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General Issues / Questions / Re: Is GOD running everything?
« on: September 30, 2016, 08:50:22 PM »
Yes, murder / rape / theft / invasion and also your aging, your disease, your failure, your losses at stock exchange etc.. etc.. and all the things which you perceived as bad were happening as it was planned / designed by God.

As also, your will . your want, your action, your thought it's all happening as it was planned / designed by God.

That's why the best attitude is: islam (not the religion)
Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven..

With such attitude you will always find peace and happiness regardless of the situation..

General Issues / Questions / Re: Is GOD running everything?
« on: September 26, 2016, 03:09:25 PM »
Is Rashad right? Should the thought that God is running everything be a reminder for us daily?
yes , he's right.

Off-Topic / Link to FreedomStands latest posts
« on: March 25, 2016, 09:51:30 PM »
Message from FreedomStands- I'd like Free-Minds to make a list too, do you think you could get them to do that, maybe to paste this to them.

What is the nature of God? / Re: Basic questions
« on: February 29, 2016, 09:57:00 AM »

What was the question again?

Oh yeah it is in the title I guess "Heaven and Hell: Is it a fair deal?".

Let us look upon FreedomStands, his glorious countenance as he responds *golf silence*:

No. The Answer is No.

Amazing! FreedomStands answered perhaps faster than a Magic 8 Ball! How does he do it? I have the hots for him, that's for sure!

Why is the answer No?

Because it is not fair or just to create things and then threaten them and put them at risk. I am so sorry none of you could apparently think of that yourselves (I don't know if anyone did, I didn't read all the foolish things people were likely to have said with their lips hanging loosely).

Who said God is "fair" by your definitions? God is not "fair" or "just" by normal standards, nor is God as "kind" as you might hope. The proof of that is the ignorant state you mentioned. It is immediately cruel that God has left you in your limited awareness, and you're filled with difficult questions and might even feel lost and astray. Is an of that nice? Why doesn't God simply answer your question? How would you know the answer is right? Many times the confident ones are also delusional (oh you must think that means me!)

Is Heaven fair? No. Is existing fair? Nope. Is Hell fair? Nah. I'm running out ways to say Nein!

Do you think my answer is wrong? Let me know how I can be wrong.

God is the Ignorant one. Oh shoot, what new blasphemy has FreedomStands uttered?

What knowledge did Allah have before Allah created knowledge and information? Or was the "Knowledge" and Information not created, a partner along with God? So that if Pharoah is part of information, that Pharoah was with God from the beginning?

No, God is Pure, the Ignorant One, God knows NOTHING except what God generates, then it is "known" and then it becomes "unknown", and the Knowledge has no stability or eternity. In the beginning was Ignorance and God remains ignorant. What God is ignorant of, has no existence anywhere, that is evident, because if God knows something it exists, and if everything existed you would not be able to move or do anything. Thus all things are based on ignorance, without ignorance there could be no motion or action, and Ignorance is an important attribute of Allah, however despicable it seems to say it.

Salam.  :bravo: logical post , makes sense.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Reason and belief
« on: February 29, 2016, 01:24:08 AM »
You are welcome  :)

  You are quite daring that you actually read entire posts of Freedomstands  :D That said, he was very lively. But there are things he didn't mention in this post of his and that would leave any new interested person confused.

Salam. Yes I read all his posts. I found it interesting and eye opening. Not to be confused , you have to read all his posts. I miss him.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Reason and belief
« on: February 28, 2016, 03:23:10 PM »
So the first principle of Islam is the rejection of all gods, all false attributions. It is the Anti-God religion. It is the War against the "Gods".

Every day, the Muslims raise up their finger and make a declaration of War against the Gods to purify themselves of falsehood.

We can start there. Please don't be shy to ask me anything you might want to. I know the arrogance of people can lead them to not really share any real question they may have and instead turn to mockery or something else instead, which is only a wasted opportunity for you.

1. Rejection of All Gods/Powers (the Iconoclasm) until you reach the Ultimate conclusion (the process that Ibrahim is described as going through in his stories)
2. Acknowledgment of Only the Ultimate (but it needs the right definition and understanding)
3. The Qur'an does not matter, if it says something wrong, then those statements are to be rejected, this religion goes beyond all the scriptures, luckily the Qur'an doesn't actually say anything wrong, people just interpret it in different ways, when one's MIND IS SET RIGHT FIRST that is what makes the difference. That is why the Qur'an is "for the believers" those who already have the right mindset. Allah misguides those with their minds set on wrong ideas, they can then find in the Qur'an that God is a man or any number of stupid ideas they want to make.
4. Right channeling of everything, including things like hate, anger, and fear.
5. Utilization of as much as possible towards good ends, even idols and the various "signs and symbols" towards good reminders and meanings whenever they become present, this is having one's mind set on seeing things with insight and in a meditative way. Just like the Qur'an, the very same symbols and signs can be involved with false and misleading thoughts for some people.

What is Islam all about? Islam should be all about being right. To do what is best of all and get what is best of all and be what is best of all.

There should be no blind faith, and everything should have clear and well reasoned justifications and reasoning backing it up strongly.

What is logically necessary is all that we should comprehend as true, and we should not believe much in the transitory things which don't matter too much anyway except for as far as they might help us in making decisions pertaining to life and other strategies.

Islam is not a very complex religion at all, and neither is plain logic and common sense very difficult, except that people perhaps lack patience to follow through with the thoughts to their absolute ends. Often, things make sense to people the way things make sense in dreams, and upon awakening, those things are realized as clearly dreamy hallucinations, illusions with only the chemical of acceptance behind them."

"Good questions.

The Shahada can be false in what people imagine, or they can deal with it in an honest understanding. It is an affirmation of the basic creed of Islam and its underlying core, which is the rejection of all Gods/Powers other than the Ultimate, and then added to it also was that Muhammed is the slave and messenger of Allah. None of the statements are false if understood correctly. It can be considered an affirmation and meditation on the essential truths:

1. There is no power whatsoever other than Allah.
2. What is the Ultimate and Only Power is what is being called Allah, it is not supposed to be anything that people imagine, but is unlike everything. Everything is information, it is not information, it can only ever be One.
3. The one that the Qur'an is attributed to is known as Muhammed, regardless if he told the truth or lies, like all that exists, he was a slave and a messenger of Allah.

If someone is imagining their cousin Muhammed Jameel that is not what the creed is about, that is their own imagination. It is merely a tool, like the whole performance of the prayer.

People doubt why they should mention Muhammed, because they are associating things with Muhammed or in their imagination, and it works to expose their doubts concerning him or his existence.

The Qur'an exists, its a book, the one who brought the book is generally known as Muhammed. Whoever brought the book, called Muhammed, was a slave like we are all slaves, and a messenger of Allah, even the most foul mouthed liars are servants and messengers of Allah, no sacrifice is being made in these statements, except the Qur'an speaks the truth, and Muhammed is the one said to have brought it, so we are also affirming that we believe in the Qur'an, that it is a message of Allah, which again is true, even if it were all lies from top to bottom, again no sacrifices are being made in these statements.

It is a full statement and meditation against shirk, and mentioning that Muhammed is merely a slave and messenger like any other is not a glorification of Muhammed, but reminding people what he is, not a God, not a Savior, but a Slave who brought a Message, the Message was the Qur'an, it doesn't matter what the Qur'an says, it is just that is what he was, a slave who brought a message and thus a messenger."

"Good question! It is assumed by many people the one the Muslims call Ibrahim was a semitic language speaker. I have no certain knowledge what language he spoke or what word he used. The Qur'an describes something which has taken on the word Islam these days and is generally said to mean "Surrender".

I give it the longer definition at times, due to some of the common meanings associated with the root word and other implications: "realizing peace/relief/healing by complete and utter surrender/submission/acknowledgment of the Truth/Reality (which is that Allah is the only power and cause of everything, the one to fear and the one we rely on willingly or unwillingly always)".

If anyone in the past had such an understanding, I don't know. If Ibrahim existed or how he existed or what he believed, I don't know. The Mormons for example rudely make a Book of the statements of Abraham and he is constantly talking about "Gods" and the Bible makes him out to be what seems to be a lying pimp. I eschew those things, and I prefer what the Qur'an depicts, the truth of which is moreover in its utility than in its history, the history of which matters little to me compared to its uses for our benefit."

"Now you may notice "peace/relief/healing" was mentioned, as the result of coming to terms with some sort of "truth" generally accepted to be concerning the nature of the Ultimate Reality, that is, what I call God.

From The Terrible Temple of FreedomStands

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