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General Issues / Questions / Re: Some Skits to Showcase some Hadith
« on: October 16, 2022, 12:48:45 PM »
God bless you too Muhammed.

That was fun to watch.

General Issues / Questions / Muhammed as the Prophet
« on: August 28, 2021, 08:09:47 PM »

When I hear muslims use the term "the prophet" abut Muhammed it makes me think that they are violating 2.137 Say: "We believe in God and in what was sent down to us and what was sent down to Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the Patriarchs, and what was given to Moses and Jesus, and what was given to the prophets from their Lord; we do not make a distinction between any of them and to Him we submit.
But now I see in 9.117 that Muhammed is mentioned as "the prophet".
Is it then okay to mention Muhammed as "the prophet" and then make a distinction between him and other prophets?

Peace Ervin

If the Bible is so good. Then please tell me what Jesus name is?

Questions/Comments on the Quran / In the name of God
« on: April 09, 2018, 06:09:46 AM »

Help neded!

I started wondering why the translation goes: "in the name of God".

Has this well known verse anything to do with a name?

(Bismi Allahi)

General Issues / Questions / Re: Go Back brother/sister
« on: March 22, 2018, 12:11:40 AM »

Thanks for you inputs here.
I try to take the best with me.
I remember when you told how your family was harassing you.
I dont think all you energy are wasted.

Wishing you the best. May God lead you.

Let them judge with their own judgement..
Everything that is 'straight' can be 'corrupted'
And everything that is 'corrupted' can be 'straightened'...
Nothing is 'perfect'... including yours...

Yes.. and let them fix their own society..
They will act as an actor to do check and balance to you and your society.. when your society become more corrupted than they are...

Note: The notions of 'expansion' and 'conversion' is among the things which was 'corrupted' within Christianity and transferred into Islam. The arrogancy of 'chosen people' is among the things which was 'corrupted' within Judaism transferred along to Christianity and transferred along to Islam.

Peace Jafar

But there has to be a distinguish between their own and Gods judgment/law.
Their own is the corrupted one.
Gods law supposed to be perfect.

And if something can be straightened, also meaning there have accepted a certain standard.

Peace Novice.

I do not see "must" in the Arabic text of the verse. Translators have added it to their interpretation.

The verse is saying "who did not judge with what God sent down, those are fasiqoon.

The most common (97%) translation are "Let", "must" or "should"(present).
Only Shakir have past time:  "should have".

I think we should let the
 "Correction/Modification to FM Translation of AlQuraan" know. Or what do you think?

Peace Novice

I see you change "do" to "did".
But what about: "must judge". It's still present.

I know that one.
Also this one is good. More translations. And the one with: "Should have"

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