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Asia/Middle East/Africa / Jakarta Meetup?
« on: January 19, 2009, 02:49:36 AM »
God Alone people of Jakarta - let's meet at Senayan City?

Can we discuss at our

God Alone!

General Issues / Questions / Anyone living in Thailand?
« on: September 20, 2008, 04:57:14 PM »

Anyone living in Thailand?

Still never seen other God-alone upholders in this country yet...

Asia/Middle East/Africa / Laos
« on: May 06, 2008, 04:36:57 AM »
Greetings and peace,

Any God alone monotheists in Laos?


Asia/Middle East/Africa / Thailand
« on: May 01, 2008, 06:51:59 PM »
Greetings and peace,

Any God alone monotheists in Thailand now?


Introduce Yourself / How I came to GOD Alone
« on: January 01, 2008, 09:52:39 PM »
Greetings & Peace,

I read many stories of others which I really appreciated, now let me share my story with all of you here.

Only God could've guided me to the creed of God alone.

I was brought up (in a moderate sunni family) in South East Asia. I remember when I was younger I started thinking about the existence of God, verifying that there must be God. (That was a prototype thought which now developed and came to be
and However, I didn't think of verifying all the things people told me that God wants us to do yet. (I was taking "authority as truth instead of truth as authority"...)

Then, one day sitting at a mosque after a ritual prayer, a preacher said something roughly like "nothing would be accepted from your deeds unless it's the prophet's way" (about the rituals, living, etc.) - BUT there were so many many stories of how the prophet did something and NO sincere way to verify, their excuse was saying how great the science of keeping the narrations were - which can't be verified that it really ever happened like that also. Other than that, many preachers talk of stories about the prophet and "great believers" that were told on and on among them even without any reference to evidence. I became confused in all the conflicting things people say, and what about the other people/sects that I wasn't born into? Everyone would say what they're born into is the ultimate truth to uphold.

I then prayed/asked to God many times ( and once at a quiet & peaceful graveyard alone - after the ritual "esha") that "God, I really don't know exactly what you want me to do to please you, PLEASE guide/tell me and I'm willing to use my efforts to do it..." (something like that)

Then, one day, a person came to talk about this idea/site to me - firstly I objected since it's too much change and strange! - but he said something like just go to the site and read/verify for yourself, so I went, the next day I came back to him and told him that the evidence is too clear to deny the God Alone way. I kept on reading+thinking much more and seeing a great light/peacefulness coming into my life that God allowed and fulfil my prayers.

After that, I came to clean my old beliefs and started sincerely verifying everything I used to believe from scratch:

- God's existence: This was quite natural and I came to understand that only the One God is the true Nature (like in, I should only worship God.

- The Quran: This took quite some time... (at one point I left it) and came to be something like and I came to realize that the true creed for me is God alone - not Quran alone. I came to verify that many many of its verses can be verified as true (and many scientifically true) AND the fact that it's preserved as a whole (and explaining each other as a whole) is really a sign from the Creator himself. If a thing is true, it means that it's consistent with fact/reality/Nature which means that going along with God's law. Therefore, I believed in it as it leads to what is correct, as the beings in 72:2, this is the nartural reason to believe something.

Many people in the world don't even know or have access to the Quran and many, like me, don't understand it's original language. However, it's naturally easy to understand the natural message of "only worshipping our one true Creator/Nature" and doing good - and this is the Quran's "message" directed to mandkind as I see now from having access to its translations. People are born into different environments with different access to different things. But there's always different choices for different circumstances and I am sure God is the best to judge each and every choice a person takes. I am now as sure that God is standing with justice, as I am sure that if you push something, it would push yourself in the opposite direction in the same amount of force (“Newton's 3rd law” = consistent with nature = God's law happening live!). Therefore, I learned that it's better for me to respect and be good to all people no matter how different they are. I learned that it's my duty worship only God and do good. The guidance is from God, not the quran, not from people, not books, paper, ink, etc.

We are created and forced into this world (controlling the “body” that God made for our real “self”) and we will be forced out of this world. We can be a success only if we do what the Creator wants us to do. So we ask Him to guide us and we do our best sincerely.

I would still NOT consider myself as "guided" because I need God's guidance all my life - "Guide us to the straight path" would not be sincere if you think you are guided. For me, this makes us humble/kneel to God, willing to seek his guidance.

All praise be to God.

May God Guide,

Health & Fitness / Sleep well at night - God's design...
« on: November 29, 2007, 09:17:56 PM »
"scientists suspect that overnight work is dangerous because it disrupts
the circadian rhythm, the body's biological clock. The hormone melatonin,
which can suppress tumor development, is normally produced at night."

The Creator of our body told us to rest at night - in His preserved
scripture called "Quran":

25:47 And He is the One who made for you the night as a cover, and sleep
for resting, and He made the day to move about in.

27:86 Did they not see that We made the night for them to rest in, and the
day to see in? In that are signs for a people who have faith.

28:72 Say: "Have you noted: what if God made the daylight eternal, until
the Day of Resurrection? Which god, other than God, can provide you with a
night for your rest? Do you not see?"

28:73 And from His mercy is that He created for you the night and the day,
in order to rest in it, and that you may seek of His provisions. And
perhaps you may be appreciative.

Hope it's helpful!


Please help suggest:

-How to verify the correctness of an understanding/interpretation or translation of the Quran?  (As you see, many issues arise from this.)

-How to verify the correctness of a particular arabic dictionary used?

-How to verify the correctness of the choice of the chosen meaning of a root in a verse? 

I'm not asking to say there is or there isn't a way or conclude anything. I know little, I just want to learn.  :peace:

May God Guide.

Questions/Comments on the Quran / Please help explain 41:40 to 43
« on: April 30, 2007, 10:29:04 AM »
God, please guide us.

Greetings all,

                 I must say that I still have very little knowledge of many things here, please excuse me if my questions are too simple or obvious, and I know very little about Arabic.

After reading:

41:40   Surely, those who distort Our revelations are not hidden from Us. Is one who is thrown into Hell better, or one who comes secure on the Day of Resurrection? Do whatever you wish; He is Seer of everything you do.
41:41   Surely, those who have rejected the Reminder when it came to them; and it is an Honorable Scripture.
41:42   No falsehood could enter it, presently or afterwards; a revelation from a Most Wise, Praiseworthy.
41:43   What is being said to you is the same that was said to the messengers before you. Your Lord has forgiveness, and a painful retribution.

and also

41:1   H.M.
41:2   A revelation from the Almighty, the Merciful.
41:3   A Scripture whose verses are detailed, a compilation in Arabic for a people who know.
41:4   A bearer of good news, and a warner. But most of them turn away; they do not hear.

I have been quite confused here... Please help clarify my numbered questions below:

1. What's the difference between "revelations" and "Reminder" and "Scripture"?

2. Since "Reminder" is a "Honorable Scripture" as in verse 42 and that "No falsehood could enter it, presently or afterwards..." in verse 43, then why are there many versions of the "Quran" as in the "Which Quran?" article (

3.1 "What is being said to you is the same that was said to the messengers before you" - so "what is being said " is the "Reminder" since it was said to the messngers before and said again now - thus reminding - so it's called the "reminder" right?
3.2 If so, then falsehood could never enter "What is being said", right?

Having read "The True State of the Quran" article (, then I came to think that perhaps my answer these questions would be like:

In my humble and know-little situation I think the following answers to myself, please help correct/clarify it to me:

Test Reply to 1.: Falsehood entered and can enter "Revelations", but it can't enter this special "Reminder" revelation.

Test Reply to 2.: Then the "Reminder" would be the initialed chapters of the "Quran". The "Revelations" would be the rest because: See the "The True State of the Quran": ...By reviewing the different variations that exist now in the printed and recited Scripture (there are 10 accepted variations according to the Sunnis alone…I have not looked at what variations the Shia or others groups also carry), it became difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood in most of the chapters of the Scripture with one exception.That exception was the 29 initialed chapters which are all locked by a unique mathematical pattern (see ’19-Fact or Fiction?’).

Test Reply to 3.: "What is being said", is the "Reminder" so it refers to the initialed chapters of the "Quran" (like chapter 41 - "marked"/initialed) - which is really "Quran"
I would then see from these verses that "What is being said" is a "revelation" and it is a "scripture" by its own from verses 2-3, so this "Reminder" is a special "revelation" that is saying about "the same that was said to the messengers before" but it differs that falsehood cannot enter it.

I now feel more clear about it but I think it surely needs more checking and clarification, please help!

However, if the "Quran" is the "Reminder" then would this conflict with "contains":
Quran contains the ‘Zikr’/Reminder (38:1) ?

Or would this "contain" simply mean that it keeps the "reminding" "revelation" intact.

What do you think? Please help clarify! Especially those of you who know Arabic.

Again, I must say that I still have very little knowledge of many things here, please excuse me if my thoughts go wrong or my questions are too simple or too obvious, and I know very little about Arabic.

Peace All,
              This project is about transforming the Progressive Muslims' Quran translation ("The Message") into a program that can be used on mobile phones and PDAs. Now it is developed and working, please help test/verify this mobile software on your Java-enabled phone or PDA.
              Please vist for details.

May God Guide

Projects / Conferences / Events / "The Message" for mobiles
« on: March 04, 2007, 08:08:15 PM »
Peace All,
               Greetings. This project is about transforming translation into a program that can be used on mobile phones and PDAs. It is currently developed to a stage that it is ready for testing and verification. I would like to ask for your help to help test them on various mobiles.

               This is developed using J2ME CLDC-1.0 MIDP-1.0 based on the from the main page. I made a computer program to break the translation into one file per verse format then I made this mobile program that stores all these files and show them one by one as requested.

               Targeted devices: All Java-enabled mobile phones & PDAs that do not limit the jar size to smaller than this "TheMessge.jar" file.
               Tested on Nokia 6630 and Motorola V3i.

                The obstacle is that I cannot post the mobile program here because it is about 1.5 mb while the max attachment size in this forum is 128kb. I've informed Layth by email about this project and the program is mailed to him. Can a moderator or someone please help Layth test the program and host it here for testing?
                 Installation & Testing:
                 1. It is recommended to make sure your phone has at least 4 mb free memory before transferring the file to your phone (becuase you need both space for the jar file and the installed program at installation).
                 2. Refer to your phones' manual for installing Java (J2ME) applications, normally you use the phone's PC suite software to install it via data cable.

                 2. Send the TheMessage.jar file directly to your phone via Bluetooth and the installation would start from inside your phone. (Works on most devices)

May God Guide

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