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Hahah didn't realize the answers were at the bottom..funny because I remember a teacher of mine said I dont read instructions carefully

peace brothers & sisters,

Some of you may remember, this thread was on the old forum before it got wiped. I still have the questions I asked and the results, so I thought I'd re-post them.

I conducted this questionnnaire to guage the level of knowledge amongst Muslims I know. I asked about 10-13 people (I cant remember the exact number now). Feel free to utilise it, and ask any Muslims you know. The percentage in bold is the number of people who answered correctly.

Unfortunately, the results were, as expected.


1.   What is the English translation of the word Islam?


2.   What is the English translation of the word Muslim?


3.   What is the English translation of the word Quran?


4.   Which prophet(s) practiced Islam?


5.   What is the 1st pillar of Islam according to The Quran?


6.   Describe what is required in the wudu according to the Quran?


7.   When were the Hadith books written?
?   before prophet Muhammad
?   during the lifetime of prophet Muhammad
?   just after the death of prophet Muhammad (within 50 years)
?   between 50 and 100 years after his death
?   between 100 and 200 years after his death
?   between 200 and 300 years after his death
?   between 300 and 400 years after his death
?   between 400 and 500 years after his death


8.   Which law is correct according to The Quran:
?   the punishment for adultery/fornication is 100 lashes
?   the punishment for adultery/fornication is to be stoned to death

40% (this was a 50/50 question, thus theoretically if I asked a large enough number of people, the score would be 50%, which is better than what Muslims got)

9.   Will some Jews/Christians enter Heaven according to The Quran?

50% (same as above, 50% is at chance level)

10.   What is the closest English translation of ?Allah??




1: Submission, Surrender, Compliance, Conformance. (also accepted "to God" if it was written)

2: one who submits/surrenders/conforms/complies ("to God" also accepted). A "follower of islam" accepted but half-marks.

3: Reading/Recitation. Investigation/Study/Explanation also accepted.

4: All.

5: Whilst there is no pillar concept in al quran (most if not all Muslims asked did not know this anyway, so I dont think this jepordised the question too much). If someone said there is no pillar concept, they would have gotten the mark, but none said this. The answer was "belief in The/One God" or similar.

6: If someone said, there is no such thing as "wudu" then the mark would have been given. But I was primarily referring to 5:6. For the answer, see this verse.

7: half-mark for 100-200, full mark for 200-300 as this is when the hadith books (plural) were written/compiled.

8: 100 lashes, stoning to death is from traditional hadith

9: yes. please read 2:62 or 5:69 (there are others) for the answer

10: The God/Divine. "God" given half-mark.


1. Submission
2. Submitter
3. Recitation
4. All
5. Can't remember...
6. Iirc wipe with water up to ankles, wipe with water your hands and arms up to elbows, wipe hair with water, wipe ears with water (not 100% on this last one). I am forgetting one I think...
7. 200 - 300 years
8. 100 lashes
9. Yes, though I have seen diapute over whether nasara means Christian
10. The God

So would I just contact the embassy and send a personal plea, or is there a petition I can sign for my country? I'm in Canada btw.

Pazuzu got lost to the cause by the Flat Earth fallacy.

He believes the earth is flat?

Health & Fitness / Re: Should You Go Vegan?
« on: May 01, 2020, 04:31:22 PM »
I just started going vegan about a month ago. There is honey and dairy in some of the breakfast/meal replacement/protein bars that I eat but I'm pretty much vegan other than that.

I'm South Asian and we're at increased risk of heart diseases so I became vegan for health reasons primarily but also because I personally couldn't kill an animal and so I felt hypocritical eating meat.

Sugar, chocolate and spices are plant based so I'm fine with being vegan lol.


Thank you very much. I am sad to hear that no one had heard from him. Then again I was gone for a while myself. I hope he's ok.


Who wrote these, was it Pazuzu? I had the first two sent to me on an email address I can't access anymore.

I remember tspeaking with the author and he wasn't sure whether he wanted to complete the series or not. Were the 5 planned articles ever completed in full or did he stop after the first two? Does any one have a link for all 5 if they were all completed?

Archeology & History / Re: Issa, Muhammad and the Kananeans
« on: October 29, 2013, 03:47:17 AM »
would definitely be interesting to visit these places and examine these sites. I'm a nature and wildlife buff too, and that part is said to be rich with wildlife and things like that

Archeology & History / Re: Issa, Muhammad and the Kananeans
« on: October 28, 2013, 06:13:11 AM »
Very interesting stuff!

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