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Sometimes we make stupid, embarrassing or even evil mistakes that we regret and wish to forget, but our subconscious keeps reminding us. So you repent to God and don't know if God's forgiven you but it keeps bothering you. Should you forgive yourself at this point?

Job Seekers/Business / Work from a Quranic perspective
« on: November 18, 2023, 12:07:25 AM »

How can we see work from a Quranic perspective? Do we see it as doing good deeds for God as opposed to simply working to make money? But at the same time, we do also work to make money. But can this difference in intent make all the difference in making your life more meaningful and increasing motivation? Or is this way of thinking wrong?

If we look at the following verses:

Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “Shall we inform you of who will be the biggest losers of deeds?
They are those whose efforts are in vain in this worldly life, while they think they are doing good!”
It is they who reject the signs of their Lord and their meeting with Him, rendering their deeds void, so We will not give their deeds any weight on Judgment Day.

I suppose these verses talk about disbelievers who work hard in their worldly life only whilst forgetting to work on themselves spiritually. There are other verses talking about doing good works which obviously also means pursue a job/ career for the betterment of humanity or at least avoiding jobs/ careers that are not advancing or helping humanity:

Then, as for those who believed and did righteous good deeds, their Lord will admit them to His Mercy. That will be the evident success.

If anyone has more to share on how to see work from Quranic perspective, I'd love to hear from you...

Women's Issues / Is it wrong to shake hands with men in general
« on: November 11, 2023, 06:39:52 AM »

Are there any verses in the Qur'an that make it wrong for women to shake hands with men?

And the spontaneous "inhumane/cruel action" can happen to anybody, even to the "chosen one" ...
28:15 And he entered the city unexpectedly, without being noticed by the people. He found in it two men who were fighting, one was from his clan, and the other was from that of his enemy. So the one who was from his clan called on him for help against his enemy, whereby Moses punched him, killing him. He said: "This is from the work of the devil; he is an enemy that clearly misleads."

I fear/hate no one, please don't mistaken me!
I'm just support the people who has been depressed for seven decades
And i salute the one who is brave enough to fight the evil regime!
That's all.

May God bless you, Hamas!
Thank you
So long!

It's not spontaneous, it's hate and revenge from both sides. It's their test and so far neither are doing well with killing innocents.

For me, Hamas is not a terrorist group even in some occasions they are very aggressive and look like "terrorists"
They strive to uphold justice, dignity and freedom for their people
That's the bottom line
Is the one who fights to uphold the UN human rights charter regarded as terrorists?

During the war, especially on the battlefield against the "superpower", anything can happen
The personality of depressed palestinians people sometimes can change drastically
Good and humble ones suddenly become "animals" or even "beasts" beyond their control.
So, for these people, we leave it to God to judge them in the hereafter.

Hidup Hamas!
Thank you.


Good and humble people DO NOT murder 1400 civilians! Are you blind? Hamas are Sunni extremist Muslims. They follow their hateful hadith such as this:

Ibn ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with them both) said that he heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) saying: “The Antichrist will pass by this salty barren area i.e. Madinah, in a passage of a canal. Most of those who will come out to him will be women so that a man will return to his intimate wife, mother, daughter, sister or aunt to tie them up for fear that they might go out to him. Then, Allah will afflict him with Muslims who kill him and his followers and the Jews will hide behind a tree or a rock and the rock or the tree will say to the Muslim: There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!” 3 This Hadith was reported by Ahmad in his Musnad.

There is no Antichrist/ Dajal. Jewish civilians should not be murdered. Hamas will have to answer for their heinous crimes on judgment day. You need to analyse what is and isn't allowed in war. Since when was it halal to kill civilians? People are not using their intellect.  Yet you cry when Palestinian civilians are slaughtered. As Muslims, we need to be compassionate for all civilians not just ones labelled as Muslims. Face it, Hamas are not the pure freedom fighters some people imagine them to be. They have let their egos get the best of them.

Hi Yoda!
You are wrong
Fear of Allah will bring you to Jannah!

Take care!

And fear of people which may lead you to extreme hatred can lead you to Hell if you're not careful.

Thanks sister Sarah for your response!
Indeed i learnt something from you.

As a comparison here is my answer to the same questions:
(1) I will join Hamas to liberate my country because all diplomacy efforts have failed and no hope anymore
(2) I will support Palestine for sure and condemn Israel and it's allies!
(3) No, Palestine has a very right to retaliate or wage war against Israel;

42:39 When gross injustice befalls them, they stand up for their rights.
42:40 Although the just requital for an injustice is an equivalent retribution, those who pardon and maintain righteousness are rewarded by God. He does not love the unjust.
42:41 Certainly, those who stand up for their rights, when injustice befalls them, are not committing any error.
42:42 The wrong ones are those who treat the people unjustly, and resort to aggression without right. These have incurred a painful retribution.
42:43 Resorting to patience and forgiveness reflects a true strength of character.

For the isolated case of inhumane action in war such as killing the civilians, the "observers/outsiders" of the conflict can condemn that particular action (if they wish) but this inhumane act will not repudiate or deny the validity of Palestine's right to launch war against Israel.

*David and Jesus, the son of Mary do the same to transgressors ...
5:78 Condemned are those who disbelieved among the Children of Israel, by the tongue of David and Jesus, the son of Mary. This is because they disobeyed and transgressed.

Justice for Palestine!
Just my take
Thank you.


Can't you see that Hamas are quite similar to ISIS? Both are extremely vengeful and want power and control just like Netanyahu. Neither are the 'good guys'. Hamas went into innocent Israeli civilian houses and just shot up the place and killed an 18-year-old girl who did NOTHING to them in the process. You would join an oppressive, EVIL group like this? Just know that God is not on your side in this case. If Hamas wanted peace they would not be acting like deranged psychopaths. As said before, they are not simply defending themselves. They are TRANSGRESSING. You're not allowed to fight those who do not fight you in war according to the Qur'an. Hamas continuously breaks this rule! WAKE UP.

We care about Palestine but they need a real leader to protect them. They need to stop electing Hamas if the rumours are true that most Palestinians support Hamas. Hamas is inviting more war into their country. They protect themselves before the Palestinians. Both Hamas and Netanyahu are transgressing. Hamas are not innocent Quranically speaking.

Anyone seen this vid? I find Obama's and Trump's views quite interesting:

Health & Fitness / Re: colloidal silver - a miracle cure? MUST READ
« on: November 07, 2023, 03:04:49 AM »

Don't rub silver on your skin:

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