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General Issues / Questions / Re: Do we need books to believe in God?
« on: February 02, 2015, 05:13:20 PM »
I think belief should be based on understanding, and God created language as a means to understand. Belief is a good place to start, but greater understanding comes through the written word. I read somewhere words are alive, therefore they should not be taken for granted. If we look (or read) in the right place, then God can offer His guidance. To believe, we do not need books, but to know, we need books. They are a part of God's plan and provisions. Our minds are fed by them, and our hearts change through them. I do not believe, however, that we need every book, and only God's wisdom can lead us to the right book(s).

General Issues / Questions / Re: Why isn't God responsible ?
« on: February 02, 2015, 04:25:57 PM »

What makes total sense is karmic implications to one's actions (28:84), and that the Creator will heal the humans who failed, and give them another chance to get things right (2:28, 40:11). Those who keep failing, their graduation into the next level of existence (heaven) and eventual return to the infinite Creator will be delayed (the delay = hell).

I agree with the above. I also believe that we are not given only 60 to 100 years to prove ourselves. God says this is a temporary life, yet one should ask relative to what. Nowhere in the Quran have I read anything which specifies how long earthly life should be. I bind myself to the truth that God is Merciful, and we are not going to hell after sabotaging one lifespan. The fact we are born into this world says we have work to do in order to balance the scales, and God is giving us all a chance. Each individual is striving at his or her own pace which explains why some people are more enlightened than others. God has a purpose to fulfill on planet Earth, and every one of us will continue on Earth until that purpose is achieved. I do not for one second believe that this life was made for suffering, and that we will finally reach happiness when we enter Paradise. Each of us is here to fulfill the potential of our highest self, and we will continue to return to Earth until we get there. This is because, again, God is Merciful. He is Beneficent and Forgiving.

Sunni/Shia Religion / Re: Undercover Polytheism
« on: January 27, 2015, 04:35:51 PM »
Taking partners is more clear, It has nothing to do with images or names or idols, it means to consider there are multiple Gods and my god is different than yours.

There has to be a danger in assuming that the veneration of images or idols, to which we give names, has nothing to do with taking partners. If someone believes human fulfillment is achieved by attaining worldly goals, such as lots of money and lavish belongings, then that person has taken partners with God. God does not punish us for worshipping the material world. We eventually punish ourselves. One not need state, affirm, or acknowledge an image or idol. One's actions and ideas may suffice as polytheistic rituals, whether we are aware or not. No longer is the worship of literal carved images the only threat to monotheism. As I mentioned before, Satan becomes more and more clever as mankind makes greater and greater material advancements.

Sunni/Shia Religion / Re: Undercover Polytheism
« on: January 26, 2015, 12:53:08 PM »
Well there is no such polytheism, Freedom. The only polytheism is making any attributes into an image of something. Even making Allah an image is polytheism and in ways you are actually looking for atheism, ironically enough.

I agree with Freedom. Especially in this "modern" age, polytheism very easily takes on the shape of worship of concepts. Materialism and "sensualism" are venerated whether blindly or consciously. In essence, these two concepts can have abstract or concrete images. We must look beyond the concrete because Satan becomes more and more clever. The test of this day and age is to overcome mystification caused by material advancements so majestic they seem god-like. Sensualism is manifested in extreme obsession with physical beauty. Hence, the promotion of "sex symbols".

I consider myself "Muslim" though now I prefer to identify myself as one who submits to the will of God. I doubt that anyone who learns anything about me would readily call me a Muslim. Only God and I truly know my degree of faith and understanding. I certainly measure my faith by my attitude towards life, and the way I choose to live my life to which I rarely find others to whom I can relate. I don't know if that's a sad state of affairs, or not. All I know, is that I walk in the path of truth. I know that whole-heartedly.

You've learned a bit about me, and I have no idea what you might say or think. I don't know if any other human being can decide my level of faith or system of belief for me. I know I am not easily understood and rarely followed. Maybe there is only one person on this entire planet who understands, but he is far away both literally and figuratively. Considering you are asking that question on this forum leads me to believe you've already categorized me as non-Muslim. I can save you some trouble in having to reply to this post, by letting you know I disagree.

It would be interesting to know your purpose on this website. Do you want others to return to Islam? How do you define Islam? I have to ask this considering the tragedy that Islam could possibly mean more than one system of belief. No matter which way people seem to view Islam, there is only one true Islam, of course, and God will certainly decide between those who dispute. He will.

General Issues / Questions / Re: The best way to discover the truth!
« on: January 18, 2015, 08:31:03 PM »

I think the best way to discover the truth, and to get all the answers is to experience it yourself! After all it is a personal journey. Question everything, assume nothing. Find out for yourself!

You took the words right out of my mouth. Very well, very wisely said!

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Freedom of Speech/Expression ??
« on: January 15, 2015, 04:33:28 PM »
You've answered your own question. Is it truly freedom of speech and expression, or is it power to mutilate through speech and expression?

Hadith Discussions / Re: Why can't we take hadeeth if they are good?
« on: January 15, 2015, 04:12:52 PM »
In this new age, each man (and woman) is his own priest and own church, therefore we have free will to choose that which corresponds with God's high order. No one can truly decide for each individual what is of benefit. Through God, we will find the most suitable path. Personally, long before encountering the Quran, I found many paths which correspond with it, and I have no problem disregarding the hadeeths which blatantly oppress women and promote animal cruelty. I've truly and deeply known a God quite different from the one presented by hadeeths, and this came about long before opening the Quran, as I mentioned before.

I do believe there may be threads of truth in hadeeths, but, overall, my first reaction is to ignore them. The greatest consolation in this life is to place all our faith in God, and through this we will be led on the right path. We do not need to worry. There are many paths that lead to Rome, and as true believers we will know without a doubt which information to take and which information to ignore. Having learned that, according to hadeeths, a woman cannot pray when menstruating, and that a dog casts angels out of a home was more than enough to avert me from hadeeths. I'm ever grateful to be sensitive to some of the abomination found in them, grateful to God. At the end of the day, when I find myself exhausted and baffled by what the truth may be, I find the greatest peace in knowing that God answers our prayers, and I'm always a prayer away from knowing what is true and what is false. This is God's simple and beautiful truth.

Submitters / Code 19 / Re: Over it is 19
« on: January 09, 2015, 03:45:48 PM »

So to recap:

This matter of the number of 19 in the Qur'an is but a "test" or a "proving" of who will take a "system" as so important and relevant that they will be distracted from the Ultimate Truth which is of more importance and relevance. That is not to say that what is being described and shown to people is not being made by Allah, it certainly is, Allah can convince anyone of anything, and can show them all the proof of it too, but even these things, like the sciences, the systems, the laws of physics, can lead people astray from understanding the nature of Allah, which is free from all such things, Allah creates them freely and can destroy them freely, and in its place make something else entirely that all may be convinced of or may believe, but those who are guided by Allah are informed of this great secret, that such matters, such disputes, such "truths" are irrelevant and can be transitory like a mirage, therefor only Allah can say with truth: "I comprehend what you do not comprehend".

When you have eschewed all the glorification of information, you have purified your religion for Allah only, who is not information, who knows while you do not know, and not knowing is part of the surrender, and not comprehending is understanding Allah in a sense, because what we can know and comprehend is information, but what can not be "known" as in comprehended or apprehended is Allah who alone is the Lasting, the Truth.

Oh Blessed King, Thank you for allowing me to share this to myself and to whoever you make to see it, and may Allah beautify and guide whoever Allah wills, for Allah is unbounded in mercy, ever compassionate.

Very interesting. I like what you have shared. You might have read my comment about my intrigue with Rashad Khalifa's discovery of the code which sums up to the number 19. I am a believer of numerology, but I am particularly convinced of a numerology of which Linda Goodman, astrologer/author, writes. She provides very rational arguments for the truth of numbers. Ever since I first studied Chaldean numerology, which Linda Goodman writes is the only true numerology, I have understood that the number 19 is one of the most fortunate numbers in numerology. It represents the Prince of Heaven, and what title is more fitting for the Quran than this one.

I agree with you entirely what you say about science and the laws of physics as convincing evidence of the existence of Allah, but also of the danger of being led astray by them. Any earthly endeavor not tempered by knowledge and worship of Allah can become Satanic. We have seen that in scientific and political institutions, among others. Rashad Khalifa's evidence should be seen as just that; logical, rational, mathematical, and exact evidence of Allah's truth and existence. As far as the two verses which may have been injected, I do not know. Rashad Khalifa was human and humans err. Perhaps there is something which is yet to be discovered regarding the two verses. I always find peace in the knowledge that consistent worship of Allah will never let me go astray. I, by the grace of Allah, cannot fall into the trap of idolizing the code. This topic brings me back to astrology. I think there is a lot of fear and misunderstanding which leads some to believe that astrology is a form of divination. I even read somewhere that the study of astrology is a quest for knowledge which is erroneous because only Allah knows everything. Throughout my life, I've had what people call psychic dreams. I sometimes see the future, and I have seen significant events before they realize themselves. This is not Satanic. Allah has given this to me, and I am aware that it comes from Allah. I come to know what Allah wants me to know, and if we can read the stars and understand the planets in order to understand the inclinations of human life, then we will come to understand that which Allah wants us to understand. We will not come to understand more than that. Nor will we understand less than what Allah wants us to understand. As I once heard in a movie "the truth is so simple that intelligent people have the hardest time understanding it."


Previously, I became close to a co-worker who firmly believes Jesus is God. To avoid controversy, I never challenged her view. Additionally, we probably shouldn't have been discussing religion in the workplace, so I was the one who chose to remain silent and listen to her. She related many other stories from the bible, and she tried to do good so we had plenty in common except for the one concept of Jesus as God. She is a very religious person and very active in her church. I can say one thing, however. Not that she will be punished or that she is wicked, but that she has some personal struggles which came to affect me in the workplace. She had some workplace behaviors that eventually caused tension between us. I always tried to be patient with her. Let's just say she wasn't always at her professional best, and sometimes just plain unprofessional to a high degree. This is where I think her worshipping of Jesus failed her. I'm not a Quran expert nor "quoter" but I remember reading in the Quran the verse where God says that prayers to idols do not get to Him. So if my co-worker prays to become a better person, I am sure there can be pronounced limitations considering she is directing her prayers to a human being. About a month ago, she was transferred to a different area of the company, and I was relieved. She was devastated and cried dreadfully because she liked working where I work. Nevertheless, she caused some serious problems due to her unprofessional behavior. She was never told the real reason for being transferred by her supervisor. I had nothing to do with it because I remained silent, but I later found out that upper management was aware of her behaviors. Now, she can be considered much more religiously devout than I, yet in this instance of her life she was shaken miserably. Overall, I wouldn't call her wicked, but some of her actions were wicked and hurtful. So she's made her professional life hard for herself. God hasn't done it, she did it to herself. Whereas, God would probably help us be better employees, but if we worship Him, of course.

I would like to add that my co-worker is very well aware of religions that do not acknowledge Jesus as God. Right after my conversion to Islam, I once inadvertently mentioned to her that Muslims regard Jesus as an important prophet, and I had to endure a defensive lecture from her as to why Jesus is God and not a prophet. Again, because she's so terribly passionate about her religious views, I listened to her as patiently as possible. My point is that she is aware of the message that Jesus is not God, but she refutes it through and through. She may have to answer to that. I wouldn't call her wicked even in this case. For some reason her heart and mind cannot open to the idea. She's answering to this in this life in some ways though, and whatever way she will have to answer to God she is bringing that on herself as well. As far as people that are absolutely oblivious to the truth about Jesus, I think God is merciful. Sadly, wickedness takes hold though, unless we strive to be led to the path of truth. No matter how na?ve we may be in matters of religion, not worshipping God alone has consequences. You may call it a punishment, or something else, but there's something hurtful about not turning to God whether done consciously or not. I can vouch for that in my own life. Only God knows why some people are blinded to the truth.

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