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Has anyone sighted the crescent moon in the West Coast of North America?
I live in Southern California and I did not get the opportunity to be outside when the conditions were right.

Any information regarding this would be much obliged.        :)

General Issues / Questions / Go Back brother/sister
« on: February 25, 2018, 02:22:27 PM »
If you have any ounce of reason and guidance leave this forsaken place.
If you are able to read this message, then know that this forum is akin to gambling and intoxicants.
Sure it has its benefits like discussing new interesting ideas, but the sin resulting from partaking in this by far outweighs its benefit. You will be increasingly led astray by the constant faith questioning, fake progressive propaganda, promotion of ambiguity in interpretation, promotion of transgression of the limits of God, illogical statements and analyses, irrelevant objections etc....

Stay AWAY from this forum.

It is a political tool for dividing and confusing those who had enough intelligence to seek guidance from God Alone by relying on His Word Alone.

If you have made it this far, both in reading this rant and being guided to "Quran Alone", turn back to the time where Allah was guiding you step by step while you humbly supplicated and your hairs and skin shivered while reading the Quran and tears fell down your cheek as you recited Verses that were eternally personal and eternally relevant to the precise exact situation you constantly found yourself in, to the point you were certain your Lord was literally constantly watching over you.
Go back to the time you did not seek to convince others painstakingly of your interpretation, to a time you did not spend hours devising arguments to debate with strangers online.

This forum was a test and you fell in the trial if you vested yourself in this corrupt charade.

Escape go free.

This forum is not the end of your journey.

Your destiny is beyond these keys, these screens, these 1990's washed up emoticons and this monotonous simple machine interface.

Go beyond the reaches of the secret council who devised this trap for those lone wolves who desire to belong.

Turn around from the screen, there lies your destiny in the real world.

Have you ever tried practicing the nonsense some of these phonies promote?

Turn back to reason, to the season when you used to spend more time looking at the skies
instead of staring at the screen with sighs

Go back

Freeminds was but a trial in your journey so if you have realized you are in the trial

pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move past move forward


Who are the experts in inheritance?
Which of you have Surah 4 completely encompassed and can provide sound and evidence based consultation in the matter of leaving inheritance?

I know we have discussed inheritance a lot on this forum, but I want to put this scenario forward to test the validity of our most prominent inheritance advocates.

If you also know of all the great discussions and threads which bore fruition in regards to inheritance, please feel free to share the links.

Here we go:

Let us say a man who has no wife and no children is to pass away.
His siblings consist of his own twin brother and elder twin sisters.
He is also survived by both his parents.

How will inheritance be apportioned in this specific theoretical case?

Salaaaaaaaaaaaaamu  :sun:

Hey ladies and gents.
If you are one of the individuals who are entirely aware about the environment in which they live and ground upon which they stand and sky which shields them, then join this most amazing Facebook group named:

Universal Zetetic Society ﴾UZS﴿ Generation Z

It is not merely a Flat Earth Group. It is the perfect environment for concrete and studious ideas to foment in. It is one of the leading networks in the advancement of the science.

It fosters and promotes ideas that are key for a utopia and for a community that is willing to make a revolutionary stand against injustice.

If you identify as a flat earther or even if you do not identify or do not like labels this is still the group for you.
We welcome rational debates supported by evidence and discussions which stir the status quo.

Join us and contribute to something greater! Share your knowledge and perspective with us.

I will leave the link below.

For now

Peace unto you

Salaamu Alaykum All

I am looking for employment in article writing that pays decent money.

I am currently running a distribution agency of consumer durable articles and I am running a departmental store as well. I do have a vast experience of 25 years in sales and marketing.

However, I want my knowledge of Quran to feed me. If it is related to Quran then I will be the happiest person in the world

Wouldn't mind if it is an online job like, article writing for a forum, or an online magazine or anything of that sort

Please don't think that I am just looking for extra income. All my businesses are on the verge of collapse. It is my passion to write about what ALLAH has guided me to. I don't think there is a better way than writing. I want to make my passion my profession.

Taking a hiatus from this forum for personal reasons.
Not physically capable of responding to or addressing the swarm of idiocy that has been raging lately.

Whosever God guides no one can misguide. And whoever He leaves astray no one can guide after him.

Read Quran
Read Quran
Study Quran
Study Quran
Study Arabic Lexicons
Study each word
Start from the beginning
Read until the end
Then start a new from the beginning
All the way to the end
Keep this until He calls you

Salaamu Alaykum to the sincere servants of Allah 

This is for those that claim they are on something by following the previous scripture and that Quran is not sufficient.

Although it sounds ridiculous from a scriptural point of view this gentleman is not completely wrong.

According to the Bible the tithes were ordained exclusively for the Levites.

Or is there something I am missing in terms of

Whomever supports the validity, integrity and divinity of the Bible and is well-read in the Scripture please address all the claims made in this article I am linking below.
If you agree also feel free to agree.

I would really like to see input from "bible scholars" and accompanied by evidence from verses.

What do you think of this video?

Click the Quran image below.

Is this German's linguist interpretation earnest?

Or is it true that the interpretation should reflect Arabian culture and understanding not a bordering Syriac one, despite its similarities?

Is there not an even older Quran than this one discovered?

Does the condition of superimposed text over older and erased text, truly indicate rearrangement and changing of words?

If the premise is that this copy is unique from previous and present copies then words in this copy should not match text in older copies in terms of arrangement etc..

I realize it is old and it has probably been discussed thoroughly tons of times.

However for my sake, please feel free to comment, provide links, debunk it, discuss it and peacefully so.

Thank you all in advance

Hello folks!
I made a small survey/trivia-like questionnaire on Quran.
I would appreciate it if you could find the time to respond to this quizlet as honestly as you can.

I am curious to know if there is a consensus among forum members on certain issues of the deen.

This is just a start. I plan on creating a much more extensive survey, questionnaire. However, I'd have to first see how well received this is.

Please READ each question CAREFULLY and take your time, there is no time limit.

Good luck and thank you in advance

Here is the link:

Matrimony / Is it wise to halal date a non-muslim?
« on: June 08, 2017, 02:39:22 AM »
For quite a while now I have known a certain young woman from my university. We have been friends for years and now we have both graduated together!
During these years I have gotten to know her more and more. She is an incredible person. She is very talented, humorous, intelligent, studious, especially kind and well-mannered. Her personality is off the charts not to mention she is very easy on the eye. The chemistry is definitely there, when we're together she's my Sara Silverman and I'm her Dave Chapelle, we're the two funniest people in the world. The chemistry is definitely there, we are comfortable around each other. I truly see her as a special person.
There is only ONE thing.... she is super Catholic! I mean like for graduation everyone decorated their caps and guess what she put on hers? Jesus and a cross... ugghhh....
And it's not like I haven't tried to introduce her to the deen. It did not go over well at the time. Anyway, she seems unwavering in her convictions.
I can really see myself with this person her humility and kindness give me hope that perhaps she may reform. She seems chaste as well as far as I can gather.

I mean it's quite obvious I won't even consider marriage until I am convinced without a shred of doubt that she is a believer.
However, I do not want to become more invested in this especially since we might be going our separate ways as we both enter new chapters in our lives. I have a feeling that she wants to see where things can go, but I do not want to give hope where there is no future.

Is it wise to continue our friendship,chaste romance and patiently await for her self-reformation?
Or should I nip it in the bud and seek to only consider those who are already believers?

I think I could eventually be okay with cutting ties but I think I may be starting to REALLY like her... I mean I kinda have for years now had a crush on her on and off.

This girl has got my nose wide open ranting on a forum sheesh

Your consult would be much obliged

DISCLAIMER: I have been completely chaste with her and intend to keep at it

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