Satan & Jinn

Fighting Satan

In a struggle that has spawned the ages, Satan, along with his followers, have endeavored to pervert the course of humanity towards purification and salvation to lead us away from God’s straight path and towards a path of selfishness and destruction.

Satan’s primary tool is his ability to “whisper” to humankind and thus suggest actions, using twisted logic, that are not in the interest of our species.

20:120 But the devil whispered to him, he said: “O Adam, shall I lead you to the tree of immortality and a kingdom which will not waste away?”


Enemy # 1

After reading the Quran from cover to cover a few times, it becomes overwhelmingly evident that the central theme of the Quran is the One-ness (Tawhid) of God.

This important realization leads to the following: in this journey called life, humankind's worst danger, its true "public enemy number one" if you like, is idolatry.

Our puny minds are conditioned to believe that the worst atrocity a human being can commit is murder. Amazingly, precedent exists in the Quran where even murder is forgiven by God - see the story of Moses. This is not to say that every murderer will go scot free. Far from it. But the point is that, in the right circumstances, ever murder is forgivable. However, contrast this with the one crime that God says in the Quran that is not forgivable (if maintained). Yup - you guessed it - idolatry - public enemy number one.


Who Are The Jinn?

All cultures and peoples, without exception, have beliefs and experiences of the existence of extraterrestrial beings be they called "ghosts, spirits, aliens, demons, etc." In the Arabic culture, these extraterrestrial beings have been given the name "Jinn" and are believed to be invisible creatures that possess superhuman powers and even the ability to possess human beings.

While the above paragraph would be written off as "non-sense" or "tall tales" by most modern critics, we are confronted with a clear reason for examination since God's Scripture indeed confirms the existence of these extraterrestrial beings known as Jinn!

"I did not create the Jinn and the humans except to serve Me." (51:56)

This article will attempt to examine the concept of Jinn using the light of the Quran to understand what and who these creatures are.


Know Thy Enemy

Surely, the devil is your enemy, so take him on as an enemy. Indeed, he invites his party to become the companions of the inferno [35:6]

To vanquish any enemy, we need to know his strategy so that we can effectively counteract it. God gives humankind the necessary intelligence to defeat the devil in the Quran.

He said, “Since You have willed that I go astray, I will skulk for them on Your straight path.” [7:16]

As clear from 7:16, the enemy’s strategy is geared towards accomplishing one objective: Diverting us from the straight path of God.


Satan the Master Hypnotist!

Why does man deny God's profound signs within himself and throughout creation? Why did early peoples deny the miracles God sent to them? Why do most people prefer innovations, conjecture, opinion, and tradition over the sure guidance of the Quran? Why have Muslim religious leaders attempted to ignore and belittle the irrefutable miraculous code dis-covered in the Quran? Why have Muslim religious leaders made such absurd claims as "the Quran does not contain 114 chapters" and "the Basmalah does not consist of 19 letters?"