Author Topic: We as Muslims Have Been Fasting the WRONG fast at the WORNG Time  (Read 2164 times)


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Re: We as Muslims Have Been Fasting the WRONG fast at the WORNG Time
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Salam eceryone....

Few are concerned and questioning me is it Siyam really skipping food and drink and sex or something  else...

All I have to say Siyam = Abstinence (from food and drink and sex basically, meanwhile magnify God as you are capable of)..

In my thorough understanding Siyam never ever merely spiritual retreating ... There is no proof from Quran for that. How much one tries..

Those who still claim that siyam is not skipping food and drink etc,  but spiritually isolating then I have couple of questions.. Pls do respond within Quran...

1... Do you accept that Siyam do END with the fall of Night since God has clearly explained to end siyam 'ila lail? If you don't END at Night, Why? and based on what instructions? Why not end when God says end?

2... When do you START to do siyam according to instructions of Quran? If it is Fajr Why and what makes you feel that you should start spiritual meditation at the beginning of Fajr?  Based on what? Simply where is the instructions to starting point of Siyam ?

If you are not ambiguous in your reply you will only find that skipping food and drink and sex from Fajr to night is the only option and not spiritual retreat whole day...
Only intelligent and guided ones will pay attention to Quran as it deserves..


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Re: We as Muslims Have Been Fasting the WRONG fast at the WORNG Time
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Peace the losttruthofislam, reel and Houriya,
why can't a sick person do it? 

Abstinence from eating and drinking is recommended for many illnesses. Some people have been successful in overcoming their illnesses and improving their health through abstinence.

Practicing intermittent fasting for 16 hours without eating or drinking is important for the proper functioning of the body. for example, stop eating and drinking from 8 p.m. until noon so that the body can take full advantage of autophagy.

Extract :

The definition of autophagy :

A form of cellular cleansing, autophagy is necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

The term "autophagy", coined by Nobel Prize winner Christian de Duve, comes from the Greek words auto (oneself) and phagein (to eat). It literally means "to eat yourself".
Autophagy is a form of cellular cleansing : it is a regular and orderly process of breaking down and recycling cellular components when the energy necessary for their survival has become insufficient. When all of the faulty or diseased cellular components have been removed, the body can begin the process of renewal. New cells and tissues are generated to replace those that have been destroyed. The body renews itself in this way.

The cells of the body are like cars, and more and more parts need to be replaced as they age. Over time, it is also necessary to replace subcellular parts , then when the cell becomes too old to warrant repair, it is destroyed to make room for a new healthy cell.
The apoptosis , or programmed cell death, a process that is triggered in the cell when it reaches a certain age and who pushes her to commit suicide. However, when only certain cellular components require replacement, autophagy kicks in.

Over time, unwanted cellular components build up when autophagy-related processes are not regularly activated. This promotes the onset of certain diseases such as cancer. Note that a high level of glucose, insulin and protein can prevent autophagy. Conversely, fasting or endurance activate it