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Peace MrDecember,

Perhaps not answering your question but if you would love to have the physical copy because reading from physical copy is more convenient for you than from pdf, then you might want to take a look on our website

We have TMG 2019 version there so you can do word search against TMG 2019 version. If we have TMG 2017 version in our website, you can even do side by side comparison between the two to really find out the delta (basically the website allows choosing 10 different translations for side by side reading) but at the moment we don't have it because we think the TMG 2019 version is more updated and improved.

Personal Quran
Thank you for this resource. I haven't been able to check it because it requires signing-up, but it sounds good. Why do you require signing up to read the Quran and use these tools?

37:112 And We gave him the good news of the coming of Isaac, a prophet from among the righteous.

Should be:
And we gave him good news of Isaac a prophet from the righteous. [37:112]

red is not in the Arabic
Agreed. Out of curiosity, how do these types of errors make it into the translation? It seems straight forward that this shouldn't be there.

Edit: I just seen the rules of no discussion in the additional posts on the first page. My apologies for asking the follow-up question.

I can only find the 2017 publication. I'd love to own a physical copy of this Quran even though I can find the ebook for free here. If it was never printed, what changes were made with the 2017 vs 2019 versions? Thanks in advance!

Questions/Comments on the Quran / Concerning Chapter 2, Verse 154
« on: November 20, 2018, 03:44:49 AM »
"2:154 Do not say of those who are killed in the sake of God that they are dead; no, they are alive but you do not perceive."

At first, I interpreted this verse as those who die in general are still alive, it's just that we can't perceive them, but the way it's phrased, "those who are killed" makes me think that isn't an accurate interpretation. Edip Yuksel interpreted that verse the same way I did: "When believers die, they are disconnected from this world; they continue their existence in another dimension", but I'm not sure if we're correct.

What do you guys think? Am I misunderstanding something, and my initial interpretation is correct or is it simply those who are "killed in the sake of God"? If so, what does he mean by killed in his sake?

Another verse that reaffirms that verse: "3:169 Do not count that those who are killed in the sake of God are dead. No, they are alive at their Lord receiving provisions."


We havn?t resolved this problem - so the site may be shut down again until we can clear all the malicious code...
I'm happy to have brought this issue to your attention. Have you successfully resolved it yet? I haven't checked again.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Urgent Funeral Advice Needed!
« on: June 05, 2018, 10:37:53 PM »
I am amazed the way you explained it? If your mother is very ill and critical condition, then first thing you have to do is to resort for doctors to look after her well and leave it to GOD to do the rest?rather than posing question here in the forum? Death of a person cannot be avoided? In the first place why you worry for a living person about her funeral? It?s bizarre for me?How do you know that you won?t die before her? Whatever the condition may be no one starts to speak of death before it actually falls on any one..
You could have asked this as a general question rather than pointing to your mom who is living? I feel it is really nonsensical ?
Any how brother / Sister? There are no barriers constituted by God for a dead body (NO ISLAMIC WAY and there is no such thing called Islamic way in anything according to quran)? With some one?s death the chapter is closed? That?s why God has not applied any rule over a dead body? Any culture and way you do it is fine? rather than involve things calling it a religious way? there is no such way in God?s Order? You burry it, cremate it, or whatever the way available in this modern life, do it? no harm for you or for her?But don?t ever even by mistake say that this is the way God ordered to do a funeral?. then you will be in trouble?
Explain to your Mom if possible that if I am alive I will do your funeral in the best way possible to me and not to soothe the society and their own faith, coz you are my mom.. And if you have any issues in doing it, just in case you are alive and she passes away take the corpse to a common cemetery and burry her by yourself and with someone?s help?
Burying is the only way shown to the first death on this earth (one of the sons of Adam) just coz the other son killed him and was not aware what to do to the dead body? Not coz that it is the God ordered way through a messenger? but just as a help through a crow to that idiot who murdered the brother....
Don?t take it a big issue, but instead make sure your mom is fully surrendered to your Lord so that would help her God Will?is the funeral important for you or the concern of your mom how she is gonna live after death..?
You will never find an answer to your question through quran coz it is not important in the eyes of God, what is important is what human perform while living and not after death?
Note: don?t call yourself as quranist (what the heck quranist is) or no need of any mosque of quranist (or even any mosque) for someone to have the faith and live in this world?Masjid is not mosque btw?There is no such thing as quranist, just be  surrendered to God and develop your soul on your own..
I know what you mean, but I knew the situation and we needed to plan. My mother ended up passing away two days after I made this question.

"But don?t ever even by mistake say that this is the way God ordered to do a funeral?. then you will be in trouble?"

Absolutely agreed. We have her funeral service successfully planned and I will personally speak some Quran verses for her as it was her request that it be spoken. Thus, avoiding the judgment of any Sunni cleric especially when I/we don't need their judgment. As I'm sure you know, the term "Quranist" simply means you follow only God, only the Quran, and no other book. I could use the term "Submitter" among other things.

General Issues / Questions / Urgent Funeral Advice Needed!
« on: May 21, 2018, 07:56:20 AM »
Peace to you,

My mother is very, very ill and is in critical condition. My mom wants her funeral service done in an Islamic way where instead of a preacher talks about Jesus, she wants the service to be from an Islamic standpoint. The huge issue is that she has always wanted to be cremated, and as you may know, God did not forbid cremation in the Quran but that is a huge issue for Sunni's. I don't know how I'm going to be able to have an Islamic service where an Imam speaks from an Islamic point of view when Sunni's reject cremation entirely.

Not to mention, we're the only Muslims in our family and everyone else is Christian. No one else would be able to participate in the Muslim funeral prayers in the way the Sunni's normally do it, and segregating genders by having the front row be men, second children, and third women - that just won't work for the family as such segregation is frowned upon in my particular part of western culture.

If there were a Quranist mosque in my state none of these issues would exist, since none of these rituals have any sort of Quranic substance. What can I do? My mother is in critical condition and I pray that she recovers but I also need to prepare for the worst.

I usually go straight to the forums since my Google searches lead me there, but after creating my account and visiting the main page of this website I get this warning from a very reputable software:

This only occurs on the main page and hasn't happened in the forums for me.

This may not be malicious on behalf of the staff who created this site, as hackers are commonly injecting their mining code into websites (Such as Government sites) to use your computers to mine crypto-currency. Protect yourselves and I hope the staff looks into this as it's concerning.

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