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Rare Earth Elements (REE) in coal fly ash

Started by Abdul-Hadi, June 19, 2021, 03:17:45 AM

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Greetings and Peace, all  :group:

Apparently, fly ash has economically valuable amounts of Scandium and Germanium in it. Scientists are pondering the best way to extract it.

Although I imagine the price of Scandium would fall significantly if large amounts were available, the fact remains that fly ash costs about $20 a ton and only half of it is even used--the rest is just dumped. Based on the article, some samples of fly ash show (at current values) $50,000 worth of REE per ton of fly ash. Even gleaning $1,000 from $20 of material is a huge win. Never mind that the fly ash is already finely divided and should not require pulverizing before processing (whatever that processing may entail).

That's not even including the new industries and new things that could be created with a plentiful supply of low-cost Scandium.

Obviously, it would be best to process at the site of a power plant where the fly ash is rather than haul it offsite for processing.

This is one of those projects that tickles my brain; ISA one day I can provide adequate resources to properly fund research and development.

May ALLAH see fit to guide all seekers.