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Forum Suggestions / Re: update search questions
« on: January 17, 2017, 11:10:03 PM »
I like this suggestion on Quran questions :)


File has been corrected and uploaded.

Some comments:

this verse need capital "My", in bold

Those  who  remember  God  while  standing,  and  sitting,  and  on 
their sides, and they ponder over the creation of the heavens and
the earth: “Our Lord you have not created this without purpose,
glory to You, spare us the retribution of the Fire!”

There is no "My"?

in this verse, can you check if the arrangement of the second sentence is correct?

4:2    And give the orphans their money. And do not replace the nasty
with the good, and do not consume their money with your money;
for truly this is a great sin!

I think it should be "do not replace the good with the nasty".

I kept the sequence (the Arabic was this way), but replaced "with" by "for".

Also, for the "We" and "My"...they are all written correctly this way.


Questions/Comments on the Quran / Re: Quran and Pedophilia
« on: December 21, 2016, 08:58:29 PM »

65:4 was a bad translation. This is more accurate:

65:4 As for those who have reached menopause from your women, if you have any doubts, their interim shall be three months. As for those whose menstruation has ceased, and those who are already pregnant, their interim is until they give birth. And anyone who reverences God, He makes his matters easy for him.


Can you check the following verses, specifically in bold, if there are any errors with "Our" and "my"

14:40  “My Lord,  let  me  hold  the  Communion,  and  also  from  my
progeny. Our Lord, and accept my prayer.”

14:41  “Our Lord, forgive me and my parents, and the believers on the
Day the reckoning is called.”

They are written in Arabic as this.


I have not looked into this thread in detail, but I see all the planets with a telescope as "circular" so I wonder why Earth has been magicaly deviated into a "flat" planet?!


I don't think it can be amended as the sequence in Arabic speaks of the tongues being twisted with the book.

Perhaps: "And from among them is a group who twist their tongues using the Book so that you may..."?


Can you check following verse, it might be missing "earth" or "world", between bold

11:99  And  they  were  followed  by  a  curse  in  this,  and  on  the  Day  of 
Resurrection. What a miserable path to follow!

Nothing missing. I can amend to "in this one" if it makes the verse clearer?


My apologies for the absence.

I have uploaded the file with the fixes:

With regards to the comment of Aladin:

Qasitoon is NOT the same as Muqsiteen (it is the opposite).

Muqsit is someone who gives equitably, Qasit is someone who takes for himself (one is good, the other is bad).

You can see this in 72:15 where God tells us that "the Qasitoon" will be the firewood of Hell.

To maintain consistency, I have used "inequitable" for Qasitoon to make it clear as the opposite of Muqsitoon.



Yes, "We" is correct.

Prophecies of the Quran / The Daaba = Oil?
« on: November 05, 2016, 11:32:27 PM »

I was watching a documentary on oil and how its presence has caused the entire communication and transportation revolution, as well as the fact that oil is the result of organic creatures being buried for thousands or millions of years inside the earth.

With this information in mind, I would like to re-examine the prophecy of "The Creature" and the understanding of 27:82

A "Daaba" according to the Quran is land based organic life (made of water 24:45) and is considered, along with birds, as creatures that will return to God after their death (6:38).

27:82 "And when the sentence has fallen upon them, We will extract for them organic matter from the earth, to let them communicate. Indeed, the people are unaware regarding Our signs."

We also read from 27:82 that the "Daaba" will come out from "within the earth," which is not a place where any such creature lives as all land animals dwell "on the earth" and not "in the earth". As such, I read this prophecy as one concerning oil which is the remains of organic land animals, coming from within the earth, and which has enabled "communication" of the people through the various inventions and technologies that have been produced by it.

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