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Introduce Yourself / New member here from indonesian
« on: July 19, 2020, 03:56:00 PM »
 :peace: Salam my brother and sister, i might join late for this year so i'll start with the introduction about me.
i was ex sunni and i have been through a lot of hard time from this existencial crisis and trying to find my true self. By discovering possible things in my religion, i decide to uncover the truth about divine and also the beginning of things, wow that's so deep! so anyway i came  from indonesia and i just discover quranism after i went to college and have hard time to believe in hadith and sect. things have been so different since i changed my path and so i decide that i want to join quranism community and gather all possible knowledge and opinion from different perspective and i think that is the kind of islam community that work well with me. I do really hope that i won't offend anyone's belief and i do really hope we can cooperate about finding the truth  :handshake:

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