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Should women wear make up, and man do stylish hair-cuts?

Started by hansolo, August 07, 2017, 09:58:23 AM

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Brother Imran, I guess I just starting to hit puberty, because for a long time I was a man in a boys body.


Quote from: hansolo on August 09, 2017, 05:59:40 AM
Brother Imran, I guess I just starting to hit puberty, because for a long time I was a man in a boys body.

thats brilliant , you should have to do it ages ago i was already telling you ,

but i would like to advice you as a real brother/friend , if you really want to enjoy that thing on extreme do one thing make as much money as you can.. money is the attraction of male same like beauty is the attraction for female..

but make sure always keep money in your own hand same like we control the rein of horse with our own hands .. i once did a mistake and i lose my saving of life.. lol

when you will find a real piece of partner then things, beauty, money and everything will fade away everybody have one lucky charm sometimes we did mistake of recognizing our lucky charm... some people take two three four turns still unlucky some find it in one go..

strange things happened with me , from pakistan till uk.
i find myself liked by somebody before telling them the real status of bank account
after a while when i tell them the real status of my money girls vanished like djinnni lol people say truth that money is magic ..

i wonder a person like me get fool by someone on same basis.. you know why , becoz my God comes inside it .. she promise me that she is not after anything apart from relation but she lied and i get tricked otherwise the evil most person is atleast honest with God ..

a good change happen now i wil not trust anybody even if they bring God inside

but anyway enjoy ur trip on planet earth and you can only enjoy when you understand the rules of planet earth.
first rule emotions will get killed here so dnt worry about these moments

God bless you


It is everyone's choice to dress and put on make-up at will. We are all different and this makes us special. I like women with natural makeup and I admire men who take care of their hair. I'm one of those guys who likes stylish haircuts. No, I'm not gay. Because people like to judge by appearance. When I travel, I take a beauty kit with me, I mean my natural shampoo, hair conditioner and my Dyson cordless dryer. I read such a beautiful review on I liked that it is acoustically adjusted, so it doesn't make that noisy sound. So it's great because when I'm in the hotel, I don't bother my neighbors.


Now even cosmetics are made from natural products. And what will happen next? Can he help the guys with their body and their choice of life credo?


You're absolutely right. In the last few amazing weeks, we've seen major cosmetics brands roll out their product lines to support medical professionals who are on the front lines during the ongoing outbreak. The cosmetics industry is evolving so rapidly that it's best to prepare in advance for this surge of future products, and they will give birth to supply. I think everyone will find something worthwhile, something that is just right for them. However, these trends are expected to gradually change as people go out more and more to satisfy their grooming needs and begin to recover from this stressful period by pampering themselves.