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We have in Quran, many Suras that starts with the letters Alif Laam Mim? any one knows the significance of this word? As an Indian I find these letters similar to the sacred word of AUM or OM? In Hindu and Buddhism their sacred texts often starts with AUM, I read somewhere the sounds A,U,M are the hidden sounds that is present in all words, is there a connection between this and the Alif-Laam-Mim?

I think this word  came from a  practice among ancient people to identify the texts that follows are about the most sacred.

Introduce Yourself / I asked why
« on: October 13, 2007, 04:47:31 AM »
I realized this when I am 15,
I used to think why we need specific postures while praying?
some said Mohammed learnt this from GOD, some said its a kind of Yoga, I thought it may be for the unity ?

I asked why women wear a Purqua hiding even their eyes? they said its safe for her. I know its unhealthy.

I asked why wear a cap while praying, some said Mohammed does that so should we. i don't know whats the need. but i thought its always good to dress well in public.

I asked why Haj or Pilgrimage to Mecca? some said its GOD's wish, will bring you happiness and pleasure while you travel, within me i thought it may be some kind of Saudi Tourism propaganda.

My uncle said, We should do things how  Mohammed did thousand year ago,
I asked then why so many contradictions in Hadiths and why so many sects of Islam, which is true? which one should i follow, He said dont question Mohammed, No one answered me properly, I thought because its man made it will have errors.

I dont follow many of the rituals to please GOD,

I am  a believer in GOD and GOD Alone, My Dear Allah. He brings within me peace, happiness. I now pray only occasionally in the mosque, but GOD is always in my mind 24 X7. HE alone gives me the right guidance.


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