met a woman here in Luxor who moved out here to live. She is a friend of a friend (non-muslim friend) who also lives here. Friend knows my views on Islam but new friend is a convert of only a few years, Australian born but lived in UK for 20 years approx. When she accepted Islam she lived in London with access to all the sunni mosques and islamic teaching centres and took advantage of this full on. hence she is a hadithist, no music, no mixing, no showing hair, wears a tent and hijab. She is a lovely intellligent woman and the more I have got to know her I have come to like her a great deal, although I have not spent a great deal of time with her she has a great sense of humour, but I have seen she is quite 'protective' of her version of Islam.

Something came up the other night in a discussion with me and her and 2 non-muslim female friends about polygamy. She asked me what would I do and I said I would divorce him but he wouldnt take a 2nd wife anyway as we had discussed this before marriage. She answered a question of one of the non-muslim women saying the men are allowed 4 wives so then I said that polygamy verse relates to orphans anyway and God is clear in verse 4:129 that no man can deal justly with more than one, she looked at me oddly and asked if I was sure then asked if this is in Arabic not just a translation so I said yes and told her the verses. It wasnt mentioned again.

During other times and discussions with these particular non-muslims she has come out with things as 'this is Islam' and I have kept my mouth firmly shut, not wanting to cause an argument for the sake of our mutual friend who always glances at me at these times. For instance, we were on a felucca, 5 women and the 2 guys doing the driving, discussing something about Islam, one guy says I dont understand sunni shia things, what is this, I am Muslim, so she told him he was sunni, that Egypt is sunni and all Egyptians are sunni Muslims! he replied with I follow Quran does that mean I am sunni, she said yes you are sunni. I thought it best not to say anything at this time, dunno why but something stopped me. Then she said what Shia believe, which IMO was not quite right so I started to say something and stopped, my non-muslim friend said 'go on' so I said what I had to say and that was like 'new info' for the other convert.

Anyway I am rambling on! I want to say something but should I just leave it till it comes naturally or shall I mention I am not sunni and Quran only and see what happens? I feel in a way I am deceiving her.


AQ asks question

Th1 says before he will answer this AQ must answer 5 questions from him including if AQ believes in the subject

AQ says he doesnt and asks TH1 to answer the question please

Th1 laughs and asks another question being why would I answer a question about something you dont know about

here I start thinking - DUH, so you have to know and believe in something BEFORE you can ask a question on it now?  ???
TH1 declares debate over and brings a verse to 'prove' he shouldnt talk to AQ

Th1 then asks SC to bring 'the best on the site' and not someone who makes jokes.

I must have missed the other joke in there  :o

AQ answers that he doesnt believe in abrogation but confirms he knows about abrogation. and asks again fot Th1 to answer the original question

Score AQ - 1, Th1 - 0

I've found something strange in this forum that only the converted people are the persons who rejected hadiths and claimed that it is full of corruption .

ok let me remind you that hadiths divided to "Sahih" , "Hassan", "Ada'ef" . I'm challenging you about hadiths put a hadith Sahih or Hassan and let me see where this corruption is ? 

what a joke .

The corruption is in adding the hadith to the religion as binding. It adds to the words of God.

Most on your path have claimed things like 'quran needs Hadith more than Hadith needs quran' and have even written it like that with small 'q' for Quran and capital 'H' for hadith. Most on your path claim that hadith is another secret part of the message that wasnt written. This is adding mans words to Gods and making something new, bida', invented religion and no different to what the Jews and Christians have done in the past and that you are warned about all through Quran, IF you read it and reflect on its verses you will see.

You as an Arabic speaker should notice that God asks 'in what HADITH will you believe after this' because there is NONE.

It doesnt matter if you claim there are sahih and hassan and ada'ef, it doesnt matter that one or many men have spent a lifetime searching through thousands of so called sayings of the prophet to come up with the 1% they claim are sahih, they should have been studying Quran ONLY and not gone off on the path of 'follow the messenger' thinking it means he had another secret message, deal with the one message he had from God, not a claimed secret message that never was, and Quran confirms there never was. 

You as an Arabic speaker should notice that God asks 'in what HADITH will you believe after this' because there is NONE.

The reformer
This verse, it is not about Hadith . Prove it ? .

When people don't know the subject, they remain silence, but as I see Today we can hear the wisdom from "المجانين".

Do you deny that hadith is mentioned in these verses?
What do you think 4:87 and 7:185 are saying?
What are the others saying?

You prove they are NOT talking about something (spoken/hadith) after this Quran.

They are not talking about Hadith of the prophet as it quoted from Bukhari and Muslim and others . if you think so, I said prove it ? I know what hadith mentioned in the verses and it is not about hadith as you claimed .

Did I say anything about Bukhari and others? No! I asked you if hadith is mentioned in these verses, you didnt answer directly but you did indirectly and have confirmed the word 'hadith' is in these verses.
I asked you what the verses are saying and for you to prove they are not talking about something spoken/hadith after this Quran, you have said you know what they are saying but for some reason are not willing to tell us, why?

I did not say they were anything to do with bukhari, I said hadith is mentioned in these verses and asked you to say what you think they are about.

Now you claimed once recently that you would love to teach Arabic, I am asking you now to teach us what you think these verses are saying.

SAN'A, Yemen ? A 13-year-old Yemeni girl has died of injuries to her genitals four days after a family-arranged marriage, a human rights group said.

The practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Yemen and has drawn the attention of international rights groups seeking to pressure the government to outlaw child marriages. Legislation that would make it illegal for those under the age of 17 to marry is in serious peril after strong opposition from some of Yemen's most influential Islamic leaders.

The 13-year-old girl from Hajja province, northwest of the capital, died on April 2, four days after her marriage to a 23-year-old man, said Majed al-Madhaji, a spokesman for the Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights. A medical report from al-Thawra hospital said she suffered a tear to her genitals and severe bleeding.

Authorities detained the husband.

The Yemeni rights group said the girl was married off in an agreement between two men to marry each other's sisters to avoid having to pay expensive bride-prices. The group said that was a common arrangement in the deeply impoverished country.

Yemen's gripping poverty plays a role in hindering efforts to stamp out the practice, as poor families find themselves unable to say no to bride-prices in the hundreds of dollars for their daughters.

More than a quarter of Yemen's females marry before age 15, according to a report last year by the Social Affairs Ministry. Tribal custom also plays a role, including the belief that a young bride can be shaped into an obedient wife, bear more children and be kept away from temptation.

Last month, a group of the country's highest Islamic authorities declared those supporting a ban on child marriages to be apostates.

A February 2009 law set the minimum age for marriage at 17, but it was repealed and sent back to parliament's constitutional committee for review after some lawmakers called it un-Islamic. The committee is expected to make a final decision on the legislation this month.

Some of the clerics who signed the decree against a ban sit on the committee.

Further imperiling the effort is the weak government's reluctance to confront the clerics and other conservative tribal officials, whose support is essential to their fragile hold on power.

The issue of Yemen's child brides got widespread attention three years ago when an 8-year-old girl boldly went by herself to a courtroom and demanded a judge dissolve her marriage to a man in his 30s. She eventually won a divorce, and legislators began looking at ways to curb the practice.

In September, a 12-year-old Yemeni child-bride died after struggling for three days in labor to give birth, a local human rights organization said.

Yemen once set 15 as the minimum age for marriage, but parliament annulled that law in the 1990s, saying parents should decide when a daughter marries.

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