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Off-Topic / Ex-Sunnis and others
« on: January 01, 2015, 09:40:25 PM »
Salaam everyone,

How do you deal with your sunni families? I am told to join Aalimi course, and how this will benefit me, etc.

At first, I used to be quite in beginning concerning sunni practices and would just tell my sister, but this becoming alim has started. By the way, I always wanted to become Alimi and was finally registering last year just before getting doubts when I saw hadiths about one sect going to heaven and a Quran verse posted against sects which made me start researching. Anyway, I feel bad because many of I know are leaving colleges and joining Aalimi course.

I said they teach other books, and I want to learn Quran or arabic to understand Quran better. They said yes, they teach you that and what else will they teach? I said no, they don't.
The conversations went long until I said for example, we are told no to differentiate between Prophets, but many think Mohammad is the most supreme. They all said obviously Mohammad is the best and thought as if I am crazy.
One of them said what's the point in going to studying other things or going to college when we should learn islam and follow. I said God emphasize on knowledge and studying other subjects does not mean against it.

In the end, I said there is sunni, shia, etc, and how can sunni be right when we should be muslims?! One of them said the Alimi course aren't sunnis, and Mullahs teach one to be mulsim. I said Darul-uloom are from sunnis. It was intense, but they think I am reading a different book and is not Quran. Or, how the translations are wrong even when I said I have a translation from Sunni Scholar too. They didn't believe. I said scholars know Quranic teachings which I am saying,  but they also other books and that's why you all believe these teachings. I said to please study Quran and if not, at least, read the translation. I was told we don't have this much time in our daily lives, but we young ones should study. Also, how all Mullahs can be wrong while I am right.

Anyway, they think I am talking about totally different faith and that too for merely saying we are told to not differentiate b/w Prophets. I wonder what would've happened if I said the rest, so I stayed Quite and was told to ask Mullahs what I am talking about. I said okay. What would you do? Stay Quite or tell them the rest? Because I feel they will hate me seeing the reaction I had for just saying all Prophets are equal. I wonder how can many ex-sunni tolerate and deal with such issues?

General Issues / Questions / Can anyone answer?
« on: November 02, 2014, 09:54:30 PM »
Salaam Everyone,

Lately I have been confused about something. I am going to try my best to express myself clearly here.
Has anyone felt being near God? I mean to say feeling like talking to? Before I knew about Quranic teachings around 1-2 years ago, I have felt extremely close to God. When I came to know about hadith contradictions with Quran, I stopped taking those hadiths seriously, and I felt even more close after lots of confusion and research. It was like this until recently when I saw a post in Jinn and Paranormal section.

Since then I am extremely confused and scared thinking what if it is just Satan's voices. I stopped listening to it, but then I have never felt so close to God, happy, and with peace before. Whenever I am taking a decision or in a difficult situation, I listen to that voice and put my trust in God, it always works. Now that I have tried to stop it thinking what if it just Satan's voice, it is extremely hard to let go because I don't feel in peace. Also,  I think what if it's not Satan's voices, and I am just confused for no reason. There is a verse about in Qur'an about God speaking behind a barrier. When I saw that long time ago, I was even more happy because it was like confirmation, but since that post, I have been confused.
I ask forgiveness from God if I am doing something wrong about this. I prayed about this situation as well. I can't let go of that voice at the same time. It is hard.
I have never told about this to anyone because people might think I am delusional? I tried to make a post about it since the time I have been confused about it, but I thought I would be fine. Now, I thought to just say it.

Off-Topic / Username Change - How?
« on: September 02, 2014, 01:21:24 AM »

I want to change my Username. How do I change it? I went to Account Settings, but it had only the option of Password change.

Where can I change my Username?

Thanks for your help.

Questions/Comments on the Quran / The Qur'an here - Help!
« on: June 01, 2014, 10:51:20 PM »
Salam everyone,

I have been looking for a Qur'an which is without parenthesis and without any sect interpretation of Qur'an based on the Hadiths they believe in and etc. I want a Qur'an which has a translation BASED on what the Qur'an Says exactly. I finally found such Qur'an translation available here by Monotheist Group, but I have few questions regarding it.

Is this site and the Qur'an here by a Quranist/Muslim, who follow Full Qur'an WITHOUT any SECT like me or submitters/reformists Quranists?

I am asking because I don't follow RK like Submitters or reformists who follow the Qur'an without 2 verses. I want to follow only Qur'an so I am that kind of Quranist/Muslim who just follow only Qur'an.

SO please tell me if this Qur'an here is the same FULL Qur'an we have everywhere ? I want a Qur'an without any interpretation of any sect. If the Monotheist Group are Quranists/Muslims WITHOUT ANY Sect and only believe and follow Qur'an like me and thus has translated without being influenced by any sect, then it is fine. I can get the Qur'an here.

But no Sunni, Shia, Reformists, Submitters etc please.

I hope You all get what I am trying to ask and say. Please do answer me asap :)

Thank You so much!

Introduce Yourself / Hey All!
« on: April 06, 2014, 10:18:58 PM »
Asalaamualikum/Hey everyone,

I am new here because I have been recently searching about Islam.
I have been Muslim all my life and did not know about sects etc until 5-6 years back when I found out I am Sunni. All these years I thought I am Muslim only, but Apparently I am Sunni since I followed Hadiths too along with Quran.

Anyways, since I have been researching for a month or so, I just found out that Hadiths book came 150-300 after Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and many even contradict Quran. How can we know Hadiths are right from Prophet? They can be Men made up too .

I am just confused since Quran say to follow Quran as it is complete and detailed. So, I am confused why Should I also follow Hadiths as that make me so much confused weather which one is right which agrees with Quran teaching and which one is wrong to follow.

I am praying and wishing everyday to God to show me the right path. I first want to learn Quran  as God than anything else.
Sometimes, I think what if the Quran is changed too if I am thinking Hadiths are men made up and not sure if they are even from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), but then No one has been able to Change Quran, it does not contradict, it has so many scientific explanations which could've not been made up 100s of years ago, and Prophet himself made people memorize, and my heart say it is right. So, for I am following Quran for now and plan to follow. I hope I am right, and Allah forgives me if I am doing something wrong.

Please do not mind. I joined this forum since I can find many Quran explanation with Hadith etc .

So, I hope I am welcomed.

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