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Since 2000 then when I was studying Islam intensively at school in R.E. lessons.

2 translations of the Quran purchased.

Both of them read all the way through at least once.

Numerous other translations studied.

A few visits to Arab countries.

A few friendships with Sunnis.

A few years being a member of the Rashad Kahalifa cult.

8 years membership of this forum.

Many threads read about it on this and other websites.

Lots of time pondering it on my own.

Several attempts at Ramadan Sunni style (including one successful month).

A fair amount of mockery from family.


A whole Metonic cycle?(

But I still don't understand what the instruction is! The thing that currently makes the most sense to me is to fast the full moon following the summer solstice, so 3 days, darkness excluded. But even then I am not sure if it applies to people outside of Arabia as well or even if women are included at all?!

I don't even know how to spell it! Is it Ramadan or Ramadhan or Ramazan? I have seen all three used.

Kill me.

Just kill me now.


Women's Issues / Board suggestions
« on: July 08, 2014, 12:03:42 PM »
Peace all,

Firstly I wish to say thank you to Sir Layth as well as to the God :hail for allowing us to have this section.

Not sure why there never was one, but nevermind we have one now :). I thought it would be a good idea to have a place for women-focused discussions but it is not just for my benefit so if you are identifying as a woman please post what you like!

However some things I think should be borne in mind...

1) If you're male then you are reading any threads here at your own risk! Don't complain if you don't like what is said here or if you find anything annoying or even disturbing - as you have been warned. Please allow us to have private conversations here and do not refer to them on other parts of the forum. Please don't copy and paste anything from here in another thread, mention anything any female says here to her on another thread or send any of us a PM referring to anything we have said here.

2) This is supposed to be for women so if you are a girl younger than say 14 years old then it is okay to read but maybe not such a good idea for you to post here. We don't want to have to explain adult stuff to children. Maybe there could be another section if enough younglings are on the forum and want a place to discuss kids' stuff...but that would have to be separate.

3) If you are a woman and you want to post here please identify yourself as female by adding this to your profile so we can see it on the thread. Please no members who are blank next to their name but saying in your post 'I am female' - that's not fair. Either have a profile that reflects it or don't post here. If up until now you have kept your gender anonymous then this may be the time for you to 'come out' lol.

4) This is not a place for gossiping or complaining about men. Or for discussing problems you are having with one unless you genuinely want our opinion on what you should do. Please don't discuss what intimate stuff you do with your husband and ask us whether you think it is right or not either  - like you often get on other religious forums. Generic discussions about intimate stuff or if it is just about you personally is fine; but I don't think it should include intimate information about someone else as a matter of courtesy.

5) Please don't post any images of nudity. I intend to make posts with pictures of clothing and maybe some to do with pregnancy and childbirth that may include images of near naked people but I think totally naked ones are not right. You can always edit the image slightly in a paint programme on your computer before posting it.

6) If you think there is a particular discussion going on that you think would be better on the rest of the forum so that we could get everybody's opinion on it then please suggest that to the thread starter and if she agrees we could always continue the conversation in another section.

7) Please be respectful of other females' opinions and recognise that although we all (presumably) take the Quran as law, we all come from different cultural backgrounds and generations and this may affect how we individually interpret what we read. Sensitivity is advised.

7) I am volunteering myself as an unofficial moderator of this board. Real moderators - please can let me know if you think any of these guidelines are inappropriate or if there should be others included.

Thanks for reading.


OOps, sorry about the typo, should be:

"AT what age do YOU think we reach the age of responsibility i.e. adulthood"

(If mods could edit the poll title to correct it I would be grateful.)

The poll is inspired by the thread started by Wakas:

Let us hold a minute's silence to commiserate the victims and victims' families of the terrorist attack on London on 7th July 2005, 9 years ago today.

For those not in the know: four bombs went off in the co-ordinated attack in 2005, which saw 770 injured in addition to those killed. Three of the bombs exploded at 8.50am on Underground trains outside Liverpool Street and Edgware Road stations, and on another travelling between King?s Cross and Russell Square. One hour later a double-decker bus was exploded in Tavistock Square. 52 people later died.

It was later said to be the worst attack in London for 15 years, particularly distressing as it appeared to have been an 'inside job' orchestrated by radical muslim jihadists who had been brought up within the UK themselves but had become convinced that it was the enemy and that the British people must suffer. There are some muslims in Britain who said it was wrong because other muslims were killed in the attacks; I think - NO - it is sad because anybody was killed, whatever their religion. As well as a lot of property that was needlessly damaged.

There is a memorial service being planned in London later today, hosted by the mayor. Let us hold a 1 minute's silence here to honour the victims...


Okay 1 minute is up! thank you for participating.

And may the Lord let nothing like this tragedy happen anywhere else, ever again.



Forum Suggestions / Can we have a women's section?
« on: June 28, 2014, 10:54:50 AM »
We want a women only section - or I do, at least.

And men and people not identifying as female are not allowed in it :ignore:

Or they are allowed in it but they are not allowed to post.

So we can discuss...our own stuff.

Also can we have 'like' buttons for when we particularly like a post but we don't wanna have to write a reply post just to say that...

Yeah?  :yay: please .


General Issues / Questions / What is love? - discuss.
« on: June 27, 2014, 11:49:05 AM »
Peace all,

So I have been busy on the Nature of God topics. Lots of debate about what Allah/the God is or is not, but I was just thinking earlier that actually I didn't notice anyone say 'God is love'; I sometimes hear this but I don't really get it. If God is awareness is that what love is also?

Lots of people are obsessed with measuring how much they are loved or trying to get more - 'you don't love me enough' or 'you'd do it if you really loved me' etc, you hear a lot. I am thinking well, what is this precious stuff anyway? Maybe I don't care if or how much I am loved; I think personally if I were to just get to know what it was, then I think that would be enough for me...

anyone think they know??

I need a new name for myself (like seriously in real life) - birth name is stupid, unisex name that grates on me, no one ever says/spells it right and since am no longer in contact with the crazy people who put it upon me, I have decided now is time to change it officially by deed poll soon! God-willing. Not spur of moment thing - have been planning it for years! Have shortlist, just can't decide which one.  What do you think? My surname starts with an R, that will stay same, just need something that goes with that...all of the following are related to my actual name or something in my family: choose favourite!

Off-Topic / How do you get a picture/photo on to a post?
« on: June 09, 2014, 06:49:16 PM »
Someone pls help...

How do you get an image on to a post - yes I know there is an 'image' button, but how do I get that to work, how do I get an image from my computer on to a post? Have tried: opening an image on my computer and trying to copy and paste it here, but no joy.

Please explain in simple language my simple mind can understand.

Thanks in advance. :handshake:

What is the nature of God? / We are God
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:57:13 AM »
Everywhere there is the presence of God, and nowhere is there no presence of God.

God is not separate from I or you - therefore I am God and you are God, we are all God!


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