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General Issues / Questions / Forum problems
« on: November 06, 2005, 07:29:12 AM »

I feel that sometimes the language used on the FM-site, would hardly have been tolerated in most other discussion forums.
However, as non-productive as name-calling and bad language may be, it is hardly the most serious problem.
I believe the oversight of questions asked in a debate is far more serious. Instead of answering the questions, there is an extensive use of cover-ups and smoke-screening.
This is probably so, due to the feeling of necessity to continue to hold on to a standpoint one has reached, no matter what.

This behavior does very little to enhance our understanding of subjects discussed. To behave like knowledgeable ?gurus? when, in fact, the discussions shows otherwise, is a bit shortsighted, or narrow sighted.
I hope that people taking part here could step down from their high horses and discuss as friends instead of becoming enemies over matters nobody can ascertain one way or another.

It often reminds me of discussions between religious groups like Sunni, Shia, Christians etc.
We are not missionaries, or rather; we should not behave like missionaries.
I am very disappointed some times when I see the same structure in discussions here as I see from religious groups mentioned.
For politicians to use this kind of debate tactics is quite understandable, as their ends are not to educate, and be educated, but to be ?better than others?, to collect votes etc.
If that is the goal, then please do not pretend to discuss issues in order to learn.

When a question is raised, answer it to the best of your knowledge. If a counter-question is deemed necessary, then fine, do that, but first please, please, answer the question raised first, without all these cover-ups.
Interesting discussions are totally killed by such behavior.

FM is still the best site around to discuss subjects concerning islam, let us try to make it better instead of acting like ?infallible super-humans?, it is not very productive.


Ali Omar

Dear Marie,

I think it is time to slow down a bit and take this one step at a time.
I am a technical person, and therefore used to think of solutions based on facts that I find around me.
Let us try to use common sense and find out of the matter at hand. None of us are experts in this field, we are all searching. So, let us search. God ask us to use our brains and search for information in all of God?s signs, not the quran alone, so let us.

6.145 says ?....pouring/flowing/running blood.....?

This, I understand, you agree to?
If not do not continue, stop here, and tell me what you think 6.145 says.
If you agree, then go on.
When is a liquid said to be pouring/flowing/running?

Let us look at a very common expression like ?running water?. When is this regarded as ?running??
In a cup, in a glass, as ice-cubes, or from a source where the water is pouring out?

Do you agree that it means water ?pouring/flowing/running? from some source?

If not, do not continue, stop here, and tell me what you think it means.
If you agree, then go on.
What is the difference between ?running water? and ?water??

Should there be any difference when talking about other types of liquids, including blood?

If so, then again, stop here and please explain what the difference is.
If you think there is no difference in the expressions, then go on.
The verse states ?running blood? as something to avoid.

What is the difference between this ?running blood? and blood contained in a piece of beef?

If you think there is a difference, then please explain.


Ali Omar

General Issues / Questions / ideas anyone?
« on: July 13, 2005, 10:02:15 PM »
Hi all,

I have found many of the discussions on this site very interesting. I also see that many of the posts are touching on the subjects of ?Islamic state?, or ?Islamic rule?, and the like.
However it seems to still be open questions on how/where and so on.

As far as I can see Pakistan is the latest experiment in the direction of creating an ?Islamic state?.
However, even though the initial thought was for Pakistan to become an ?Islamic state? based on the Qur?an, the whole idea was hijacked by the traditional ?Islamic? priesthood in India.
I strongly believe that any community trying to establish a system based on the Qur?an is likely, sooner or later, to be hijacked in a similar manner, by forces from parties greedy for power over mind and/or matter. This is human reality.

Education is suggested as a first step, and I totally agree, but we are talking about a total change in mind-set.
It is easy to gather people who are living under terrible conditions to adopt a system of equality. These people are already fairly equal; equally bad off, that is, and will follow anything that can give them freedom of fear, and a daily means of survival.

What about those who have what we call a ?high living standard? at present?
How to sell an idea of reduced living standard for these people who are in fact controlling the lives of the majority?
In a system of equality somebody has to give up some of their present benefits.
And what about all those ?middle classes? who have managed to scrape together a ?descent life? and many of whom are trying to secure this and climb ?higher??
Very few would like to lose anything even with a promise of long term benefits for the human race, or a promise of something in a future you can not see or explain.

We have some individuals and groups who are doing their bit in various areas like human rights groups, environment protection groups, fair distribution of values and so on. Sometimes groups like these are referred to as fundamentalists, or fanatics. It is very difficult to navigate in issues you are particularly concerned about, in a balanced manner.
However, these groups are dealing with real problems, in day-to-day life. Their work is something in line with ?Robin Hood?. Hated, and often persecuted, by the ?have a lot? and worshipped by the ?have not?.

The idea of a system of God to solve all problems is fine and dandy, as a theory, but how to sell it?
I am convinced of one way that is wrong, namely to try to sell it as a ritualistic religion, or a system that is forced on anyone.
How to go out and sell the idea of ?beautiful Islam?, ?peaceful Islam? after all the atrocities we see around us?

Usually, when a house is rotten, it is torn down before a new house can be built. Is this what we are facing here? Are our main obstacles the rotten establishments hiding under the name of ?Islam?? Or something called ?God?, or some other name?
Educate, yes, but who/how/what?

Maybe we can not avoid being classified into a group in order to make any headway?
In that case, what can all people relate to?


Ali Omar

General Issues / Questions / What am I?
« on: March 29, 2005, 10:01:38 PM »

People in general, are usually trying to classify other people.
Many of us here are not classified as followers of Islam by others, as we do not believe in the human creations of Hadith as being part of Islam.

Am I a Muslim?

Most of us do not submit, as that would require us to obey by the laws of God.
I, for one, don?t do that. I am a part of the economical system which thrives on interest.
My living standard is relatively high, while I know that thousands of people starve to death every day.
I am driving around in a petrol driven car burning up fossilized fuel that has taken the Earth millions of years to produce, and helping to destroy the environment around me through the exhaust gases, and so on and so forth.

According to this I can not be a Muslim.

Am I a Mu?min?

I believe in some power that I call God, and I have faith in this God having arranged the World and its function in an order that is right for us and everything else in it.
Of this I have no doubt.
However, I do not feel that I strive with my money and my life in the cause of God; therefore I fall short of filling the description of a Mu?min in verse 8.2.

So far, I am not a Muslim and I am not a Mu?min.

Am I an Unbeliever?

I do not believe that God is part of a trinity, and I do not believe that God has a son.
I do not believe there is more than the one God. I do believe that the Quran contains the words of God, and I do believe that the prophets were guided by God.

I do not seem to fit in the picture of Kafir either.

I seem to be in some sort of a limbo.
Am I just a human being, trying, and hoping that God will help me become the best I can?
Or is there an expression for a category that fits me?

Best regds

Ali Omar

General Issues / Questions / Why Words of God?
« on: August 03, 2004, 04:20:47 PM »
Dear all,

There seem to be little or no dispute as to whether the Qur?an contains the words of God.
But what could be the reason for its existence?

Best regards

Ali Omar

General Issues / Questions / Seeing the Forest from the Trees
« on: June 26, 2004, 10:27:09 PM »
Dear Layth,

Maybe it would be an idea to make it clear who the real enemies of God?s system are?
Be aware that there would not be any division, or separation, without the sanctification from the various fundamental religions.
Every one of the messengers, as far as history goes, had their real enemy amongst the existing religions of their time.

Fundamental religions are built on slavery of the mind and/or body, magic, superstition and ignorance.
Without the backing of these groups there would not be any vulturous bankers, globalists, war mongers or polluting corporations exploiting God?s creations, including their fellow human beings.

?The big fight? will be against the ?twisters? of people?s minds, for their own, short-term, selfish gains.
Everyone who is creating an unbalance in God?s system, should be our target.

The organizations you mentioned are all doing something positive to that end, but is there anyone attacking, more directly, the ?root of the problem??

Best regards

Ali Omar

General Issues / Questions / Extra revelations?
« on: December 31, 2003, 05:25:21 AM »
Dear all,

Anybody with a good explanation of the understanding of 66:3?

Did Allah send revelations not written down in the Qur?an?

Best regards

Ali Omar

General Issues / Questions / God, He, She, It?
« on: December 19, 2003, 09:59:29 PM »
God, He, She, It?

There are some excellent articles and other entries on the ?Free Minds? site, which really shows a great concern in the matter of Islam, or ?submission to the Lord of the Worlds?.

One thing, however, seems to be stuck in everyone?s mind; we still keep on referring to Allah with the male gender. This must be due to the misunderstood concept of God from Christianity or other religions, and/or the inadequacy in the Arabic language.

When we refer to God as ?he?, or ?she?, we are degrading God to the status of God?s creations. If we have done just a little bit of research into what God is, or is not, it seems obvious that God can not possibly have any gender, being it male, or female.

What is holding us back from referring to God as ?It??

Do we think that ?It? is inferior to ?he/she??

Best regards

Ali Omar

General Issues / Questions / WAKE UP
« on: December 06, 2003, 02:15:21 AM »
Dear all,

I have been inactive on the forum for quite a while, mainly due to a feeling of taking part in discussions going nowhere.

My hopes were that we could have some constructive discussions, on the basis of Islam. We have, hopefully, some things in common, like an idea of what Islam is, and is not. Should we try to build on that instead of giving in to vain talk, and endless discussions of minute details?

What I need, and again, hopefully, many with me, is to find a broader basis to build up a system in accordance with God?s guidance.

I do not feel a belonging to any of the ?established camps?, or sects, sprung out of any guidance from God.
Maybe that is the way it is meant to be, but I am not satisfied with it.

After years of study of some religious scriptures including the Qur?an, Ahadith and various ritualistic religions, both Islam and others, I have found a common thread in all religions; they are all products of the human mind for control of the masses, one way or another.

The bases for the multitude of religions also seem to have many things in common, and are a ?far cry? from the results we see all around us. Islam is no exception.

I must admit that as the Qur?an is of main interest to me, I have spent more time on that than on any other scriptures.

To me, it is beyond doubt that the Qur?an is the Word of God.
It is also, to me, beyond doubt that all the interpretations of the Qur?an contain grave mistakes.
The words may have been translated correctly, but the underlying meaning has been, in some cases, gravely misinterpreted.

I have found the Qur?an to be such a dynamic book, that there is no one interpretation doing it justice.
It is a source of lifelong, continuous, interpretation. You can find one interpretation of a certain passage to be correct today but as times go by, and situations changes, so does some of the interpreted meanings.

There are, however some verses that obviously have a global, and eternal interpretation. These are what the Qur?an also refers to as the ?basic verses? of the Book.

I have also found that there is no larger community, let alone country, that are following the system of God, our creator. Whether it being Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or any other.
I have found the Qur?an to cover all the aspects of life and am, therefore referring to that.

Also many participants, writers of articles and other scripts on the Internet has been widely used and I am eternal grateful for the inputs.
You will, probably not find much new things in what I write, but maybe a ?good? thing can not be said too often?

Anyhow first things first, are we ready to skip personal ?squabble? and look at the seriousness of the state of Islam?

How long are ?Muslims? going to continue ?sleeping??

When are we going to find back to the right path, trusting in Allah?

How long are we going to continue wasting our time and energy on nonsensical rituals?

When are we going to take charge and responsibility for our own lives?

How long are we going to be told, by self proclaimed ?Islamic? priests, what is right and what is wrong?

When are we going to rid ourselves of nonsensical spiritualistic mysticism and see reality?

How long shall we go on declaring ourselves to be Muslims if we do not believe in Allah or the Words of Allah?

When are we going to understand that Islam is a ?comprehensive system of life? and not a mere religion?

How long are we going to continue squabbling amongst our selves, without getting anywhere?

Until we wake up and stop treating Islam as a convenient shield, or a play, but take it seriously and listen to Allah, we will have no ?one Ummah?, and we will continue to be losers.

Best regards to you all,

Ali Omar

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