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Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Hot/"ramadan" Answer
« on: August 01, 2015, 10:46:38 PM »
Peace Ayman,

I am starting to get more and more convinced that fasting in "shahr ramadan"/"scorching full moon" is for 3 days. To the naked eye, the moon one day before the full moon, the full moon, and the moon one day after the full moon have almost the same appearance and the difference is negligible. This would fit perfectly with "whoever of you witnesses the full moon shall fast IT" and "ayyaam ma3doodat"/"a few number of days" (2:184, 2:185), and will leave no ambiguity whatsoever.




There is a fair of amount of reasonability behind your assertion, we do need to look more in this direction too, lets see it..



Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Ramadhan = ?
« on: July 29, 2015, 01:13:26 PM »
Hi siki,

Where is your evidence of Jewish people fasting a whole month during summer?

2:183 O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous



I never said that the jews, or we have to fast for a duration of one month, I believe in a ten day fast


Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Ramadhan = ?
« on: July 29, 2015, 04:31:24 AM »

Layth, Ayman, Wakas, Nadia, Farida, Huruf, Noon, Saima and all the oldies, Salam :D it's been a long time.

Peace Ayman,

  b) the fast of summer creates hardship (contrary to what God tells us) as people who would work in the open would suffer;
  c) the summer solstice has the longest day of the year (northern hemisphere) which would take the fast to extreme hours in some habitable regions.


Brother layth, my opinion regarding your above assertions, are

2-184........ But fasting is the best for you, if you only knew.

Fasting is for us, probably good for our body health, most likely some cycle gets triggered by a certain duration of deprivation, and that duration has to be long enough to bring in a certain hardship. If we look at the starting and ending markers for fast , it becomes obvious that the earliest possible marker was chosen and described in detail for starting fast.

2-187....You may eat and drink until the white thread of light becomes distinguishable from the dark thread of night at dawn.

and then the period was stretched to the Max by using the last possible Visible Marker, LAYAL,الصِّيامَ إِلَى الَّيلِ ,
Selection of above markers over (the easier and more obvious) sunrise to sunset is deliberate, probably to stretch the duration of fast to the Maximum.

The winter fast theory which makes fasting easy, in a day of the shortest duration, does not fall in line with the spirit of the most likely intentions of the designer. On the other hand, it dovetails smoothly with the longest days  after summer solstice

Yet another indicator, is the command/compulsionin 2-185.... Those of you who witness this (Full Red moon of the Heat) shahar... شَهِدَ مِنكُمُ الشَّهرَ ,

Above ensures that, one will Fast only when this full red moon is available in one's geographical location. This is meant to preclude the possibility of a coordinated fast in Northern and southern hemispheres. People above equator fast in summers around longest possible hot days, and  people down under would end up fasting in their summers on longest days 6 months later/earlier.




Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Ramadhan Fasting
« on: November 10, 2014, 09:12:20 PM »

After researching on this topic for some years,  My recommendation is

Fasting is abstaining from eating and drinking, not talking ( which is very hard specially for a woman  ;D)   so,

Fast for consecutive 10 days each year, starting after  the first full moon, immediately after summer solstice ,

Fast from first light till the darkness of night ( not till sun sets)

You don't have to actually witness the moon to start fast, you may start from the predicted date of full moon of scorching heat in your area (witnessing the shahar ur Ramadan, actually means  ," when ever is shahar ur Ramadan  in your geographical location", that means, the people in north, and down under should not practice fast at the same time. Residents of northern hemisphere do it on the longest and hottest days in June/July, and southern hemisphere would observe in their longest/hottest period, which is some time in Dec/Jan)

Sex is allowed after breaking fast through the night, during this 10 day period.

Don't bother about past what is passed is passed, if you are still bothered, just give away some money for charity.


Salat & Zakat (The Contact & Purification) / Re: Prayed but forgot ablution
« on: November 04, 2014, 07:30:12 PM »
5-6, spells out,

you are in  clean state,  but have to wadu every time before every salat

you are in clean state, but cant find water, you can salat without wadu.

you are in dirty state, four conditions,(listed) wadu will suffice to purify yourself before salat,

you are in dirty state, four conditions, and you cant find water to carry out wadu,  but this time no concession granted to you,   You have to carry out some kind of cleansing with clean dry soil.

you are in extremely dirty state  , janaba , which is you are in after sexual intercourse resulting into discharge of semen, wadu is not enough  , you have to take a bath,

you are in a janaba state,you cant pray untill and unless you take a complete body bath, salat prohibited

if you are travelling and get into janaba state, and unable to take a bath due to any reason, a concession is granted in 4-43( illa abri sabeelin) to you, and you can go ahead with salat, do the wadu or if no water do the tayammam at least.

(4-43 explains what is taharoo" in 5-6 by stating, "that taharoo by Ghusal", in addition ,4-43 also adds an exception for a traveler to perform salat in janaba state if he cant find water)

above is what quran says regarding wadu , nothing more nothing less,






public display of sexual act is very grave in GOD's eyes and is punishable even if the sex is legal 24-2,3 (sexual mounting witnessed by at least 4 people)

Adultry is dealt in 24-6 to 9

 In Adultery there is a hurt party , a ZOAJ, who being the nearest could be aware of a foul activity, but may not be able to produce additional witnesses.

There is procedure outlined in, 24-6 to 9,   and society is to take appropriate action which could be their separation if she/he does not want to be with the spouse anymore because of betrayal (or any other action if the socity has formulated some laws/punishments to deal with such activites)

And if the blamed party lies, to avoid separtion or a punishment (24-8) it becomes God's business. And  if it is a false accusation, it again becomes GOD"s business.( 24-7)

see, 24-6 onward , it is  accusation, not accusation for Zina, , nor is accusation  defined.
As she/he may have become aware of/witnessed some kind of illicit sexual activity of his spouse  and that may be is enough for her/him to call off a relationship.


Fornication ( illegal sexual mounting) is not singled out , but is dealt under Fahishats, which could be all kind of illegal sexual acts up to fornication.

This is dealt under 4-15,

If there are 4 reporting that a certain woman is up to some illicit/illegal sexual activity, source is to be capped  ( house arrest till she dies)


GOD will handle it, if GOD finds that her  behaviour/state of mind has improved  and she is not likely to divulge into any such activity anymore. HE (GOD) will arrange for her freedom. (4-15)

Again , There is no Zina here .






   1. Zina, is a (legal or illegal) sexual mounting act witnessed by at least 4 people, that means God does not want such a performance in public.

   2.  What you do in private is your business if no body is hurt (fornication) but there are guidelines by Almighty and system repercussions, if you aren't legal in private .

   3.  What you do in private becomes society's business if some one is hurt (adultery) and also becomes God's business if you want to continue hurting by illegal sex and lies.

    4. " Fwahish "( Fahishat)  constitute Illegal sexual activities starting from anything (even a sexual chat) to actual mounting and you are advised to refrain from them.

    5.  For "Fwahish",  the  proven opportunity provider has to be kept in check till  she dies or if her state of mind changes, and then the God will take care (becomes God's business)
           (surprisingly there is no remedial measure for the opportunity grabber ;D )

Now, whats legal sexual activity? that's what we have to derive from Quran by debating.


First of all the link you provided doe not open with me so maybe you can appaste what is in it. maybe that website is blocked where I am.

The question is not about breaching a contract or not. The question here is about accountability. Fornification by definition is sex between two parties who have no obligation with another party. Its really nobody's business. Freedom is sancrosanct in the Quran. This is their choice. The Quran gave people the freedom to disbelieve if they wish so we must respect the freedom the Quran gave. That is why the Quran can not mean fornification. If you read the verse in surat al nour its talking mostly about slandering. it always speaks of spouses so its about adultery and charges of adultery. The Quran does not give people the right to betray another party or slander them. Fornification has no bearing on anyone and its the parties involved own choice. We may say its a sin, but we can not include that as a crime that can be punished. This goes against the whole legal foundation of the Quran.




study of all occurences of MMA in Quran leaves very little chance for them to be anything else but  "concubines"

  1. The category is at par with Azwaj for legal sex ( 73-30, 23-5)
  2. The category is legal for sex without  dower/Ajar (4-24)
  3. The category is not bounded to be acquired through contract " NKH" anywhere in Quran.

  4. They are being recommended as a last option(4-25) (and that also only the young ones) for NKH, if No one is willing to  give you his/her daughter because of your financial situation (You can bring them home with much less money)

  5. Socially, they had an unequal (less) status in comparison to other women of society (16-71) and (30-28)

  6. little chance for them to be of category who have fled their disbelieving husbands (60-10) because they do contain  young unmarried ones too (4-25)  Moreover, God the most compassionate / merciful will logically, never socially downgrade someone who has abandoned her family and immigrated for HIS sake.

  7. Prophet Mohammad at a certain stage was ordered not to marry or change any more of his women, but  was allowed to have more of MMA (33-52)

Were they only women, or males as well ? where did they come from and what constitutes a modern MMA? the subject is open for debate.



Nothing else is the possibility. What you think could be another possibility?

Mazhar Salam
I think the term " Ma Malakat Emnakum" has an idiomatic use throughout Quran, had it been what you are advocating, then your daughters and some time sisters/mothers/aunts would be included in this category too, which obviously cannot be, because of 70-30/23-5,6


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