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Discuss Latest World News / Corona Virus Pandemic
« on: April 21, 2020, 01:22:01 PM »
I will start this, it's also about healing strategies to protect from cell damage done by the virus.

I managed to get rid of Hepatitis B using alternative therapies, so Corona Virus is a virus but is different as it does not settle in the host, it either is cleared by the immune system, with sadly some after effects like damaged organs, or it kills the host in a dreadful way suffocating him/her.

Before I submit what I found & am using to protect from it, I will say this:

Like HIV, Corona Virus is a step up on lethality of retroviruses as it is airborne & very easy to catch, worse it mutates & mutated variants are even more damaging, it is also a fact (more or less) that mutating retroviruses are hard to vaccinate against.

Theologically, i.e. Quranically, corona virus with its undermining human contact for a social animal like Man is to me clearly a punishment from Allah, long overdue because of the evil that is currently rippling unhindered on Earth by the Anglo-Zionists who are in fact Gog & Magog prophesied in Qur'an to slide from every mound by the coming of the Hour/Last Day, the Last Day might have started as far back as World War 2 in fact.

OK, enough, I am writing this as an impulse, what I want to share is this important finding to protect against Corona virus which I have published on my twitter feeds with supporting evidence...

This combination of supplements protects human organs from & cures acutes of corona virus infections:

Quercetin + Zinc + Quinine + Copper + Bromelain + Vitamin C.

This is mostly what I have to say to help my brothers protect themselves from this dangerous pathogen.

Of course other WHO advice are worthy following, such as social isolation, face masks, washing hands, etc.

I do not know how long Allah will make this virus last & wreak its havoc, it might go or it might be very brutal, may Allah have Mercy on the Believers...

Salam wa rahmah
Nabil H

General Issues / Questions / Jesus Christ vs Issa ibn Mariam
« on: September 04, 2019, 05:00:48 PM »
Allah's Peace, Grace & Mercy...

This has been bothering me from the start.

After reading
Who was JESUS? Conspiracy in Jerusalem - by Kamal S. Salibi
& I cannot unread it, the logic is brutal, I am not a Christian, but even to me it was shocking. Will soon debrief slowly when I finish reading, might need to reread it - uses Bible, Qur'an & records.

Small summary Issa ibn Miriam =/= Jesus Christ , part of Issa ibn Miriam history used over Jesus Christ, Jesus has father, brothers, was crucified, was a freedom fighter against Rome, Paul went to Yemen to collect info on Issa son of Mary which he used to make Jesus holy...

So everything prophetic happened in Yemen & SW Arabia/Hejaz, Issa ibn Miriam over 200 years older than Jesus Christ who was no prophet nor messenger, but a Jewish Rabbi who fought against Rome, he probably also followed Torah.
Still struggling with this, Jerusalem in ME copycat.

So Jesus Christ special status fabricated by so called apostles/followers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, his brother James, Peter, Paul all co-conspirators projecting Issa ibn Miriam onto Jesus Christ.
Issa was never crucified nor killed, Jesus was crucified & killed...

Therefore all gospels collected in Palestine fabrication projecting Issa ibn Miriam onto Jesus Christ, making Jesus Christ a vessel whom Paul used with Emperor Constantine to deploy Christian doctrine of trinity, son of god, etc.
After that Jerusalem in Palestine has little holiness left.

This will be very challenging to Christians, Muslims who relied on Christian records & even to an Arab Jew like me who accepted the Muslim/Christian status quo consensus.

At the time of Mohamed, in Arabia, Christians in Arabia had access to the true Gospel/Injeel of the Nassara followers of Issa son of Mary, that scripture in parchments form seems to have disappeared, maybe destroyed or in possession of Vatican...

I can no longer defend Palestine on the basis of theology, but on the basis of freedom fighting of a subjugated people.
Both Jerusalem & Jesus Christ today are not holy.
Original Jerusalem was in Asir, no longer exists.
Original son of Mary, Messiah, Word of God not Jesus.

New Testament nothing to do with original gospel/injeel revealed to Messiah Issa ibn Miriam, though it uses history stolen from Yemen of Issa, & resources from OT to make Jesus Christ holy. They also claim Jesus Christ is descendant of David, whereas Issa descendant of Aaron.

Qur'an did not challenge this because the Nassara in Hejaz were using the true Gospel revealed to Issa ibn Miriam, not the fake gospels circulating in Rome/Palestine.
A posit is that initial followers of Issa moved to Najran, Yemen, & were burnt in a holocaust by Jews there.

Pharisees in Palestine insisted Jesus be crucified, as failed in Yemen to crucify true Messiah Issa ibn Miriam, they forced Pilate's hand who ordered his crucifixion, so ensuring birth of Christianity thereof.
Thus both OT & NT tampered with & only Qur'an can correct records.

Another posit is maybe Jesus Christ was a follower descendant of Nassara followers of true Messiah Issa ibn Miriam, & was preaching God's Gospel as Issa did, indeed some records attest Jesus Christ carried parchments with him, which might be Gospel fragments in his possession.

I will post links to Kamal Salibi relevant books later...

cf. this was from my twitter accounts feeds @inabster / @meNabster


This is how I am settled for Ramadhan once & for all until I die -

The fast starts on the 7th full moon after the Spring equinox.

This year the 7th full moon after the spring equinox is 5th October 2017.

So I will fast 3 to 10 days starting the 6th October 2017.

The Quran was revealed on the equinox day with full moon on 20 September 617
at the night between 20/09/617 & 21/09/617.

Check here -

Twitter Link:

TRASH / Man of Faith
« on: June 29, 2015, 12:43:28 AM »

This deservedly belongs in the trash, after a heated exchange with Man of Faith, the Flat Earth pazuzu thread got rightly locked by Brother Layth, as a result, and still boiling with anger I presume, Man of Faith sent me this message, but blocks me from answering it in Private  ;D

I find it hilarious so share this here, and my answer I couldn't post him :)

MoF said:

What can I say... your Pride is breath-taking, you remind me of Satan  >:D

Rather having pride than being like sheep who follow others fabrications without reflection.

Your behavior is appalling and you have to change it because you are focused on entirely the wrong things. I am not intending to be your enemy while we were having a discussion on the forum but actually responding that you eventually would apply your brain instead of following what you have learned and think it true. You have to "relearn what you have learned" when something makes better sense than what you believe.

Even if we put everything about doctrines aside as per details then you cannot miss that behavior is the most important detail and you fail miserably when you are unfriendly in your counter with me or anyone else for that sake. Even if they are unfriendly to you that does not warrant you the right to be unfriendly towards them.

Be well

I said:

I am glad to make you furious, that might trigger an enlightenment vector for you to ride on ;)

You say it is not even my own story, of course it isn't, I absolutely concur.

It is Allah's story, and we are mere participants.

The sooner you realise and accept that, the better for you.



This is a conceptual interest of mine, which, if I manage to raise money for, I will get into:

use of Thorium instead of Plutonium to power a nuclear station to produce safe nuclear energy.

I have read some about it, but there never has been a serious attempt at actually building a nuclear power station
using as fissile fuel Thorium instead of Plutonium.

I am just putting this as a space holder, if one day this interest of mine can be satisfied, with the help of Allah.

Other interests are again around the matter of safe, free energy, such as based on Niklas Tesla's works on electromagnetism, and I think if it is possible, it should be an Islamic endeavour, as the benefits will be huge, not monetarily, but environmentally.

A shame that Tesla died a pauper scorned and rejected by the mainstream.

Introduce Yourself / My Intro
« on: June 22, 2015, 12:41:25 AM »
Peace All

I never introduced myself in this Forum, though I have been reading, learning and sometimes contributing since 2003.

How I came to the Forum - in 1985-86 I had a mystical crisis, and wanted to come closer to God and find ways to do so, after involvement into some groups, including Muslim Brotherhood and Tablighi Nisab and a small group we formed as PG Students, I was still not satisfied.

Wait, I need to rewind, before 1985, I was rather confused, but I believed in God, and read The Quran in Arabic, though without applying myself to understand it better than supposedly just getting the blessings from reading it, like an incantation magics book (or like sunnis, shias, etc. believe)

In the mean time, I got involved into some not so holy groups, such as Insight, Silva Method, NLP, Yoga, Shamanism, Landmark Education, etc. so I got touched by Satan in a few ways :(

Another interest was the 19 miracle of the Quran, and my looking into it and fascination by it was as far back as 1986, a year when I also had a close encounter with Dianetics and its nascent Church of Scientology through a friend who became a member and tried to convince me into it, thankfully without success.

Also I shared a house for three years with a very devout Christian son of a South African Missionary, he tried to convince me to follow his version of Christianism and encouraged me to read the Bible, as it was written in English and I had him on hand, I asked him several questions which he diligently answered, this in turn encouraged me further to understand the Quran better, so I got myself a Marmaduke Picktall translation and also in parallel an Ahmadi Sect translation, this opened the mystical yearning and floodgate in me, and I then started practising Sunni Islam, to the horror of my South African Christian house-mate who tried his utmost then to discourage me away from religion altogether ;) (that is flash back happening in 1985-86)

I have a post-grad education, and worked in research in theoretical chemistry at Sussex University, then got involved through the same group of students friends quoted above into setting up businesses from Plant & Equipment dealerships to Laser technologies...

In 2000 I abandoned business in Science, and enrolled into a course to get an Education Degree that will allow to teach in Schools and Colleges of Further Education.

At that time, still confused about how to properly link up with my Creator, God Almighty, I made an earnest prayer for guidance and lifting the veil of confusion and ignorance I believed to be overwhelmed with.

I believe that the answer to my prayer crystallised on using the Web to find out what real Belief in God meant.

There was then this strange urge that overtook me to find out if the Hadiths were really a requirement in Islam, which led me again to Rashid Khalifah, then I think the answer to my prayer in 2003 when I first encountered the website

Well that's how I think it happened anyway... I am still alive, and wonder what Allah has in store for me in the future.

Off-Topic / Debunking the old Flat Earth paradigm.
« on: June 21, 2015, 07:44:43 AM »
Peace All,

in view there is a thread pushing the old (and in my view obsolete) Flat Earth model, I think for balance, it will be good to have a thread doing the opposite.

As I am very lazy, not per malice, but per health issues, I will start with a few links that shed evidence as to how and when the Flat Earth paradigm was abandoned in favour of the one we have today, and of which I am convinced, with the overwhelming majority of scientists, philosophers and thinkers as being correct:

Flat Earth Movement Churned on by CIA - PSYOPS | Science and Technology
Highly possible and most likely.

Concave Earth Theory - The Wild Heretic
a competitive theory that purports the Earth is in fact concave and that Flat Earth is being pushed by CIA to distract from it.

Flat Earth Society - Debunked
a forum discussion on the matter of debunking Flat Earth fallacy.

How We Know the Earth is Round / Flat Earthers DEBUNKED: Exploring Science, Ep. II
A more elaborate positing of how it came into place, and why it is incorrect.

I would appreciate you do not ask me questions or challenge me, I have nothing to defend.

It is those who challenge the status quo who have the burden to come up with their alternative, and deal with all the implications this entail, such as re-building all of Science from scratch, and accounting for all the phenomena we witness day in and day out here on Earth.

Being anti-conformist and reactionary and opposing something is not enough to disprove it. I have no motives but to seek the forgiveness and approval of Allah, mine and yours Maker, His Will will prevail, comfortable, or painful to me, I have no choice but to submit to His Will, or be damned.

The will of Scientists, Theorists, Leaders, Clerics, Scholars, Humans, Angels, Jinns is irrelevant. What matters is Allah.

Salaam everyone,

I came across a website advertising on twitter, the members are pretty aggressive, but they promote Quran only and are
clearly against Hadiths.

What was annoying is when I engaged with one of the posters on twitter about using a less aggressive and alienating approach to put forward their ideas, I got banned by him.

Anyone knows who they are, do they, or did they ever, participate in

Even though the info on the web-site is OK, I believe they do a disservice to the Quran with the approach they are taking.
They don't also refer back to any other similar website, such as ours here.

Here is the url:

Any one engaged with them here?

I find twitter a good tool to use to advocate matters that are important to publish, and am using it extensively now.

I encourage Monotheist Brothers to do same, and follow one another to advocate for the truth and expose evil in the world.


Discuss Latest World News / Ukraine cold war
« on: March 24, 2014, 08:15:09 PM »
No one (maybe wisely) has put a thread on this, though it is a huge elephant in the room.

My take on this is that the right to self determination for people should be honoured.

Also as a side note, having a multi-polar world is better for peace than a world dominated by a single superpower, so the emergence of the BRICS and Russia, China as counter poise to US neocon domination is welcome by me.



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