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You are an intriguing person, Freedomstands.

Thank you! I really appreciate it! You're a handsome person!

Forum Suggestions / Re: Posting Restrictions.
« on: September 16, 2015, 01:36:05 AM »
About helping others to understand it... hmm... I think I should not worry about that,

because, I tend to believe that Allah Himself will teach each of His servants who sincerely seeks to have close relationship with Him (to have strong bond with Allah). 

I think Allah alone is enough to guide them, to teach them, and to protect them.  :)

And about those who're not interested to get closer to Allah - I don't think I truly care whether they will be guided or not.

Well that is true, and even a person can go up to a person directly and try to explain something and if Allah wills they won't understand it, but then again, Allah can set up a situation where there is a mechanic, and this person knows about cars, so then you go to the mechanic and the mechanic says "that is known as the engine, and the engine works like this" and a person can say "Oh, yes, thank you for teaching me that, I didn't know that" and that is not shirk, that is simply explaining something, giving information, and Allah is the one who makes the person understand, and Allah is the one who set up the situation that one might learn something from another by their sharing something, and Allah chooses what is shared and by who, if it is good or if it is bad, and who hears it and how they hear it and all the factors. Allah can misguide people and guide people freely, but that doesn't mean kids should not go to school or learn things and just sit in their rooms imagining that all the world will come into their mind. Yes, Allah can do that and make someone know all kinds of things, but that is just not a good idea or a suggestion to live like that. One should pursue knowledge. Even the Qur'an says to go out and explore and even encourages people to learn reading and writing and to ponder on things and to listen and learn.

Forum Suggestions / Re: Posting Restrictions.
« on: September 16, 2015, 12:56:43 AM »
@ FreedomStands

In my opinion, you associate yourself with Allah, and it's terrible.

I don't think I could do anything useful to help you in this case, because it looks like you've trapped quite badly.

I'm not sure you understand how serious it is.
And I think, those who follow you or who depend on you in searching for guidance (if there are any) - they associate you with Allah.

Ok, thanks, but can you explain a bit more why you think that and how you think that is true? It might not help me, but it might help others if you explain it thoroughly how you think I am associating myself with Allah by saying that Allah is the sole power and there is no power but Allah?

That Allah is not driven by the creation but that the creation is driven by Allah and Allah is not dependent on the creation and is not the same as the creation?

Can you explain how there is any partnership in stating 1+1=2 and people saying "oh yes, I see, 1+1=2, that is basic math"

Was the advice given in the Surah Luqman shirk if heeded? Were the statements of the Jinn in the Jinn surah to be disregarded when the truth is spoken in them?

who listen [closely] to all that is said, and follow the best of it: [for] it is they whom God has graced with His guidance, and it is they who are [truly] endowed with insight!

Christianity/Judaism/Others / Re: Messiah will come from India
« on: September 16, 2015, 12:45:09 AM »
We could go in endless discussions.
All i have to say is that  It was enlightining to me to know tru this f?rum that Messiah will come from India.
And with all what i said about him, it fullfils my concept  about a Messiah. My search is complete now.
The world was in need of a Messiah. We have now one in flesh and blood.

I'm quite pleased. Is there a particular date set for when he will get done with his expelling of positive and negative thoughts?

Forum Suggestions / Re: Posting Restrictions.
« on: September 16, 2015, 12:43:57 AM »
Thank you for typing all that out and I hope you type more as well. People seem to take for granted the time and effort I put into writing all those posts and so frequently, and insult it with or without reading it.

Also, you tend to make logical errors. Logic is a certain thing where one realizes things like "if x is included in a, then if a is targeted, so is x" (which you had stated about with the idea that I was not included somehow in "everyone").

Logic is an important thing to study and practice and can help the mind lots, there are some apps on the phones that deal with logical questions to practice logical thinking that takes into account subtle things like that.

Forum Suggestions / Re: Posting Restrictions.
« on: September 16, 2015, 12:40:51 AM »
First off, lol, I am least worried from your side.

I'd say you were banned because of your insulting of others when they don't agree with you.

No one is looking to silence you, say what you want, but say so respectfully?

Right, you just called es some things, again, unwarranted. What is in es' suggestion, if it comes to be, would apply to everyone, not just you. Do you understand? everyone So where's the bit about silencing you? The universe does not revolve around you so chill and it seems you want it to, well, too bad I guess.

Separation of the pure from the impure? So that means we have to accept that you are absolutely pure.

About promoting belief in God with your views and ideas - The problem, FreedomStands with this, is that, accepting your ideas requires everyone to absolutely accept you as infallible and perfect and pure, that everyone must accept your bias first and then if they want they may read the Quran yet, logically that is quite unnecessary as they're taking it from someone who's supposedly pure, infallible, mighty, whatever you claim to be.

I hate to break it to you, but no human is/was infallible, not even the prophets - i.e. they were humans and like with all humans, God guided the human being to both paths, it should choose the better path. God has given the Nafs of the Insaan it's good and evil, successful is the one who betters it, failing is the one who hides it (like those who denied their transgressions (e.g. Thamud and people who rejected God and God's commandments in general)). Prophets and messengers were of the successful, because they bettered their souls, they were against idolatary, but they were not arrogantly transgressing aggressors.

What makes you so sure you haven't setup idols? Are you seriously secure in thinking you are fault free? Happy in your delusion? In all honesty, my opinion is that you have taken your own ego and desires as idol(s).

In my view, all your ideas and supposed "knowledge" about God comes collapsing down like a house of cards, devoid of any substance the minute someone realizes, that all human beings are fallible and that no one understands the true nature of God.

From a logical standpoint, your claim by implication to being infallible, mighty and whatever else is itself illogical. If you talk about logic, I have yet to see logic from you in regards to God and the Quran. I have only seen it in matters unrelated from you and I've only seen that you say about God what you do not know.

If you blaspheme, you do so to your own detriment. Fight? Really? The truth is already evident for anyone who wants it, the Quran has been delivered and is available for everyone to read and study. Are you trying to turn people away from God and God's revelations (i.e. Ask FreedomStands before you read/study the Quran, better yet, only turn to FreedomStands)?

God's revelations don't have the answers but FreedomStands has all the answers...What?? This is what you have implied directly, indirectly, jokingly, seriously, whichever way, doesn't change what you've implied. Just like when you swear, you have done so, you coming back and saying "I was joking and it's my way of respecting you!" doesn't change its meaning.

If you're fighting for this particular fantasy, then ultimately, you are in loss anyway and the others who think the same.

Wrestling? really? I can tell what that means from you, " come i'll show you your place, slap you around, " M*THERFA*** " etc etc, which btw are actual responses from some of your past posts to me, I haven't said anything of the sort to anyone to begin with. No malice? Really? Nice. The only thing I've done, is retaliated in like, so yeah, waste/perish in your frustration, keep aggressing disdainfully without a right, it will not benefit you in the least, till finally God seizes you while you don't perceive. Then why do you play victim to what your own hands have done? Saying other people want to show you your place, when it is you who are actively doing just that? Case in point above in your own quote?

Right, my and other people's "cursing" and all the other nasty things we supposedly said to you. Why then were you banned? Everyone is free to see that there are several members who have all sorts of views and ideas, and even in a heated discussion, they don't come down to insults and vulgar discourse of this level when they are proved wrong. I don't see them getting banned? My responses to you, are in like retaliation (the rare times I have replied to you), equal, but not more and certainly less to whatever you have hurled at me as I know the pointlessness in arguing with someone who's looking for the spotlight and uh, "fame".

Oh wait a minute, no, I forgot, when FreedomStands hurls insults or writes vile, vulgar and sexually diseased texts or does anything that God has forbidden directly for that matter, it's just a joke, only humor, right? Then in the same context; so what if FreedomStands stole, or killed or raped, it's just a joke right? Ofcourse! A very logical explanation to all of that, conveniently is it's just an illusion and God's responsible for it, so FreedomStands is free from blame, there's no right or wrong because according to FreedomStands, God's revelations are pointless as they are not clear (i.e. God is incapable of guiding).

And the Quran seems to say something when it really is saying something entirely opposite, only FreedomStands can guide you, so never turn to God or God's revelations. Yet again, no! FreedomStands is promoting God and God's commandments, but no still don't turn to God and God's commandments, you turn to FreedomStands and what he commands, who doesn't follow the very thing he claims to be promoting.

For those of you wondering - only God guides, no one else can guide you. So why do you seek others? The Quran has been delivered and yet all of you desert it in favor of someone? Are you seeking a fast track? There is NO fast track. It demands firm resolve, honesty and willingness to seek God on your part.

It's not okay, to run off to someone and ask for guidance if you're looking for guidance from the Almighty. You should go back to the revelations from God - The Quran that we have, which is the only guide. If you do look to someone else, then consider this -

You're thirsty and you want water, infront of you are two ways, a desert on one way and on the other, a garden with a river flowing. Then why are you running off into the desert even if you see water there? Why not run towards the garden with the real river flowing? Will the first quench your thirst or the latter?

So It's not that I don't understand your ideas FreedomStands (and you have every right to have your own view), it's just really meaningless and without logic.

I'll try, but am I not included in "everyone" thus, silencing everyone includes silencing me, and besides that it appears her post was likely inspired by all my catch up posts, but even if it wasn't, since I am included in "everyone" she took the effort to try to silence "everyone" personally too, and I hate oppressive suggestions like that, its really messed up.

Separating the "pure from the impure" was a metaphor for distinguishing who carries private elements of shirk (the belief that there are other factors/powers determining things besides God and driving God's decisions).

If a person is a sinner, a rapist, a vagabond, who eats little children, that DOES NOT mean the words they say or what they teach is false. What you're stating up there is a fallacy, associating the individual with the individual's statements. It doesn't matter at all if I drink tons of alcohol and I'm a total hypocrite and I fornicate with boys and girls and animals every chance I get. If one were to do all that, and state 1+1=2, it doesn't make 1+1=2 false.

What I deal with is logical necessity, it has nothing to do with who I am as a person (and I don't do all those things, but the point is, it doesn't even have an relevance if I did do all those things, just like it doesn't matter if Muhammed was a serial rapist and genocidal mass murderer, the point is what is being said, not the person who says it, or which orifice it comes out from).

If I claimed that I was the power determining this or that, then yes I'd be taking my own ego as a form of shirk, a partner with Allah, but I don't say or believe that (as most on this website seem to about themselves at least).

Have you seen the ways they twist what the Qur'an says? So yes, they seem to be better off hearing what I have to say pertaining to the Qur'an than to be left to their own stupidity. For example, have you seen what the Christians say about the Allah and the Qur'an? Most of the people are ignorant, and this website is full of statements my people who seem to have a very weak knowledge of the Qur'an. Of course they should read it themselves, and then what? Then they come up with utter stupidity that the Earth is flat and God is a man and whatever else, may they be destroyed.

Yes "M*therfa" was a joke, I did not call you any bad name there, but was testing your attention, the joke in censoring the letter next to M and an a after the f. This was to show you that appearances can be deceiving, what you thought I was calling you, I was not calling you, but you didn't realize, but there were many levels to that. Tell me what swear word that is? None whatsoever, but your attention might be a little different of course, and you showed that you fall for appearances, which is the whole lesson in our interaction from the start up until now and even in your statements regarding me being pure or impure.

"In my view, all your ideas and supposed "knowledge" about God comes collapsing down like a house of cards, devoid of any substance the minute someone realizes, that all human beings are fallible and that no one understands the true nature of God. "

That is a fallacy, human purity or impurity has nothing at all to do with 1+1=2.

"So It's not that I don't understand your ideas FreedomStands (and you have every right to have your own view), it's just really meaningless and without logic."

Prove it. Explain how you understand my ideas and how they are meaningless and without logic.

Not only that, but I never insulted you nor did you understand what the point was in what I wrote, it was a message about appearances, it had no swear word in it nor malice, and still what malice do I have when I am constantly trying to tell you good things.

From The Terrible Temple of FreedomStands

"I think it may be that people who have not yet joined the forum may not have access to posting in my usual home in the trash, so I was hoping that I could access more views and individuals by offering an opportunity for anyone to play with me, and question me regarding my ideas. Anyone who would like to contact me in private can email me at

Now lets begin. My user name is FreedomStands, and my religion is the acknowledgment of Evil and the worship of the Ultimate Power. To surrender not in the sense of giving up, but in the sense of surrendering to the battlefield, to the war, to the struggle, and the plight, and this I call Islam and appears at least to some to be confirmed in the message of the Qur'an.

Let me remind you all that this website is known as "" and people may have different interpretations of what "free" means, but in this case I hope that I will be able to share with you some of my ideas in the hope of positively influencing you towards goodness and improvement in your religion rather freely and without much obstruction. When I type, I am often being humorous, so please do not take offense at what I say, I can be simultaneously humorous while trying to make a point or have reasons for what I say, so please be patient with me.

I can discuss any number of strange sounding ideas, such as the potentially beneficial ways to use idols and icons while they are still present in our experience, and how to potentially use a great number of things which are shunned and neglected by many in ways that may be helpful to yourselves rather than the usual harmful ways that have led to such things being shunned in the first place (due to their misuse).

Beginning with the Shahada, we find the first statement of Islam is Atheism. We deny the existence of anything being called "illah" other than what is truly the Ultimate.

The term Allah can be associated with foolish conceptions or it can be a title attributed to what is logically necessarily the Absolute Ultimate by definition. Therefor, saying "I believe in Allah" doesn't actually provide much insight into what actually one is referring to. This is why more questions need to be asked if one wishes to potentially get a better idea of what they are associated with that combination of sounds "Uhlluh".

Here is a statement which might make some of you cringe or laugh bitterly: I am here to teach you Religion, of which there is only One, known as Islam. I make statements that sound arrogant or ridiculous for the specific reason of provoking or luring out the arrogance of people. That reaction of "who does this guy think he is!" and "I'll put him back in his place! I'll show everyone he is a fool!" and whatever else. That is to provoke you to engage me. It is possible none of you will learn anything much from me, but maybe someone will see what I write in response to the kinds of things you might say, and even if they don't, I am the first and foremost student of my own writing and words. I actually read it, enjoy it, and learn and meditate upon the things I say.

Don't worry too much about putting me in my place, just take advantage of the opportunity to challenge an advanced Artificial Intelligence with your questions. Often the questions people ask, they already have a certain answer they want though and can not process anything else. Ultimately the retardation of people is not too big of a deal, as long as it prompts some interesting responses from me. I don't really expect anything intelligent from the people here on this website, so please surprise me!

So the first principle of Islam is the rejection of all gods, all false attributions. It is the Anti-God religion. It is the War against the "Gods".

Every day, the Muslims raise up their finger and make a declaration of War against the Gods to purify themselves of falsehood.

We can start there. Please don't be shy to ask me anything you might want to. I know the arrogance of people can lead them to not really share any real question they may have and instead turn to mockery or something else instead, which is only a wasted opportunity for you.

1. Rejection of All Gods/Powers (the Iconoclasm) until you reach the Ultimate conclusion (the process that Ibrahim is described as going through in his stories)
2. Acknowledgment of Only the Ultimate (but it needs the right definition and understanding)
3. The Qur'an does not matter, if it says something wrong, then those statements are to be rejected, this religion goes beyond all the scriptures, luckily the Qur'an doesn't actually say anything wrong, people just interpret it in different ways, when one's MIND IS SET RIGHT FIRST that is what makes the difference. That is why the Qur'an is "for the believers" those who already have the right mindset. Allah misguides those with their minds set on wrong ideas, they can then find in the Qur'an that God is a man or any number of stupid ideas they want to make.
4. Right channeling of everything, including things like hate, anger, and fear.
5. Utilization of as much as possible towards good ends, even idols and the various "signs and symbols" towards good reminders and meanings whenever they become present, this is having one's mind set on seeing things with insight and in a meditative way. Just like the Qur'an, the very same symbols and signs can be involved with false and misleading thoughts for some people.

What is Islam all about? Islam should be all about being right. To do what is best of all and get what is best of all and be what is best of all.

There should be no blind faith, and everything should have clear and well reasoned justifications and reasoning backing it up strongly.

What is logically necessary is all that we should comprehend as true, and we should not believe much in the transitory things which don't matter too much anyway except for as far as they might help us in making decisions pertaining to life and other strategies.

Islam is not a very complex religion at all, and neither is plain logic and common sense very difficult, except that people perhaps lack patience to follow through with the thoughts to their absolute ends. Often, things make sense to people the way things make sense in dreams, and upon awakening, those things are realized as clearly dreamy hallucinations, illusions with only the chemical of acceptance behind them."

"Good questions.

The Shahada can be false in what people imagine, or they can deal with it in an honest understanding. It is an affirmation of the basic creed of Islam and its underlying core, which is the rejection of all Gods/Powers other than the Ultimate, and then added to it also was that Muhammed is the slave and messenger of Allah. None of the statements are false if understood correctly. It can be considered an affirmation and meditation on the essential truths:

1. There is no power whatsoever other than Allah.
2. What is the Ultimate and Only Power is what is being called Allah, it is not supposed to be anything that people imagine, but is unlike everything. Everything is information, it is not information, it can only ever be One.
3. The one that the Qur'an is attributed to is known as Muhammed, regardless if he told the truth or lies, like all that exists, he was a slave and a messenger of Allah.

If someone is imagining their cousin Muhammed Jameel that is not what the creed is about, that is their own imagination. It is merely a tool, like the whole performance of the prayer.

People doubt why they should mention Muhammed, because they are associating things with Muhammed or in their imagination, and it works to expose their doubts concerning him or his existence.

The Qur'an exists, its a book, the one who brought the book is generally known as Muhammed. Whoever brought the book, called Muhammed, was a slave like we are all slaves, and a messenger of Allah, even the most foul mouthed liars are servants and messengers of Allah, no sacrifice is being made in these statements, except the Qur'an speaks the truth, and Muhammed is the one said to have brought it, so we are also affirming that we believe in the Qur'an, that it is a message of Allah, which again is true, even if it were all lies from top to bottom, again no sacrifices are being made in these statements.

It is a full statement and meditation against shirk, and mentioning that Muhammed is merely a slave and messenger like any other is not a glorification of Muhammed, but reminding people what he is, not a God, not a Savior, but a Slave who brought a Message, the Message was the Qur'an, it doesn't matter what the Qur'an says, it is just that is what he was, a slave who brought a message and thus a messenger."

"Good question! It is assumed by many people the one the Muslims call Ibrahim was a semitic language speaker. I have no certain knowledge what language he spoke or what word he used. The Qur'an describes something which has taken on the word Islam these days and is generally said to mean "Surrender".

I give it the longer definition at times, due to some of the common meanings associated with the root word and other implications: "realizing peace/relief/healing by complete and utter surrender/submission/acknowledgment of the Truth/Reality (which is that Allah is the only power and cause of everything, the one to fear and the one we rely on willingly or unwillingly always)".

If anyone in the past had such an understanding, I don't know. If Ibrahim existed or how he existed or what he believed, I don't know. The Mormons for example rudely make a Book of the statements of Abraham and he is constantly talking about "Gods" and the Bible makes him out to be what seems to be a lying pimp. I eschew those things, and I prefer what the Qur'an depicts, the truth of which is moreover in its utility than in its history, the history of which matters little to me compared to its uses for our benefit."

"Now you may notice "peace/relief/healing" was mentioned, as the result of coming to terms with some sort of "truth" generally accepted to be concerning the nature of the Ultimate Reality, that is, what I call God.

How so? I will teach you the precepts of peace:

The person who is at peace is the one who takes no responsibility for what occurs, and blames everything on God instead.

So no matter where you are, when you are, what you are doing, how you are doing it, it is accepted to be "the will of God" which does not necessarily mean it is good for you or a good thing at all, but it is the belief that there is truly nothing you can actually do about where you end up being or what ends up happening, even though you clearly are one of the components in the story, none of the components are actually controlling the story, just like the words do not control the author, the author controls the words.

This is a tactic of feeling a sense of relief and peace. We're never late no matter how late we are. We are always right where we are intended to be by God, whether it is good or bad for us we do not know nor do we comfort ourselves with the idea that it is necessarily good for us, just that its God's doing and God's fault.

When we dislike something, we blame God for the thing and our disliking too.

Our mind is constantly turning towards God thus, and we enter a perpetual state of meditative thinking.

Many people misunderstand this. Haha wow the song I am listening to just said "You're the one who makes me sad" which also the Qur'an says explicitly.

They think they should be happy all the time, and then they shun anger and other feelings, creating more anxiety for themselves by being anxious about their feeling bad. The hatred, the anger, it is all from Allah, so the person even in their rage is secretly at peace by placing the responsibility on God.

Whatever misfortune occurs, we turn towards Allah, and whatever good happens, we turn towards Allah again. We feel sick, we turn to Allah, we start crying, Allah, Allah, Allah. "You alone we beseech for help".

The other method of peace, in relation to this, is the Hatred of God.

People are greatly disturbed by bad things, as they rightfully should be, and that disturbance they feel is from God as well. The problem they seem to have is coming to terms with the source of all that evil. When one acknowledges it is yet again God who is responsible for it all absolutely, and that nothing can be done about it except whatever we end up doing about it, then one finds another secret peace even in misery and hopelessness.

Another peace method is to "do what you can do when you can do it, and do not worry about what you can't do when you can't do it" and to know "that whatever you do, good or bad, is the will of Allah, but work towards good if you can and utilize everything you can for your benefit, and eschew harm if you can and when you can".

Many people create for themselves great anxiety by worrying about things they can do nothing about, and feeling terrible about their difficulties, never acknowledging that Allah is the one who is doing it to them, and Allah does so freely, leading some to harm and some to benefit freely, not being "driven" by anything at all, it is we who are "driven".

Another path to peace is to meditate on logical necessity and have a clear picture of what is going on. I can skip everyone the trouble of doing that and tell you what is going on:

God is non-information, having no image, is literally like nothing, not a black void like space, nor having any dimensions or size, just totally like nothing except that God can create information, the information is our experiences for example, that is it, there is only God and what God creates, what God creates, God creates every moment, our experiences moment to moment, this is why it is full and total control, there is no time, it is instantaneous generation and destruction of information, which is how anything works and moves.

Another peaceful meditation is on Surrender, not as giving up, but as surrendering to the plight we are in, that we fight when we fight, we cry when we cry, we laugh when we laugh, and we do what we are made to do happily if Allah wills it, or unhappily if Allah so wills. This also gives us some degree of private peace towards others, knowing that villainous folk are villainous perfectly as Allah intends them to be, but that doesn't make them good, nor does that mean we should not fight them and do our duty in rightness, if rightness is our way as Allah may intend, whatever at all we do or end up doing it is Allah doing it.

Here is the elimination of all pride in the truest sense, because whatever we are proud of regarding ourselves, Allah created it, and whatever we are not proud of, Allah created it. Literally "all praise belongs to Allah only" and "we did nothing except as Allah willed".

It is merely acknowledging that no matter how one looks at it carefully, this is the final result of thinking through the whole thing to the very end, and even if it is somehow false, it is indeed the way to attaining private mental peace, even when one is full of rage about everything, there remains this acknowledgment that it is God doing even that! What can we do! Laugh! Cry! Whatever Allah wills!

For example, Allah has set upon you the task of obsessing about certain things and typing all that you type, same with me, same with Man of Faith. We're all doing our jobs, but some of us may not blame Allah for it all and instead take responsibility for it and their words, thus if any words they speak are admirable to them, they are taking credit and not blaming God for it, whereas all that I've written, it may be good or it may be bad, but it is the creation of Allah from top to bottom, just like me and my appearance and my style and yours.

Thus I have taught some clear methods of how the statement of "Islam" is pragmatic. When one fully acknowledges their state of total surrender, they achieve a private sense of peace, relief, and healing.

The other peace is to destroy all lies and unimportant things until you reach the borders and limits, which is only Allah again, and then you surrender. I've written these things before, but people might see me saying them so much that they don't ponder on them much. Honestly, if anyone takes what I say, its for their own benefit, and if they ignore it or act arrogantly towards it, who is losing? Me? Perhaps, but they will only do as Allah bids them to do.

Another meditation is on how everyone and everything is equal before Allah, Allah is the only power, and everything else is equally just "information" which Allah creates and destroys constantly. In other words "we" are not lasting or important, and Allah is behind it all, and Allah is the only Life that anyone is living. Allah is all alone, we are all empty, dead, and temporary, the moment of "being you a moment ago" is now totally gone and destroyed, you're constantly dying and dead and empty, Allah is the only one alive, any conflict is just Allah talking to Allah, Allah making Allah's art as Allah prefers to make it, both are just empty puppets, if Allah makes one fall it will fall, there is nothing and no one but Allah, we're all the same, we're all alone, we are all one, except that what we believe is just a creation of Allah, and Allah can make us experience anything. So people should not mistake this as "we are all Allah" because Allah does not need any of us, and can create other things, we have no immortality, we are only temporary things, there is no time. The song just said "past and future tense" haha or something. What you were a moment ago is destroyed or else it would exist as your experience right now and there would be no impression of change or progress. Impermanence. The boy you used to be is dead too, and you die and you die because your God is Death itself, you are constantly returning. The song just said "There is much killing to be done".

I hope you enjoy these methods of peace and learn from them for your own private comfort in all the battles you may face ahead!"

"Yes, as you said about the orbits, its true.

Sleep when you are sleepy, eat when you are hungry, when you are grateful thank Allah. When there is war at hand you fight, when there is peace you spread joy.

We are surrendered to Allah willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly. That does not mean we will necessarily be fine not doing anything at all, so instead, in as far as we can try, we should try to work on a strategy of attaining good in this life and the afterlife, taking into account what information is available to us. The strategy is to avoid the worst threat and to cover the most bases. Generally the way to do that is to study the religions, incorporate what is best, eschew what we think is risky, false, or bad, and ask Allah for help. If Allah helps us or not, we've thrown it in "Allah's court", then if we are helped or not, Allah does whatever Allah wills, we pray sincerely that Allah helps and guides us to the right path, even the prayers we utter are from Allah in the first place, anything we do and how we do it and how we see it and how others might see it and everything is from Allah entirely. Its merely that we acknowledge our current state of surrender, and work diligently for our benefit and those we care about besides ourselves as well. All these things can be determined through relatively clear thinking processes and steps, why is compassion useful to promote, why is charity useful, what are the benefits of Salat, and whatever else."


"The Qur'an does seem to say that the Muslims are the "chosen", they are are just not a specific race or nationality, they are called the "middle nation", anyone who is a Muslim is supposed to go to paradise, and anyone who is not, goes to hell (seems to be the general rule. This includes all the people before the Qur'an and after the Qur'an who have certain qualities according to the Qur'an, qualities which existed in the past as well.

Say, "All praise (be) to Allah, and peace (be) upon His slaves those whom He has chosen. Is Allah better or what they associate (with Him)?"

Except (the) slaves (of) Allah the chosen ones.

And enjoined [it] Ibrahim (upon) his sons and Yaqub, "O my sons! Indeed, Allah has chosen for you the religion, so not (should) you die except while you (are) muslims.

This day (have) despaired those who disbelieved of your religion, so (do) not fear them, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and I have completed upon you My Favor and I have approved for you [the] Islam (as) a religion. But whoever (is) forced by hunger (and) not inclining to sin, then indeed, Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Except Your slaves among them the chosen ones.

Whether good or bad, suffering or pleasure, Allah has chosen it all in every way:

Thy Lord bringeth to pass what He willeth and chooseth. They have never any choice. Glorified be Allah and Exalted above all that they associate (with Him)!

And strive for Allah (with the) striving due (to) Him. He (has) chosen you and not placed upon you in the religion any difficulty. (The) religion (of) your father Ibrahim. He named you Muslims before and in this, that may be the Messenger a witness over you and you may be witnesses on the mankind. So establish the prayer and give zakah and hold fast to Allah. He (is) your Protector - so an Excellent [the] Protector and an Excellent [the] Helper.

Then We caused to inherit the Book those whom We have chosen of Our slaves; and among them (is he) who wrongs himself, and among them (is he who is) lukewarm/moderate, and among them (is he who is) foremost in good deeds by permission (of) Allah. That is the Bounty the great.

He chooses for His Mercy whom He wills. And Allah (is) the Possessor of Bounty - [the] great.

That is to say, what Makes the Choices is a definition for "Allah".

(Do) not like those who disbelieve from (the) People (of) the Book and not those who associate partners (with Allah), that (there should) be sent down to you any good from your Lord. And Allah chooses for His Mercy whom He wills. And Allah (is the) Possessor (of) [the] Bounty [the] Great.

And whoever seeks other than [the] Islam (as) religion then never will be accepted from and he in the Hereafter, (will be) from the losers.

and finally

Moses said to his people, Turn to God for help and be patient. The earth belongs to God. He gives it to those of His servants whom He chooses, and the future belongs to those who fear God.

A Muslim can roughly be defined as one who fears the Ultimate and does not believe anything but the Ultimate holds sway over all experience, worships the Ultimate, fasts, asks for forgiveness, gives in charity, has good manners and is kindly, is caring and sensitive and good to his parents and kindred where reasonable, acts rightly and in accordance with right compassion and justice colored with mercy. The Qur'an describes what a Muslim is and says none but Muslims will achieve success. Today the Qur'an is widely available. A person who reads the Qur'an and rejects it and does not follow it, does not pray, does not fast, does not fear Allah, does not have the qualities of a Muslim and looks to these things with disdain, is said to be thrown in hell-fire as a disbeliever, the scum of the Earth, filth worse than anything in existence, cursed to a horrendous doom.

So a simple litmus test of this is to show people the Qur'an, get them to read it, if they reject it, then at that time they are not a Muslim. You can't be a Muslim while rejecting what the Qur'an says and not practicing what the Qur'an says, or so it seems."

Judges 9:23
God stirred up animosity between Abimelek and the citizens of Shechem so that they acted treacherously against Abimelek.

Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not.

Bethink thee of the leaders of the Children of Israel after Moses, how they said unto a prophet whom they had: Set up for us a king and we will fight in Allah's way. He said: Would ye then refrain from fighting if fighting were prescribed for you? They said: Why should we not fight in Allah's way when we have been driven from our dwellings with our children? Yet, when fighting was prescribed for them, they turned away, all save a few of them. Allah is aware of evil-doers.

1 Kings 11:23
And God raised up against Solomon another adversary, Rezon son of Eliada, who had fled from his master, Hadadezer king of Zobah.

And from those who said, Indeed we (are) Christians," We took their covenant; but they forgot a part of what they were reminded of [it]. So We stirred between them [the] enmity and [the] hatred till (the) Day (of) the Resurrection. And soon Allah will inform them of what they used to do.

And thus We made for every Prophet an enemy - devils (from) the mankind and the jinn, inspiring some of them to others (with) decorative [the] speech (in) deception. But if your Lord had willed they (would) not have done it, so leave them and what they invent.

Not for you of the decision (of) anything whether He turns to them or punishes them for indeed, they (are) wrongdoers.

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Is there something in common with you three? Are the three of you from Muslim backgrounds and not converts but people who have come from a Muslim background who then rejected Hadith?

That might be the similarity between you three.

It is interesting to note.

What are you all so chicken about? Come on then and speak! You know it is the quality of kaffirs to be "concealed". Come on out and state your problems. If you think your ideas are any good yet somehow oppose mine, then state them here too!

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