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Projects / Conferences / Events / Re: Non Profit Organization
« on: September 20, 2017, 07:26:47 AM »

This subject was brought up on several other threads, but I thought I would raise it again for the sake of progression.

It would be beneficial to have a registered non-profit organization set-up either under the name "Monotheist Group" or "Free-Minds" (or any other name) that would act as the central hub for charity work and development of study groups and God Alone temples.

Can we start by identifying which are the best countries to concider to be the location for such a hub?

Yes... we totally need this. I think the UK or US would come off as most stable and secure for the hub.  Plus these countries tend to be looked as trustworthy and wealthy when it comes to humanitarian and may have more access into places that possibly another country wouldn't be able to obtain humanitarian or charity access into due to visa/country travel restrictions.

Just my thoughts.. thanks for putting this together Layth. 

Projects / Conferences / Events / Re: Charity
« on: September 20, 2017, 07:23:59 AM »
The Quran tells us specifically to take care about:

The orphan
The homeless
fellow believers

I think we should find charities that align with who God has asked us to help via the Quran as well as other charities.. there are many child welfare charities and organizations that could benefit from our donations. We also can do a lot to help the homeless through programs like St. Vincent De Paul and the Road Home or others.

Who knows, we may have fellow believers who are struggling and need help. Who better to help then us as brothers and sisters in faith.

Poverty is big.. we have 1 in 4 kids who are food insecure but the statistics could be higher in certain places, cities and states. Families who cant buy groceries. this may be something to think about.

We have local needs (hurricane relief, food insecurity etc...) in addition to global needs with the Syria crisis, Rohingya (sp?) crisis among others.

We could also start our own non-profit Charity if we have someone who is experienced in opening or starting a non profit and can allocate x amount of funds to each cause.

Just my thoughts. :)

Projects / Conferences / Events / Re: US meetup for believers
« on: September 20, 2017, 07:15:52 AM »
Yes.. lets make it happen..

Yay.. i'm not the only one out in mormonville. LOL

 I received and responded via email to one of you. :)

North America / Re: WHATS APP GROUP
« on: January 17, 2017, 12:06:32 PM »

We have a group going now. You can always message me later when you and if you want to join.

North America / Re: Connect or Chat, Portland or Salem Oregon.
« on: November 21, 2016, 10:10:20 AM »
Hey Amina,

I live in SLC Utah but I have family in Salem OR that I intend to visit on a more frequent basis.  It would be nice to get together when i come back that way. :)

As a friendly suggestion:

Why only use one definition of the word when it can have many meanings and definitions. Use the most logical translation (definition) where it should be used.. when communion/connection makes the most sense use that. When the word or definition means law or law giver then use that, or when education or education process is logical and makes the verse clear then use that.  Why do we have to limit to one hard and fast translated word. The Arabic language is a lot richer than English and one hard fast definition or translation does not always provide the best word for certain verses as Layth indicated in previous posts.

I don't see why all the meanings or definitions cant be used in the translation. Especially if it will enhance spiritual growth and understanding i don't see the harm.

 Since Salat seems to have many meanings, my suggestion would be to use the meaning or definition from the word that makes each verse most clear and logical.

Economics Forum / Re: stockexchange is halal or haram..
« on: October 24, 2016, 02:01:41 PM »
 I think you have to be educated about the situation.  Riba or interest is clearly forbidden in the Quran, however there is a possibility that you could have a leg in the stock market if no interest was involved or if you knew what you were doing - the main goal is to buy low and sell high which could be interpreted as game of chance, however if your reasons are to invest and support a company or cause you believe in there could be benefit. It would boil down in the end to your intentions. I know many IBM retiree's who are quite financially fluent because they bought stock into the IBM company to support the company they spent their lives working for and felt the company was a cause and company they could support. They invested themselves in the company and the company invested in them as a return and those who bought stock into the company received benefit in the end.   These people's intentions were not to buy low sell high.  I would have to study more on Islamic and Quranic economics but the only thing clearly forbidden is interest.  The rest would up for you to research and decide for yourself.

In America, its almost hard to get around with no interest so research research and research.  Example, our company requires all employees to take a 401k which has interest involved. The 401K administrator borrows your money to play the stockmarket which personally makes me a little uncomfortable but I don't have much choice.  It's not an option that employee's could opt out of, so in some cases there is no choice. In regards to the stock market with buying or selling stocks and the like, it can be a tricky situation and you have more options to consider.

 If you are wanting some money smart investment options.. possibly savings bonds and other avenues could accomplish your goals with a non interest bearing route.  The bonds take longer to mature but as far as I understand, interest is not used or used like other things.

I think I would do something for the youth and the children. Save the orphans or end childhood hunger.  I try to save the children in whats that I can but if i could have a bigger impact I would definitely focus my attention on the children and their well-being.

I would also do my best to instill the love of God in them and help them to build character and to learn and love the truth.

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