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Off-Topic / Re: The Music Thread
« on: May 24, 2017, 05:18:03 PM »

General Issues / Questions / Re: The nature of the Throne of God
« on: May 07, 2017, 03:36:03 AM »
Hi Bender,

I don't now what is Arsh is but I believe it mean Kursi.
I thought this was translated as throne but could be wrong.


both do not like chairs to me.

Either way also the Throne is meant.

Then it just depends I think on one "image" of God and ones definition of Throne.

btw where are your manners? I welcomed you, even shook your hand, but no thank you.
What's the matter with you? (x2)

The most common form of inheritance is for children and universally applied is the concept that males get double the female, that seems not to make you blink, but for most uncommon case of one daughter and 10 sons, for instance you get all overboard. If you had been so outraged at women consistently getting half in every case even when they are the only child, I would have had more understanding. As it is really you get upset for a very rare "unjust" distribution and you shut up when universal injsutice against women is practiced.

When people are so biased it is hard to ake them seriously.




2 daughters and 3 sons  all would get each the same amount

3 daughters and 3 sons The women would get two thirds and the sons 1 third

1 daughter and 3 sons    she gets half, the sons get the other half

You are of course totally ok with this?
This is justice?


Sorry I thought we were talking about the verse where it implies  (or so we think) men getting more money.
I wish it had just said "divide equally" but nah the verse doesn't say that.


peaceečeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew :peace: :peace: :peace:

But you did not complain when you heard the pro women version of Huruf, you actually applauded it.

Hi, on basis of what it says if 3+ daughters and what part of verse does not make sense?

There is no wisdom behind the distribution, at least I don't see any.
It's a lottery based on the distribution of genders, and besides that it's not a fair lottery.

General Issues / Questions / Re: The nature of the Throne of God
« on: May 06, 2017, 09:51:26 AM »
Hi EdQ welcome to the forum  :handshake:

Do you mean the quranic word Arsh or Kursi or maybe some other word?
Or just the English word Throne?

Hi Bender,

4:11 … فان so if كن be/are (f/p) نساء nisāan/womenfolk فوق fawqa/above اثنتىن ith'natayni/two (females)
 فلهن so for them (f/p) ثلثا  third dual (1/3 * 2 = 2/3) ما what ترك left

2/3 * $90 = $60 three daughters (2/9 * $90 = $20 each)
1/3 * $90 = $30 ten sons ($3 each)

For me this simply does not make sense.
On basis of what should the females in this family get almost 7 times more than the males?


but men get more money .... haha one would call that sexist.
Where you come from does not represent the world.
And trying to change it the other way around in favor of women is just the same religion, just a gender switch.
But lets act we do not see that, lets close our eyes

no divine being could be sexist. only humans are.

this is how it is:

1) men should get more money because they provide for their family as a duty (although ive yet to meet one working woman who doesnt spend on her family)


2) women should get more money since women (atleast before the 20th century ) tend to have no income so they need a safety net. infact even when women do earn they tend to earn less than men.

its not an argument, its just two sides of the coin and i just shared my opinion.

You say "no divine being could be sexist" and then you give 2 sexist models.
So, how could both of them be from God? Like I said God is not a sexist, both are nonsense.

Please don't say things like that because honestly its a salafi's job to downplay other peoples opinions and  speculations, a free minder should be open to hear from all.
I am open to hear all opinions from any one, but I hate nonsense, be it from a man or woman or poster I like or a poster I don't like.
If people do not like their views questioned then most of times people have something to hide.

Peace, typically girls get equal share or more and odd for centuries people read 3+ = 2 and exactly 2 = 3+ as well.

How should $90 be split between 3f and 10m in your model, and how with 3f and 1m?

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