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How do we know it? We are not Allah.
 :rotfl: I am laughing at all of us. In a way, we all do that.

From my observation, I conclude that radical suppression of freedom of speech exists even among Quran only Muslims. Majority of the members here are great. But I do chuckle at those who have started to think of themselves as Prophets/Gods.

1. Although I have no idea what you are talking about and I have no way to show that your theory is wrong I believe what you presented here is disturbing for all and thus, I declare that you are a devil and liar for it.
2. [Insert clich? phrase to make myself look ] Speculation is haram in Islam, no one should do it...........except me.
3. Because something you said is not matching what I believe, I will be bullying you around.
4. I have lost all respect for you because you don't agree with me.
5. I have lost all respect for you because you mistakenly believed in something that................affects no one.

LOL Reel. This just made me laugh. So true.

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Have you used Tor/ Explored Deep Web?
« on: August 27, 2015, 04:31:57 PM »
Hello Reel,

Yeah, I know it and have used it. I got to knew about it recently and was so curious and excited to download it immediately. Once I downloaded and could use it, then I didn't really go much since I know it's there and won't go anywhere. So I am relax and not using it. Will use it when I want and when I feel like.

By the way, it's available on cell phone apps too like the IPhone ones and andriod Google play. I downloaded the internet Inbrowser. It automatically connects me to tor service as long as I have downloaded Orbot. I watched some shows from youtube through using this untraceable Internet app which connected to tor. Those shows on YT were blocked in my country. It connects you to different IPs, etc to make your location somewhere else, so I could watch those videos. I was just checking whether it makes your location, etc unknown or not as it claims. 

As with anything, it can be used for good or bad reasons. I feel happy a place like deep web or tor exist because it can be useful for many people for many things. As for criminals, well they will find anything to use it to their advantage and will abuse it, no? We can't stop because of such people. With or without such web, they will find a way. 

Aww, the same antisemitism BS. Everything is antisemitism other than praising zionists or their actions. How nice!

Disapproving Israel is being human. Anyway, they are the biggest antisemitic for what they are doing to semites Palestinians rather than these most of the these Europeans in Israel from their Khazars ancestors who had converted to Judaism.

Nothing against the Jews students. They are nice and fine people.

Hadith Discussions / Re: Doing salat as per Sunni / Shia ways
« on: July 02, 2015, 03:00:55 AM »
I have seen a photograph of the site from the late 1800's. It did not look like a place where people "danced" around a cubic building. One building (that must be demolished today) was very closed to the cubic building and obstructed a circular path around it.

There is a concave remnant on one side of the building demonstrating that the building was not always cubic. In historical accounts, some hundred years ago the building fell apart and has to be reconstructed due to soil erosion. Whether it did become cubic by then is unclear.

The way I interpret Quran there is no physical location called Mecca nor do I recognize that Quran speaks of a building.

Neither does it do to me. It is the type of symbolism that is prominent in Paganism. Holy images of gods clearly against the ancient 'Ten Commandments'. There is nothing holy in the flesh except some people who control it.

As far as my current understanding goes, Hajj means the type of contribution a person does by putting aside his or her own interests and has nothing to do with pilgrimage. To help an old woman across the street and rejecting a reward could be Hajj . To help a person by tutoring spirituality and rejecting a reward could be Hajj.

Due to the fact that Sustainer lacks any apparent needs as per the Sustainer's own words it would be logical to say that symbolism is also unneeded. Doing some ritual is tantamount to an attempt at bribing for it is just mere words. There are enough words in the world but little proper activity.

What you say counts, but the Sustainer already knew what you requested before you even opened your mouth. Yet with faith prayers are answered. The sole purpose with prayers is practical, i.e. to do what the word is used to signify, pray/request. As for parroting of words, like the first chapter of the Quran or the prayer Jesus suggested in the Biblical Gospels is for your own benefit to remind yourself of what must be done and why you ended the words in tradition with 'amen' which means "be it so". That did not mean that the person should rest lazily and the Sustainer fulfill the cause for 'amen' but the person supposed to realize themselves in what they uttered.

You may have to search your whole life unless you look in the right place and for the right thing. Or learn to trust the right people.

Be well

I will look for those old pics of Mecca If I can find and they are available. Yes, that's exactly why some house of God doesn't make sense to me since it makes me feel it's idolatry. God is everywhere, so how come people just go to one place and act like worshipping that place even if they don't mean that way and mean to worship God there. There is often news about Al-Aqsa mosque and the jews and muslims there fighting over it. It's crazy how they are fighting because they think it's their God's house and each group thinks it belongs to them as if the whole world is destroyed except that place and that's the only place they can stay and pray.

I personally pray by just asking, requesting, praising God, etc. I don't know if that counts or its the right way at the moment, but I don't think it's bad either. I don't think God will just care for one to specifically stand, sit, prostrate, etc to say basically the same. But then if anything is wrong, God will guide to the right way hopefully.


General Issues / Questions / Re: Wikipedia Quranism Page Vandalized
« on: July 02, 2015, 02:35:45 AM »
Lol, it has just been edited 2 mins ago. That's what it says.

Wow, it's worse now. It says Quranist believe in abrogation, believing in receive the Jizya or so called taxes from non-quranists, women are allowed to beaten, women can't lead mixed gender congregations, etc.

Hadith Discussions / Re: Doing salat as per Sunni / Shia ways
« on: July 01, 2015, 05:11:57 AM »
When I pray to my Master, I reverently ask.
Whenever, wherever, ... and without gymnastics.

It's intuitive, it's rational, & it works [if you know what you ought to ask for].


That's how I do it too, but then such type of prayer I used to do since childhood from what I can remember apart from doing ritual Salat as well. So, I don't even know if it counts. Just that now I am conscious of it, do it more often I guess, and know what I am saying unlike before where I didn't use to understand most of what I was saying. I am not really sure over the ritual Salat and Hajj. I will come back to ritual Salat later by searching more about it to make sure which is the right method. But Hajj doesn't even make sense since God is everywhere, so I don't get how can a perticular place be a house of God? Also, how do we even make sure the place described in Quran, if it even means to refer to some house, is the place where Mecca is? Anyway, this supposed house of God doesn't make sense to me.

They just spread their disease everywhere. Just a year ago, I rarely used to see women wearing Niqabs here, but now it's like normal to see many muslim women wearing it. Or, may be I was just blind to see and has woken up now, but I don't think so. I really don't remember many women wearing the niqabs just about a year ago or two years. Then others are expected to wear it as well. or else they are seen as decent or not islamic enough.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Wikipedia Quranism Page Vandalized
« on: June 30, 2015, 04:46:41 AM »
Hey Reel,

I go to Quranism wiki page sometimes out of curiosity, and recently when I checked, it also had very strange information there and was edited from how it was for a long time. I forgot which specific information was edited in Sunni vs Shia vs Quranist examples' section, but it was completely different than how it was for a long time. Then when I checked out last time, it was fine again. I wonder who edits it and put false information there every time.

I am not sure what's wiki policy about it, but can anyone just edit it and put anything there?

Questions/Comments on the Quran / Re: Does Quran give marriage steps?
« on: June 30, 2015, 04:39:50 AM »
Congratulations Reel!   :)

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Charleston Massacre Not Terrorism?
« on: June 23, 2015, 04:02:21 PM »
Peace Reel,

Of course, he's a terrorist. He fits the terrorist definition exactly, but that doesn't fit the propaganda of the elites nor the conservatives. Only if a Muslim does something, it's called terrorism whether or not what he did had anything to do with religion or not. It doesn't matter . The person will be called terrorist, but others are just unstable, poor individuals who were bullied or had abusive childhood, etc.

I have noticed every time a white man commits a crime, he is always called as a mentally ill person before anything else.

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