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Title: Osman ibn Ertugrul, founder of the Ottoman Empire
Post by: theNabster on April 21, 2021, 03:50:45 PM
Osman ibn Ertugrul, founder of the Ottoman Empire came at a pivotal time in Believers' history after their defeat by the Mongols -

I was lately lamenting here on forum there were no cinematic endeavour to glorify & praise Allah, until I started watching @DirilisDizisi @TRTErtugrul_EN Resurrection: Ertugrul, a TV Series narrating the life & works of father of Osman founder of the Ottoman Empire.

One lovely @Twitter follower advised me to watch Turkish TV Series "Resurrection, Ertugul", it narrates a segment of Ottoman Empire vs Knights Templar's history & is now available on @NetflixUK - ( - of interest to me as an Ottoman descendant like @BorisJohnson .@UN

@netflix is now targeting the Turkish video market, allowing me to learn more about part of my lineage, my Ottoman ancestors, sad my mother never taught me the Turkish language.

Heavy watching, part of History not narrated by victors of Pax Romana/Pax America we live within - Kamal Ataturk severed the link of Turkey to its Ottoman past by imposing the Latin alphabet for writing, he was Donmeh with a subversive remit  - @RTErdogan @edipyuksel @UNESCO (

Amazing Series, Ertogrul Resurrection, very immersive, teaching me a part of my Ottoman lineage history I missed before Ottomans took over from the Seljuks, & the coming of the great commander Saladin, not only that but thoroughly enjoyable with great Turkish music to boot

It is the first time I watch a Turkish series, & one addressing the segment of history just after Mongols routed Muslims in Baghdad with Knights Templars involvement fighting to reclaim Jerusalem, they are shown not to be Knights but rather scheming nasty thugs with the Vatican.

Very educational to me, also I was even ignorant about Seljuks’ history who came before the rise of the Ottomans, as I said history is written by the victors, & my education through the french education system was shielded in favour of Rome, not Istanbul.

Shocking part was the accusations Knights Templars & Vatican purposefully infected Turks tribes with the Black Death, same as Europeans did to American natives with smallpox.
It seems some people have cruelty stamped as an archetypal characteristic. A Series worth watching.

Also learnt that Saladin came before Seljuks & Ottomans, my ignorance of my own lineage history is shameful (like @BorisJohnson I am ~ 1/4 Ottoman).

Epic, magnificent history brought to life in this Turkish TV series, who needs Game of Thrones when Levant's history is brought to life so mesmerizingly! So many episodes to feast on, with Allah praised & glorified throughout @TRTErtugrul_EN Resurrection Ertugrul - via @meNabster

Now I'm adding to Allah's Enforcers Osman, founder of the Ottoman Empire, his father Ertugrul & his grandfather Suleiman Shah, they along with Cyrus the Great, Saladin, Heraclius & other noble souls made God's Word Greater, invited to salvation & defended Believers' integrity.

They're the heir of Messengers & Prophets, may Allah give us other Enforcers of same caliber to bring back God's Peace, Justice & Harmony to this fractured World.
The prophecy was fulfilled with Ottomans who replaced Arabs as God said he will bring better people to replace them.

Who'll be the new group/nation to enforce God's Peace & Justice? After Kings Saul, David, Solomon for Hebrews & Children of Israel, Persians with Cyrus the Great, Arabs with Mohamed, Saladin the Kurd, Turkmen with Osman ibn Ertugul, who will be the next enforcer or Messiah?

- as feed of my timeline on @Twitter - (
Title: Re: Osman ibn Ertugrul, founder of the Ottoman Empire
Post by: Noon waalqalami on April 21, 2021, 11:18:50 PM
Peace, theNabster

Yes Turkish soaps are popular throughout the world including Balkans, Russia, Spanish speaking countries like Mexico, etc., they're translated. Ertugrul was interesting (one of my forefathers was an Imam with Janissaries long time ago) and I watched all 450+ episodes!

Unrealistic battles although entertaining characters especially Sufi at the time; wrote numerous books deep stuff; visited their mosque met modern day leader experienced their endless chants.

You may also like Magnificent Century Episode 1 | English Subtitle
(warning also very long; Turkish soaps are masters of cliff hangers/stretching stuff out)

What we know is based on first-hand account during rein of Suleiman the Magnificent

The Turkish Letters of Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq

Interesting him traveling to Istanbul via the Balkans when first encounters Janissary soldiers one of their functions when not at war was like today's police to protect Christians under Ottoman rule which he describes them as very respectful, silent, and you would think they were peaceful monks without knowing.

Title: Re: Osman ibn Ertugrul, founder of the Ottoman Empire
Post by: theNabster on April 22, 2021, 03:09:56 PM
Peace Brother Noon waalqalami,

It is rare to see great cinema portraying Muslim Believers in a good light, this is why I like this TV Show & will watch all episodes.

I have watched so far 2/3rd of the first season & I am thoroughly enjoying it,
this is part of my lineage history as well, as my great grandfather on my mother side was an Ottoman official stationed in Algeria (father of my grandmother who was then Ottoman, his family name is Safti) - we are an old Arab family nobility who also descend from idriss I founder of Morroco.
I also have Jewish ancestry through Jewess Queen Kahina of the Aures Mountains.
Title: Re: Osman ibn Ertugrul, founder of the Ottoman Empire
Post by: theNabster on May 22, 2021, 04:51:31 PM
No wonder the TV Series got banned in Egypt, UAE & KSA whose rulers #Hypocrites couldn't handle truth & are scared of an Ottoman revival through @RTErdogan, though highly unlikely as #Erdogan doesn't have the good character of early #Seljuk & Turks, even though he could repent of course.

As Allah took away His Trust from Arabs as He promised He would replace them with better people if they failed to carry His Trust diligently, first by Ayyubid's, then Seljuks, then descendants of Osman son of Ertugrul, again God might elect to choose another Nation for His Trust.

We're living in the Last Age prophesied in Qur'an after Gog & Magog run amok & implement a cruel Satanic reign of inverted morality, it's hard for a new nation to emerge & implement God's Peace & Justice, but then nothing is impossible to the Creator of the Manifest & Hidden.
Title: Re: Osman ibn Ertugrul, founder of the Ottoman Empire
Post by: theNabster on July 07, 2021, 11:23:39 AM
Salam brothers & sisters,

Finished watching the series Dirilis: Ertugrul (Resurrection: Ertugrul) & finished watching Season 1 of the sequel Kurulus: Osman (Establishment: Osman)

I can only say, wonderful series putting Islam & Turks in a favourable light. It was a disaster for Muslims that Ottoman Empire fell,

but Allah will bring forth a new group that will, God willing, resurrect the flame of Qur'an & Allah's Word,

as Allah promised, if they return, We will return.