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Off-Topic / Re: I am sorry for attacking the Quran
« on: November 30, 2021, 05:41:33 PM »
Thought has created the image/identities of things(dieties, books, spirtual leaders)..

Then thought worships the images what thought has created..

Happenings in time/space make memories in mind.. And then memories takeover brain make it believe we are memories..

Senses are tools that recorded the memories..

See, taste, hear, touch, smell.. Reduce it one by one then you find you dnt really exist..

Guys @ jaffar, amin, fadiva,

Hope u all doing well.

Lets clear it first, whenever i try to precise the posts i ll have to explain it again for details so bare with me in this long post as it appears its gona be long lol.

Part 1ST about that character
Part 2nd about that interesting topic we didnt do the justice what that topic deserved.

Part 1st.

When i was 8 or 9 nine years old first time in my life i heard about that person.
My uncle lost his diamond RING and it was joint family system. So they decided to visit someone who can tell them who stole it..

My mom was also with that my uncle and aunts. He correctly told them who stole it and amazingly upon asking from that person he acknowledges it.

Second part of the same story my mom was makin a decision in her heart that she will not gona come again to these places again and shockingly he said to my mom i know you will not come at this place again. (at that time my mom was thinking its against islam to seek help other than God lol)

Then few years later my cuz lost his phone and he identify the person again.

Now about me i had interest in all those things since i was kid i e magic, jinns, supernatural etc. Will discuss it in second part..

Then when i lost my phone and i been to him for the first time.
Second time my frd lost his car. @ fadiva both of the times he write it down before even asking us the purpose of visit. Thats his method that applied to all the visitors.

Its not my believe or claim but people claimed he got JINN or MOKILS.
About me i m still admitting as jafar said i really dont know how he knew all of that and incase anyone can know all of that in my 37 yrs life he was the only person who amaze me the way he tell things. On top of that i dnt really know what is the source of his information..

Adding some things to jafar words i tend to agree at some point of jafar coz few years ago i heard he stopped doing that anymore due to a reason police wanted to ask from him about a robbery and he refused to help as he dnt want to involve in gov matters so the police beat him up badly thats the last i hear about him many years ago.

2nd Part

Guys i know the difference between magic, circus magic, tricks, illusions and also how they works due to my interest in those things i myself knows some tricks with playing cards and some other things what make people amaze and they think i m some kind of magician. But in relaity i know its not really magic its the trick what i did with their eyes my hands so dam quick to show them what i want to show them or make them think what i want to make them think and also it took a lot of practise before u can confident to do it.i also learned it from someone else.

David copperfield do the same at more advance level.

Magician in circus do the same

Lot of con artist do the same

Lot of fake BABA do the same

And interestingly i already know how all that works.

@amin these two situations are different.

@jafar thanks for the link i will go into it as it appears i still did not crack how all it happened.

I m just touching the PAST part of topic this topic also need a FUTURE part some claimed to do that too but i think its better to move step by step.

TIME and SPACE is difficult

To understand.
To make someone understand.

Go into it and u will find dozen of new questions every single time.

TIME may appear different at different places but even in subjective terms scientists did not make it clear what is the actual defination of time. When we ask what is time before TIME?

Same goes for SPACE, we are unable to understand its very nature, for example in which(---) space is expanding in to?

Observers tackle it with another question and claimed it a wrong question to ask what was time and space before the beginning of TIME and SPACE?

Its similar if we ask what north in the north pole?

But north pole is a place with fix location we give it name to that specific location of our globe whereas SPACE and TIME are two totally different things.

That engineering of cosmos is at spectacular level beyond the understanding of human brain and same time its really magical and interesting to observe it.
person never get bored from it.

The interesting thing is the creator/designer of cosmos itself require the factor of TIME. It doesnt matter if he created one or one million universes what matter is how TIME factor applied on him? In start somewhere when there was NOTHING there was SOMETHING was about to come in DUE time.


And I don't think that Muhammad originally preaching 'religion', based on a pattern that I've observed a religion was usually being setup by somebody else after the proposed founder or main figure has died.

The history of almost all of the previous people indicating that type of approach.

Thats what happened with almost every organised religions from past till present.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Earliest written Record??
« on: August 20, 2020, 09:22:31 AM »
Historically the earliest names are like ibne ishaq and ibne hasham i am not sure their original work still survived or not.

Forum Suggestions / Karma?
« on: August 20, 2020, 09:18:40 AM »

ADMINS and FORUM members can someone plz tell me what is this newly thing called karma under the avatar of our ID and what does + and - means?

Thanks to all.

General Issues / Questions / Re: question regarding losing hope
« on: August 20, 2020, 04:29:33 AM »
and for your part you ought to be honest with yourself and strive to live your life with intelligence and understanding and insight, because if you do, you are probably not wrong. and if you're not wrong, you have nothing to fear for.

Very TRUE  :peace:

General Issues / Questions / Re: Hell forever? Hassan Redwan
« on: August 19, 2020, 06:51:51 AM »

I wonder if we can come up with a better alternative of how to create?

WE cannot and we never will. Reason is the day we understand how to create, WE turned ourself in to a CREATOR.

And one more QUESTION you asked what is perfection or perfect being?

Logically perfect is the one who creates perfect beings.

Looking into ourself you will see how perfect we are?

Why we are so gullible? why we are so afraid? Why we are attentionseeker? Why we hate? Why we jealous? Why we are so self centered? Why we are so selfish? And lots of WHYs.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Hell forever? Hassan Redwan
« on: August 18, 2020, 04:58:18 PM »
What is it that choose the path?
Who designed the thing that choose the path?

Further more

The factors due to which one choose a path? All are coming through 5 senses by outside agencies what forced the ONEself to choose a specific path.

What is it?

MIND or Life force or the events happened to a human body what make a memory of the information recieved by senses?

And upon recieving that information body/mind/life force choose the path what is experienced by it.

All this is illusion what make people believe they are free willed, in reality they dnt know who are they and what is it that known as "I" and  what is it that choose?

Thats another matter if u submit what is chosen for you already either play negative or positive role of that play you will ending in rewards and money.

Even the paths are designed and set by path-maker or path-designer.

Example : mr X is aware everything about his created character and he set a path or options for him.

Thats how he will work it out first he want that character to eat something he have option either meat or vegetable...

Now foe this he desinged the stomach what only like to digest meat hence his choice is already in the knowledge of mr X.

Now mr X set a rule if my creation will kill someone for meat then i will punish him to fire.

And then he said i told you already its your choice of choosing the path hence punishment due  :bravo: thats called a perfect un-forceful choice.  :rotfl:

Peace fadiva,

Read my first post what i wrote few days ago, perhaps you understand then.

That person i am talking about was miles away from our home city and how possibly he can hear anything when before even we tell him anything he infront of us write it down while he was writing he act like hes hearing from someone the voice what we all cant hear but he can.

When he finished writing then he fold that paper and give it to one of us and then je asked why u came here, the guy just told him someone stole his car then he said ok thats enough now you can open the paper what i ve given you and all details were already there, like color of car, model and make, exact time of event when car get stole.

And it was my second visit to him my first visit u can read in my post perhaps u understand, the only thing whats interesting is there is a difference between tricks and cracking of magic tricks and telling someone facts which is not possible for a stranger to know.

I am saying it only becoz i didnot hear from someone but its my own first hand witness experience. Twice he surprised me.

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