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Title: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: Tay on August 28, 2010, 01:06:36 AM
Peace all,

Forgive me if this post overlaps previous discussions. I'd like to share some thoughts and hopefully spark some interest and feedback on this topic as it is quite a leap. As a preface, for those that know me, you know that my understanding of what Jibreel represents is far deeper than what we think of as an "angel". In summary, Jibreel, to me, is the channel of frequency or information flow that all messengers were open to. Thus, Muhammad allegedly praying in a cave and literally meeting an angel named Jibreel is understood as Muhammad meditating in a cave, reaching a point of conscious-silence and subliminal bliss, and subsequently opening himself up to be able to receive the ever-present message that surrounded him.

Where I never really put two and two together was in the concept of channeling. Now, I understood that we can all have moments of pure clarity, an epiphany, a feeling of being directly linked. But these moments are fleeting, atleast when I've felt them. But channeling is, according to Wikipedia: a term used in reference to the claimed process of receiving messages or inspiration from invisible beings or spirits. Hogwash! Bologna! Or is it?

I never gave it a minute to even ponder because of the stigma attached - that it's hocus-pocus, the garbage of seers and psychics, etc. And I consider myself pretty open-minded yet I never really dove into it much, outside of a few documentaries here and there.

Anyway, a brother of mine mentioned this to me about channeling: apparently there was a channeler (if that's the right term) back in 1981 that was receiving the messages of a being calling itself "Ra, a humble messenger of The Law of One". This messenger was open to discussion and over the sequence 106 q&a sessions were recorded, transcribed and put into a book. I know the concept itself is pretty far out there but the message being delivered definitely feels familiar. I'm just getting started so here a few quick excerpts:

We greet you in the love and in the light of our Infinite Creator.
We have watched your group. We have been called to your group...

Questioner: Do you have a specific purpose, and if so, could you tell us something of what your purpose is?
Ra: I am Ra. We communicate now. We, too, have our place. We are not those of the Love or of the Light. We are those who are of the Law of One. In our vibration the polarities are harmonized, the complexities are simplified, and the paradoxes have their solution. We are one. That is our nature and our purpose.

We are old upon your planet and have served with varying degrees of success in transmitting the Law of One, of Unity, of Singleness to your peoples. We have walked your earth. We have seen the faces of your peoples. This is not so with many of the entities of the Confederation. We found it was not efficaceous. However, we then felt the great responsibility of staying in the capacity of removing the distortions and powers that had been given to the Law of One. We will continue in this until your, shall we say, cycle is appropriately ended. If not this one, then the next. We are not a part of time and, thus, are able to be with you in any of your times.

Does this give you enough information from which to extract our purpose, my brother?

Questioner: Yes. Thank you.
Ra: We appreciate your vibration. Is there another query?

Questioner: I?ve heard of the name ?Ra? in connection with the Egyptians. Are you connected with that Ra in any way?
Ra: I am Ra. Yes, the connection is congruency. May we elucidate? What do you not understand?

Questioner: Could you give me a little more detail about your role with the Egyptians?
Ra: I am Ra. The identity of the vibration Ra is our identity. We as a group, or what you would call a social memory complex, made contact with a race of your planetary kind which you call Egyptians. Others from our density made contact at the same time in South America, and the so-called ?lost cities? were their attempts to contribute to the Law of One.

We spoke to one who heard and understood and was in a position to decree the Law of One. However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the, shall we say, compassion with which unity is informed by its very nature. Since it contains all, it cannot abhor any.

When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the Law of One, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position which we had allowed ourselves to be placed in. And other myths, shall we say, other understandings, having more to do with polarity and the things of your vibrational complex, again took over in that particular society complex.

Does this form a sufficient amount of information, or could we speak further?

Is there another query?...

Questioner: Could you tell us something of your historical background and your contact with earlier races on this planet? Then we would have something to start with.
Ra: I am Ra. We are aware that your mind/body is calculating the proper method of performing the task of creating a teach/learning instrument. We are aware that you find our incarnate, as you call it, state of interest. We waited for a second query so as to emphasize that the time/space of several thousand of your years creates a spurious type of interest. Thus in giving this information, we ask the proper lack of stress be placed upon our experiences in your local space/time. The teach/learning which is our responsibility is philosophical rather than historical. We shall now proceed with your request which is harmless if properly evaluated.

We are those of the Confederation who eleven thousand of your years ago came to two of your planetary cultures which were at that time closely in touch with the creation of the One Creator. It was our naive belief that we could teach/learn by direct contact and the free will distortions of individual feeling or personality were in no danger, we thought, of being disturbed as these cultures were already closely aligned with an all-embracing belief in the live-ness or consciousness of all. We came and were welcomed by the peoples whom we wished to serve. We attempted to aid them in technical ways having to do with the healing of mind/body/spirit complex distortions through the use of the crystal, appropriate to the distortion, placed within a certain appropriate series of ratios of time/space material. Thus were the pyramids created.

We found that the technology was reserved largely for those with the effectual mind/body distortion of power. This was not intended by the Law of One. We left your peoples. The group that was to work with those in the area of South America, as you call that portion of your sphere, gave up not so easily. They returned. We did not. However, we have never left your vibration due to our responsibility for the changes in consciousness we had first caused and then found distorted in ways not relegated to the Law of One. We attempted to contact the rulers of the land to which we had come, that land which you call Egypt, or in some areas, the Holy Land.

In the Eighteenth Dynasty, as it is known in your records of space/time distortions, we were able to contact a pharaoh, as you would call him. The man was small in life-experience on your plane and was a? what this instrument would call, Wanderer. Thus, this mind/body/spirit complex received our communication distortions and was able to blend his distortions with our own. This young entity had been given a vibratory complex of sound which vibrated in honor of a prosperous god, as this mind/body complex, which we call instrument for convenience, would call ?Ammon.? The entity decided that this name, being in honor of one among many gods, was not acceptable for inclusion in his vibratory sound complex. Thus, he changed his name to one which honored the sun disc. This distortion, called ?Aten,? was a close distortion to our reality as we understand our own nature of mind/body/spirit complex distortion. However, it does not come totally into alignment with the intended teach/learning which was sent. This entity, Ikhnaton, became convinced that the vibration of One was the true spiritual vibration and thus decreed the Law of One.

However, this entity?s beliefs were accepted by very few. His priests gave lip service only, without the spiritual distortion towards seeking. The peoples continued in their beliefs. When this entity was no longer in this density, again the polarized beliefs in the many gods came into their own and continued so until the one known as Muhammed delivered the peoples into a more intelligible distortion of mind/body/spirit relationships.

Do you have a more detailed interest at this time?

Anyway, if it's not up your alley, that's cool. But if it is, I'd love to hear what you think. I'm just getting started so I have no formed opinion yet - just found it to be a very interesting rhythm and context so far, particularly, the mention of Muhammad.
Here's a link to the entire thing...

Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: IronSky on August 28, 2010, 01:47:10 AM
Peace to all,

Definately interesting reading Tay, but I find it a little harder to accept as genuine knowing that these same people were working together for years as hollywood scriptwriters about the paranormal, ufos, and bigfoot, doesnt mean its not possible, I just doubt the authenticity.
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: Tay on August 28, 2010, 02:09:24 AM
Peace Kurt,

Yeah, it's getting reaaaally far out there now (session 10). But, I'm doing my best to keep an open mind about it. Any thoughts on the content? I found the discussion on healing fascinating - talking about purifying the mind by becoming aware of itself and it's polarities - I'm not gonna get much sleep tonight.

Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: OPF on August 28, 2010, 06:19:06 AM
I read the whole thing a while back. It's a very interesting read, and the concepts presented therein are very enlightening. Of course this is because they talk about useful concepts a la quran and not what Ra had for lunch and which particular intergalactic toothpaste twig the beings of Ra brush their teeth with 3 times a day while spinning around the warp drive aboard the mothership. Indeed they shy away from talking about historic details.

In fact it is very in line with the quran. The entity talks of a "harvest" soon to take place such that Earth will be razed then raised, they claim that they are the ones who will carry out this "harvest". The Earth then steps up to a "4th density" level of consciousness.

Of course, the quran must be a chanelled message - how else could it be delivered?

As for invisible beings/spirits, it is a very interesting topic. One thing of note is that unless you open your mind to the spirit world, it will pass you by and you will be completely unawares. In the past I was exceedingly skeptical to such a thing but I know now that there is far more to reality than meets the eye, far more. I have had direct contact with spiritual forces after opening my mind to them, and I've seen friends drop into a deep trance completely unaware and clearly channeling an entity.

I find their talk of the higher dimensions most interesting. Ra claims to be a "social memory complex", this meaning that their entire group has dissolved personal identity and act as one. Thus, they are an entity capable of referring to itself as either "I am" or "We", in the same manner that ALLAH refers to himself in the quran; check this out:

[037.164] And there is none of us but has an assigned place,

[037.165] And most surely we are they who draw themselves out in ranks,

[037.166] And we are most surely they who declare the glory (of Allah).

The interesting thing is that there are claims of two groups fighting for dominance over Earth - the friendly "Confederation of Planets" and the ruthless & emotionless "Orion Group". And this story is not purely limited to Ra-related material, it is widely repeated in conspiracy circles and the story does seem to add up, although I don't know if that's due to bogus corroboration.
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: Tay on August 28, 2010, 09:43:54 AM
Peace OPF,

I'm glad to hear that you found the whole thing enlightening - I left off last night/this morning when Ra was just touching on the 4th density stuff and was starting to lose interest but I'll push through. To be honest, it's a lot to take in all at once but the recurring theme of "one" and "love" fits in with my current understanding so i guess that's what's keeping me tuned in.

Nevertheless, it's fascinating to me that you've opened yourself up to channeling. Could you share your experience from beginning to present, either here or in a pm?

Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: WayFinder on August 28, 2010, 01:12:17 PM
I also like to read such stuff and this promote the development of unorthodox beliefs...  I think you might check another similar event known as 'Message from Michael'... Its about a group of beings who identifies themselves as one entity or Michaels... and they share their view of life as they have seen and come to understand it.  Some of their stuff are really interesting.
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: OPF on November 15, 2010, 11:50:41 AM
The issue with these things is that 99% of the time it's some dickwad claiming to channel aliens so be careful of your sources. Hallmarks are vague spiritual insights which you don't need a 6th dimensional Zergon from Alpha Centauri to tell you (e.g. "be yourself, you are perfect, blah blah blah"), being specific about obscure/ridiculous things, making silly predictions based on numerology, etc.

Of course, in the 1% of cases, it can blow your mind. RA is the 1%.
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: CavemanDoctor on November 15, 2010, 12:31:50 PM
The issue with these things is that 99% of the time it's some dickwad claiming to channel aliens so be careful of your sources. Hallmarks are vague spiritual insights which you don't need a 6th dimensional Zergon from Alpha Centauri to tell you (e.g. "be yourself, you are perfect, blah blah blah"), being specific about obscure/ridiculous things, making silly predictions based on numerology, etc.

Of course, in the 1% of cases, it can blow your mind. RA is the 1%.

How do you know RA is the 1%?
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: OPF on November 15, 2010, 01:19:49 PM
I well and truly don't know for sure. Of course, this goes for anything and RA is no exception.

However I have concrete internal reasoning to believe so. The main thing is that it is written in a very, very different tone to the 99%. What do I mean by this? Well, the quran is written in such a tone, exactly like a maths book. No added BS, nothing missing, straight and to the point, cleanroom detached emotionless language. You can only write with that kind of authority/tone if you have truth on your side. The picture it portrays of civilisations evolving is exceedingly logical - it makes much sense (for spiritual reasons) that evolved civilisations would merge into a single unified mind where nothing is hidden from any part (quranic parallel). The descriptions of densities is superb although it is noted that above 3rd density it isn't majorly verifiable. Despite that, 1st and 2nd and 3rd density are very good descriptions of what is going on, and if this is fictional then the author has done an exceedingly good job of taking the best of spiritual insight and turning it into gobbledegook.

The quran says that to ALLAH is our eventual return, and RA says that 7th density is dissolution into the all (to move into the next "octave" and start afresh at 1st density in that one), these statements are identical.

But the most concrete reasoning depends on the truth of the quran itself - the RA material practically paraphrases quran the whole way through, which a careful read should show you. The "Law of One" and the description of the creator is perfectly in sync with the message of the quran, the same God is described in RA as in the quran. Another reason is personal spiritual insight - many things I have found in RA, I have already been well aware of from quranic study and mind blowing samadhi-type experiences (I get a lot of those, I live a life of bliss these days).

Of course, my stock is 100% on the quran. Reading the RA material has increased my belief in quran 10 fold because it is the first separate source that resonates so well and supports the quranic themes (actually, after a certain point one reaches certainty, not faith). All the prayers in the quran make sense, and RA's perspective is yet another light as to why those prayers are so incredible; after learning about the truth, I would rather be slit a thousand times and waterboarded for a millenium than turn back. And the cherry on top is that RA strictly AND actively avoids what the quran terms "vain discourse" - all of these things put together lead me to believe that RA, if not a highly advanced civilisation/being must be a highly spiritually advanced human trying to spread goodly knowledge the best they can, to a certain important crowd that matters the most (those whose minds have been opened to the point of total breakage - the walls have turned inside out & crumbled away). Sometimes the interviewer tries to pry into needless details, each time RA admonishes them.

Judging by your avatar, you will almost surely find the RA material to be an incredibly insightful read. I prefer the llresearch copy of the RA material, it's all condensed into a few volumes (CLICK ME (, it takes something like 2 hours to read if even that and the time will flash if you are anything like me - I was glued to it from the first couple of sentences.

Clearly RA do not know as much about the grand design of the universe as ALLAH (hey, who does!) or do not want to disturb the status quo, judging by the neutrally positive manner they refer to the quran.

I have had my mind opened to things I could never think concievable (think your avatar, but far beyond even what that implies) and RA resonates so well with truth.
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: CavemanDoctor on November 15, 2010, 01:38:21 PM
Thanks for the great post OPF.  I had read about 15 of the original RA sessions a while back, so was just curious.  The sessions I read were definitely very interesting and did not contradict the qur'an.  Going to read the volumes you posted.  Thanks again.
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: san on November 15, 2010, 10:38:17 PM
Thanks for sharing this, everyone.

I was googling/binging for an extraordinary something else (such as How To Do Magic And Transfiguration, if you can read between the words), when i got back to FM and found this.

This passage in particular struck me:

"The few whom you will
illuminate by sharing your light are far more than enough reason for the
greatest possible effort. To serve one is to serve all. Therefore, we offer the
question back to you to state that indeed it is the only activity worth doing:
to learn/teach or teach/learn. There is nothing else which is of aid in
demonstrating the original thought except your very being, and the
distortions that come from the unexplained, inarticulate, or mystery-clad
being are many. Thus, to attempt to discern and weave your way through as
many group mind/body/spirit distortions as possible among your peoples in
the course of your teaching is a very good effort to make."
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: san on November 16, 2010, 07:17:44 AM
Peace OPF,

How would you fit Quranic "hell/fire" into your interpretation of this reading?

Aside from the ritual/symbolical bits, that's the biggest problem i have when comparing this to Quranic message.
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: OPF on November 17, 2010, 12:52:23 PM
To be honest I don't even understand enough to say with truth how hellfire works in the quran let alone be able to say how it fits in with this!

I don't really expect 100% correlation, for many reasons (language, interpretation, understanding, etc). I see a similar perfect correlation between buddhist spiritual observations & quranic statements about ALLAH as well, in that there's a lot of uncorrelated stuff (e.g. reincarnation). Just take the best of everything, really.
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: Prince on November 28, 2010, 06:11:36 AM
This RA thing is very interesting indeed, have read bits and bob and i find it interesting 'it' mentions Muhammed. Anyone know the background to these group of people or channeling in general?

OPF i can't pm you but was going to ask to share your experiences about opening up to spiritual forces/channeling.

Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: Tay on December 01, 2010, 03:30:40 PM
Thanks for the eloquent explanation and better link OPF.

Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: OPF on December 05, 2010, 12:59:51 PM
10:24 - The likeness of this world's life is only as water which We send down from the cloud, then the herbage of the earth of which men and cattle eat grows luxuriantly thereby, until when the earth puts on its golden raiment and it becomes garnished, and its people think that they have power over it, Our command comes to it, by night or by day, so We render it as reaped seed; produce, as though it had not been in existence yesterday; thus do We make clear the communications for a people who reflect. (aka harvest!)

10:25 - And Allah invites to the abode of peace and guides whom He pleases into the right path.

There are many more such verses :)

As for channeling, I don't wish to delve in as it's fairly personal and I haven't got much experience, just a sliver. However, I can describe the characteristics. It begins with entering a deep meditative state, much like the hypnagogic state we get into when we are hyper relaxed after a very long hard day's work.

This state is induced by an intuitive mindfulness over one's waking consciousness, you lul yourself to a wide awake sleep, a hypnosis. Have you ever been speaking amongst a group of people in tremendous depth only to lose yourself in your own thoughts, then come to, realise everyone has been talking for hours and nobody has any idea what has been said despite being immersed in an incredibly deep and fluid conversation? This is exactly the same state. In both cases, the ego self disappears and the unified higher self takes the reins.

The state is induced by attempting to "lower oneself" into a bath of pure being, in the same way each breath you take as you are nodding off takes you one step lower at a time into all consciousness.

I haven't had spirits open themselves to me and name themselves in such a straightforward way as the RA channelings do. Their presence however cannot be ignored - you look around and count 6 people in the room yet in one's mind there are clearly more than 6 conscious entities in your space. They guide the ebb and flow of your thoughts in this strange way, it's like interference between two radio channels, one of your own mind and another of unknown origin. If you give up your consciousness to them (it's like bandwidth!) then they take over the transmission and you speak things you could not say yourself.

Don't confuse inner chatter with the voice of spirits, when they are there, it is unmistakeable.

The only way I can explain what the spirits I have experienced are is to say they're living patterns of energy which don't possess a body. In the way that you have your personal ego self in your mind, a spirit is another "I am" floating around with its own point of view! I can't do any better than that with such limited experience though, it's like a gnat trying to explain the ins and outs of british humour to a bunch of other gnats.
Title: Re: Ra, The Law of One, and Channeling
Post by: Jafar on January 22, 2020, 01:50:12 AM
Reviving an old thread, as I only recently exposed to this "Law Of One".

I'm perplexed to find that the author's view regarding "One Infinite Creator", unification of everything (Thus the name: Law Of One), multi dimension / level of consciousness, evolution of the soul, the path to self (egocentric), the path to others (empathy) happened to be inline with my current view although I named some of the same concept with different names.

Anybody else here familiar with this "Law Of One", I'm interested to know your view as well.