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Title: A kind and believing man
Post by: Fadiva on March 09, 2021, 04:01:29 PM

I will be frank, i hesitated to post here. I had almost given up finding a partner because of incompatibility : I met different men, but they were not serious. And I never accepted the exacerbation male chauvinism.
A almost got married but had trouble with his too strict family (mother and sister on fact).
There are much more traditonalist muslim who just follow around me and I never met a muslim who reflects on religion, who really seek the truth. May Allah guide everyone who wants the truth.

I have given up for several years. I have even think of the possibility to stay single.
I came back my parents home and took care of mother who has diabetes and is illeterate.

Now, I am not that young, even if I look younger.
I am thinking of the possibility meeting someone interested in marriage.

I would define myself as a muslim woman who seek to improve herself God willing, I won't define myself as a "quranist" or "suni" or else. I am interested in the truth. I can question myself and can recognize my faults. I'm not a stubborn person.
I am a calm and respectful person.

I am not tall not small not fat not thin ( a lot of not 😅) : 1m64 (5'5''), 56 kg (123, 5 lbs)
I have brown hair and brown eyes. 
I am said to be rather pretty. That is a matter of tastes.  I have put a small piece my picture.

A muslim/believer. Someone not attached to  unfounded traditions.
A respectful man, not a macho man 😤

Physically: average height and weight.
Age: I would say between 35 to 45.
Someone who lives in France or near France.

Maybe a bottle trown into the sea maybe I will find someone here InchaAllah.
Title: Re: A kind and believing man
Post by: tutti_frutti on March 09, 2021, 10:23:51 PM
salam fadiva

you seem like a very intellectual and fine lady ... The God willing you find your partner who will be with you in this life and the next

seek from The God what you need ... He is Kind and answers prayers if He wants .. so let us supplicate Him :)

peace :)
Title: Re: A kind and believing man
Post by: Fadiva on March 10, 2021, 10:32:52 AM
God bless you tutti frutti.