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Introduce Yourself / I am a former Tanakh Jew
« on: October 17, 2019, 10:58:46 AM »

My name is Mordy.

I am a former Tanakh Jew, basically a sola-scriptura Jew, similar to a Karaite Jew.  What that meant was that I viewed Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) as the sole infallible ‘Word of God’.

My Tanakh Jewish faith fell apart back in March this year when I continued to find contradictions within the Biblical text and with recorded history.

This meant I could no longer be a Jew, non-rabbinic or rabbinic, and it also meant I couldn’t be a Christian either.  To me the scripture of a religion should stand alone, tradition-less and free of opinion.  In the last verse of Judges it says not to make our own opinion (as Karaites do – they say ‘search the scripture well’ and only to go with the weight of evidence, but personal opinion, grounded in Biblical exegesis, is what they say to do), yet the rabbinic opinions in the ‘oral law’ contradict the Written Law, so both rabbinic and non-rabbinic Judaism was out of the question.

Islam is much closer to Judaism than Christianity is, plus Tanakh and Karaite Jews pray by full prostration, albeit in the direction of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

I am happy to be here, and I will continue reading the Qur’an, but the hadith are traditions on top of scripture, so a Muslim sola-scriptura movement would be more appealing.  Sorry if I got the wrong impression or you found that offensive.

Thank you for reading.

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