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General Issues / Questions / My Blog
« on: August 01, 2017, 08:08:30 AM »
Salam all, I started a blog for fun. It will be a small daily message about some topic related to Allah's Message. Enjoy.


General Issues / Questions / Butterfly or Locust
« on: November 09, 2016, 04:37:26 AM »

Allah (swt) gives us a similitude of the butterfly in the Qu'ran:

101:4 The Day when people come out like swarms of butterflies.

Butterflies and moths are one of the few creatures that go through holometaboly, which is complete biological metamorphosis during its life cycle. There are four major states in this process, and they seem to be analogous to our spiritual growth.

1. The Egg State: An adult butterfly lays an egg from which a larva is born.

Allah (swt) creates the human and places a small egg or soul into each of them (15:29). He also gives us a built-in reminder (7:172) and link (15:29) in order to contact Him. This begins the human?s process of metamorphosis.

2. The Caterpillar State: The larva does nothing but eat and grow and becomes a caterpillar. They do not stay very long in this state.

This stage is the human being?s natural life cycle from birth to death. The growth is the spiritual growth of the soul. The growth occurs when three conditions are met: Acknowledging Allah (swt) as the One God, serving Allah (swt) through righteous deeds and avoiding large sins, and preparing for the Day of Recompense.

3. The Chrysalis State:  Once the caterpillar has reached a sufficient state of growth and is done eating, it finds a safe place to make a chrysalis or pupa. This is the hibernation stage. It also is the changing stage. The caterpillar begins to physically change to a butterfly.

Upon death, the soul goes in hibernation (39:42). The souls of the believing servants are protected (3:170) whereas the disbelievers are tormented

4. The Adult State: The butterfly emerges from the pupa as a different creature. They have a different body and eat different food. If the caterpillar had eaten the right amount and type of food, the butterfly emerges strong and healthy. Otherwise it emerges unhealthy and with deformities. They have a different role in nature to either mate, or in some cases, migrate to safer locations.

The soul reaches spiritual adulthood when it is resurrected on the Day of Recompense. Those who did good deeds and ?fed? their souls emerge with strong, healthy spirits measured by the intensity of their light (66:8 ) and migrate to Allah (swt) and safety. Those who did not ?feed? their souls will emerge with spiritual handicaps (2:18) and are not able to migrate. It is interesting that Allah (swt) tells us that we ?swarm or scatter? like butterflies as the only time they swarm or scatter is during migration which is what will happen on the Day of Recompense.

I hope we all see that this is the progress we all want to make in our spiritual lives. However, Allah (swt) tells us additional information about the disbelievers and hypocrites:

54:7 With their eyes humiliated, they come out of the graves like scattered locusts.

Locust do NOT go through complete biological metamorphosis but rather only a partial process called hemimetaboly. They do not go through any major physical changes but rather retain their original juvenile appearance. They do not change their eating habits, and as an adult are even more hungry and ravenous. When locust swarm, they do NOT do so to migrate to a safe location. They swarm out of hunger and despair and destroy the environment around them. 

Continuing the analogy, the soul of disbelievers and hypocrites are unable to return to Allah (swt) because they did not attain proper growth when alive. They are looking anywhere to attain the light needed to migrate to Allah.

57:13 On that Day, the hypocrite males and the hypocrite females will say to those who believed: "Wait for us! Let us absorb some of your light." It will be said: "Go back behind you, and seek light." So a barrier will be put forth between them, whose gate separates mercy on the inner side, from retribution on the outer side.

So how will we return, as a Butterfly or Locust?


[16:69] Then eat from all the fruits, following the design of your Lord, precisely. From their bellies comes a drink of different colors, wherein there is healing for the people. This should be (sufficient) proof for people who reflect.*

Salam all,

For you, do you feel it will be like:

1) Seeing your parents again after being many years abroad x1000?  :sun:
2) Coming home to your parents after your receive a bad report card at school x1000?  :-\

I pray for 1 but live my life like its 2.

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