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Health & Fitness / Should You Go Vegan?
« on: January 05, 2017, 03:08:56 PM »
Watched this video and found it to make a lot of sense:

Do you think Vegan is a better lifestyle, why or why not?

This is one of the most bad news I've ever read today:

"BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:30 P.M.) - The so-called "Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham" (ISIS) has reportedly seized the Tar Mountains and Al-'Amariyah District in Palmyra after a swift assault that began on Thursday.

According to a military correspondent at the T-4 Military Airport in east Homs, the remaining Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers inside the city are attempting to withdraw safely from Palmyra before the terrorist group seizes the final districts.

Despite repeated claims of reinforcements arriving, the Syrian Arab Army was greatly outnumbered during this terrorist offensive, which ultimately led them to concede large parts of the Homs Governorate's eastern countryside.

While Palmyra has not completely fallen, most of the city is surrounded by Islamic State terrorists, making the evacuation of the residents the top priority for the Syrian Arab Army and their allies."


I saw this video today and it made me very sick and outraged.. The article regarding it:

I found this to be interesting to read today.. Mosul is a city in northern Iraq that will be fully recaptured by Iraqi and Kurdish forces very soon:

'Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the second most-wanted terrorist in the world, has been hiding in the group?s besieged stronghold of Mosul, encircled by the Iraqi army and allied militias, a senior Kurdish commander told the Independent.

In an interview on Wednesday, Fuad Hussein, the chief of staff of Iraqi Kurdistan?s head, Massoud Barzani, said that, though he has been lying low for the past eight or nine months, Baghdadi is most likely still alive and in the city.

?Baghdadi is there and, if he is killed, it will mean the collapse of the whole [IS] system,? Hussein argued, pointing to the vulnerability of Islamic State?s (IS, ISIS/ISIL) command structure, which has no suitable replacement for Baghdadi. According to Hussein, IS? leader has had to completely rely on other terrorist commanders in Mosul and the nearby city of Tal Afar, a largely Turkmen-populated city in the Nineveh Province.

While Hussein believes that Baghdadi?s demise will speed efforts to retake the country, his presence in the IS? self-proclaimed capital in Iraq may result in the jihadists resorting to desperate tactics to protect their kingpin.

?It is obvious that they will lose, but not how long this will take to happen,? he said, adding that the timeline of the battle for Mosul will be determined by several variables.

One such factor is whether the jihadists manage to blow up the five bridges over the Tigris River to cut Iraqi troops off from the western part of the city. So far, Iraqi special forces have managed to enter Mosul from the east for the first time since it was overrun by jihadists in 2014.

On Tuesday, soldiers from Iraq?s elite Counter Terrorism Service (CST) seized control of the state television station in the Gogjali neighborhood, making it the first major building in the city to be recaptured from IS.

?This is a good sign for the people of Mosul, because the battle to liberate Mosul has effectively begun,? Lieutenant-General Talib Shaghati said, as cited by Reuters.

Supported by Kurdish and Shite militias and backed by US-led coalition airstrikes, the Iraqi army has achieved major progress, particularly on the eastern flank.

?We are currently fighting battles on the eastern outskirts of Mosul,? CTS Lieutenant-General Abdul Wahab al-Saidi said, adding that elite forces under his command have pushed jihadists out of another eastern district.

However, despite the apparent gains, further advances into the city may come at a heavy price. Russia?s Defense Ministry has warned both the coalition forces and the Iraqi army that mass civilian casualties could result if they keep advancing towards the residential areas of the heavily populated city, pointing out that the it lacks humanitarian corridors for people to escape.

?We are hearing reports about an upcoming storming of residential areas populated by civilians that are murky, but extremely alarming, given the mass casualties that could result,? the ministry?s spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said.'

When Ali Moustafa Mosharafa died Albert Einstein in a confident tone said, "I cannot believe that Mosharafa is dead, he is alive through his researches. We are in need of his talents, it is a great loss, he was a genius. I used to follow up his researches in atomic energy, definitely he is one of the best scientists in physics. - "He died under mysterious circumstances on Monday, January 15, 1950. Press reports at the time suggested that he was assassinated by one of the Israeli Mossad's operations against prominent Arab scientists. International Scientific circles have never been so deeply moved at the death of an Egyptian scientist as they were at the death of the Egyptian genius Dr. A.M. Mosharafa. It was not surprising for Einstein, the greatest scientist of his time who was personally well acquainted with Dr. Mosharafa's genius and ambitions, to mourn him to the world as a great loss to science asserting that his name and achievements will never be forgotten. "[5]'

A question on Quora was asked titled "Why arabs genius can't be famous and why these genius are killed often if they want to go back to the natal country ?"

Someone that made good points replied with this:

"The killing is suspicious, but the Mossad was responsible for most of the killings, which aren't popular anymore (Killing Arab scientists were very popular during the 20th century, but it became rare in the 21st century).. The reason isn't clear, but mostly because the Israeli regime is constantly seeking to weaken Arab countries on the scientific, technological, and intellectual levels. And the assassination of scientists was particularly nuclear scientists, it was an easy method Israel used to prevent regional countries from acquiring nuclear expertise.

Let me clear this up, I'm not saying this from my hate to them, it's actually pretty much believed by most non-Arabs too.

The reason why scientists leave the Arab world/countries is very obvious, there's not enough support for scientific research and the scientific progress is not even comparable to that of USA in any Arab country (Egypt,and the country that existed 5 years ago called Syria were the best at the science field, yet both are in the worst list globally)

About getting famous, I don't know if you are talking globally or locally.. Locally, it's the same as anywhere else, an actress posting a no-makeup photo in Instagram gets way more attention than a scientific discovery.. But, they recently began giving them some attention locally..

At the end, scientists shouldn't stay in the Arab world, they wouldn't be able to do as much, and even if they did, the country will never benefit because our governments are more concerned about censoring criticism of them on the media than scientific research... On the other hand, they can go to USA or any European country, get funded to do research, invent or discover amazing things and do amazing scientific achievements, win prizes and even Nobel, get back to their homeland, get a tap on the shoulder and "good job", fly back to USA for a better quality of life... Or they can stay and be nothing.


Here are some of the scientists believed to be assassinated by the Mossad:

(1) Egyptian scientist Dr. Yahya Amin al-Mushed, who was the chief of the Iraqi nuclear project;

(2) Egyptian nuclear scientist Dr. Samirah Musa, who was killed in a road accident in the United States in 1952 caused by an unidentified driver;

(3) Egyptian nuclear physicist Dr. Samir Naguib, who was assassinated in Detroit;

(4) Egyptian scientist Dr. Nabil al-Laqeeni;

(5) Palestinian nuclear scientist Nabil Ahmed Fleifel;

(6) Egyptian mathematician and physicist Ali Moustafa Mosharafa Pasha, who was a professor of applied mathematics and who contributed to the development of quantum theory as well as the theory of relativity and corresponded with Albert Einstein;

(7) Egyptian scientist Dr. Gamel Hamdan, who was killed by the Mossad and whose books and publications have all disappeared;

(8 ) Dr. Salwa Habib, who was killed by the Mossad after publishing her book ?The Israeli Influence in Africa? and whose murderer was never apprehended by the Egyptian police;

(9) Egyptian scientist Saeed al-Bodair, who had developed some pioneering theories in the field of microwave technology;

(10) Lebanese physicist Ramal Hassan Ramal, who was one of the 100 best physicists in the world and was dubbed the Edison of the Arabs; and

(11) Lebanese physicist Hasan Kamel al-Sabbah."

I then googled more and found this article published in 2007:

"Iran tops the American list of rogue states. Its decision to harness nuclear energy has made the US attitude to Tehran even more bellicose. If the US had its way, it would have, undoubtedly, struck Iranian nuclear facilities and reduced them to rubble.

But the US is aware of the calamitous ramifications of an Iranian adventure upsetting not only the region but sending its tsunami-like ripples to the regions beyond. So it would be rather safe to forecast that the US will not attack Iran in the immediate future.

Israel, apparently disappointed by the US hesitation to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran, is showing signs of returning to its policy of assassination to weaken or eliminate its enemies. Israeli intelligence apparatus Mossad reportedly assassinated Ardashir Hassan Baur, one of Iran?s top nuclear scientists, last month. Ardashir, who was instrumental in founding the Nuclear Research Center in Esfahan, was the director of the Center for Nuclear Electromagnetic Studies, the hub of Iranian nuclear activities.

The Sunday Times newspaper said Mossad was the most-likely force behind the assassination. Riza Pahala of the Stratfor, an American private establishment working in the area of espionage, said the Iranian scientist figured high in the Mossad hit list, as he possessed vital information about Iranian nuclear activities besides being the pivot of its nuclear facilities.

Israel has assassinated not only Arab leaders and scientists but Jewish citizens of Egypt and other parts of the Arab world as well. The purpose of killing the Arab Jews was to create a sense of insecurity among the Jewish communities living peacefully in Egypt and elsewhere so that they will immigrate to the Zionist state. Again it was Jewish terrorists, members of the Stern group to be specific, who committed numerous atrocities over a period of time against the British and Arabs, including the assassination of Count Bernadotte, the UN mediator between the Arabs and Jews in September 1948. Eminent Arab and Palestinian personalities such as founding chairman of the Palestine Authority Yasser Arafat and Hamas leader Ahmad Yassin were victims of Israel?s policy of eliminating their enemies or those who they considered to be enemies.

A major function of the Israeli intelligence is obviously to follow the activities of the Arab nuclear scientists and assassinate them with the express goal of depriving the Arab countries of capable scientists. For instance, Egyptian nuclear scientist Dr. Samirah Musa was killed in a road accident in the United States in 1952 caused by an unidentified driver. Israel did not like her because she used to voice deep concerns about the hazards of the increasing Israeli nuclear activities in the Middle East.

She also had, reportedly, invented a simpler method to develop the critical grade nuclear material from metals cheaper than uranium. Again, in 1967 another Egyptian nuclear physicist Dr. Sameer Najib was assassinated in Detroit after he conducted some successful experiments in the military application of nuclear science. Another suspected assassination by the Mossad agents is the mysterious death, in Paris in June 1980, of Dr. Yahya Amin Al-Mushed, chief of the Iraqi nuclear project. He was in France for detailed discussions regarding the French cooperation in the Iraqi nuclear reactor.

In July 1989, some unknown assailants shot Egyptian scientist Saeed Al-Bodair dead at his Alexandria apartment. He had developed some pioneering theories in the field of microwave. These are part of the Zionist scheme to keep the nuclear facilities away from the reach of Arabs and Muslims.

I wonder what would have happened if an Israeli scientist were assassinated by an Arab intelligence agency. All the Arab governments would, no doubt, be described as terrorists and sponsors of terror. The Western governments would, in the most brazen manner, display their hidden racist tendencies to hunt down every Arab. No amount of racist justification can conceal the state-sponsored terrorism practiced by Israel with the tacit approval of the United States.

Now the key question is who will protect the scientists of the Middle East from Israel?s assassination squads."

Why hasn't the Mossad been regarded as a terrorist organization? 

First this idiot and now this one as well who spread hatred towards Palestinians..

"When I found out Palestinians were renting a house in my area, I felt I had to meet them.

Most Arabs are nationalists, and have few if any similarities to non-Arab  Muslims, especially South Asian Muslims.

I remember, once in 1990s, a bunch of Palestinians rented a house in my area in Pakistan. They had received scholarships from the local university. At that point in my life I was very pro-Hamas. When I found out Palestinians were renting a house in my area, I felt I had to meet them. The image I had in my mind was of God-fearing people, deprived, poor and religious, sporting beards and dressing like real Mujahedeen, praying five times a day in masjids (mosques). I had never seen a Palestinian Mujahedeen before, let alone met one, so I was so curious and delighted at the opportunity to do so. I set out and hurried toward their home, which was just a few minutes from my own.

I rang the bell and a tall guy, around six feet tall and clean shaven, with whitish skin like European, brown hair and a strong, muscular body, wearing a black T-shirt, black jeans with black boots and hat came to the door and said, ?How can I help you?? ?Asala?am Aleykum,? I said.

To which he replied in kind, before repeated the same question.

?I am here to welcome you to my area and want to talk to you,? I said.

He thanked me for the welcome, but said, ?Sorry, we cannot meet you because we are taking a rest, please come tomorrow evening.?

After that, I met with them regularly. I was curious to learn about them, about their struggle against the Zionists. But every time I expressed my admiration for Hamas and my desire for its victory over Israel, they started laughing at me.

Slowly I began to discover that these Palestinians were very different than I had imagined. They never prayed in a mosque except for Jummah (Friday) and Id prayers.

They thought Pakistanis were stupid, and thought of us as second-class Muslims.

They rode bikes of a kind I had never seen in my city, except in Hollywood movies such as The Terminator.

They dressed, walked, behaved and spoke exactly like Hollywood actors. They had not a single feature in common with the Afghan Mujahedeen who were everywhere in Pakistani cities. Every night, they drank alcohol and brought prostitutes home. Once they fought with local university students; I saw one Palestinian beat up 10 students. These were fully trained fighters living among us, who disdained us non-Arabs.

After a while I realized they belonged to the PLO; they were nationalists Marxists. They followed the European way of life, not the Islamic one. They were fighting for their land. They nurtured hate against the Zionists, but theirs was a nationalist Arab struggle.

One time there was al-Quds rally in the city; all the business was shut and all the mosques were full of people chanting ?Death to Israel, Death to Zionists and Hell to Jews,? etc. As I finished my Jummah prayer, I noticed none of the Palestinians were at the mosque. I went straight to their home to ask them to join me at the rally, which after all was organized for their land, for liberation of al-Aksa Mosque and the freedom of the Palestinians.

I was shocked at their reply. I felt great humiliation for my people, my country and myself.

They said: ?We have nothing to do with al-Aksa day, rallies or demonstrations because we do not need help or support from Pakistanis. We need Arabs support and assistance, not non-Arabs rallies or demonstrations. It is not your war, it?s our [Arab] war. You are stupid people, you demonstrate for an Islamic system after the liberation of Palestine; we need only our land, not Islam. We fight against Israel for land only ? if she agreed to give us our land ... we have no any problem with them.?

Here all the Pakistani Muslims in our city were demonstrating in solidarity with our Palestinian Muslim brothers and sisters, walking miles with our families and kids on a hot, sunny day, hungry and thirsty, chanting ?Death to Israel and Death to Zionists? all day, and my Palestinian friends were drinking alcohol and watching Hollywood movies in their cosy air-conditioned rooms, courtesy of the government of Pakistan. They were laughing at our stupidity and mocking at us because we were not Arabs, they felt no sympathy with us and no respect for our efforts in solidarity with their occupied people.

I had seen Yemenis and Sudanese studying in my country before, but they were living with their families, studying and praying five times a day in a local mosque.

They had nothing to do with local or international politics, they just studied and went back to their countries.

The Palestinians were different. What I found out was disturbing. Our mosques were getting funds from international Islamic NGOs run by Saudi Arabia and Iran to promote anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and Anti-Jewish sentiment in the country, to further their political agendas.

Local mullahs were trained to recruit innocent Pakistani Muslims ? many of whom would willingly give their lives based on these imams? fatwas. The government of Pakistan had continually sponsored PLO fighters by issuing thousands of university scholarships. These mullahs had never visited Israel, had never met with any Palestinian before and had never studied the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. These hateful mullahs had only one concern: international Islamic funds to satisfy their greed.

PLO fighters were more interested in their un-Islamic activities than in study, they were fighting with locals and police had strict orders not to arrest them.

I was heartbroken, crushed. All my life I had been taught to hate the Jews ? but my Palestinian neighbors forced me to change my thinking. In Pakistan, we are taught the lie that al-Aksa is in danger, that the Israelis are faithfully plotting to destroy our first house of Allah and that we need to stop the Zionists. What we are not told is that Jordan maintains administrative oversight of the Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif. There is effectively no Israeli control of al-Aksa whatsoever.

In over 40 years, despite the constant religious incitement I have yet to see al-Aksa endangered by Israelis in any way. Palestinians, on the other hand, have disrespected the purity of the Holy Masjid several times during that period ? and no Muslim ever condemned these unholy acts committed by violent Palestinians.

The author is an independent researcher focusing on counter- terrorism and violent extremism."

Taken from:

"On Thursday last week, the UN secretary general listed Saudi Arabia responsible for killing children, bombing hospitals and schools.

This places Saudi Arabia and the coalition it leads in the dubious company of Isis, the Taliban, al-Shabaab and the Lord?s Resistance Army in the blacklist of organisations violating children?s rights in a conflict area.

By Monday, Saudi Arabia had been removed them from the list, erasing much of the UN?s credibility when it comes to defending human rights.

This sudden turnaround is hard to justify. The evidence that the Saudi-led coalition is bombing civilian areas in towns and cities in north Yemen is compelling.

The UN rapporteurs had found that the coalition was directly responsible for 60% of child casualties from the fighting last year, including the deaths of 510 children from bombing campaigns. They authenticated 49 bombings of schools and hospitals by Saudi Arabia in Yemen in 2015.

However, despite the evidence, the Saudis appear to have been given a free pass. Unlike the usual suspects who feature on the secretary general?s annual report on children affected by armed conflict (pdf), the Saudis have powerful friends including the UK and the US ? both permanent members of the security council.

They also have other points of influence at the UN based on their funding of key UN agencies, including Unicef (pdf) ? the body responsible for promoting the adoption of the UN convention of the rights of the child.

The role of the UK in supporting the coalition is particularly troubling. Over ?7bn of British weapons have been sold to Saudi Arabia since 2010. The listing of the Saudi coalition in the UN report would have made it extremely difficult for the UK to continue to resist calls for an arms embargo.

In the face of all this pressure, the secretary general appears to have blinked first, betraying the most vulnerable people on the planet ? the children whom this process is designed to protect.

The official UN position is that the listing was removed pending an investigation. I?m concerned this investigation could become a smokescreen to cover a retreating UN office, rather than a genuine attempt to hold Saudi Arabia to account.

The UN appears to be acting as a club for the rich and powerful, pointing the finger at rebel groups and obscure militia but covering up for the violations committed by its member states.

For War Child, which works so hard to keep children safe in the most dangerous circumstances, it is further evidence that we cannot rely on the UN to do the right thing and stand with those most at risk.

Whether the coalition is blacklisted or not, the facts are plain. Saudi bombing is killing hundreds of children and destroying the schools and hospitals on which children rely. This bombing must stop and other avenues explored to bring peace to Yemen.

The role of the UK in supporting this military campaign should also be curtailed immediately. The British government claims its advisers are working with the Saudi airforce to make sure that civilian casualties are avoided. The evidence shows that this strategy is clearly not working.

It is time for the UK to withdraw its support from this coalition, to ban sales of arms to Saudi Arabia, and to stand up for the international humanitarian laws it has committed itself to."

"This week the Anti-Defamation League ? an organization with a long history of trying to silence and intimidate those who don't share their unwavering support for Israel and its policies ? published a survey ringing the alarm about anti-Semitism. Rather than advance our understanding of this serious issue, the survey seems predictably designed to stir up fear that Jew-hatred is a growing global phenomenon that puts the world's Jews universally at risk, and that the biggest culprits are Muslims and Arabs, particularly Palestinians.

While some responses to the survey may well be of legitimate concern, many of its questions are pointedly designed to skew the results because they have little to do with revealing actual anti-Semitism, as defined, for example, by the US Holocaust Museum. For example, one question asked whether Jews think more highly of themselves than of other groups, and answering yes tallies points in the anti-Semitic column. But common sense suggests that almost anyone in the world would likely answer affirmatively about any other ethnic or religious community.

The most striking example of a leading question undergirds the ADL's claim that the highest percentage of anti-Semitism is among Palestinians who live in the occupied territories. The ADL asked a group of people for whom the movement of goods, money and labor is controlled by Israel, "Do Jews have too much power in the business world?". Were they really to be expected to answer anything but "yes"?

The survey also labels as anti-Semitic any belief, including by Palestinians in the occupied territories, that Jews talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust ? despite other responses that indicate that too many people in the world don't know about the Holocaust at all. But Palestinians commonly hear the Holocaust used to justify the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes in 1948, and as justification for the continued occupation under which Palestinians are subjected to daily denial of their basic human rights.

Man questions in the ADL survey are designed to gin up paranoia.

The ADL report comes out on the heels of a Pew research study showing that, for instance, bias against Roma and Muslim people exceeds that against Jews in Europe. We believe the goals of a group that calls itself the Anti-Defamation League would be better served if it allied itself with other targeted groups to combat all dangerous prejudices ? instead of just using anti-Semitism as a propaganda tool to advance a decidedly political agenda."

Off-Topic / Why is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict almost unique?
« on: June 11, 2016, 05:56:49 AM »
I found the perfect comment to an Indian apologist regarding why the Arabs refused any agreement on establishing a Jewish homeland and why the Palestinian-Israeli conflict cannot be compared to Pakistan-India conflict or most other conflicts. Not even the European states would provide a homeland for Immigrants while they will hypocritically call for a Jewish homeland in the Middle East. Say some Immigrants Immigrated in larger numbers to Britain and believed they had an ancestry and would therefor want to establish a homeland while Britain was not sovereign would any Western organisation be willing to provide a homeland there for the Immigrants who weren't even born in the country? No.

Taken from the comment section of:

Pakistani mother has been arrested on suspicion of burning her 16-year-old daughter alive for marrying without family consent in the latest so-called "honour killing" to shock the country.

Perveen Bibi, tied her daughter, Zeenat, to a bed, doused her with fuel and then set fire to her in Lahore, police said.

Family members stopped neighbours from entering the house as the girl screamed for help, said Nighat Bibi, who lives nearby.

As her daughter burned, Perveen Bibi ran into the street shouting that she had killed the teen for bringing shame on her family.

The police eventually arrived and found the charred body near a staircase.

Zeenat married a man named Hasan Khan on May 29, police said. Khan's ethnicity - he is an ethnic Pashtun, while Zeenat was a Punjabi - was the main cause of the family's disapproval, according to the woman's family.

Mr Khan, told reporters the two had been "in love since our school days" but the family had rejected several marriage proposals, forcing them to elope last month.

"After living with me for four days following our marriage, her family contacted us and promised they would throw us a proper wedding party after eight days. Then we would be able live together.

"Zeenat was unwilling to go back to her home and told me that she would be killed by her family, but later agreed when one of her uncles guaranteed her safety.

"After two days, she called me and said that her family had gone back on their word and asked me to come to get her, but I told her to wait for the promised eight days. Then, she was killed."

Sheikh Hammad, a local police official, said Perveen Bibi had confessed to killing her daughter with the help of her son Ahmar. He quoted the woman as saying "I don't have any regrets."

Another police officer, Ibadat Nisar, said the body also showed signs of beating and strangulation.

Naseem Bibi, Perveen's younger sister, told AFP: "After killing her daughter, Perveen went out on the street, took off her shawl and started beating herself on her chest, shouting: 'People! I have killed my daughter for misbehaving and giving our family a bad name.'"

"My sister declared a long time ago she would not allow her daughter to marry a Pashtun," she said.

Hundreds of women are killed every year in Pakistan - often by their own family members - for violating the country's conservative norms regarding love and marriage. Sex outside of marriage is seen by conservative Pakistanis as a stain on the honour of the woman's entire family, one that can only be removed by killing her.

Last week a schoolteacher, Maria Bibi, was set on fire for refusing to marry a man twice her age. The prime suspect in the case - the father of the man she refused to marry - and the other four are in custody.

A month earlier, police arrested 13 members of a local tribal council who allegedly strangled a girl and set her on fire for helping a friend elope. The charred body of 17-year-old Ambreen Riasat was found in a burned van.

*Title has been changed due to request by a mod

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