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Personally, it is the step to leave organised religion completely. I believe in monotheism, and in the divinity of the Qur'aan. "Labelling" does not matter and I recognise that some Christians, Jews, Yogis, etc, can also be "Muslims" if they believe in one God and strive to do righteous deeds.

I have less focus on practicing rituals, and more on doing humanitarian works (I still practice rituals that do not contradict Qur'aanic teachings, and have wisdom behind it).

I will not call myself "staunch" and "resolute", because I acknowledge that my perception of the world and spirituality will keep evolving as I grow older. But I can say that I feel at peace and fulfilled by following the Qur'aanic teachings.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Happiness
« on: October 07, 2015, 02:57:04 AM »
1. Yes and no. I am happy that God has blessed with many thanks, but at the same time, I feel that I have not done enough to express my gratitude to Him.

2. Knowing that I live with a purpose. When I volunteer or donate blood, I am very happy that there is something that I can give.

3. Being able to do good, and being in a company of others

If promoting inequality and discrimination based on solely a sexual preference is part of your faith I will keep calling you people for what you are.  Oppressors.  The definition of marriage is not changed by homosexual marriage.  The meaning of marriage is still the same: a bond for life with a partner witnessed by God.

Incest and paedophelia are explicitly forbidden in Quran.  Homosexuality is not. 


Oh, please. Stop with the name calling.

I don't think you bother reading my post. I have no hatred against homosexuals and I will let God judge. I do not know what burden homosexuals carry, and I am not judgmental towards them.

My *personal* stance is that I don't agree with homosexual marriage - but I have NEVER campaigned against homosexual marriage. I only offer this opinion when asked. You are the one being judgmental here.


My personal belief is that the *act* of homosexuality is not compatible with the Qur'an. Having homosexual tendency is not a sin, unless acted upon (which will be tough - most people are born with sexual urges).

Yes, some people are 'born' with homosexual preference, but that does not necessarily make it natural . Say, some have sexual fixation on animals, some are sexually attracted to prepubescent children - and that does not make it natural and acceptable.

Regarding homosexual 'marriage', I would much prefer that it is called 'civil union' and not marriage. I have to accept that homosexuality exists and I can do nothing to change it. They will still be having sex, whether or not they are legally married. What I just don't want to happen is, that with the legalisation of homosexual marriage, religious authorities (e.g. imams, priests, monks, etc) are forced to marry homosexuals against their will or they will be charged for discrimination.

Now that definition of 'marriage' has been altered, where will it stop? If all it takes is for people to love each other, then some may demand legalization for incestuous relationship, or paedophilic one. What makes homosexuality OK, but not incest or paedophilia? After all, it is about 'equal rights'.

That being said, I hold no hatred against homosexuals (as individuals). Ultimately people are responsible for their own action and God will be the judge. But people need to stop crying 'homophobia!' towards people who do not approve of homosexual marriage (I have my own belief, thank you very much). 


Do tell, what will you gain from posting refutations against the Qur'aan? You gain nothing but making yourself feel good about yourself after you leave Islam. You're just trying to validate your own belief, that's all.

You want to stop believing in the Qur'aan? It does not bother me. Just don't go on a "jihad" mode trying to prove people wrong, because it looks like you're just insecure with your current state of belief.

I find it funny because you claim to find the Qur'aanic language to be incomprehensible. Well, guess what? Because you have not learnt the Classical Arabic language and you try to translate it straight to your own language. I have started learning Classical Arabic, and the Qur'aanic phrases is not inconsistent like you claim it is. I can understand some just fine,

Introduce Yourself / Re: Peace!
« on: October 09, 2013, 01:40:03 AM »
Which part of Australia are you from? I am a Sydney-sider

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Now Iran did it!
« on: October 02, 2013, 04:18:28 AM »
And it's impossible a person only have one kind of dress hahahaha.
Ok don't mention it again.What is your current nationality??Indonesia or Australia??

This is my last question.If you want further just do it by PM.The purpose I asking question like this is to create contact to another Indonesian Quranist who lies in different place, so someday we can create a mosque, organization like in 1980s.

Salam kenal. :)

A bit of both. I have lived for roughly the same amount of time here and there :D.

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Now Iran did it!
« on: September 29, 2013, 01:34:34 AM »

Oh ya apa kamu ini @Moonlight di Forum Allah Semata?? Soalnya wajah kalian berdua mirip banget hehehe ;D.

The Moonlight chick wears a pink scarf, and I, a white one. Surely we can't be the same person ;)

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Now Iran did it!
« on: September 27, 2013, 02:26:48 AM »

In fact during the caliphate leaving islam was punished by death, and only sunni men could marry sunni women etc. There was no freedom whatsoever. The socalled golden age is an exagarattion, people were still using donkeys and camels as transportation and they were stoning women to death.. And dont forget, during the socalled islamic golden age quran-aloners were executed for being ''apostates''

Please provide sources to back up your statement. No, don't use hadits.

How many ''muslims'' have won the nobel prize?  :confused:

Just from the top of my head:

- Anwar Al-Sadar
- Muhammad Yunus
- Yasser Arafat
- Shirin Ebadi
- Tawakal Karmen

And I'm sure there is more.

Who cares about Nobel Prize anyway, everything is political. Barak Obama was awarded Nobel "peace" Price and he has been bombing the crap out of many Muslim countries. Oh wait, I suppose you may support his action because well, all these Muslims are backward and terrorists.

Off-Topic / Re: One good reason and I'm leaving Islam
« on: July 20, 2013, 04:08:20 AM »

Don't let what others believe influence your own faith. What the majority believes does not necessarily mean it is contained in the Qur'aan. Firmly hold on to your belief (provided that you are not causing any harms to others), and let the rest bark. Essentially you are responsible to and judged by God, and not other human beings.

For me personally, simply having a homosexual tendency is not a sin because some people are really born with it. That being said, I don't believe that engaging in homosexual acts is compatible with the Qur'aan. Two different things here. I guess being born a homosexual is a trial in life for some people (a very difficult trial, that is), but that does not necessarily justify homosexual acts.

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