Hell-fire is one of the key/basic concepts of The Gods doctrine. I can not find the adequate words to describe importance of correct understanding of this topic. Hell, and on the other side, Heaven are final and perpetual/eternal destination of every human being.

Believers will dwell/end in eternal bliss and happiness -jannah/Garden/paradise and kafirs/rejectors in eternal misery/hell. Hell is an awfuly bad, painful and miserable place/state of human being, and humans should avoid it by any means possible.


Who Are The Jinn?

All cultures and peoples, without exception, have beliefs and experiences of the existence of extraterrestrial beings be they called "ghosts, spirits, aliens, demons, etc." In the Arabic culture, these extraterrestrial beings have been given the name "Jinn" and are believed to be invisible creatures that possess superhuman powers and even the ability to possess human beings.

While the above paragraph would be written off as "non-sense" or "tall tales" by most modern critics, we are confronted with a clear reason for examination since God's Scripture indeed confirms the existence of these extraterrestrial beings known as Jinn!

"I did not create the Jinn and the humans except to serve Me." (51:56)

This article will attempt to examine the concept of Jinn using the light of the Quran to understand what and who these creatures are.


Know Thy Enemy

Surely, the devil is your enemy, so take him on as an enemy. Indeed, he invites his party to become the companions of the inferno [35:6]

To vanquish any enemy, we need to know his strategy so that we can effectively counteract it. God gives humankind the necessary intelligence to defeat the devil in the Quran.

He said, “Since You have willed that I go astray, I will skulk for them on Your straight path.” [7:16]

As clear from 7:16, the enemy’s strategy is geared towards accomplishing one objective: Diverting us from the straight path of God.


Why Are Prayers Unanswered?

How many times have you asked GOD for something?

Did GOD answer your prayer every time?

Did GOD answer your prayers at all!

"When My servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me. The people shall respond to Me and believe in Me, in order to be guided." (2:186)


Introduction to Peacefulness

One would think that peacefulness doesn't need an introduction. Under ideal circumstances people who read the title would anticipate most, if not all, of what will come next just from the title. Unfortunately, the evident lack of peacefulness amongst humankind may require at least a brief introduction.

Those who will read the title and anticipate what I am talking about will recognize that this is about understanding the meaning of the word "islam". The conclusion is in the title. This article will explain how this conclusion was reached and will explore some astonishing implications.


The Trust

In the previous study (see “FREE CHOICE”), a basic and straightforward logical analysis was conducted on the Quranic verses relating to The GOD’s will. Various logical propositions and their present and past tense occurrences were examined. The conclusion derived from the analysis is that we each have the freedom to choose the path to take but have no control over what outcome this path will lead to.

When scientists study the universe, the more they understand of it, the more questions arise. I found the same to be true for the Quran. I will try here to answer some of the questions that arose out of the previous study, namely:


Free Choice

Many people in the past and probably each one of us have asked this question at one point or another. The question is whether human beings are predestined or possess free will. The answer to this question could have profound consequences on how we approach this life and indeed on the very meaning of life. This question has perplexed people and has been on their mind since inhabiting this earth. I believe that, with The God's help, we can use the Quran to shed light on this issue and get closer to the truth.


Like most people, I too have been thinking about the question of free will and predestination for a long time. A step forward came when something about verses 18:23-24 made me pause:

Do not say to something, I am doing this tomorrow. Except if The God wills, and remember/mention your Lord if you forget, and say: "Perhaps my Lord guides me to what is nearer in rationality" [18:23-24]


What is Salat?

The word “Salat” and its derivatives occur in the Scripture over 70 times and is emphasized by God Almighty as a critical aspect for the spiritual development and progress of believers.

According to the Sunnis and Shia, the Salat was decreed by God to the Prophet Mohammed during the night of ascension, in which God decreed 50 Salats per day, only to be reduced to 5 Salats per day due to pleading of the Prophet.

While the average Sunni or Shia may not have any problems with the above tale, it is not only blasphemous that God would not know what to decree upon His creation, but it is also historically false as God has showed us many times that all the prophets prior to Mohammed knew Salat...



Have you circumcised your son?

This is the first question Sunni, Shia, some Christian, and Jewish followers will ask when they hear that a newborn male has come into this world…

What slips our minds and what many of us don’t take notice of is WHY are we circumcising our young sons (and in some cases girls also) immediately and without question?.

This short paper will discuss the origins of ‘circumcision’ as a religious requirement and will hopefully give the reader better understanding to make the right choice for his/her son.


Islamic Etiquette

Besides the laws revealed by GOD that were designed to govern our lives, the Quran has also indicated a list of 'Etiquette' which we are advised to maintain in our dealings with each other on this planet.

"This Reading (Quran) guides to the best path, and brings good news to the believers who lead a righteous life, that they have deserved a great recompense." (17:9)

The below list are not LAWS, but when GOD makes a recommendation, it is always very advisable for us to 'hear & obey' in a guarantee that it will lead to happiness for all involved.